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Love Dependency Disease v3c52

Announcement 1: Please note that Su Hua Private Middle School -> will be renamed to Su Hua Private Secondary School from this chapter onwards.

For more, see footnotes.


Volume 3, Chapter 52: Zhang Jian is missing

TL: flarewk

In a three storied small mansion, there's a room within that's decorated especially extravagant compared to the rest, and a group of people were gathered in here discussing certain matters; the doorplate of the room wrote: Su Hua Secondary - High School Department [Student Council].

"Zhang Jian had been missing for almost 10 days already, anyone of you have any leads on it?"

The Student Council President Sun Li Hua's eyebrow frowned, as her gaze swept upon the other people sitting on the sofa.

"Nothing, our only lead was the group message that Zhang Jian sent to all of us before he disappeared."

Wang Yi waved his phone about as he replied Sun Li Hua.

"The contents of that group message, is definitely not written by Zhang Jian, and I can see very clearly, that something bad had happened to Zhang Jian!"

Ma Qing Xue thumped her chest, and said it with an expression of extreme conviction.

Sun Li Hua took out her phone, and tapped the screen, opening that short group message up, and looked at it once again.

The contents of the short message was: [Everyone, I'm Zhang Jian, I have some urgent business needing to return back to my old home to settle, and it may take a period of time, you guys don't need to worry about me.]

"Forget just about that short message, he didn't even pick up his phone, and we can't find any other way to contact him, I've went to his house a few times already, and there's no one in at all."

Amelia added on another bit of information, which made the crowd even more worried on Zhang Jian's current situation.

"Just basing only on a short message to determine that Zhang Jian was missing or not is indeed a little rushed, although I said these a week ago, but right now, I received a particular bit of extremely unfortunate information."

Sun Li Hua's eyebrows frowned even deeper than before.

"Prez, please say it!"

Ma Qing Xue looked desperately at Sun Li Hua, as her fingers were placed on her large thighs and trembled nonstop; it's quite clear that she's in a state of extreme nerve-wreck right now.

"All of you, please take a look at this recording, it was taken down by the roadside surveillance camera... although it wasn't really that clear."

Sun Li Hua turned the desk's laptop around to everyone, and on it displayed a certain recording.

In the recording, Zhang Jian met a girl in a road-bend, and after conversing with her shortly he turned around and attempted to run away, but the girl caught up with him, pounced him down and did some unknownst thing to him afterwards. The recording quality was quite bad, which made them unable to see what happened clearly, and after a while Zhang Jian stopped struggling, and the girl flagged down a passing black vehicle before disappearing from the recording's sight.

Just before that girl boarded that black vehicle, she faced towards the direction of the surveillance camera and gave it a smile.

Although the face couldn't be seen clearly, but everyone can evidently feel that smugness arising from that face.

"What do you guys think......."

After the playing of the recording ended, Sun Li Hua asked everyone.

"This should be the person that Zhang Jian was trying to hide from, it should be that crazy girlfriend that he was speaking about......"

Amelia gave out a reply.

"Does anyone have the address of Zhang Jian?"

Sun Li Hua pondered for a while, and decided to show this recording to Zhang Jian's parents, this way it might be possible to recognize who that girl was in the first place.

"Wasn't it in Li Dou small district?"

Wang Yi subconsciously asked in return.

"It's not, that's only his current place of residence, his transferring over was due to the school dean's signature, and.......there wasn't any other detailed information, his residential address column was also indicated as Li Dou small district."

"Wasn't there any way of contacting Zhang Jian's parents at all?"

Ma Qing Xue asked.

"No....if you guys have any sort of information just say it out, this way it'll be easier for my investigation, and as for the school dean's side I've checked with him beforehand, he was helpless too, the information about Zhang Jian transferring over was too less to the point of being pitiable.

"Then how did the school dean agreed to the transfer?"

"It's said that Zhang Jian was the son of a familiar associate of the school dean, and he brought the introductionary letter along too, so......"

"Is it, then let's discuss on other ways then, I remember that Zhang Jian's dialect seemed to be of a southerner.

"Be more specific, which part of the south's dialect?"

"His dialect......if I think should be....."

Ma Qing Xue lowered her head as she seriously pondered, but still didn't have any further conclusion at all.

"It's Yun, Gui, and Chuan, probably these area's dialects........"

(TL: probably a reference to Yunnan, Guinan and Chuannan provinces in china)

Liu Xiong suddenly cut in.

"How did you know?"

"My old hometown was at S province, so I'm able to distinguish it out a little."

(TL: S province is probably in reference to Sichuan)

"Are you able to ascertain which province's dialect it is?"

"I can' and Zhang Jian usually converse around in a normal dialect....."

Liu Xiong apologetically looked at Ma Qing Xue, this was the only bit of information he would be able to provide already.

"Then it'll be like this then, right now you guys head towards where Zhang Jian is currently staying at right now, I'll go investigate on that black vehicle, we must not let go any bit of information at all! Misc. Task Manager, Secretary, you guys stay in the Student Council room to temporarily handle the Student Council tasks!"

"Understood, President!"

The Misc. Task Manager and Secretary replied unhesitatingly.

"Ma Qing Xue, Amelia, Wang Yi, Liu Xiong, Jiang Tian, I won't accompany you guys over, so I'll apply medicinal leave for all of you first then."

Sun Li Hua's exceptional leadership talent can be said to be undoubtedly unveiled at this very moment.

"Alright, I have Zhang Jian's house keys, so we can go there right now."

Ma Qing Xue seemed to be slightly impatient.

"You guys stayed together?"

The others asked curiously.

"Don't ask, I picked it up!"

Ma Qing Xue dismissed Wang Yi and the rest, but all of them thought differently instead, after all, how would a key be that easily picked up in the first place.

Opening the huge door of Zhang Jian's house, the company of people walked in and started to investigate, and one plus hour later, they didn't have any discovery at all; Zhang Jian house decor was too simple already, the term 'spacious' could even be used to describe it......

"Come here quickly, there's a hidden entrance here!"

Jiang Tian had a little discovery, and he beckoned everyone over.

The place of discovery was at Zhang Jian's bedroom, and the wall of the bedroom hung a poster, while the wall behind the poster was being opened by Jiang Tian.

"What.....what's all's so dazzling!!"

Wang Yi exclaimed, behind the hidden entrance, it actually contained entirely of Zhang Jian's collection.......

"As expected of the Librarian Keeper, since he's not around here anyway, let's help him take care of these children then......"

Liu Xiong started to store Zhang Jian's collection inside of his clothes already.

"These collection of Zhang Jian's are really not bad.....Mm....this book is extremely great as well...."

Amelia too also was engrossed deeply within Zhang Jian's book collection.

"What are you guys exactly here for!"

Ma Qing Xue loudly roared, and brought all of them back to reality.

"Cough, cough.....let's continue to find more leads then......"

Just like that, the boys and Amelia very unreluctantly left Zhang Jian's bedroom.

They continuing to search for a long time afterwards, even the toilet wasn't spared from being entirely combed, and right now the searching progress was so complete that the only other possible way of searching would be ground excavation already.

"Let's go......Ma Qing Xue, there's no need to search any longer already...."

"No...there must still be something left out, I'll go look once more...."

Amelia gazed at Ma Qing Xue who still repeatedly did thorough checking of the surroundings, and gave off a slight sigh.

At this moment, a gust of cool wind blew in from the balcony, and blew off a piece of purplish Han clothing hanging in the living room, and as the Han clothing landed, a portion of it laid onto the floor, while another portion of it's hem got stuck onto the tabletop.

Amelia walked over to pick up the Han clothing, and noticed that beneath the small wooden table was two small photo albums underneath; due to the lighting and angle, they didn't realize earlier that the small wooden table had something under it at all.

"This....Ma Qing Xue, you and Zhang Jian went to take a wedding photoshoot before?"

"Mm....we did....but so what of it, right now it's more important that we find Zhang Jian!"

Ma Qing Xue's expressed attitude was that of Zhang Jian being the most current importance still.

Amelia flipped the first photo album, and her heart slightly felt rather uncomfortable, it's like something had clogged it up....although she didn't know why she had that kind of reaction as well.

Afterwhich, she also flipped open the second photo album, on it was Zhang Jian's personal travelling photographs, and to her there's nothing worth investigating about it, hence she just threw it aside.

"Found a clue already......."

Liu Xiong held onto the photo album that Amelia had thrown aside, and after flipping a few pages of it, his face revealed an expression of ecstatic surprise.

"Come here and look at this photograph; the huge statue behind Zhang Jian, it's the Leshan Giant Buddha!"

"Look at this photo as well, it's the Valley of Nine Fortified Villages!"

"And this as well, Du Jian Yan"

famous irrigation system built by Lu Bin

Liu Xiong pointed to another attraction behind Zhang Jian as he carefully examined it, and spoke it out as if describing various well-renowned treasures.

"This is.....Y province's Shilin world."

"And that's G province's Huang Guoshu Waterfall...."

"And so? What does all of these mean, I even saw the Great Wall and the Forbidden City photographs too......and you mentioned the point of Zhang Jian being a southwesterner before too."


"That's right, although some attractions were in other provinces, but there were some other attractions that you may not be aware too, since they were not really renowned, but, they were mainly concentrated in S province!"

"And that means?"

Ma Qing Xue gazed towards Liu Xiong in excited surprise.

"Zhang Jian's probably the same townsman as me!"

Liu Xiong continued to flipped through the photographs, hoping to look for more detailed clues within them.

"Take this photograph to Prez, this would be the most useful photograph needed to locate Zhang Jian."

"Look to the very back of it, the building behind Zhang Jian.....with this, we can even pinpoint on which city's Zhang Jian originally lived in too."

"And this one, this one, this one as well!"

Liu Xiong repeatedly took out photographs from the photo album, and consolidated all those photographs together.

"You're sure proficient in this......"

"You guys forgot what I'm being called as?"

"Right, Master of Stalkers....."

At this moment Liu Xiong started to shine out his very usefulness.

"Also worth speaking is that, if Zhang Jian was a girl, I would be able to do this ten times as much quicker speed in gathering intel already...."

Liu Xiong nonchalantly spoke, as this was his first time gathering intel on a male, his heart was still a little resistant onto it.

"Liu Xiong, take a look at this photograph then......."

Wang Yi took out a photo of Zhang Jian crossdressing, and on the photo displayed Zhang Jian wearing a pure white blouse, with black long stockings, and his sweat made the blouse rather soaked, hence.......his chest could be visibly seen.......

"Wang Yi! This photograph, I'm buying it! How much is it!"

"A thousand dollars, thank you for your purchase."

Wang Yi shamelessly chuckled.

"So darn expensive, who would be crazy enough to buy it!"

A ferocious Amelia mockingly laughed towards Wang Yi, a thousand dollars to buy a piece of photograph, other than being crazy than what would it be called?

"I want two copies....."

Liu Xiong was actually already rummaging around his wallet, and it made Amelia infuriatingly wanting to kick him a couple of times.

"Amelia, do you want too? If you wanted it then I can cheaply offer it to you~ a hundred dollars for 1 piece, buy 3 get 1 free........"

"Gu......don't think you can tempt me........"

Amelia looked at the photograph, and gulped in her saliva, what she loved absolutely the most is crossdressers already......

"Amelia, it's nothing really, this is merely a happy transaction, you provide the cash, and I provide the items that you wanted, both sides would benefit ultimately, right?"


"Buy 10 get 10 free~............."

"I.......what's your bank account number?"

Amelia eventually couldn't resist the temptation, and bought crossdressing photographs of Zhang Jian, as long as the price was suitable....buying a few more for her collection wouldn't be as much of a big deal at all, was what she thought in her heart.

"Aren't you guys the least bit worried at all! Zhang Jian is still missing currently.........."

Ma Qing Xue started to grumble; she started to be mad at the others attitude which were rather cheery at this point still.

"Ma Qing Xue, calm down, being jittery won't be able to solve anything at all, next up, let's go find the Prez, hopefully there would be some information gain from her."

Actually, all of them were worried for Zhang Jian, but only didn't want to express it out on their faces, for they knew, expressing it out won't have any advantages at all, but instead would make the atmosphere even more depressing; it being disadvantageous completely.

-ch 52 end-

(3217 words to tl)

P/N: all photographs in here were found online; not relating to the author's original chapter in any way, all respective copyright goes to their owners -3-

TL: Please note that Su Hua Private Middle School -> will be renamed to Su Hua Private Secondary School from this chapter onwards, in order to further fit the bill that Zj is a high schooler.

I wanted to change all the posts in the past I've made on Su Hua Middle to High, but it's usage was way too many so I got lazy.

Moot points for Zhang Jian being a high schooler:

1) his age, he said he's one more year to 18y.o, which meant he's 17
2) ch10, he walked up to the third floor of the Student Council building meant for high schoolers

Character Reminder:
Five human trashes = Zhang Jian (Librarian Keeper), Amelia (Men Huntress), Liu Xiong (Master of Stalkers), Wang Yi (Demonic Skirt Flipper), Jiang Tian (Anal Calamity)
Student Council members = Misc. Task Manager, Secretary, Accountant (Ma Qing Xue), Vice Prez, Prez (Sun Li Hua)

Librarian Keeper = a title of Zhang Jian's, it was's explained in this chapter, isn't it!?


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