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Love Dependency Disease v2c40

TL: You have have noticed this already, whenever I apply an asterisk like this* onto a word, it means that it will be explained further in the footnotes.

You also may have noticed that I didn't do any updates on my blog yesterday, which would be normally weird since I do at least 6-9k words daily. (it's holidays)

It's due to my grandpa passing away two days ago, and after attending his wake, my mind was in a total state of blankness. (no, really) 

I tried to tl a chapter but ended up just staring dumbly at the screen doing nothing at all for a long time. After lying onto the bed for the entire ****ing day, I finally got a bit of mood to do this chapter.

😧, enjoy the "punny" chapter.

Volume 2, Chapter 40: Exam Wars

TL: flarewk

This sentence of Prez contained a lot of information, but the most important point is, because everyone is in the same exam hall, certain methods that could allow the increase of our grades would be possible, but cheating and whatnot.......

"I think that it's not really a good idea....."

The moment I've finished my sentence, Wang Yi and the rest rushed towards me and started beating me up.

"Ah~yewoch! Why did you guys hit me?"

"Who asked you to act! Now that you've become a straight A student, you think you're so high and mighty huh? Continue beating him up!"

"I'd say, if you want to beat me then go on ahead, but why did someone grope my backside!!"


"I dare all of you to touch Zhang Jian one more time?"

Ma Qing Xue took out an electric chainsaw out of nowhere; Su Hua's Student Council is so dangerous, why does it have everything........

"Zhang Jian, since we are good pals, how about we pals go out tonight for some happy time~? The treat's on me......."

As expected of the prowess of the electric chainsaw, they straightaway became pretentiously polite and courteous......

"Please take note of this; I, being the leader of all the students, in the event I caught someone cheating, the consequences would be dire for that student, but well......if I can't catch anyone cheating it can't be helped then, what's more is that I'm a little feverish today, and my condition tomorrow probably wouldn't be that good either, so you guys.........."

"We'll help the President to look out for any cheaters, whoever dares to cheat then they'll be finished!"

You bunch of cheaters actually dared to act righteously to catch other cheaters as well?!

"Zhang Jian, I believe that you're not the kind who would forget about his comrades after becoming successful, right?"

I gave it a bout of reconsideration; if I didn't have Wang Yi's method, my thinkings right now would definitely be the same as them...forget it........I'll help them this once.

"Be careful, don't ever slip up in this."

"Relax~ we aren't being called the Five Human Trashes without reason!"

"I hope so....."

"We'll think of a plan and tell you tomorrow, but to be on the safe side, you'll try to think up of one as well."

"Got it, then that's that, I'll first head back then!"

"Librarian Keeper, go home and properly rest, since tomorrow for us students would be akin to soldiers entering the battlefield; tomorrow, is our battlefield! General Zhang, we'll be counting on you tomorrow!"

"You too, rest properly, Captain Wang, Lieutenant Colonel Liu, Regiment Commander Jiang, Colonel Amelia, Major Ma, Corporal Vice Prez, First Lieutenant Misc Task Manager, Private Secretary, as well as our common leader, Marshal Sun."

"Well then I'll first wish everyone scoring good grades in the exams!"

The Prez did a final motivation prep to energize everyone's ambition.

"Long Live Marshal Sun~"

I reached home just when the streetlights began to turn on, and after opening my door I noticed that there's a note for me under the door. It had some tiny words written on it, with it being: Jian ge, I have something on tonight and can't return home, please settle dinner by yourself, by Xia Ling.

Looks like dinner for tonight would need to be settled by myself, what should I eat then......might as well eat burgers then, I'll go to Kentucky Fried Vhicken* then.

Nearby the small district where I rented in had a small stretch of commercial street, and although it's not as well endowed like a city, it's still considered to be rather flourishing, and among the dazzling night lights I searched for the burger store; normally there would be a Kentucky Fried Vhicken around in these kinds of commercial streets.

Soon enough, I noticed the target's signboard; a trademark brand of a glasses girl wearing a red apron, and it had the three english alphabets KFV written on top of it.

"Good day sir, welcome to KFV, may I have your order please?"

"I would like that Original garlic chicken with bamboo sprouts*, Golden crispy chicken*, and I'll have a Chicken feet pot* as well."

"Ya~ho~ Zhang Jian, you still haven't eaten dinner yet?"

My back was being thumped by someone, and from the voice alone I knew who it was already, and was rather surprised that she didn't joint-lock me this time.

"What did you think, if I had eaten already then why would I be coming here for?"

"Just perfect, I hadn't eaten too; person behind the counter, two sets of family bucket meal!"

(TL: Amelia was speaking in a crassly, informal manner, so please note these were intentionally worded as such)

"Two sets of family bucket meal..........can you even finish all of those?"

"Aren't you full of nonsense, if I can't finish all of them then why would I order so many of these~"

Amelia gave me a look of idiotic pity....

"Understood, may I ask if you would still like to have the previous order?"

"Why wouldn't I want them, those two family bucket meals are mine!"

Once the counter-person have finished prepping our meals, I and Amelia chose a spot near the windows and sat there.

"Why are you can't stalked me?"

"Why would I want to stalk you, I only browsed the streets for a short while after school, and I felt hungry so I just went in here by chance."

I pondered about the time span she mentioned, and Amelia wasn't lying, she indeed had met me by coincidence.

About whether Amelia would have love dependency disease or not, I had given some thought to it last time, but could not find the time then to test it out, so I might as well test it right now.

"Amelia, do you like me?"

"Mm, I like you, as in friends that kind."

"How about the boy-girl relationship kind?"

"Still alright, quite a good impression too, why? Don't tell me that you want to confess to me? If it's really like that then I won't reject you too, and I'm fine even if you wanted to go to a hotel after we finished eating these, but you must first crossdress!"

Why is it crossdressing again, I'm going to beat up this Am.....

Wait, wait......I can't win against Amelia at all!!

"Can we stop mentioning about the crossdressing, I'm really worn out already........"

"Even though you're so cute too~"

"Can't you use the term 'handsome' to describe me?"

From our conversation, I can already determine that other than Amelia being a crossdresscon, she didn't have love dependency disease at all.

"Hey! Why did you eat my big fried chicken?"

"Can't I swap mine with yours in exchange? Here, this chicken's for you."

While Amelia munched on the fried chicken and the corn at the same time, she casted glances towards my chicken feet pot oftenly too; which made me inwardly thought that she really does eat a lot of food.

"Zhang do you plan to settle the issue about Ma Qing Xue........"

"What do you mean?"

"Don't act stupid, everyone knows that she likes you, but the problem is how you feel about it."

"I....think that I like her too....."

"What do you mean by think or not think, the first day since you'd transferred she had confessed to you already, since you like her then just give her an answer then!"

"This is my issue, I have my own ideas about it."

"Ma Qing Xue went to look for me today to talk for a any case it's better if you'd give her a clear answer on this."

"I'm planning on this as well."

"Well sure then, I'll be heading back first, tomorrow's exams I'll be counting on ya~"

After Amelia had left, I plunged into a state of thought; my plan was that to tell Ma Qing Xue tomorrow, that after this month had ended, I'll be able to give her an answer, as well as slightly drop a hint to her that I had liked her as well.

After the exams tomorrow, the gap before this month's end would be 9 more days.......9 days later, I'll be truly free already.........

The next day, I walked out of the house early in the morning, and while I went to school I noticed there's a lot of students having serious faces, and the atmosphere was rather sullen in the streets, amongst the students there were many people doing some last minute grinding, planning to cram a bit more knowledge just before the exams.

Su Hua is an emphasized middle school, the kind that it was ranked rather high on the province's listing; hence no matter if it's the mid terms or the finals, results would always be the direct compliment of a student's future, and so, the weightage of the mid terms wouldn't be that low compared to the finals.

The war that decides on the future of the students has begun.

At the school gate, everyone was gathered here waiting for me.

"General Zhang, you sure arrived a little late.."

"Captain Wang, wasn't it just perfect timing right now? Only with adequate rest then we would be more vitalized to enter the war."

"General Zhang is rightfully correct indeed."

Impressed, Wang Yi cupped his hands together in salute towards me.

(TL: The pun's here on how they really acted as in the ancient chinese army conversations; they were speaking really formally as well, so I tried to make it as formal as possible in english!)

"General Zhang, this here is the battle plan that all of us commanders discussed yesterday, may I invite the General to have a look at it."

He took out a piece of paper from his schoolbag, and on it indicated a few secret signals and movement hints.

"Workable, and here's some of the backup plans that I've thought of, take it and let everyone present here memorize it."

My plan was almost similar to Wang Yi's, except that mine was even more secretive, and was generally way more exquisite overall.

"Brilliant! This is really brilliant! As expected of General Zhang, this really made us people here impressed with your extensive intellectual wits."

"Oh it's nothing, Captain Wang you're overly praising me....."

"When are you two going to end this performance's nearly time to enter inside already, and you guys had better be discreet, if you were discovered I won't be able to help you out on it."

"Much thanks to the Marshal da'ren's reminder, my fellow comrades, let's move out!"

I noticed that Wang Yi had a gift for being able to spice up other people's emotions.....

"Amelia will be in charge of the English battle, Ma Qing Xue will be in charge of the Maths battle..............and that's all for the subject recommendations, if anyone doesn't understand just give the signal, I'll help to co-ordinate!"

Morning, 8.30 AM. The mid term exams officially begins!

"My dear fellow students, good morning to all of you, the six of us will be the invigilators, and if there's any questions to be raised you may ask us."

One exam hall, six invigilators! Su Hua's invigilation standards are way different as expected, and furthermore, I carefully observed the eye expressions of these six teachers and noticed that their eyesights are exceptionally good, to the point that they were only just a notch below my old veteran's eye.

"The papers have been distributed; Language Exam, the time will be 1 and a half hours, after handing in your completed papers you may leave the examination hall."

The four corners of the classroom sat four people, while one person stood on the speaker's pedestal, and the last person repetitively walking in-between the desks doing surveillance; the difficulty is indeed rather hard.......but only towards a normal level of cheating situation though.

The exam question's difficulty weren't that hard for me, and my initial estimate of my completed paper should be around 90 plus marks, it's not bad already.


While I was doing the questions, the sound of Wang Yi clicking his tongue resounded towards my ears, he looked to be rather vexed as he scratched his head, while my eyes keenly observed the spot on where he scratched his head.

Thoracic cavity area two times, sensory area three times, nape area one time, spleen area five times, temple area two times.

Our battle plan consists of three kinds in all, each respectively for front, back and left/right seating arrangements.

Wang Yi right now was using the left/right battle plan.

I scratched my chest a few times, afterwards scratching my back a few times as well; although it looked to be some random scratching of itches, it's all actually scratching of various acupuncture points on the body.

紫宫five times, 膻中one time, 气海six times, 神阙three times, 灵台three times, 中枢one time.

(TL: after quite some time of futile searching online for a HD yet detailed enough free human body acupuncture chart for me to pinpoint the english names for the acupuncture points, I gave up)

The plan was very successful, the invigilator didn't discover any abnormalities.


After a while, Amelia who was sitting in front of me gave off a yawn; as expected, language exams would be rather troubling for a foreigner like her.........

I analyzed the meaning behind this yawn; for high pitches there's 3 stages, low pitches 2 stages, the phase of extended pitching lasted a total of 56 milliseconds, the wavelength density small, and frequency slightly fast.


I sat straighter slightly, and exercised about my head a little, as I made an Mm sound from my mouth.

This Mm sound of mine; contains 4 stages of high pitches, 1 stage of low pitch, from the beginning till the ending of the extended pitching it's a total of 39 milliseconds, wavelength density middlish, and frequency slightly slow.


Not long after, Jiang Tian who was sitting in the backs of the last row gave off a sneeze, but I was sitting at the third row, and in this wide distance he won't be able to see my secret signals at all. Voice hints won't be able to be passed over delicately either, so this time it could only be movement signals.

I slightly moved my elbow towards the edge of the table, allowing Jiang Tian to be able to clearly see the movements of my elbows; and when I wrote, the width of my elbows slightly became a little bigger, 2 cm to the left, 1 cm to the right, lift upwards by 3 cm, went downwards by 2 cm, afterwards repeating by placing my elbows to the left by 1 cm..........

Afterwards, none of them continued to ask me for help in the Language exam, for Maths it's Ma Qing Xue who tided everyone over, for English it's naturally Amelia, but when it comes to Chemistry, it's time for me to be busy once again.

The war, still carries on.

-ch 40 end-

(3174 words to tl)

TL: If you are experienced in meridian points on the body, let me know of a link for the picture to a very HD acupuncture chart, I'll credit you for it 😭

Kentucky Fried Vhicken = The original and correct chinese word for KFC is 肯德. But in the original untranslated text above (KFV), the author used the word 肯德

The difference between the original name and the text's version, is the last character, 基 vs 姬. (both have same pronunciations)

The character, (=jī), in this context it meant "gay person".

The character, 姬(jī), in this context it meant "gal".

The pun would be that, being a horny overlord that's our MC Zhang Jian, he decided to go to "kentucky fried gal" for his dinner...

What Zj ordered in KFV = I have to disclaim that what I translated in the text, I have no way of checking it's a real accurate food or not. 😑

It's probably a pun coined by the author as I can't check the availability of the foods..

At least I know 100% for sure that it doesn't exist in my country, hey, I'm a long term and avid customer of KFC yknow!

Original garlic chicken with bamboo sprouts (笋子原味鸡)= It's suspiciously a pun, but I can't make head nor tails of it. If you get it then let me know~ 

Golden crispy chicken = Right, this one is obviously snarky. 

The original term is 黄金脆皮鸡 (Golden crispy chicken);
but the author replaced it with his version, "皇金翠皮鸡". 
Both have the exact same pronunciations.

The difference between the two is:

Original = 黄金 (it referred to the chicken skin being golden-y)
Author's = 皇金 (the author changed it to royalishly kind of chicken skin, 😑)

Original = 脆皮 (it referred to the chicken being crispy and all)
Author's = 翠皮 (the author punned it to emerald-ish skin, WTF?)

The pun is on the pronunciations of the various chinese words to make it sound funny for people who understood chinese...and I guess the theme of this would be that this chicken is a really a "wealthy" chicken.

Chicken Feet pot = A rather crass joke, this one.

Firstly I must say that the term the author used is pot, rather than crock-pot. (the chicken is fried, rather than boiled or stewed)

The original term is 鸡爪煲 (Chicken Feet pot)
The author uses 鸡爪堡 (Chicken Feet fortress)

The pun, i guess would be that the both of them had the same pronunciations...

Librarian Keeper = Zj's title from the Five Human Trashes. He's named as that since he has a library of XXX stuff.

crossdresscon = crossdress + pun worded together. It refers to someone who really likes people who crossdresses.

-da'ren = it's an appendix placed behind one's name. It has the entirely same meaning as "-sama", basically it is used when you want to refer to someone respectfully.

old veteran's eye = an experienced person's eye who is able to sought out the most qualitied and best p*rn available when he sees one.


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