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Love Dependency Disease v3c65

Volume 3, Chapter 65: Met someone from the past

TL: flarewk

The darkness within Xiao Yu's inner heart wouldn't be resolved that easily, I knew that very clearly, for this is something that needed time to slowly disperse it away, and as for whether I can really disperse it away or not, what I can only say is that, I'll do my utmost best efforts in trying so.

"Xiao Yu, what do you feel like eating tonight, gege can cook for you anything, although I can't guarantee onto the taste of it......."

"Mm, as long as it's made by gege, even if it kills me I'll still eat it!"

"What kind of level of disgust would it actually cause someone to die...., if not, I'll need to look for her to learn some cooking skills."

"Her? Is it that Ma Qing Xue person?"

"Mm, her cooking skills are superb!"

"I'm not eating, even if I'm to starve to death I won't eat anything that gege learned from her!"

"Don't be like that alright....why are you so distasteful towards them at all........."

"I'll give you an example, if I ask gege to come accompany my boyfriend to play some games, what would you think as well, wouldn't you want to chop him into pieces!"

"Nonono, I'll ask him to properly take care of my meimei in the future......."

I wouldn't go that far to chop him into pieces, but beating him up would definitely be in my to-do-list, as he actually had the audacity to pursue my meimei..... hold on, that's not right, I should be happy instead, if Xiao Yu had a boyfriend, then she wouldn't cling onto me anymore, but somehow I had the distinct feeling that my heart was feeling rather empty out of a sudden.

"Oh? Is it, if I was gege I would have definitely chopped him up, and afterwards slicing him into minced meat piece by piece, then placing into a meat grinder....."

Xiao Yu's tone went back to being creepy again.....looks like I still can't mention about Ma Qing Xue and the rest in front of her......

"Xiao Yu, don't you think you're a little too ruthless already?"

" I? I thought that I'm already extremely benevolent by these."

Benevolent? Having your corpse mutilated badly even after dying is called being benevolent.....even if Xiao Yu's attitude changes, her mindset would still be halted in the past huh......this isn't good at all.

"Let's not talk about this affects the the way, Xiao Yu, you've grown fatter already? How come you seemed to be much heavier compared to last time?"

After I've walked for quite some distance later I felt rather tired, was it that my body condition had become worse or was it Xiao Yu who had become heavier....

"You're mistaken."

"But you're indeed fatter a little though...."

"You're mistaken!"

"That's good news too, it means Xiao Yu's body is aweso...."

"You're, mistaken~"

I didn't know that girls would be so sensitive about their body weight.....Xiao Yu's tone had become rather unhappy already, so I wisely shut up my mouth.

The jogging track wasn't that long, and after I walked out of the track I'll still need to walk past a rather secluded alleyway, that's the closer route, and could enable us to reach home even quicker.

If mom and dad could apologize to Xiao Yu as well, she'll definitely be extremely happy too.

"Xiao Yu's really such a strong-willed child huh."

She didn't reply me, just happily rubbing herself a few times onto my face, and whenever I thought that such a cute meimei would turn into something like this, my heart would be filled up with indescribable bitterness.

After walking for some distance more, in front of me, stood a few passerbys, they looked to be middle-school students roughly the same age as Xiao Yu. These people were mostly spewing expletives from their mouth, the males had a cigarette hung onto the mouths, and even some of the females were smoking too; they're probably a bunch of street punks from the nearby vicinity.

Thinking that it's best to have as less troubles as possible, I lowered my head, wanting to swiftly weave through them, preventing myself from being caught up in any sort of trouble.

At this moment, I noticed that Xiao Yu's body was slightly trembling, the feeling that she gave was that she had instantly turned into another person, what exactly happened to Xiao Yu......

"Oi, all of you hurry up and take a look here, see who's this, haha, it's Xiao Yu that little XX!"

A girl pointed towards Xiao Yu as she delightedly spewed out extremely nauseated expletives, causing me to grit my teeth in rage.

"Heh? It's really her, I've thought that she had already ran off to other provinces, so she's still around ehh...."

"The grudge of slicing me once before.....I'm going to return ten times the amount back onto her face!"

"This XX seduced me last time, and also got rid of me later, right now she's found another one again, and it looked to be a little gigolo as well, they deserves to be beaten up!"

The identities of these group of people, I've finally understood, so the main culprit who turned Xiao Yu into this state were them. I've already understood the reason way, way clearer already, after this son-of-a-bitch confessed to Xiao Yu, Xiao Yu didn't agree to it, afterwhich his love turned into hatred, ganging up with these girls who were jealous of Xiao Yu to bully her together.

Xiao Yu was extremely obedient when she was young....she definitely won't actively provoke others; they probably numbered a dozen of people in all, but right now I'm not the least bit worried at all, but instead within my heart there's some sort of unknownst exhilaration exploding.

"What do you people want? I don't know any of you at all."

"It's nothing, we just didn't like you, we want to beat you up, cannot?"

Didn't like.....this reason is indeed adequate enough to the point where I'm speechless, and in any case, I also don't plan to continue on conversing with them any longer.

Since they want to challenge me in numbers, then they better not blame me for tyrannizing over them.

"Xiao Yu, the wrongs that you suffered two years back then, gege will help you get them back, stay here, and watch."

I placed Xiao Yu from my back gently onto the floor; I can clearly see that other than hatred being stirred within Xiao Yu's eyes, there's still fear and timidness traces as well, two years ago, I didn't help to protect her, but this time, I won't let them off that easily, if they didn't say anything at all then it's fine, even though they bullied Xiao Yu, they still dared even now to find Xiao Yu's trouble.....

"Ay~ yoeh, still gege meimei whatnot, it's so disgusting! As expected, a XX is always a XX!"

They still didn't believe that I'm Xiao Yu's brother huh, but this doesn't matter any more.

"I don't really want to spew out vulgarities, so may I request of you guys to be more civilized a little, you this pig-shaped-body and talking a smelly mouth plus looking like a horrifying ghost, no, ghosts even looked better than you in comparison and your voice compared to pigs is really unpleasant to hear as XX."

I grinned widely as I spewed out civilized language; I'm usually rarely pissed off, as those who could really touch my limits were less among the less, but it so happens that these exceptions were right in front of me.

" don't want to live anymore, eh!"

"Mm, that's right, I'm sick of living, so I'm begging you guys to beat me up to a pulp."

"That's what you've clearly said!"

Those people in front of me were merely middle school students, and although from their numbers alone I was in a very disadvantageous standpoint, but it's extremely simple to deal with them as well.

"That's right, I said it, and I've recorded it down as well, because you guys wanted to beat me up to a pulp, so right now it's all justifiable self defense!"

Growing up till now, I never fought in particularly many fights, and within the school I usually kept a low-profile as well, and although I didn't fight before, that doesn't mean that my fighting skills are horrible.

"What nonsense are you babbling about!"

A rash male punk dashed forward and swung a kick towards me, after I tilted my body aside to dodge it, I grabbed his feet and flung him casually to a side; these people were merely small fries, that ugly fat stinky pig female and piece of shit guy were my real targets.

"I'll stand right here today, and if you dared touch me at all, I guarantee that you're be in deep trouble!"

That ugly fat stinky pig female raised her nostrils to look at me haughtily, with a look of an extremely big deal onto her face; and right now my mood's really terrible, whenever I thought that my cute little meimei could actually be bullied by the likes of these kinds of people.........


"Normally I don't beat up women, but once I get started on it, I'll make you look unhuman anymore!"


Another blow once more, I've given her two ferocious slaps repetitively, so she really thought that I wouldn't dare to hit her? Harming Xiao Yu that severely, if it's me two years from back then, I'll probably had killed her already!

"Because of you, did you know how much pain my meimei suffered!"

"Blame her on those people that I loved always revolving around her! She's just a slut!"

"What kind of thing are you in the first place, and on what point you base my meimei onto being a slut, did she agree herself on being called like that? Did she? You're just dreaming as usual!"

"Oh sure, not only you dared to hit me, but you dared to scold me too, stay here if you dare!"

The ugly fat stinky pig female then gave her boys an eye gesture, they surrounded me up immediately, and the ugly fat stinky smelly pig female then called someone, and even purposely said her voice extremely loud, it's obvious that she purposely did like that to show it to me.

"Hello? Fei ge......someone had just hit me, and after I've said out fei ge's name, he still said that your just a piece of trash, and he said that if you dared to come here as well, he'll then beat you up too."

This.....ability onto fanning the flames is really impressive; since Xiao Yu's not really good with speaking, and rarely spoke to anyone else other than me, after she's being framed by this kind of woman, no matter how she explains she'll never ever be found innocent, it's really been hard on Xiao Yu......

"Can you allow me to make a call as well?"

"Go on! Today I must make all of you convinced utterly, and kneel down to apologize towards me, and her as well! I decided, I'm going to carve 20 scars onto her!"


It's fine even if I don't make a call at all, as Xiao Yu alone could knock all of them down, but, today I wanted to let Xiao Yu properly hide behind my back, and not worry about anything else already.

"Hello? Xiao Ling? Come to my location right here, Prez knows where I am, also, bring a few men here as well."

I want to let them understand what's the real meaning of fear.

After sitting down onto my spot half an hour later, a bunch of raging mad high schoolers stormed into this alleyway, and their hands even carried weapons as well, right now I really feel like calling for the police to arrest the entire bunch of gangsters here for public tyrannical bullying already.

"Who was it that wants to beat me up as well huuh!!"

A muscular man with a knife scar onto his face had a stick of cigarette hung onto his mouth as he stormed the most frontmost of all those gangsters, and although he looked to be indeed rather frightening, but I saw at a glance that the knife scar is definitely a fake, and should be some kind of sticker being plasted onto his face, even the sides were slightly peeling off, and this guy didn't seem to notice it yet too.

"Fei ge, it's him, and that girl as well, I asked her to pledge allegiance to Fei ge, but she kept refusing, and said that Fei ge looked too ugly already!"

That ugly fat old pig female kept continue fanning the flames in a corner, and I looked at my watch briefly, it's a little late already, any more later and I wouldn't make it in time to our family's dinner, so hopefully this would be settled as early as possible.

"Mm? Oh sure, you do have guts, capture the girl, and as for the boy, just beat him up to a pulp and throw him here will do."

The man who was being addressed as Fei ge casually decided onto me and Xiao Yu's fate, however, this made me unable to suppress my laughter any longer.

"What are you laughing about?"
"I'm laughing that your knife scar was dropping off already......heh heh"

I unveiled an extremely sheepish smile that could have really pissed anyone off, acting as if I really couldn't hold in any more and laughed thereafter, and feeling rather bad about it.

"My friend, I'll see in a moment whether you'll still be able to laugh any more."

"Alright....but let's just talk about those things in a moment then, right now just let me finish my laughter.....ahahaha...."

I exaggeratedly clutched one hand onto my stomach, while the other pointed towards his nose and squealed out in laughter repeatedly, my this behavior was exactly...too pissing off already.....

"Is it, then you won't be able to laugh right away."

He threw the cigarette down onto the floor, and extinguished it with his foot thereafter; he clenched his fists tightly, and inclined back his head.

"Jian ge, don't be afraid, just continue on laughing."

Xiao Ling's sound reverberated from behind me, and what followed thereafter, was the rumbling engine of a chainsaw, unsheathing sounds of a long knife, and sounds of firearms reloading, all simultaneously echoing at once.

-ch 65 end-

(3087 words to tl)

gege = 'elder brother'

meimei = 'younger sister'

-ge = a suffix, it meant 'elder brother' in short form, it's being attached to a name to signify closeness, affection and in this case (to Fei ge) , respect. (spoiling cutely also counts)

Xiao- = a suffix, as a user mentioned in chatango before, think of it as '-chan' ; this is being used to affectionately refer to someone


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