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Ch 2(new) - What is a Yandere?

TL: Here's another revamped chapter of WY   >:3

Chapter 2(new)

TL: flarewk

Every morning, I would always stand right by the streets just beside the traffic lights to look at the lolis crossing them en route to school.

I lowered my head to look at the timing on my watch, and the corner of my eye unexpectedly noticed a mother holding left hands with a loli; twintails plus pink-colored tiny skirt, with white long stockings.

(This is too awesome already, this morning I stood here for a few minutes and I saw a loli just like that, my luck must have been great to the max! I wasn't salivating at all! Ah, it's the green light already..........)

That mother saw that I was intently staring onto the loli; her eyebrows frowned, and she changed to using her right hands to hold the loli's hands as they crossed the traffic lights, while often peeking glances towards me as if she was afraid that I might do something out of the ordinary. As I looked at the distancing figure of the loli, my heart started to ache a little.

Your asking me why do I love lolis so much? Was it because of their small delicate bodies, that could satisfy my lust of conquering them? Or was it because of their white tender skin, that could whet up my appetite? Or was it because their voices are distinctly sweet, that could stir up my soul? Or was it because they are pure and innocent, to obtain that timely reaction of theirs whenever they were exposed to be 'trained? Or was it, because their bodies are so marvelously fragrant, that really make me feel like hugging them into my armsthat ongoing cycle of sensation of, a full body contact, which could allow an even more deepening of love?

Of course not, being just a simple lolicon, I don't have any requirement towards a loli's chest, and will not push down a loli too. What I love is that for lolis to be moe, and is cute, and to be very innocuous. No matter how down my mood gets, as long as I remember that this world had the existence of such cute creatures like lolis, I would immediately be cheered up and be happy.

Walking into Bai Jing High School, when I walked past Asaka nee-chan's classroo, I can see a group of guys surrounding Asaka nee-chan's desk and stuffing it with love-letters through the back door. After standing at the spot and observing that scene for a while, when the boys had left I noticed that Asaka nee-chan's desk had already been stuffed full of love-letters, and some of them even fell onto the floor.

(Looks like even if Asaka nee-chan was a stern Student Council President, her desk being stuffed full of love-letters by people would looked to be a rather embarrassing thing to occur.)

Finishing up my thoughts I then walked up to the classroom on the second floor, and noticed that there wasn't much people in the classroom at all.

"So I've really come too early today, huh?"

I walked to my seat near the windows and put down my bag, and while looking at the little birds flying freely in the blue sky, the me whose currently sitting in the classroom gave off a sigh.

After seeing that I've entered the class, Yamazaki who was actually sitting in the front rows then proceeded to sit on the empty space in front of me, and he smirked his two thick eyebrows towards me as he perversely laughed: "Hiroto, why are you sighing, could it be that you aren't satisfied by the resources that I've newly sent you last night?"

"Of course not, the resources you sent yesterday wasn't bad heh heh, it's only that my nee-chan today........"

I've just spoken halfway when I felt to be rather vexed; how could I even say out that Asaka nee-chan was peeping at me changing these kinds of words.

After Yamazaki heard "my nee-chan" these words, his body shook and his eyes shone brightly: "What happened to President Asaka?"

Just when I was about to say nothing had happened, from the windows resounded a loud male shouting: "President Asaka, please be my girlfriend!!!"

The busybody Yamazaki immediately dragged me towards the windowsills and hastily looked downstairs, and we saw a guy half kneeling at the stadium while one of his hands held a loudspeaker, with the other holding a bouquet of flowers as he said towards Asaka nee-chan, while beside Asaka nee-chan there's a group of students who haven't entered class yet surrounding the both of them observing.

"I'm sorry for this, student, you're not my favorite type, so I refuse."

Under the sunlight, Asaka's smile which looked so endearingly friendly along with her angelic facial features made the surrounding male body all unable to turn their eyes away from her, and as she spoke, she tucked a few strands of hair that was being blown by the wind to behind her ears, with the revealed whitish-clean nape making all the male students subconsciously gulp in mouthful of salivas.

"President Asaka, why must you still not accept me even after I confessed to you that sincerely, why why, is there anything that I'm lacking, I'll definitely change it, so please be my girlfriend." 

"I'm really sorry, student....I already have someone that I loved."

While saying this, Asaka actually lifted up her head and her vision was actually pointed directly towards me.

(How does she know that I'm looking at her from the windowsills??)

The moment I've eye contact with her, I actually saw a moment of craze, lust, and affection from Asaka nee-chan eyes?? My hands which were grasping onto the windowsills trembled a little, luckily she only gazed towards me for a short instance before moving her vision away.

That guy who held a loudspeaker and confessed seemed to be unable to accept that Asaka nee-chan once again rejected him, he stood up, approached to in front of Asaka nee-chan and wanted to reach out his hands to touch Asaka nee-chan's hair, and just when his fingers were about 2 cm away from Asaka nee-chan he was unable to go closer any further. This guy realized suddenly that his arms was being grabbed by a person.

The surrounding girls who saw that person started screaming: "Aaaahhhhhhhhhhhh it's Suzuki senpai, the hero have come to save the beauty aaahhhhhh~"

Suzuki revealed his purish white teeth as he said to the guy who had confessed to Asaka earlier: "This student, what are you trying to do? Aren't you going to hurry up and apologize to Asaka?"

That guy then drew back his hands and stammered: "Aaahhh it's Suzuki senpai........President Asaka I'm so sorry."

Afterwhich that guy, under the laughter of the surrounding crowd, flung his bouquet to the ground and fled from the scene.

Suzuki smiled towards Asaka and said: "Asaka, I've chased away that person already, it looks like your bag is rather heavy, so how about I'll help you carry your bag into the classroom then."

"No need for that, thanks."

Then she just turned around without even looking back and walked towards the direction of the school building, and a sullen-faced Suzuki who was left behind her cast lustful gazes at her disappearing figure.

Due to me not really being aware of the people surrounding me, Yamazaki who was besides me then promptly helped me to explain: "Suzuki, he's the principal's grandson of this Bai Jing High School, not only he's handsome but he's also very wealthy, and he's the prince of all the entire school's female students; there's a rumor before that he had raped a female student, but then afterwards that female student's family had admitted that they had maliciously spread those rumors for the sake of money, and that female student also quit school too, and so right now Suzuki is chasing President Asaka. Hiroto, are you feeling heartbroken right now~"

(TL: I am, so many long paragraphs in this chapt for me to rearrange while tling)

I gave Yamazaki a white eye: "Why would I be heartbroken? If Suzuki would be Asaka nee-chan's boyfriend, then I should be happy for her instead."

Yamazaki gave me a 'heh heh' smile, and afterwards he look towards downstairs from the windows, and mysteriously said: "Hiroto, don't you think that the guy earlier upon seeing Suzuki, wasn't he running away a little too quickly?"

I replied confusedly: "Is it?"

Yamazaki turned around, saying nothing but only patting my shoulders.

Suddenly, 'knock knock' sounds ensued from the classroom door entrance.

"May I ask if, my ototo Hiroto is in here?"

-ch 2(new) end-

(1889 words to tl)

resources = Yamazaki was referring to the loli p*rn

lolis = small girls

senpai = a term used to refer to an upperclassman/ senior

ototo = little brother


  1. You know. I'm not trying to be racist or anything... but is it a Chinese culture for an otouto to be happy if his nee-san gets a boyfriend with a rumor of being a rapist?

    1. probably because the boyfriend is rich, that's what make them happy I think.

    2. like wut u said it's merely a rumor, and the author is trying to make Hiroto naive onto believing that the family really was doing it for the moneh

  2. I can handle a yandere and all the gore that comes with it, but reading about a pedophile is really disturbing

    1. Yeah, like I'm super cool with a girl who would kill and eat a man. But, I gotta say, not really feeling the "I might actually sexually assault this small child" vibe.

    2. Damn normies. Flat is justice.

    3. Correct explanation: The whole thing is in reference to ACGN culture, where feminism would dominate over everything, and hence being a lolicon wouldn't be that much aggravating as even a young girl could subdue you.

      TLDR: Why so serious?

  3. "with the revealed whitish-clean nape making all the male students subconsciously gulp in mouthful of salivas. "
    I almost forgot that in the japanese culture the nape of the neck is a very attractive feature , it also makes sense since traditionally the kimono covers them from literally head to toe thus the nape is possibly the only feature left to see .

    But wait , wasn't this a chinese novel ? do the chinese have the same culture ?

    1. Btw , though i understand that in anime-style drawings the nose isn't really that visible , at the very least there's still a hint that the nose exists.

      The lack of such an important feature makes that picture mildly creepy instead .

    2. Well, arguably speaking, this novel is supposed to be set in a japanese style setting... but my thesis is more on...

      Who doesn't find a woman's nape interestingly arousing!? Sometimes being nude is not as seductive as being almost nude!


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