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Love Dependency Disease v3c59

TL: Hey all, I've managed to obtain a super HD picture of Volume 1, featuring Ma Qingxue!

Volume 3, Chapter 59: Battle at the Abandoned Factory 2

TL: flarewk

How long had it been already......I had no idea.....I felt that my reason were almost at the brink of these days of complete absolute darkness, I attempted to depend onto dreaming in order to anesthetize myself....

However, that was ineffective at all, I've already been away from the sunlight for a very, very long time, and in this gloomy, cold and damp environment, only the occasional rats or cockroaches were my companions.

I've completely lost my sensation of the outside world's timings, but I still hadn't lost my feelings of my surrounding's time. It should be roughly five days ago when my meimei had came over to deliver sustenance to me.....previous few times she had always returned here once every three days, and right now I'm about to run out of supplies, no matter if it's food or water they all could only last me grudgingly for 1 more day.

If my meimei still doesn't come before that, I'll die of starvation or maybe dehydration.....of course, that's impossible.

I won't be that foolish till I would really wholly listen to my meimei's the very least, I must rebel against her, and then I would be able to run away from her as a result!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

A series of knocking sounds resounded within the deathly silent room, my hands were holding a metal bat, to be more precise, it's actually a piece of bed legging. Luckily this bed was a metal bed, and during this period of time I had always been using this bed legging that I've plucked off from the bed to thump against the bottom region of the wall.

I touched that concave-hole on the wall, and knocked against it a few times; thanks to the long period of days that I had my eyes uselessly trapped inside the room, my life had completely depended onto my ears to listen to sounds for differentiation, and it was all due to this, that my hearing had already evolved into being able to listen out how thick the bottom region of the wall is.

I probably still need about three days worth more of digging....I dared not make it too noisy, for fear of my meimei discovering it when I was in the midst of digging, hence I was always doing it rather carefully, which impeded my progress to a very slow notion......after tomorrow, there'll still be two more days before I'm able to escape, I'll need to think of a plan to ration my supplies......

"Mm? What happened?"

My ears suddenly caught many strange sounds from the ceiling, 'pi li pa la' echoing as if there were people running above somewhat.

Don't tell me.....there's people's possible that it's my meimei that's doing something on top as well, so I've decided to ignore it and hide my metal bat that I was holding onto my hands to under the bottom of the bedding, while pushing the bed towards the wall in order to prevent the hole that I've dug from being seen; right now, it's time to lie on my bed pretending that I was sleeping all the while. After this time that my meimei delivers food and water over, the next time she sees me again I'll be long gone already.


The worn-out light bulb lit up dimly, it's probably meimei who came down, hopefully this time the food that she'd brought had included some of my favorites in it a swell.

I used my hands to support my body as I sat up, and I heard the sound of the metal door behind me slowly being opened.

"Xiao Yu, where's the beef jerky that I've asked you to bring along last mouth's really bland, you didn't forget about it right?"

I pretended to ask her energetically, not even turning around at all, because anyway other than meimei there won't be anyone who would locate here after all, and as for the reason why my voice was filled with vitality? Very simply, it's just for the sole sake of pissing her off, I wanted to let her realize that imprisoning me was completely ineffective at all.

"Zhang Jian!"

A rather familiar voice resounded, that wasn't meimei's voice, but.....this voice I've definitely heard somewhere before, and it does sound like her voice as well.....

"It can't be, my ears must have been hallucinating, why would Yè Zǐ ever be.........Yè Zǐ!!!"

While I spoke, my head turned around, and I haven't completed my sentence when I saw a traditional lady wearing purplish Han clothing.

"Zhang Childe, long time no see, I'm here."

".....Yè, Yè, Yè, Yè Zǐ.....why are you here, no wait, how are you still here, no wait, how and why are you here?"

I spouted a stream of questions towards Yè Zǐ, and right now I was even suspecting whether I'm dreaming exactly or not.

"Hehee, who asked me to be a rather greedy should be a ghost instead, and just merely like that won't ever, ever be enough to satisfy me!"

"Then.....but couldn't you not leave too far from your grave?"

"Oh about that, it's because I was attached onto that piece of clothing that I've given you......."

"Is that so....a normal person like me will never understand about the stuffs about you the way, when I fainted I seem to recall that I've been to a rather strange world...that time I seemed to be at the toilet, and afterwards my collection was snatched away by someone to wipe my backside later, and then he even brought me to see the female bathhouse.....I can't remember anything beyond that, and it felt to be like a dream....yet realistic as well, do you know anything about it?"

"You're probably just dreaming."

"Is strange....."

"Your words this time are sure a lot.....Zhang Childe...."

"Sorry....maybe it's because I was being imprisoned here for too long........I wanted to find someone to talk to, let's continue this conversation when we return....."

"Oh right, that piece of Han clothing had been slightly dirtied, and I'm more inclined to being, can I temporarily attach onto you?"

"Any side effects at all?"

"I don't's just attaching for a while only, anyway you won't die from it tooo~ I'll go back once you've washed the Han clothing."

"All right, come then!"

I turned my back over to Yè Zǐ, and got into a tiptoe stance, as normally when ghosts possesses someone they would be in this kind of state, but Yè Zǐ merely gave me a hug.

"Ehhh.......that's all?"

"Mm, it's done!"

"That's quick......"

"I'll first disappear then, the situation on top isn't that good you know~, your friends are being chased around by your slashing sister."

"Huh? Who....?"

"Won't you know when you go upstairs yourself~?"

After saying this sentence, Yè Zǐ vanished, but I'm still able to feel her by my side, because my shoulders seemed to be a little heavy right now for some unknownst reason.

They......I didn't know that they would come here from such a far place just to save me, even though I told them before that she was extremely dangerous....what a bunch of......fools!

I stealthily crept up the staircase, and hid at the entrance of the staircase while glancing at the surroundings; maybe it was due to me staying in a dark environment for a long period of time, as my eyes could clearly see the situation happening nearby. I then suddenly realized that I seemed to have been locked in an abandoned factory, and those present at scene were Wang Yi, Amelia, Xiao Ling, Jiang Tian, Liu Xiong, Prez and Ma Qing Xue.

And Wang Yi, he's being chased by a slashing Xiao Yu.....that idiot must have done something to piss her off.......

"Heroine please spare me, stop chasing after me, if you're to kill me, your gege would be extremely sad, the person he loved the most is actually me!"

"Is it....then you should die even more, those who snatched away my gege, I'll never forgive them!"

"Nonono, actually your gege he hated me the most!"

"Then you still should deserve to die, you actually made gege angry!"

"Why is it that whatever flag I made it's all about deserving death, then please tell me, what should I do in order not to die!"

"It's simple, just help me to finish them off."

"Making me betray my friends, impossible, it's better that you let me die then.........Amelia take this, I'm sorry!"

Wang Yi was running while pleading for mercy, while the others at this moment seemed like they were looking at a comedy scene, with no one stepping forward to help Wang Yi. This distinctly showed that the brat Wang Yi's interpersonal relations are too horrible already, who asked him to be such a scrawny rat in the first place........right now, just to avoid being slashed by Xiao Yu, he actually dashed towards Amelia, a scene of seemingly really wanting to betray his friends, but....I knew, that he wouldn't do that at all.

Just the moment that Wang Yi was almost approaching Amelia, he suddenly did an immediate turn, and Amelia seized the chance that Xiao Yu was so intent onto chasing Wang Yi to attack her.

This strike of Amelia's was rather immediate, even if Xiao Yu would be able to defend herself against it, if she was to be hit it would still be rather painful.

"Enough, stop it!"

I yelled loudly at the staircase entrance, and everyone who heard my voice afterwards looked at me simultaneously, even Amelia who was about to hit Xiao Yu stopped in her actions.

"Zhang Jian!"

After Ma Qing Xue saw me, she got too emotionally agitated that she immediately dashed over to hug me, but, this made me shiver in fear as well.......the chainsaw she was holding in her hands was still running......

"Mm, long time no see, everyone, actually if you guys didn't come to save me, I'll still be able to come out by myself...."

"All of us were worried about you, yet you aren't appreciative at all?"

Prez also heaved a sigh of relief after seeing me, and at the same time all of them gathered at my side, leaving only meimei there, and Xiao Yu still stood in the corner of the darkness in loneliness; after hearing my voice, she didn't move, but only stood there silently.

"Xiao Yu, that's quite enough of you, if this goes on, I'll really start to be mad!"


She lifted up her head, and glanced towards me quietly.

"Xiao Yu.... gege had always loved you, but...we're siblings after all, if you're in any trouble, I can help you to block against them, if you've anything that makes you sad, gege will comfort you, whoever pissed you off, gege will definitely beat him up to a pulp! But, a couple-like relationship, ultimately can't be're old enough already, it's time to be sensible!"

"Gege.....are you going to leave Xiao Yu already......"

"No I'm not, I just feel that there are some times that we need to maintain a bit of distance, the current you right now is all because of too much of my spoiling in the past, I've always went along to whatever you wanted, which made you like this."

"No, it can't be, it's not gege's fault.....the faults with them, if there aren't any laws at all, any morals at all, won't I'll be able to be together with gege already?"

"Sigh......Xiao Yu, I can't persuade you, then just like this then, I'll return after I graduate, hopefully you would have already thought clearly about it by then.

"I don't want, if this goes on....gege will belong to other people...I don't want it....I don't want..."

"What do you mean by belonging to other people? My own life only belongs to me myself, and it doesn't belong to anybody else."

Ignoring the worry in Ma Qing Xue and the rest's eyes, I walked near to Xiao Yu's sides, and used my hands to gently stroke her head; she loved me stroking her head like that absolutely when we were young.

"'ve changed....."

"No, it's not change, this should be called as growth instead, when you've grown up you'll naturally understand it too."

"Gege, Xiao Yu won't be naughty any more, I can work hard to make gege love me, as long as gege don't leave, anything can be negotiable..."

"We need to have a distance from each other."

"No need! Me and gege doesn't have any sort of distance between each other at all!"

"But I need!"

I patted Xiao Yu's shoulders with force, hoping within my heart that she would be able to listen to me.....

"Gege, are you serious, you really wanted to leave me?"

"Of course."

" thought even if it's anyone else, even if the world doesn't care about me anymore, as long as gege cared about me then it's enough for's time for me to be serious already."

"Serious on what? Xiao"

I suddenly realized that her tone seemed a little unnatural, and within the darkness I stared directly at her eyes, and realized that her pupils gradually started to expand wider a little, and her gaze started to be blurred....her lips curled into something that I had ever seen before, a most beautiful kind of smile.

"Serious-ly removing all kinds of 'obstacles' that wants to snatch gege away from Xiao Yu's side!"

Under the moonlight's glow, she lifted the small knife in her hand, and the exquisite knife coincidentally pointed in the middle region of the moon, as if it wanted to split the moon into two halves. That knife, was a birthday present that I had given her before, it was her request, although I didn't want to gift a young girl a knife at that time, but I still satisfied her.

Xiao Yu currently gave me the feeling that she wasn't human anymore, right now she's like a puppet that had no feelings at all; it looks like the obsession that Xiao Yu had towards me, was way, way deeper than what I had imagined.......

"Hurry up and run!!!"

I turned around and screamed with all of my might, that was what I could only do right now.

-ch 59 end-

(3187 words to tl)

meimei = 'younger sister'

gege = 'elder brother'

-childe = a suffix, this meant 'young master' traditionally. I subbed this in to represent Yè Zǐ speaking in a formal traditional way to greet a young master.


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