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Love Dependency Disease v2c38

Volume 2, Chapter 38: Jian ge, become XXX now!

TL: flarewk

Actually, if there were only males present at the scene then the atmosphere won't be that awkward, but the problem is there were females here as well...Amelia, can't you look at the atmosphere around you before talking?

"Cough, cough, it's as what Amelia had said, so everyone remembered that already?"

Just quickly go past this conversation then.....


Luckily, everyone were rather co-operative.

"Does everyone really understand that? Zhang Jian, why not let's do a demonstration on that?"

"Demo-........what demonstration?"

Amelia, can't you just keep quiet?

"Of course it's.............heh heh"

She gave two rather sickening laughs.

"If it's about demonstration then I'll be first!"

Ma Qing Xue's rejection is within my expectations, but.....we could have demonstrated anything else, why this specifically.......

Such a pity, Ma Qing Xue, for I won't demonstrate this with anybody.....

"What are you garbling about, it's definitely me first!"

Here's the start of Xiao Ling's daily wrangling.....

But, Xiao Ling, I'm sorry, that's even more impossible already, unless I wanted to have some jail time.

"If you guys wanted to demonstrate, I can provide the tools needed!"

Prez, no one wanted you to provide that, and by the way I was expecting you to stop this situation in the first place!

They continued their meaningless bickering; forget it, as expected it's up to me to resolve this issue after all.

"I would never demonstrate with any of you people........because I......Wang Yi, you get it, right...."

I looked towards Wang Yi with a lingering expression of affection, and of course this was acted out by me, at times like this it's up to him to tank the heat.

"Zhang Jian! You will regret this!"

Just before he was death-chased by Ma Qing Xue and Xiao Ling, he took the initiative and quickly jumped out of the window to flee for his life; looks like he finally became smart for once.

"All'll be up to here for today."

Not only because there's 1 person missing here, but cause of time restraints as well; the time is almost 8 PM right now, it's time to head back already.

"Well, see you tomorrow then."

Next up on my schedule is to procure a few good stuff from the local hawkers nearby, after all since all work and no play makes jack a dull boy, right?

The destination is a certain flea-market of the city, and the things that I wanted can only be found here.

Most of the goods in the market are daily essentials like slippers, socks, shirts pants those sort of stuffs, and of course there are numerous small vendors selling accessories too; in one corner, I saw an old man wearing a white singlet, on his vendor displayed a few movies and old books.

His presence had already told me, this is the guy that I'm looking for.

"Lǎobǎn*, how much is this book?"

"Small ones of your choice five dollars each, big ones of your choice ten dollars each."

"Then this book, this book, this book, and this book, wrap those up for me, I'm taking all of them."

What I chose was <Which way is the Big Path> <Simple History of Time> <Legend of Enlightenment> <Complete knowledge for vehicles> these four books, and this Lǎobǎn should understand the subtle meaning behind them.

"Young man, do you want some other books too? I reccomend these few books as well."

As expected, my eyes didn't deceive this guy's abilities.

The books that Lǎobǎn reccomended to me were: <Now, Past, Future> <At that far, far love place> <I don't care, I just love you> <Do it already> these four books.

"I'll take these four books too, Lǎobǎn, can I trouble you to take out a few more newer books for me, as these books were a little too old."

"How new do you want them to be?"

The Lǎobǎn gave me a rather deep and meaningful look of appraisal.

"Used, mint condition 3 books; Used, good condition 3 books; Like new, 2 books."

"Wait for a, it's all wrapped up for you already, a total of 80 dollars."

"Alright, if the qualities of those aren't bad, next time I'll come to visit once again."

After continuing to shop at a few more vendors nearby, I once again added a few more good books to my collection, it's no wonder that some people say that some elderly old uncles from commonfolk were just as good when compared to us 12 legendary veterans.

"Right now Xiao Ling should have finished cooking dinner already, time to head home for dinner......"

Because after school I'll need to go to the Prez house for study sessions, the following days would possibly have me around these timings eating dinner; even though I tried to persuade Xiao Ling not to care about me before, she stubbornly insisted on eating dinner with me still.

Recently, stuffs that bothers me started to be a little overwhelming, especially regarding Ma Qing original intentions was to distance away from her, but afterwards unknowingly in my heart I had hoped to get closer to her, and when I've regained my senses, our relationship right now had turned into a somewhat couple-like, but not yet admitted by the both of us situation.

No......accurately speaking, it should be me who had not admitted to it then; the me right now in Ma Qing Xue's heart........what's the level of affection like already?

It's better for me to try my best distancing away from her slightly before this month had ended........although I'm not sure if my girlfriend would really be able to find me, but just from what I know about her, the chances of her being able to find me wasn't slim at all.

Although within my mind I've thought before about running away to a even further place, but I was afraid that just depending on me alone won't be able to cover up my tracks completely. Her finding abilities can be said as terrifying, I knew that fact very well, so this escape attempt of mine was all due to a few capable friends that I had in order to have my escape route unknowst from her.

"Dark.....lingering adoration huh..."

I had also tried before to make my girlfriend hate me, but this seemed to be a rather impossible task, as her way of thinking had probably already drifted out of bounds from a normal human being; it was just a one-sided, stubborn devotion to her own feelings; if there's something she hated she'll just obliterate them off completely, if there's something she liked she absolutely must have it to herself.

I still remember that very day, while en route home from school I met a female classmate from the same class, it was just a coincidence that her house direction was the same as mine, so I accompanied her along the way as we conversed, but after my girlfriend found out about it...........the next day, that female classmate had said to be transferred due to an unknownst reason.

Anyone close to matter if it's male or female they all would be obliterated off, as she only wanted to have me recognizing only her within my heart......just like that she had only me within hers...

"Xiao Yu.......I beg you to just let me go....."

I murmured to myself.......just by mentioning that name already gave me the chills.

Returning back to the empty lonely house, I recalled that last time I clearly had a lot of friends too.......after returning home I could have my parent's affection as well, but right now, home to me only left emptiness and solitariness, it's probably because of that, which was why Xiao Ling would keep pestering me, I guess.

"Xiao Ling....tomorrow it's my turn to prepare dinner; let me show off my culinary skills learnt."

While in the midst of eating dinner, I suddenly had the sudden urge to repay Xiao Ling for all she had done.

"It won't kill people off, right?"

Xiao Ling had a sullen expression on her face, and looked at me with an expression of distaste.

"How is it possible, how do you even make it till someone will die from eating it!?"

"Then, placing drugs in it?

"Drugs? Place what kind of drugs?"

"Those drugs that can make me faint~ Jian ge, I know all about your devious tricks, I've analyzed your collection numerous times already; you must be planning to first drug me and afterwards tie me up using ropes, then using a few tools to tease me, letting me experience feelings of shame and happiness, right? And afterwards once I became addicted towards those feelings of happiness to the point where I had forgotten about shame, Jian ge you would then train me into your own personal XXX right?"

"Xiao can eat whatever you want, but you can't say whatever you had in your mind......"

"Humph! I knew long long ago about those filthy thoughts deep within Jian ge already, and luckily I had some prevention against those too, I must be the one who initiate them! I must train Jian ge into becoming my XXX!"

"I beg you to please train me into your XXX."

I didn't believe her at this point already, how can a little girl like her train a big guy like me into her XXX!

"Since Jian ge you've ownself said about these already, within my lao bà's faction, a few uncles that have special interests would be delighted with it."

My buttocks suddenly felt a sharp pain......

"Didn't you say that you'll turn me into your own personal XXX, you can't do this to me!"

"Hehehee, I only think that a dirtied Jian ge would be much more preferable to me."

Were the small students way of thinking now that dangerous already!

"Xiao Ling, don't forget this, right now I can just straightaway train you into my XXX, and you, are too late for that already!"

"Thanks for providing the recording, ai~ya~ai~ya~ Jian ge is so easily deceived."

My heart was crumbling at this point........

Thinking back, I seemed to had never once won before in an argument against Xiao Ling.

"Xiao Ling, I'm a little tired, so I'll be heading back then!"

Out of all the stratagems, retreating is the most viable option, no matter what it's better for me to first vanish before doing anything else.

"Sure you can, but XXX must always listen to his master's orders, wait here for a while......"

Xiao Ling grabbed a cup and ran towards the toilet, and after waiting for a while she fetched out a cup of yellowish liquid.......

That can't be.............that?

"Drink it!"



"Not drinking!"

"Then I'll send the recording to my !"

"Just go ahead and send it then, I won't drink it even if I die!"

Once I drink it down, my life would be doomed......I would become a pervert, a criminal. I am very clear what I would awaken to after drinking it down.

"Alright, if you don't drink then.....then I'll have to...."

She placed the cup onto the table, and used her fingers to point right behind me.

"Jian ge, quickly look!"

"Not going to."

Do you really think I'll fall for this old fashioned trick? You must be kidding!

"Then look over here!"

Xiao Ling slowly lifted up her skirt, and I have the distinct feeling that I've encountered upon this scenario somewhere before..........

The skirt, was raised higher and higher........finally, I saw something, a black-colored object.

"Jian ge, take this!"

That black colored object was a taser......and me being struck by it had my entire body numb with paralysis.

"Hehehee, Jian ge, just be a good boy and drink all of it!"

She forcefully chugged the liquid contents of the cup into my mouth, I've been dirtied already......

Huh.....this seemed like orange juice........

"Why must you go to the toilet to take some orange juice...."

"Why must I not go to the toilet to take some orange juice~?"

I can't win her in an argument, so once again, I was defeated by Xiao Ling.

"All right~ Jian ge you can back to sleep now then, but.....just now when Jian ge drinks the beverage, there seemed to be a disappointed expression on your face~ What exactly does Jian ge wanted to drink, I wonder...."

Xiao Ling is absolutely too naughty already, next time I definitely must think up of a way to get back at her.....

As the weather became even more and more hotter as time went by, the high heat of summer had already made me unable to focus my attention, and as I sat on that miserable seat in class, I looked at the girls who were brimming with vitality as they had their PE lessons in the stadium, and I was able to view a few rarely-seen clothings from their attires which were half drenched with sweat.

A girl who had noticed that I was observing them then waved her hands towards me, that girl was Amelia, now that you've mentioned it, me and Amelia's relationship seemed to be rather close recently.....

"Zhang Jian, stand behind the classroom as punishment!"

Looks like I've been not paying attention for too long already, and had already passed the teacher's toleration limits......

"All right......."

After lessons had ended, Ma Qing Xue walked towards me.

"Zhang Jian, what were you looking at just now?"

"It's nothing, I just found class boring earlier, so I just looked at the scenery outside."

"Oh right, this weekend, you want to go out together somewhere for a little while?"

"I'm not really free this time!"

I rejected Ma Qing Xue's suggestion, as long as the issue regarding my girlfriend hasn't been concluded, I must do my best to maintain a bit of distance with everyone else, this is for their own sake's as well.

-ch 38 end-

(3099 words to tl)

TL: Well, this girlfriend sounded like the female lead from CEY too, murdering the entire MC's bloodline, friends, relatives, anyone near him just to have his devoted attention always.

death-chase = a chase that involves killing when caught

Lǎobǎn = it means 'boss', but a more informal way to call it, and it's have more of a closer-touch to call it compared to 'boss'

lao bà = it meant old man, or "dad" in an informal way of speaking

bà = short form for "dad"

-ge = an short form of an appendix placed behind the name, when Xiao Ling referred to it in this context she meant it cutely and affectionately (albeit teasingly as well). This meant "elder brother"


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