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Love Dependency Disease v1c24


So here I am, with another post;
Truth be told, I'm still overdosed;

Where in where may I'm not sure;
But one thing's certain: I need a cure;

To heal what nay, you may ask thee;
To rid this terr-ible rhymmatic glee!

Oh shit. after doing c23 I'm nonstop rhymin'....😣

Volume 1, Chapter 24: I've.......been seen

TL: flarewk

"Meimei ni zuo chuan tou aa~ gege wo shan an zouu aa~ en en ai ai~ qian sheng dang you you~" My out-of-tune singing reverberated around the spacious building floor; as today's reap made me extremely satisfied, I unconsciously hummed a melody.

(TL: the above are just random words from an unknown love song, no need to know the details of what it meant)

I took out my house key, and was about to open the door when delightful thoughts flooded my mind on what book to use for later, which made me nearly unable to resist the urge, as I disgustingly chuckled a little.

"Gu hehehee~"

As my inner evil thoughts became exposed through my raucous laughter, if there's a police officer coincidentally passing by, I think I would have been arrested already.

"Jian ge, what happened to make you so happy? Laughing until you're so happy right now?"

A voice unexpectedly appeared from behind me, it's Xiao Ling's voice, but I'm very sure that I didn't hear any sort of door opening or footsteps sounds right behind me earlier.

Just like that she surreptitiously crept behind my this guy a secret agent?

"Xiao Ling, isn't the time rather early right now, I'll come over later to eat dinner."

"Suree, oh right, Jian ge what's the stuff that you're holding in your hands? Don't tell me those are gifts for me?"

"No, these are some school revision materials only."

How could I give my collection to Xiao Ling, as all of these were dark loli genres, unless I resented myself for having such a long peaceful life.

"Waah oh~? School revision materials~"

Xiao Ling had a face of complete disbelief, is my impression to her is really the type that doesn't like to study much? Although I admit that I indeed doesn't really like to study.

"There's an upcoming exam, so I'll need to revise a little, reinvigorating myself for the better."

Just as I had finished speaking, Xiao Ling unveiled a look of sly laughter as she looked long and hard against me.

"I'm trying to resist from laughing...."

She used both of her hands to tightly clutch her mouth.

"I can't! I can't resist any longer....."

"Haahahahahaa, Jian ge? You? Revising........haahahaa"

Xiao Ling clutched her stomach as she squatted onto the floor and laughed out raucously like a lunatic, all the while kept pointing towards my nose, and as she laughed till her tears actually came out from her eyes, just by looking at her it's highly probable that she's about to roll around on the floor laughing.

"Is that really so funny?"

I really don't understand what's so funny about me bringing school revision materials home to revise, although in truth that's not really school revision materials at all.

"It's not really that funny, but I just can't resist.....hahaha"

"I just don't get you little students..."

"Jian ge, we're going to have upcoming exams too, so pleaase lend me see your school revision materials as well~"

"Our middle-school subjects you've probably wouldn't understand at all...."

"How do you know that I wouldn't understand when I haven't even seen it?"

"They are very complicated's forth-grade english, olympic maths, classical chinese, world history."

Those subjects let alone for Xiao Ling, even if it's me I'll have a headache upon glancing at them.

"Ohh~ then you can relaxedly lend them to me, as I can understand those."

"I....need to use them, as tomorrow is our exams already! Tomorrow I'll lend them to you, alright?"

My tone suddenly became rather unnatural and frantic, as if I was intentionally hiding something like that.

Even I could hear it out, not to mention Xiao Ling.....I'm in trouble!

"We can always study together!"

"I love to study by myself even more...."

"Since we are neighbors anyway, Jian ge you can't possibly read a few books at the same time by yourself, right?"

"Yeah.....Xiao Ling, you're absolutely right, I'm just about to read those books at the same time.....since it's more effective that way~"

"Then just let me take a short look at Jian ge's revision materials, I'll just take a look if I've seen it before, this would be acceptable already, right?"

"Xiao Ling, I'm a little rushing for time now, I'll head back first alright, I'll come in a short moment to have dinner."

I don't plan to stick around rambling with Xiao Ling any longer, I must quickly hide those collections in a safe area before I do anything else.

"Jian're acting very suspicious, you're definitely hiding something from me! Show me those things that you're holding right now!"

Xiao Ling smiled cheerfully as she grabbed onto the paper bag that I was holding onto my hand, attempting to forcefully snatch it away from my grip.

"Xiao Ling, that's quite enough already! I'm going to be angry, alright?"

"Looks like these are extremely important things then, Jian ge would actually for the sake of these things get mad at me~ Now I really want to find out what are these!"

Xiao Ling continued to increase her strength, but this compared to my strength, no matter how much strength Xiao Ling exerts would be futile; and maybe she thought up of that point, for she suddenly 
took out a fruit knife from her waist bag....

Looks like girls nowadays like to carry knifes along with them!

Si la~ sound appeared as the paper bag got torn apart, and some of the collections then landed onto the floor.

Can't my fate be any more worse than this!

"Xiao Ling, this is just a misunderstanding....."

"Jian ge, don't you feel that within such a short period of time, you have had too much misunderstandings already?"

"There's an ancient proverb that says, bad luck don't come just only once, ...........well, so, if there's nothing else, then I'll first........"

"Take your books and go then, I thought it's what other kinds of stuff, so it's these kinds, I knew it that Jian ge would have a special fetish onto lolis like me, I'm right all along."

I actually didn't have this kind of fetish at all in the first place.....when did this kind of fetish awaken within me, I wonder....

"Oh right, if Jian ge wants to do those stuff on the books onto me, I might agree to it, alright~? But it's just for today only!"

"Please allow me to do those stuffs!"

I bowed deeply towards Xiao Ling.

"Beg me~"

"I beg you, Xiao Ling!"

I extremely shamelessly begged a little student, I just wanted to see how Xiao Ling would handle this sort of situation.

"Sure~ well then, Jian ge, come in to my house, oh right, this is for you first!"

She stripped off her long white stockings and just directly threw it onto my face.

"I'll go take a shower first, if Jian ge's unable to resist any longer, you can go ahead and use them first~ "

Xiao Ling then stripped off the strawberries.....

"Wanna see?"

She very slightly pulled up the hem of her skirt....I knew, that's a loli' strawberries......mysterious scenery.

But, I won't believe that Xiao Ling would really resort to be doing that sort of things at all!

"Want, I want, I really want!"

I glared my eyes widely, as I swallowed in my saliva, if Xiao Ling really does that then.......

My god! I should just enter to hell for this! I'm unable to ascend the ladder to heaven already, as I've sold my soul to the devil.

"Well you wish~"

As Xiao Ling pulled the hem of her skirt higher and higher, my breathing became more and more rough......I should be stopping her right now!

Reason, told me that distinctively in my mind, but my body kept disobeying it, as my eyes was glued tightly onto Xiao Ling's skirt, not even blinking a single instance.

"Ding ding ding ding~ double layers!"

And what appeared before my very eyes is another piece of strawberry....

My feelings right now were rather strange; there's this comforted feeling, but also a depressed lingering feeling as well.....but exactly on which feelings held towards the upper end this time, I had no idea as well.

"Xiao, Xiao Ling.....let's just end it like that, I'll come over later to have dinner....."

Being alone with Xiao Ling is an extremely dangerous thing to happen, I've started to realize that by now.

"Jian ge~ just now I only wanted to tease you, but now you'll have to look closely already~!"

The second layer of strawberries was then being taken off by Xiao Ling, and just the same as before, she slowly and gradually pulled up her skirt.

But, an old veteran won't be deceived by the same trick twice!

Right now, I'm going to do the initiative! So I'm going to pull up Xiao Ling's skirt!

"Xiao Ling, take this!"

The skirt, was being flipped open by me; and at this moment, I saw a lot, and thought about a lot, I think that next year's today would probably be my death anniversary, but, if there's a next lifetime, I still would want to be an old veteran again!

"Jian ge.....go and die! go and die! go and die! go and die!"

An extremely high voltage of  taser then struck onto my body continuously, I can't even feel the pain any longer, not even the numbness sensation, as I only felt extremely tired, I really wanted to sleep right now.

"Xiao Jian~"

A voice, suddenly rang besides my ears.


Amongst my blurry vision, a familiar figure gradually appeared clearly in front of me.

"Xiao Jian~ you've grown so big already!"

It's indeed grandpa, since young, the only one who had loved me the most is grandpa already; to be able to see him again, it's such a wonderful feeling!

"Grandpa! Please wait for a little while longer, I'll be coming right up to see you~"

(TL: he used a respectful tone)

"Xiao Jian~ hurry up and return! Your remaining days are still long!"

Grandpa kindly shook his head, as he benevolently smiled and waved towards me, and my consciousness immediately faded.

"Jian ge, you've awakened?"

After I've regained my consciousness, I realized that I'm lying onto Xiao Ling's thighs, and this posture, it's a leg pillow..

So comfy....

" head hurts badly.....what happened earlier, I can't remember already...I thought I was just only opening the door...."

The last fragment of memory that I'm able to recall, is that I'm just about to use the house key to open my door, that's all.

"Jian ge, I heard a sound coming from outside my house, so I've went outside to have a look, and saw that you've fainted at your doorstep.... Jian ge, is it possible that you had any high blood or low blood pressure, next time I'll accompany you to the hospital to have a look!"

"Thanks~ Xiao Ling, you're such a good child~"

Although she liked to play some pranks onto me sometimes, she's indeed a good child at heart, so there's almost nil bad memories I've had about her.

...........But why do I felt like I had somehow forgotten something terribly important?

-ch 24 end-

(2573 words to tl)



loli = small young girl, referred to slightly sexually

-ge = this is an appendix placed behind a name. It's the short cute version of 'elder brother'

old veteran = this refers to a person very experienced in p*rn in this context.

-Xiao = this is an appendix placed in front of a name. It's to call someone close to you who is younger than you.


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