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Love Dependency Disease v3c67

Volume 3, Chapter 67: A not so perfect meal-time

TL: flarewk

"Mum, dad, I've returned home, the timing wasn't that late right?"

"I've returned home......."

Pulling onto meimei's hands, after I've used my house keys to open the door I saw lao bà sitting on the sofa watching television, while the fragrance of home-cooked food emanated from the kitchen, with a familiar figure busying about within.

"Back already? Go on and greet your mom then."

"Alright, Xiao Yu, go ahead and accompany lao bà to talk for awhile."

After entrusting Xiao Yu to my old man, I placed the vegetables that I was carrying onto the chopping board inside the kitchen, lao mà glanced towards me as she smiled and stroked my head.

"How's life outside, what's with the sudden want to return home, aren't you still supposed to be at school right now?"

After she had stroked my head, what followed next, was a stern eye gaze.....indeed, according to today I should have been in class.

"Wasn't there a typhoon at that side.....thus school was temporarily suspended for a few days, and I just went along with it, coming back home for awhile......"

"Is it....and I heard that you brought along your girlfriend here as well? You better not be fooling around, lest hurting onto other people's feelings."

"I understand, I really understand."

"You don't even understand anything at all, at your age right now, you'll need to focus more on your studies, stop thinking about love relationships all the time... me and your lao bà started to get into a relationship when we were 20 plus years old, but look at you, fooling around everyday, and how's your school studies?"

The nagging just as usual.....lao mà was expectedly just like her usual self.......

"I'm the number 2 among the entire school cohort, in the midterm exams!"

"My foot, more like you number the last 2 among the entire school cohort!"

"I'd say lao mà, why can't you just believe your son's words!!"

As for lao mà's suspicions, I'm really very sad.....was my parent's impression of me really that horrible......

"It's true, I swear, if you don't believe me, you can call up the school and ask them!"

"Is it.....well sure, one day I'll call them up and ask them, and if you this brat dared to bluff me, I'll discontinue off your allowance!"

"And if it's true?"
"Doubled allowance!"
"Lao mà, then get ready to give me double of my allowance then....."

"Can't you learn more from your meimei, Xiao Yu never ever took money from our family, there's only just you who keep asking for allowance like a puppy!"

"But Xiao Yu always asked me for allowance last time......."

Lao mà used an tone of excruciatingly strict firmness to lecture me, which made me confused already, even though I was so good, such a well-behaved son, so where exactly I did wrong already.

"Alright, now go away wherever you want to be, don't stay in the kitchen and disturb me here."

Lao mà waved off her hands a few times, wanting to chase me out of the kitchen.

"Heh heh, don't be in such a hurry, I'll come help too, I can also fry some dishes as well!"

"You? You wanted to poison all of us to death, right!"

Lao mà gave me a look of disgust, as her the corners of her mouth unveiled a mock smile, this........

"Cough, cough, last time my cooking indeed wasn't that delicious, but right now.... there are huge drastic changes in my cooking skills already, lao mà, just think of it as being deceived by me, and try it out in a moment later....."

"You go and make a call to ask if there's any available surgeon's desk at the nearby hospitals, when something comes up later we'll be able to have an emergency treatment immediately."

"It can't be that exaggerated right.....when I was young, Xiao Yu still was fine without any issues even after eating all of my dishes....."

"You still dared to say that, Xiao Yu at that time was spouting rubbish from her mouth, and when she woke up later she even said that she had saw grandpa already!"

" it, so there's still such a thing huh......"

Now that it was being brought up, I seemed to have remembered seeing my grandpa once before too when I was unconscious as well....when was it exactly.......

I tried hard to recall back, and suddenly an image of a strawberry suddenly appeared into my mind, but what came right after that, was my head exploding out in an splitting headache.....

"Strawberry......double strawberries.....strawberry below....arrgh....."

I really can't remember anything at all, the more I tried to recall, the more my brain ached, so I just gave up on reminiscing.

"What strawberry this strawberry that, if you want to eat then go buy them yourself."

"It's nothing.... lao mà, just carry on with whatever your doing, I'll go busy on doing my things here......"

After dismissing lao mà and busying about in the kitchen for ten plus minutes later, hot steaming dishes were being served onto the dining table.

"Lao bà, Xiao Yu, it's dinnertime!"

On the sofa, I'm not sure what lao bà had said to Xiao Yu, but it made Xiao it seemed happier a little, so lao bà must have properly apologized to her already then.

On the dining table, laid out an array of usual home-cooked food, although it's spread wasn't luxurious, but it's indeed heartwarming.

"Xiao Yu, right now towards your brother, do you still......"

Lao mà looked at the silent Xiao Yu, and asked about this topic that I was always trying to run away from.

"That's right~ I still loved gege very much, but...last time it's maybe that I didn't say it clearly, but I only just plainly loved gege, because gege's extremely good to his meimei like me, but if you want to let me marry to gege who's dense , useless, having too much energy, and also a person that don't know how to read the atmosphere, I'll be very depressed....."

"Right-right-right, that's right, Xiao Yu, next time you definitely must not find someone like your gege to marry, he's just a useless trash of the family, if you want to look for someone then find someone who's like your lao bà, a society elite!"

I've actually been defamed by my own dad......can't he give his own son, me, a little bit of honor......

"I see.....society elite huuh, lao mà, in the both of your bedroom, after you've entered the door, the fifth straight tile on the floor ahead, you can open it up, there's something good underneath~"

Without saying a second word, lao mà dashed towards the bedroom to take a look.

"Zhang Ou! So you actually dared to hide from me your house savings....son, you've done a good job, there's a reward for whistle-blowing, you'll get three times your allowance amount."

"Much thanks to my esteemed and honorable mother!"

As expected, only mom's are good in this world only....

(TL: it's a snark reference to the old song, 世上只有妈妈好, try copying that and googling it!)

"You brat!! You actually dared.....good, goood, gooood, Xiao Yu... go and take a look what your brother hid underneath his bed........."

Xiao Yu put down her bowl and chopsticks, and swiftly dashed off towards my room. Now I'm doomed....everything's exactly does my lao bà know about that, I hadn't a clue at all, but what's there, was my hidden collection of dark-genre sister 'training' book series.

Grandpa, I'll be coming soon.......

"Gege, although I knew that you'll collect these kind of things usually, but I really didn't expect that, there's still these kind of series as well.......gege, your interests are really not bad, huuh....."

On Xiao Yu's face, etched an emotionless smile....

"What do you want exactly......"

"What are you planning to do......"

I looked towards Xiao Yu, while lao bà glanced at lao mà....their expressions were extremely scary.......

"The usual, kneel onto the wash board!"

"Gege, go kneel onto a keyboard~~ a computer keyboard."

If we had known then we shouldn't have betrayed each other at all....why must me and lao bà harm each other in the first the end there's not a good ending for the both of us.

Just like that, me and lao bà kneeled onto the chairs which laid out a washing board and keyboard respectively; even though the food was rather delicious, but I still feel like crying somehow.....

"What's up with those dishes? Scrambled eggs with tomatoes, scrambled eggs with cucumbers, scrambled egg with green beans, tomato-cucumber-green beans mix scrambled eggs; all of them are scrambled eggs!"

"It's because I only know how to scramble eggs......"

"You this brat really knew how to scramble eggs....."

(TL: snidely hinting to his whistle blowing)

Lao bà grumbled, and my mood was rather lousy as well, wasn't it supposed to be a happy family reunion eating together heartwarmingly, but what happened right and lao bà were grimacing black-faced, with only lao mà and Xiao Yu being especially delighted; lao ma's hands held onto a stack of money, and was counting it happily, while Xiao Yu kept looking at me extremely meaningfully, as her mouth kept stealthily repeating out those titles of my book collection.

"I've finished eating, ma, let's go and wash the dishes......"

After Xiao Yu had finished eating, she prepared to clear up the table, but was stopped by lao mà.

"What washing, let them do it......."

In the end, me and lao bà remained in the kitchen washing the dishes in sorrow, the both of us were silent, grudging against each other respectively; what gave lao bà a heartache was his house-savings, and what gave me a heartache was my collection, now it definitely would be cruelly destroyed by Xiao Yu......

"Son, when will you be returning back there......."

"I'll go tomorrow, and will be staying at home tonight."

"Alright, I'll go prepare the bedding for you then......."

After finishing dinner, we sat onto the sofa to watch some television together, while Xiao Yu constantly used her legs to kick the area where I've kneeled onto the keyboard earlier, it really hurts, but I dared not say a word, and can only let her bully me mercilessly; and as for lao bà......he's suffering even worse.....he's still kneeling down even now, and although he wasn't kneeling onto a wash board already, he was kneeling onto the tea table instead, as lao mà repeatedly frisked lao bà's ear every now and then.

Lao bà, don't blame me for this....I was forced to do it as well......

"I'll still need to go to work tomorrow, I'll head for bed first then...."

"Me too, I'm a little tired too, I'll also head for bed first as well....."

At around 10 plus, lao bà and lao mà were getting ready for bed already, but lao mà gave lao bà a kick.

"For this entire week, don't even think of coming up to bed, that's all."

"Then where shall I sleep then!!"


"My dear, please don't do this......I learnt my lesson already, so please don't disgrace me in front of the kids......."

"Then what should you do in the future?"

"I won't dare to hide any house-savings next time.....please spare me....."

"All right, I'll believe you just this once."

"Thank you my honorable and esteemed beloved! Thank you my honorable and esteemed beloved!"

Seeing lao bà being in such a meek state, I began to look down severely onto him, he would actually cave in that easily against lao mà, can't he have a little bit more of manly pride?

"Ge, my shoulders ached a little, help me massage them....."

"Alright, coming, Xiao Yu, was it this spot? How's the strength, is it comfortable......"

"Mm, still passable, massage just right above a little......"

"Got it, if it hurts then just let me know."

Massaging onto Xiao Yu's shoulders, I've thought about it carefully, I seemed not to have any manly pride as well.......

Half an hour later, I also used the same reason of being sleepy to escape from Xiao Yu, and returned to my room, and lying onto the familiar bed once again, I thought about things next time; Xiao Yu's events probably had been settled already, although it wasn't the perfect ending, but to me it's more than enough already, what's left is to just slowly educate Xiao Yu.

Midnight, roughly around early dawn hours, Xiao Yu ran onto my bed, she treated me as a bolster pillow, as her head laid onto my chest, while her hands wrapped around my neck, with her feet wildly rubbing around my thighs.

It's summer right now, wasn't she feeling hot at all from hugging me like that.....I can feel my reasoning being engaged in a fierce battle with my darned lust, I must continue to hold on........

Secretly opening my eyes up, Xiao Yu was wearing a thin short sleeved shirt as her pajamas, and from this position I could clearly see that she's actually bare nude right inside.....of course, the sensation from my thighs told me, that she at least had pants being put on.....

Whenever Xiao Yu slept last time, she had an extremely bad and nuancing habit, after she've slept she liked to bite her pillow....and that's the main discouraging reason on why I would want to sleep with her...... arm suddenly twinged in pain, so she've expectedly started to bite me already, and I was just thinking about that problem too.....

I can only hope, that tomorrow when I wake up, there would be lesser bite marks compared to last time.....

", Xiao Yu loved you the most already~........"

Sounds of sleep-talking suddenly rang out within the silent room. I gently stroked her head, and responded too as well, although I wasn't sure whether she would be able to hear it or not.

"Me too."

Being a gege, that kind of love towards meimei......

At that moment, I noticed that she secretly gave off a short laugh seemingly.

-ch 67 end-

(3075 words to tl)

Footnotes: a puppy! = she was referring to a pekingese puppy; which liked to follow it's owner around nonstop.

too much energy = she's subtly referring to him being too horny I think

meimei = 'younger sister'

lao ba/ lao ma/ ba / ma = informal way to address 'father' and 'mother' , and it can be short-cutted as well.

gege / ge = 'elder brother' , it can be informally short-cutted as well.


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