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Love Dependency Disease v1c22

TL: last ch of LDD for the day!🙌

Volume 1, Chapter 22: The date's being discovered!

TL: flarewk

"Here's the wedding album for the both of you, please take good care of it, if you've accidentally misplaced it or damaged it you can come over to obtain another copy from us, but you'll need to pay some fees when that time come."

The photographer passed me and Ma Qing Xue a copy of the wedding album each, and after thanking the photographer, I realized that the sky had already gone dark. Looking at the phone's time, it's almost about 6.30 PM.

"Zhang Jian, before we go, let's ride the ferris wheel!"

"Sure, for a theme park we must indeed ride a ferris wheel at the end then it'll be perfect!"

Our opinions actually matched together surprisingly.

The theme park's ferris wheel is the kind that's larger than the average one, circling one round will take roughly half an hour, and when we sat on the ferris wheel, the sky had already became completely dark.

However, this wasn't so bad either, as I actually preferred the night scenery more.

"What do you think about the photos that we've taken?"

"Not bad....."

"I think it's very nice~.......too bad there's no video recording, if there's a recording then it'll be even better~"

"Next time let's just anyhow find a chance to obtain one then."

"Really? Then firstly we'll need to wait until we've reached the legal age to marry, then we'll call over our parents, relatives and friends.... oh right, we'll still need to go to the civil affairs bureau too~"

"Cough, cough! Look, the scenery outside is beautiful!"

Interrupting her fantasy, I looked at the night view outside, it's indeed not bad, for the theme park's light glow along with the colorful luminescence of the city mixed together in an array of dazzling gleam. This sort of scenery, I had quite a liking for it.

" you liked this sort of scenery, right!"

"Mm, it must be viewed at night then it'll be that dazzlingly beautiful."

" it.....then, do you need me to c-cooperate?"

Mm? Just looking at the scenery needs what sort of cooperation?

Following her gaze, I looked towards a few other cabins of the ferris wheel.

They were actually kissing....

"I think you probably misunderstood something....."

Just when I've spoken finish, a bug suddenly crawled inside my shirt, which frightened me to immediately jump up, and as the cabin of the ferris wheel begun to shake about as a result, I accidentally lost balance and fell onto Ma Qing Xue.

The most important part is, I actually accidentally kissed her face......

"S-sorry! I didn't mean it.....there's a bug that went into my clothes, so I....."

"It's fine.....I'll never wash my face for the rest of my life!"

"I think that it's better for a girl to maintain her personal hygiene always....."

"Mm, I'll listen to whatever hubby says!"

Ma Qing Xue then stood up from the opposite seat, and sat beside me; our relationship right now is extremely catastrophic....

My initial plan was to try to maintain as much distance from her as possible!

As we walked out of the theme park, I casually bought two small gifts as well, and gave one of them, a hairband that looked like a ferris wheel to Ma Qing Xue, and once she gotten it she became anxious for me to help her put it on.

"How was it? Is it cute~"

"Mm, it's alright, just a little bit cute..."

"Hehee~ I'll treasure it plus the ring forever!"

She didn't put the ring that theme park issued to us onto her finger, but had unknowingly found a piece of red string and had it hung onto the front of her chest.

At this moment, I suddenly realized that our relationship could be almost described as being 'couple-like', and she probably would have been thinking of that as well, which made me a little worried.

Right now it's still rather early before the one-month deal I had with my girlfriend, so I must take some measures in advance to limit the closening distance between me and Ma Qing Xue.

"Well, then let's go back, see you at school."

"Eh? Ehh? Ehhhh?"

She gave out three continuous sounds of confusion.

"What's wrong?"

"Shouldn't it normally be, right now that we go to a hotel? You see, we had already married today, so it's natural that at night....."

"O-oi! That's just a commerative photoshoot!"

"Uuuu....Zhang Jian, you bully!"

She suddenly wailed in frustration..........although it's rather obvious that she's pretending, as I've already seen through her ruse.

"Even though....even though we had been married already, you're still thinking of Xiao Ling meimei, right!"

"What do you mean by married, isn't that just playtime only....."

"To you, am I just someone to be played around with!"

A few passerby who didn't know about what's going on suddenly surrounded us, and some aunties even pointed here and there towards us.

"Aiyoo~ the youngsters nowadays, they don't have any trace of responsibility at all, look at this kind of men, they should be getting divine punishment!"

"That's right, that's right, look at your wife here, she's crying so sadly yet you didn't go and comfort her, but instead kept thinking about another woman, are you even human at all?"

"Young'un, your not in the right this time, you see such a young girl being so loyal towards you, but you actually said that you're just playing with her feelings? Do you still have any ounce of conscience within you!"

What do you guys know about this!! I'm innocent!

"Don't cry~ my dear, don't cry~ my dear, let's first go back, alright....."

I pulled Ma Qing Xue's hands, squeezed past the surrounding crowds, and without saying any further words ran to a location where there's lesser people around.

"You purposely did it, right!"

"What do you mean? I don't know anything at all~"

The her who was crying just earlier, had changed into a broad smile right now.

A woman's heart, is indeed like finding a needle in an ocean...

"Forget it....I'll send you back home....."

I sighed depressingly, and sent Ma Qing Xue all the way till downstairs of her residence.

"Coming up to have a meal?"

"No, no need for that, there's still someone waiting for me to eat dinner...."

There's a lot of missed calls on my phone already, it's all being dialed by Xiao Ling.

"All right.....can I have a kiss before you go?"


"Then can I kiss you?"

"I think we are still students, right...."

"Even though we had been married already...."

"That's just an accident...."

"Then you'll kiss me once, and I'll kiss you once."

"I still have something on, I'll go first, if there's a chance next time then let's go out again."

If this kind of explaination goes on then it'll get more problematic, so I just quickly threw down a sentence before hurriedly fleeing.

Returning back to downstairs of my home, I noticed that Xiao Ling is leaning on the window railings observing the district entrance, looks like Xiao Ling must have been waiting for quite some time already....

(TL: juz a reminder, the MC lives in a flat, within a district)

As I reached the house entrance, Xiao Ling pouted angrily as she first hammered me with several punches.

Although those punches doesn't hurt at all in the first place.

"Say! Where have you been for today!"

"School revision classes...."

"Why did you return home so late!"

"The revision class started a little late....."

"Take out proof and show me!"

"Hey, what does it matter to you for wherever I want to go?"

"It doesn't matter to me at all, but I just want to know."

"I've went for revision classes, there's no proof, if you'll not believe me then I can't help it."

Xiao Ling suddenly gave me a forceful kick, and glared at me with vengeful eyes.

"Humph, forget it! Next time if your late then there's no dinner for you!"

"I can eat by myself outside!"

"You dare?"

"I can eat outside before returning home!"

"I have many ways to make you puke it out!"

"I might as well not return home anymore!"

"Then you better not return home for the rest of your life, because I'll send a certain recording to bàbà to hear."

I noticed, that our conversation right now is like a husband who had an affair outside and then returned home and was being interrogated by his wife — kind of feeling......

Or I could try to first talk sweetly to her, small children would normally be happy when you talk sweetly towards them.

"Xiao Ling, be good~ let's eat first, alright? Here, this is a gift I've got for you!"

I took out the lucky charm mobile chain that I've earlier bought at the theme park souvenir shop and passed it to Xiao Ling, this way she should be able to forgive me already, right........

"Didn't you went for revision lessons? How come you had this theme park phone chain!"

"Was passing by...."

"Su Hua and the theme park are two completely opposite directions alright! come there's the smell of liquor on you...."

Xiao Ling suddenly grabbed my shirt and feverishly sniffed around my body.

"'82 lafite, Louis XIII cognac! And there's some kind of orange-flavored perfume....."

Why is your nose that sensitive! Are you a little dog!

"This perfume's's Ma jiejie, right?


The affair had been discovered.....

"We're classmates, having revision at the same school, plus me and her relationship together still counts as rather normal, we often have conversations together, so having her perfume stuck onto me won't be a little strange, right....."

"Mm, it's indeed not strange, but how are you going to explain the thing on your forehead?"

Xiao Ling took out a little mirror from her shorts pocket, and pointed the mirror towards my face; on my forehead there's a faint pinkish lip mark....

"She accidentally fell, and when I lifted her she accidentally grazed it on me...."

"Ma jiejie's height even if she falls will only kiss onto your neck, you think I'll believe you?"

"No, actually I fell down along with her, so....."


"No....I was indeed only-"

"Liar! Liar! Liar! Liar! Liar! Liar! Liar! ................"

Xiao Ling face had become expressionless when she kept repeating these words....what exactly happened to her?

Just suddenly, I felt that something wasn't right, as Xiao Ling's pupils colors gradually faded, and she looked to be slightly dark and disconcerted....

This is....a mild dark and sinister state, I remember this phenomenon, and it only meant one thing....

Xiao Ling, she actually had LDD......

Can't I be that any more unlucky!

"Xiao Ling, I'm a little hungry, why not let's go have some dinner first alright? be good~ be goood~~"

I squatted down and hugged Xiao Ling, as my hands gently stroked her head a few times.

"Uuh? What happened to me earlier....forget it, I'll forgive Jian ge just this once, let's go eat then~"

Luckily it's only a mild dark and sinister god, looks like I'll need to distance myself away from Xiao Ling already.....

"Pu Dong!"       (sound effect)

My hand accidentally shook when I was eating dinner, and accidentally dropped my chopsticks onto the floor.

As I bent over to pick up the chopsticks I noticed something unfortunate had happened, an object had fell out of my clothes and landed onto the floor.

It's that wedding album.......

Quickly hide it!!

As I was planning onto quickly hiding that album, I suddenly felt a coarse of electricity running through my body, although it wasn't very painful, but my body had already become numb with paralysis.

Smiling scarcely as she had one hand on a stun taser and another picking the album up, Xiao Ling then gingerly flipped it open.

 "Jian~~~~~ ge, How~~are~~you~~going~~to~~explain~~this~~?"

She dragged her voice continuously, as her tone contained the trace of ferocious anger.

-ch 22 end-

(2810 words to tl)

TL: GG dot com, come now, come all, place your bets on the outcome!

Aiyoo = it's just a sound effect, with slight sarcastic and angry tones

Kissing* = you must know that in this novel, the world that the characters live in are very conservative. (like japan webnovels) Kissing is an act that they perceive only a couple in love with each other is eligible to do, and no one else.

-meimei = an appendix placed behind a name, the meaning of this word means 'little sister'

bàbà = chinese word for 'daddy'. Yep, it's pronounced cutely.

-jiejie = an appendix placed behind a name, the meaning of this word means 'elder sister'

dark and sinister state = imagine a girl in anime/ manga who have some kind of black aura floating around her when she's jealous


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