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Love Dependency Disease v1c36

Volume 1, Chapter 36: Daylight

TL: flarewk

"Zhang Jian, wait for me first at the courtyard, come in only when I ask you to do so!"

"All right....."

Traditional people sure are full of trouble....

In the courtyard, I boredly used a tree branch to tease the carps within the pool, as the moon hanging in the sky started to be gradually covered up by a sea of clouds. Just at this moment, I suddenly felt a strong unnatural otherworldly feeling.

It was as if.......that the whole world had-only-me-left that sort of feeling.

"All right, you can enter now!"

As instructed by Yè Zǐ, I once again pushed open the old worn wooden doors, and the moment I pushed it open, the sight that appeared before me ended up permanently etched within my heart.

The big hall.....was very crowded, and crowds of "people" sat onto the chairs placed at the sides of the big hall, they had men and women, and were joyously clapping their hands, as their mouths kept saying congratulations, or congratulating phrases.

"The groom have entered!"

"Yè Zǐ xiaojie, congratulations, you've finally attained your wish!"

"Good granddaughter, I wish you happiness!"

"Xiao Zǐ, I wish both of you will live together to a ripe old age!"

Yè Zǐ didn't say a word, and only kept bowing to them repeatedly, although her face was covered up with a red cloth, but the floor had unknowingly became wet a little.

What exactly is going on right now.....

"Since the groom and the bride have arrived, well then, let's begin!"

A rather kindly looking old man sat on the big hall's most frontal chairs, and according to the seating ways of traditional times, this should be a rather important and respected old man..

"Good son-in-law, what are you doing still standing there? Come on in!"


So this old man is Yè Zǐ's grandfather, huh....

"First bow, towards the heavens!"

I knew it, we would have to go through this process.

(TL: the ancient chinese when marrying would bow three times as a tradition, first to heavens, second to parents (offer tea as well), third to themselves)

Things started to be a little concerning, I won't be taken away, right.....this charade seemed to be a little frightening.

Having no choice, right now I could only accompany Yè Zǐ and bowed together with her towards the skies outside at the courtyard.

"Second bow, to the parents!"

We turned around, and bowed towards Yè Zǐ's grandfather, and I even followed the traditional wedding rules and poured a cup of tea in respectful salute.

"You guys don't need to rush onto bowing towards each other first, Xiao Zǐ, your father and mother have returned to see you."

The old man grinned broadly as he pointed towards a corner of the courtyard, and there had a middle-aged couple sitting onto the mats while drinking wine.

The instance Yè Zǐ saw them, she straightaway rushed forward, not caring about anything else.

"Dad! Mom!"

"Zǐ 'er, Mom is really very happy, finally this day had arrived."

Yè Zǐ's mother gently stroked her hair, as slightly-transparent tears welled up in the corner of her eyes.

"You! Come here! I want to see who exactly took away my daughter from me!"

Yè Zǐ's father in retrospect doesn't look like he's the type who could be easily talked to.......I'm innocent, it's just a charade only!

"Umm.......Guard of the Ocean dàrén, good day......"

I don't really know what to say already, right now, my brain is like sticky paste, being in a total messed up state.

"Mm? Think carefully again, what should you call me!!!"

Yè Zǐ's father roared towards me loudly, and looked to be rather expected of an official from the imperial court in the ancient times, he have such a strong presence.

"Bà! No wait, Diē!"

(TL: No, he did not ask him to die. Diē is pronounced as 'D-eee-airrr'. Both means "dad") feels like I'm about to be eaten by him.

"Ha ha, good boy! Brat, if you are to bully Zǐ 'er, even if I'm to be a ghost I won't let you off!"

By the way aren't you a ghost right now!!!

As such, I had really become confused already.

If humans experience too much unbelievably unreal things in such a short period of time, their brain would probably go haywire, and right now I'm in that kind of condition.

"Mom, please have some tea."

Yè Zǐ' passed some tea towards her mother, and her father sternly looked towards the cup of tea I held within my hands.....

I think I understood what to do already.

"......please have some tea....."

"Mm, very good. Oh right, is the Emperor still in good health?"

Emperor? He probably died a few hundreds of years ago!

"Umm....right now it's five hundred years later already....."

"It's been that long huh......forget it, tonight, we've completed our final regrets, and we can finally rest in peace."

Suddenly, all the crowd from the big all ran towards the courtyard, they accompanied Yè Zǐ's parents together, and stared towards me and Yè Zǐ.

"Couple Bow, Couple Bow, Couple Bow~"

The crowd clapped as they encouraged us to proceed onto the final step.

I'm scared.......after bowing will I be taken away......

Forced by the circumstances before me, I faced Yè Zǐ and we bowed towards each other respectively, the moment our waist was lowered, the strange unnatural otherwordly feeling disappeared, and the whole courtyard immediately quietened down.

The luminous moon, shone upon the entire courtyard once more.

"This way, Second Uncle, Third Aunt, Xiao Liu ge, Mom, Dad, Grandpa, ............everyone won't need to worry about me any more."

"Hubby, let's enter the bedroom."

Hubby and whatnot.........forget it, as long as she liked it.

Being dragged by her, I walked into a room, the interior of it was roughly similarly decorated as the big hall, the only difference was that there was an additional large red-colored bed in the room.

I feel that I'm about to be doomed.....I'm going to go back to the police station again......

Wait, wait.......Yè Zǐ is older than me by five hundred plus years, so I can't be considered to be committing a crime! By the way, is there any such offence in the law-book about humans and spirits?

"Take it off then."

She stood in front of me, waiting for me to pull off the red-cloth covering her.

"Yè Zǐ, have they left already......."

Once I pulled off the red cover, I casually asked that question.

"What should you call me?"

"Lao.......lao po?"

"I'm not an old granny*~ although I already existed for five hundred plus years, but my real age is only twenty years old!"

(TL: it's a joke, wifey = "lao po" in modern chinese, and "lao po po" means old granny in chinese)

She looked like she completely don't understand the modern-age calling between a couple.....


I can only think of this name-call already, and if Ma Qing Xue and Xiao Ling saw this situation right now I'll definitely be beaten to death.


"Umm, about my question just now....."

"Everyone shouldn't appear any more already......we, are actually a form of unfinished strong feelings that made us continue to exist in this world.....after the feelings had been completed, we'll probably be gone like the wind.."

"Since it's like that then don't complete the feelings then, since it's not simple to see them once more......just like that simply separate from them again?"

"We are being made out of feelings, and for us, completing our wishes is our everything, as we had long passed away.....and under this kind of situation still being able to resolve our regrets, I think it's fine already."

"It's........easily satisfied huh, you guys."

"Let's not talk about it first, come have an drink exchange of wine."

Drink exchange of wine, this is almost the final step for a marrying couple. As for what's the real final step seemed that I haven't reach the legal age yet, huh.......

"I won't drink it!"

"Relax......I'm not a person who would be easily satisfied, so I won't disappear."


"Of course!"

I suddenly felt that it's good sometimes when a person was slightly greedy.

Draining the cup of white wine, my throat and stomach felt a slight discomfort, I'm not really a person who is able to drink liquor well, don't mention about beer, I certainly can't get used to be drinking white wine.

"Accompany me out for a walk, I want to bring you to a certain place."

Following behind her, we walked out of the mansion, and entered into a small steep path.

During the first half of the small road I couldn't see the surroundings rather clearly, but after the second half, it became more visible, as the weather had already started to lighten up, which indicated that dawn is about to approach.

Reaching the end point, it was a cliff, and from the cliff one is able to view the entirety of the island surroundings as well as the flat horizon on the far distant sea.

"The view is nice, right.....I absolutely love this place."

"Mm,'s indeed pretty."

"Let's have a talk."

"Talk about?"

"Zhang Jian, among one of your companions, there's a girl who loves you a lot, don't let her leave regrets just like me."

"Sorry! Can you change the topic?"
I don't really like to discuss about this.....

"There are two distinct love feelings on your body, one of them is a purish loving affection, and the other is a dark lingering adoration."

"Can you change the topic......Yè Zǐ, I'm begging you!"

Dark lingering adoration......of course I knew who it belonged to, it's my girlfriend' greatest fear within my heart, I don't even want to mention about her at all.

"Zhang Jian, face this directly, no matter who it is, you ultimately had to obtain an answer."

An answer, huh? I already had it long ago; when this month ends, when I'm truly free, I'll face Ma Qing Xue and.....before that, it's better to just clearly draw the line between us.

"Actually, there's another love feeling on your body as well."

"Aah......there still is?"

"That's right, it's a purplish love feeling, and she's right before you."

Yè Zǐ was referring to herself.

"I.....still have an unfulfilled wish, and that is to......I want to once again see the dazzling sun, together looking with my beloved person!"

Looking at the dazzling sun.........normally won't it be that supernatural stuffs like spirits were frightened towards the sun?

"You.....being shined on by the sun, there won't be any problems, right?"

"Absolutely no problem at all~"

Since I have no understanding onto spirits at all, I can only choose to believe her words.

The daylight became even and even more brighter, and onto the horizon gradually peeked out a ray of bright light.

I and her sat onto a piece of rock near the cliff side, and her head laid onto my shoulders; we didn't talk at all, but quietly waited for the sun to rise.

"Why........can't I meet you earlier.....why can't you be born five hundred years ago......"

Her tone started to be a little the time I noticed about this point, her tears had already wettened my shoulders.

The sun, is just about to rise.......don't tell me.....

"Why? Hurry up and find a place to hide!! I got it, just temporarily stay within the shade of the forest, as long as there's no sunlight shining onto you then it'll be fine, right!"

"It's too late for it........whenever the sun rises, I'm always hiding inside my tombstone."

"Then why did you want to see the sun!"

"Didn't I say it earlier, I'm formed by the strong feelings I had just before death, completing my feelings is everything to me, and I won't give up any chance that could fulfill them."

"You could just wait a little while more!! Why must you be that much of a rush!!

"It's already long enough.....although I still have some regrets left, I'm still quite satisfied already."

"Maybe it's because my regret is to have never met the person that I liked, and so......when I fallen in love with someone, I'll unrestrainedly attach myself onto him."

"Even if, it's for just two days, but from the moment I had my eyes onto you, I always imagined that we could know each other, hoping that we could meet each other, thirsting that we could marry each other, and wish that we can travel across the five lakes and four seas, across the ends of the great changjiang..."

"And afterwards, even if it's to just normally be a farmer, or to wealthily enjoy my life, I want to have a child with you, if it's a boy, I want him to be a poet, if it's a girl, I want her to be a musician, and lastly, when our hairs have grown white we would support each other everyday arm by arm, watching the daily sunrise and sunset."

"Also....I want to ride the large eagle just once.....I wanna see the world outside.....I want to wear the clothes which that girl was wearing inside your mind, I've never seen such pure white clothes before!"

"I want to go to the place where you guys call school........I still want to......"

"It's quite hilarious, right.......a person who had died such a long time ago, but is still so greedy...."

Her sobbing sounds had already made her unable to continue the remainder of her conversation, as of now I can only helplessly look at her, and the about-to-rise sun that's just behind her back.

If I had known, it's better if I didn't come here, at least she could still continue to live on.

The feelings I had for her initially was just pity merely.......but now, I can't be that clear on that already.

"Look, the sun is about to rise, so, give me a smile, alright? This is a scenery that you had been waiting, for five hundred plus years!"

A sudden urge of sadness appeared within my the depths of my heart.....we've just only known each other and we're about to part already huh.........

"Mm.....although I can't complete those wishes anymore......but, to be able to be with someone I loved, and to watch the sunrise with someone who loved me, is my final wish right now! I must properly treasure it, right.........."

Yè Zǐ's face unveiled an expression of neutral smile.

She's almost probably about to disappear......well then at least.......

"Although we had known each other for only a night, but I really liked you a lot, good bye, Yè Zǐ."

I'm unable to say any touching words out, but this sentence already expressed my meaning rather plain for her already.

On the distant horizon, a bright flash of dazzling light appeared, and the entire heavens and earth became illuminated in this instant; the dazzling light glow made me shut my eyes reflexively; however, the moment I've just closed my eyes, I lost my first ever kiss..

Even my girlfriend haven't even taken away this first ever kiss.......

"This to me, is then the final step of marrying, hubby!"

I opened my eyes once again, and Yè Zǐ had already vanished from the surroundings.

Still saying that she's not easily satisfied....even though it was just so simple for her to be satisfied......what fool I am.....

"Huh.....why am I strange......"

After Yè Zǐ had vanished, tears then uncontrollably leaked from my eyes......even though I wanted to hold it in.

"Wifey, have you seen it already......the rather pretty."

I stretched my arms; it's time to head back, next time I'll find a few more opportunities to return back to Nightcrow island to have some fun.

Next up, is with regards to about Ma Qing Xue......I would need to face it head-on already, thanks to Yè Zǐ, I now know that I mustn't continue to hide and be indecisive any more!

-ch 36, vol 1 end-

(3759 words to tl)

Second bow, towards the parents = they bow in the order of hierachy in the family, the grandpa being the oldest so he's first, followed by the real parents, except that Yè Zǐ wasn't expecting them as they were supposedly outside for a long time.

"Dad" =  (爸 /爹 diē) , the difference between the two is that, one is modern age chinese character, another is traditional chinese character. Zhang Jian being a modern-age guy, he accidentally blurt out the modern chinese calling in the first try.

Xiao Liu ge = someone probably close to Yè Zǐ, like an older relative cousin or a younger nephew.

bedroom* = it was referred to in the traditional chinese context, that bedroom was the ancient chinese bedroom, where it is mandatory for a just married couple to go to at night, to have baby-making sessions.

five lakes and four seas = indirectly meaning travelling the entire world

across the ends of the great changjiang = changjiang river is a really long river nearly splitting china into two, to go from north to south of it (one end to another) will indirectly mean you would want to travel across the country.

large eagle = aeroplane (she thought it's an eagle)

-xiaojie = it's an appendix placed behind a name, this meant "young lady", and is usually termed to a woman belonging to a wealthy or influential family

Xiao- = it's an appendix placed before a name, this meant "small", and is usually termed to someone younger than the caller, calling him/her rather affectionately

'er = it's an appendix placed after a name, this is usually termed to someone whom you really treasure, and is usually called between families (or lovestruck couples)

dàrén = this appendix is similiar to the japanese append "-sama", it's placed behind a word to signify respect to that person.

wanna = informal way of saying "want"


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