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Ch 27 - What is a Yandere?

Chapter 27

TL: flarewk

Looking at Miwa who's currently sitting on top if me, I tried to gently tell her: "Didn't you want to be my girlfriend? You'll need to be obedient~ quickly come down."

"Hiroto, you still haven't tell me how come there's a female scent on your lips!"

(If I told her that it IS a female scent, she'll definitely pester me nonstop about it.......)

"Why are you so sure that it's a female scent, actually it's.........I ate a few wild fruits while at the forest earlier, it's the taste of those wild fruits.."

Miwa who was lying on my chest then seemingly smiled as she looked at me: "Is it really the scent of wild fruits? Then I'll have to try how it tastes like too."

After she had finished saying, she then kissed onto my lips, and actually stuck her tongue into it, I hastily stretched out my left hand in front of her lips in order to impede her kissing.

This time I did it!! I deeply breathed in a gasp of fresh air, but then I immediately felt that my fingers were covered in a somewhat warm sensation.

Miwa had grabbed onto my arm with both of her hands and is now licking my fingers with her eyes closed.

"Let go of me........"

As I watched Miwa who licked from my fingers to my palms, the feeling of her tongue scraping over my palms felt rather itchy, which was like the sensation of a little dog licking your hands.

"Miwa, the sky has gone dark already so quit playing around, tomorrow we'll still need to go to school you know."

After hearing this, Miwa suddenly paused, and the grip on my hands gradually became smaller; seeing that opportunity I quickly pulled out my hands, and seeing it's surface being moist with saliva, I hurriedly wiped it onto my clothes.

"That's true, Hiroto and I still needs to go to school tomorrow."

"Mm, mm."

Miwa seemed to have thought up of something, for she then sat there and dumbly smiled towards me.

Miwa then pulled me up and hugged my arms as she chuckled to me: "Hiroto let's take a move then, I can't wait for tomorrow already!"

Although I'm still a little confused, I didn't query Miwa on the details.

The me who's a directional-idiot got brought to Yamazaki's house entrance by Miwa.

"Miwa, is it really alright for me to not send you home? What if you've met a bad guy.....?"

Miwa patted her chests as she said to me: "Hiroto don't worry about it, it's fine, I'll head on first then."


Once I've said goodbye, Miwa had already vanished from my sight, and after staring at the street corner where Miwa had vanished for awhile, I turned around and pressed on the doorbell in front of Yamazaki's house.


"Hiroto just now worried about me, Hiroto~ " In a certain dark gloomy corner, I watched Hiroto in the distance pressing the doorbell as I placed my fingers into my mouth, and kept sucking onto it which made a "tzh tzh" sound, and saliva dripped down from the edge of my mouth.

"Hirotooo~ "


Same as usual, Yamada obaa-san opened the door.

Yamazaki was sitting on the sofa as he said to me: "Hiroto, why are you so late? We've been waiting for you to eat dinner!"

"My bad, something cropped up which delayed me slightly."

After being hungry for an entire night, the me who is full to the brim now ignored Yamazaki's invite to play video games; but instead entered my room to lie on my bed, and after giving a rather loud burp, I quickly fell asleep.

After waking up I ate breakfast with Yamazaki, and we headed to school together.

Entering the class I saw Miwa and Mosuki-san sitting on their respective seats busying with their own stuffs, which made me a little nervous, especially when Mosuki-san saw me enter the classroom, the guilty me was too scared to even directly look at her. Luckily Mosuki-san only gave me a glance before returning to the book in her hand that she's currently reading.

Seeing that I've arrived, Miwa then hurriedly stood up to hug my arms and dragged me towards my seat.

"Ohayou Hiroto~ you've come."

"Mm, ohayou."

Sitting onto my seat, I took out a book from my bag to revise on today's homework

Suddenly I felt a hand dragging my right hand toward's my right, onto Miwa's thigh.

I hurriedly placed my head near to Miwa and whispered: "Miwa, what are you doing, this is at school now, what if Mosuki-san notices and tells Sensei?

Hearing my words, Miwa pouted and did not reply, and the pressure onto my hand became even stronger, as I unconsciously felt her smooth tender thighs, I started to nervously glance towards Mosuki-san.

Mosuki-san suddenly thrust a small note towards me, and as I wanted to take a peek at it yet was afraid that Miwa would discover my actions, I quickly slid the note into my pocket and then cleared my throat while saying to Miwa: "Miwa, I feel like heading to the toilet, can you let go of my hands for awhile?"

"Hiroto, isit because you liked my thighs so much, that's why you wanted to go to the toilet and doing some ecchi stuff while thinking about me?"

I began to feel cold sweat forming on top of my forehead: "Y-yeah.....becau....because Miwa's legs are t....too good looking, that's why I....want to go to the toilet."

(TL: not a mistake in trans, he sucks at praising)

"Then Hiroto you may go ahead~"

(To be honest, right now I'm starting to feel a little frightened of Miwa already, even though the first time we've met she's such a shy child, but right now she's.........if I don't obey what she says, even if it's in the classroom she would probably do some form of shocking action...)

Ignoring the trace of laughter in Mosuki-san's eyes, I hastily walked out of the classroom. After entering the toilet cubicle and sitting onto the toilet bowl, with my heartbeat thumping wildly I slowly began to open the small note.

(After school today follow me to the Sports Equipment Room to listen to a request of mine, if not I'll take the footage of you licking my feet and send it to the whole class.)

"As expected...."

Returning to the classroom to see Miwa happily humming some sort of melody, the moment I've sat down she immediately grabbed my hand and placed it onto her thighs; even as I tried to struggle off but I couldn't win her in a contest of strength as her hands kept repeatedly changing the shape of my hands grinding onto her thighs.

In the end, my entirety of today was thus pitifully spent this way, and when it's finally time to leave school, my hands were already numb, as Mosuki-san gave me an eye expression before grasping her bag and leaving the classroom abruptly.

I scratched my head while saying apologetically: "Miwa, I'm sorry, I can't walk home with you today, the gym teacher wanted me to follow him to the Sports Equipment Room after school, so you'll just go ahead first."

"All right then, Hiroto you'll must quickly go home too~"


Looking at Miwa's vanishing figure I then walked towards the direction of the Sports Equipment Room.

Pushing open the doors of the Sports Equipment Room I realized that it was pitch dark inside, since I didn't come here often, I couldn't locate where the light switch was, and had no choice but to just walk towards deeper within the Sports Equipment Room.

After walking forward a few steps, I heard a "Pa" sound from behind as the door closed, while the light in the room suddenly brightened up. I turned to see that it's Mosuki-san.

"I've came here according to the promise, where's the footage?"

Kitagawa Mosuki then took out her phone and wagged it in front of me, and after seeing the cover image of the footage I'm quite positive that it is that footage I'm looking for.

I suddenly raised my hand and pointed towards Kitagawa Mosuki's back and screamed in surprise: "Mosuki-san, look what's behind you?"

Thenafter I quickly dashed forward to attempt snatching her phone, but when I approached close to her, I hadn't even caught sight of her movements and I was already knocked down onto the floor, grabbing my stomach painfully as I gasped in deep breaths of cold air.

Kitagawa Mosuki sneered as she said: "Eehh? Hiroto I've trained in self defense~~ even though I was extremely sincere about deleting the footage..."

I clutched my stomach painfully as I stood up to say to Kitagawa Mosuki: "What must I do then you'll delete the footage?"

Kitagawa Mosuki then feign innocence as she said: "I just wanted Hiroto to do two hundred push ups and two hundred sit ups initially, but since you're so dishonest then it'll go up to three hundred each then, and after you've finished then I'll delete all the footage, alright~?"

Eyes opened wide and staring, I proclaimed: "Really?"

"Yep~ agree to this condition of mine and I'll remove the footage, so now let's begin."

There wasn't any moment for me to doubt, so I laid onto the floor in a push up position and started to do push ups.


Three hundred push ups, although saying it seemed rather easy, but for me who rarely exercised, doing fifty of them I've already began to feel that my strength is breaking apart.

After I've did a hundred plus push ups, I've already stopped my brain from thinking, as I can only feel my aching hands painfully still doing the lifting.

(TL: No. way. It is impossible to do them consecutively, so i think he did them with pauses in between.)

And after I've completed the three hundredth push up, I couldnt' feel anything in my arms already.

Kitagawa Mosuki's voice then timely resonated: "Alright Hiroto, right now it's time to do sit ups, quickly."

(Luckily it's time to do sit ups now, as my hands couldn't move any longer already, when I'm back home later I must properly have a good rest)

I thought of that repeatedly as I started to do my sit ups.

While slaving myself away, Kitagawa Mosuki kept urging me to do my sit ups in a quick and fast fashion.

I tried my best to push my speed the fastest I could go, as my heart silently counted: One hundred.....two hundred........three hundred.....

And when I've completed the sets, I was extremely nauseous and giddy, I had just stood up and had immediately collapsed onto the ground, as a pool of sweat laid onto my body. My shirt by then had already been soaked in sweat, and my vision were blurred, I could only hear ringing around my ears then, as my entire body ached terribly. I couldn't feel my arms and feet any longer, and I even had difficulty speaking due to my parched throat.


Kitagawa Mosuki squatted in front of me and placed her phone screen right at my eyes, showing me that it has already been removed.

I relaxedly gave a deep sigh of breath, and as I closed my eyes while I laid onto the ground and started resting, I suddenly felt the shirt that was stickied onto my body had a gust of wind blowing into it, and a slightly warm kind of feeling glued onto my skin, and kept moving around it's position repeatedly.

I managed to force open my eyes to notice that Kitagawa Mosuki's head was inside my shirt, and she was actually licking my skin???

Grunting, I tried to move my body, but with the result that I couldn't even feel my body at all.

Seemingly able to feel that I've made a slight struggle, Kitagawa Mosuki's head then popped out from under my shirt as she said: "Hiroto, what's wrong?"

A bead of sweat dripped from my forehead onto my face, and Kitagawa Mosuki actually stretched out her tongue to lick my cheeks.

Sucking the bead of sweat into her mouth and making a "tzh tzh" sound, she gazed into my eyes and said: "A hardworking Hiroto's tsate, it's really not bad at all ~"

Faced with this embarrassing words, the me who's unable to move chose to close my eyes in protest.

I felt the shirt that I was wearing being completely unbuttoned, with most of my skin being exposed into the chilly air; Kitagawa Mosuki then sat on my legs and used her tongue to draw a circle onto my waist, and as her tongue licked onto my waist, that smooth slidy feeling actually gave me a reaction.

"Hiroto, you had a reaction~ it's too me, right? Wasn't you stroking Miwa-san's legs for an entire day? And you've even said that you had a reaction towards her legs, but now? It's so funny ahahahahahahahahahahah."

Kitagawa Mosuki's laughter kept reveberating around my ears, and suddenly I felt from my neck, Kitagawa Mosuki's breaths as she approached closer.

At this moment a cooling wind blew in from the direction of the door, which gave me a cold shudder when I felt it.

From the door resounded Miwa's infuriated voice: "KITAGAWA MOSUKI!!!!!!!!!"

(heeeh, it's Miwa?)

(TL: heeh is like a, oh shit response)

-ch 27 end-

(2920 words to tl)

TL: It's just a imaginary world, so don't think too much on why he can do 300 push ups and sit ups. It IS a plot loophole but let's just ignore this and move on. 

I had the feeling that the author've just gone thru some torturing PE exercise, for he is able to describe the symptoms well after you had overexerted yourself.

For Mosuki to have ignored Hiroto's really sweaty body and to just lie on it (and even lick it) without complaining about the smell, I'm definitely sure she's an S yandere now.

TL Footnotes:

ohayou = good morning

sensei = teacher

ecchi = perverted


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