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Love Dependency Disease v3c55

Volume 3, Chapter 55: Meeting Zhang Yu

TL: flarewk

"Zhang Jian's...........sister?"

Sun Li Hua mouth was gaping wide, her exaggerated surprise on her face distinctly showing her disbelief.

"Mm....Xiao Yu probably started back from two years ago, when she confessed to her brother, who is whom you know as Zhang Jian strong feelings of love affection.....we've also discovered about this a period of time ago, and so I allowed Zhang Jian to transfer schools......"

"Umm....your daughter's fine, right......after all since we didn't know where Zhang Jian had gone through her......"

"Xiao Yu that child....we tried to bring her to a psychologist before, but the doctor said that her mental condition is very normal....."

"How can it be normal at all, a sister having feelings to her brother and whatnot...."

Ma Qing Xue upon hearing Zhang Ou's words had her mood becoming extremely jumpy afterwards.

"Ma Qing Xue, sit down!"


"I asked you to sit down!"

Sun Li Hua fiercely glared at Ma Qing Xue, and used her hands to slam onto the table, being helpless, Ma Qing Xue could only silently sit on the sofa being sullen-faced.

"Sorry about that, Zhang shu, she's umm....considered to be Zhang Jian's she's a little worked up, please don't hold it against her......."

"Oh? It's fine.... for that brat Zhang Jian to have a girlfriend who's so thoughtful of him, it must really be that brat's lucky stars, and if he ever bullied you in the future, just let me know about it, I'll beat him up to a pulp!"

"Dad! I'm then Jian ge's girlfriend, and we've slept together many times already!"

Xia Ling waved both of her hands in displeasure as she grumbled.

"'re still so young, so that brat was tired of living already yeoh I can't let this go on, I must go and beat him up to a battered pulp......."

Zhang Ou was extremely shocked, he didn't think that his son was actually so bold, this was already an issue of age's a jail offence!

"Zhang shu, please don't listen to the nonsense ramblings of Xia Ling, she just liked to joke around with grown ups......."

"Really? That's a huge relief then......."

Zhang Ou gave a sigh of relief, and after he finished saying he unconsciously looked towards his watch, this was a small habit of his from being a businessman.

Knock, knock, knock.

The door at this moment suddenly rang out knocking sounds, and Zhang Ou who went to open the door still was preaching from his mouth: "How come you've returned home only now......."

In his mindset, at this time it should be his wife, or Zhang Jian's mother returning home.

The door was opened, but the person in front of him wasn't his wife, but his daughter.

"Yosh, dad, I've come back to pick up some stuffs.......huh? There's visitors at home?"

Zhang Yu after walking into the house then greeted Sun Li Hua and the rest.

"Good evening to all of you, what are you guys doing here.....lao bà's social circle shouldn't be that young........"

After the crowd saw Zhang Jian's sister, they couldn't help but to be amazed in their hearts, especially Wang Yi, he finally knew why Zhang Jian looked so good when he was crossdressing, it was because he had good familial genes! Although being a guy himself, Zhang Jian wasn't that handsome in that aspect.......

"Good evening, I'm a person from your father's company, and I'm here to discuss a few matters with your father."

Sun Li Hua nonchalantly replied to her.

"Oh, so it's the so-called wealthy second generation taking over huh? Although my lao bà doesn't look like to be anything, but his work attitude's still not bad, so please take good care of my lao bà."

Once she had finished speaking, she didn't care about anything else and was just about to go into one of the rooms when she was being yelled at by Zhang Ou.

"Xiao Yu.....come here, I have something to ask you."

"Go on, lao bà, what stuffs."

"Where did you place your brother......Zhang Jian him to already!"

A direct open question, Sun Li Hua and the rest looked towards Zhang Yu in unison, but there wasn't any change of expression on her face at all.

"Huh? How do I know about that, didn't gege transfer away to another school, plus you guys didn't tell me gege's whereabouts as well......"

Zhang Yu's mood looked to be extremely calm, just looking via her tone alone, it's impossible to tell that she was lying at all.

"After your brother transferred schools to another province, you also tried to find an excuse to transfer your current school to a boarding-school.....tell me, right now are you still living at school?"

"Mm, of course~ if daddy doesn't believe me then you may call up the teacher too."

Zhang Ou suddenly laughed, and he opened the phone and played the footage that Sun Li Hua had brought along to him in front of her.

"Dad, what's all this about.....ah, it's gege.....gege is being kidnapped? Hurry up and call for the police....."

"Xiao Yu, don't try and start telling me that it wasn't you, your my daughter, you don't think that I couldn't recognize you at all? Where have you hidden your brother to already!"

"Dad, you're saying such things about Xiao Yu, making me really very can call up the teacher right now, during this period of time I have never once left the school before~"

Zhang Yu's lips curled up into a smile, as she turned around and faced towards the crowd sitting onto the sofa, observing them carefully.

"Well then, so amongst all of you, who is Ma—Qing—Xue?"

Her face was emanating a gentle warm smile, but in reality only Zhang Yu herself knew, what this smile actually was hiding in the first place.

"It's me, so what do you want?"

Amelia stood up, but this only made Zhang Yu smile even more happier.

"You're not~ don't try to lie to Xiao Yu, I'm not that easily deceived...."

"And so~ Ma Qing you right!"

Zhang Yu suddenly pointed her fingers towards Ma Qing Xue, as small tiger-like teeth unveiled itself from the edge of her mouth, looking to be extremely cute.

"Not her, it's me, what's the matter, something's up?"

Sun Li Hua sat on the sofa and rapped her cross-legged legs, while her eyes remain fixed towards Zhang Yu.

"No, it's nothing, gege once gave me a call, saying that Ma Qing Xue is an extremely extreemely good person, and soo....Xiao Yu have always wanted to meet her....."

She gave a small chuckle of laughter as she stared towards Sun Li Hua for a long time.

"Well then, lao bà......and everyone else, I'll first make a move then."

"Ai yeoh, my good well-behaved daughter......where have you exactly placed your brother at......"

Zhang Ou stepped forward to grab Zhang Yu, he didn't use a harsh tone any longer, but he switched to a more gentle method as he patted Zhang Yu's head.

"Lao bà, I really don't know, but.....right now if you give gege a call, it's possible that he'll pick it up~....."

"What's his number right now?"

"I know."

Sun Li Hua stood up from the sofa and walked towards the land-line placed on the table; after she initiated a toll-free mode, she dialed a certain number, the call was picked up, but Sun Li Hua remembered that she had just given Zhang Jian a call last night, and during that time his phone was still switched off.

"Hello, who are you looking for......"

Zhang Jian's voice rang out from the phone, it was a voice that everyone at scene was familiar with.

"Zhang Jian? Where are you right now?"

"Me? I'm sleeping at home......"

"Sleeping at home.......which home?"

"My own home, where else could it be?"

"Wasn't you missing in the first place, what happened after that day when you applied for leave?"

"Oh, it's just a little personal matters of mine, it's not good to speak it out here, I've just only returned back after finishing some things of mine, so it'll be like this first then."

Zhang Jian hung up the call, and this made Sun Li Hua and the rest of them extremely bizarred, what's exactly going on right now?

"Umm, Zhang shu, if there's nothing else then let's talk again another day then......"

"Wait, I have a few words to say."

Ma Qing Xue is a person who can even hear out from Zhang Jian's recording about what the other party was feeling at the moment, so she was extremely skeptical of Zhang Jian's performance through the phone.

"Let's go back and talk about it, right now just follow me."

The atmosphere became a little awkward, and Zhang Ou didn't retain their stay when Sun Li Hua requested to leave too.

When the group once more returned back to the hotel, Sun Li Hua then started to speak.

"The Zhang Jian just now was probably a fake, although it sounded like his voice earlier, but who would say that you're looking for who when it's being called from their home land-line........"

"Not only that, the tone wasn't correct either......"

Ma Qing Xue looked at Sun Li Hua with a disagreeing expression, but after remembering that Sun Li Hua usually have a reason for doing what she does, she didn't continue on speaking afterwards.

"Right now, everyone listen to this very carefully. It's best that no one acts on their, it's absolutely forbidden!"

In Sun Li Hua's calm demeanor was a trace of imposing seriousness, and if one was to carefully observe, they would notice that her forehead was already covered in sweat.

"I have a natural ability.....I'm able to accurately judge someone, as long as I'm able to converse a few words with a person, I can roughly know what kind of person he is, or even understand a basic level of his psychology as well."

"Prez, just speak out whatever that you wanted to say."

Amelia seemed a little impatient as she sat onto the chair; even though it was a perfect opportunity to force out Zhang Jian's whereabouts, but because of the promise made to Sun Li Hua beforehand that they would listen to whatever she says, she did not rush forward to start the interrogation earlier.

"When a normal person talks, he would look towards the other party's eyes or face, while a slightly more timid person when talking to someone else would have his eyes looking towards other place, and even lowering his head as well to hide from that person's vision, while a confident person when talking to someone else would repeatedly appraise that person's build......."

"What I've said for above was when two strangers meeting each other for the first time, but Zhang Jian's sister Zhang Yu.....when she was speaking she wasn't even looking at the person at all, but she.....would keep looking towards your neck, heart region, stomach, any case it's all the vulnerable parts of a human body!"

"Sun jie, so it means that she was treating us with hostility? So it's time for her to taste some weights then."

Xia Ling spoke with a disapproving tone as she stretched a lazy arm.

", not that, she completely wasn't hostile at all, in her eyes there's probably only two notions, needing or not needing; and very clearly, other than her tone having changes when she talked about Zhang Jian, she looked otherwise to be rather expressive, but her voice were like having a cold monotone, as if it was like a dead corpse's......"

"Prez, then right now how do we go and look for Zhang Jian, as only Zhang Jian's location was only known by her......."

"Let me think of a plan.......I've sweat quite a lot today, so I'll go take a shower first."

Roughly about 20 minutes later, Sun Li Hua walked out of the bathroom with still slightly dampish hair.

"Shall we go out and have some dinner?"

"Prez, I don't feel any appetite for eating today......"

Ma Qing Xue's condition looked to be not really that well.

"Me too, no appetite, it's all being pissed off by that girl!"

Xia Ling crazily rolled around on the bed as she took out a remote-control like device out afterwards.

"Heh heh heh, after one burst of fireworks I don't care what she is, she'll be blown to dust by then!"

"Oi! Are you crazy?"

Extremely shocked, Sun Li Hua hastily grabbed that remote control device away from Xia Ling's hands.

"Aah! Aaah! Aaaah! I don't care, I don't care, I'm so pissed off!"

"Alright-alright-alright, don't be angry already, I have other methods to locate Zhang Jian as well, so let's go have some meal first."

Ma Qing Xue and Xia Ling were then forcibly dragged by Sun Li Hua downstairs.

"You guys wait here awhile for me, I forgot my wallet."

All of them had just went down the lift, when Sun Li Hua reflexively touched her purse-bag, and she apologetically smiled.

"It's alright, Prez, it'll be the same if I pay too......"

"Are you sure you're able to foot the bill? We're about to eat at the most famous local french restaurant, you know?"

"Prez.......please go ahead and take your time, hurry up and return, my stomach is about to be flattened from starvation."

The moment Amelia heard that it was french cuisine, she instantly became invigorated, and the others as well licked their lips slightly.

However, after they waited roughly ten minutes downstairs, with the lift going up and down four to five times already, but still no sign of Sun Li Hua arriving downstairs yet.

"Prez is sure taking her time, what's she exactly doing......"

"Oh no! Hurry upstairs to take a look!"

Ma Qing Xue suddenly thought of something, and stopped waiting for the lift, and while everyone was still in confusion, she already ran up hastily from the staircase towards their room's floor.

-ch 55 end-

(3262 words to tl)

Ai yeoh = sound effects of exasperation

-shu = 'uncle' , it's a suffix placed behind a name to ackl the person being an uncle, and is also used to call out someone with a "closer" relationship compared to just being complete strangers

lao bà = 'my old dad' , it's an informal, close way of calling da father

gege = 'elder brother'

-jie = 'elder sister', it's a short version of a suffix placed behind a name to ackl a person of being an elder sister, and it's usually more family-affectionate-kind.


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