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Love Dependency Disease v1c12

Volume 1, Chapter 12: The evil plot behind the Sports Meet

TL: flarewk

Me and Ma Qing Xue spent an entire afternoon playing a game of hide and seek, for the moment she had any free time she would immediately run to pester me.

Even if I was to try hiding inside the cubicle, being one of Su Hua's Three Great Beauties, she could easily command a few purish-mindset male classmates to drag me out, which in point made me rather vexed.

And so, I'm currently hiding within the bushes, as right now it's only that school had just ended, Ma Qing Xue is still in school trying to search for me non-stop.

I'm definitely and extremely sure that she would have an eye firmly marked onto the school gates as well!
"Yosh~ isn't this the Librarian Keeper? What are you doing here?"

Accompanied by this resounding voice is followed by a sudden malevolence I felt on my backside.

Looks like Jiang Tian, aka Anal Calamity had arrived.

(TL: too much puns here that i'm laughing with tears... Anal calamity as you know is a pun on g*y s*x, and Jiang Tian in reverse is called Tian Jiang, which means "Divine Punishment", put these two synonyms together and... ahahahahaa!)

"Nothing much, I'm currently enjoying the blissfulness of nature!"

I randomly spouted out some nonsense to divert his attention off, hopefully this guy would be able to take the hint and go away.

"The me last time didn't really realize, but the you who's lying down right now, have a really nice an*l!"

And he actually stroked my precious backside.

"Jiang Tian, don't be like that, I have absolutely no interest in you!"

"Librarian Keeper, how bout a quick taste? I guarantee that you'll fly towards paradise after that!"

He still didn't give up onto my backside, and was actually salivating for it.

"Even if I was to give it a go, it will be me attacking! And you taking!"

I angrily retaliated back at him, and reversed pounced him down.

(TL: it means that Zj will be the one doing the thrus*ing, while the one enjoying the sl*mming pleas*re will be Jt)

"Waaah~ ~ ~ ~ ~"

A strange sound emanated from the other side of the bushes.

It's the Vice President, she's holding a camera while salivating and recording down the both of our actions right now.

"Don't mind my presence, please continue!"

So this Vice President is actually a fu nǚ.

(TL:  fu nǚ = refers to a woman who loves BL)

"Coughcough, Jiang Tian, to tell you the truth, I actually don't have any an*l at all!"

"H-......How is that possible!"

"An old veteran that has an an*l, will always be the party that's being forced to do the agreement, you....understand, right?"

"I've lost!"

After sending away Jiang Tian, the Vice Prez boredly went away, and after a renewed observance around the school garden, making absolutely sure that there's no sign of Ma Qing Xue at all, I prepared to head for home.

(TL: what Zj meant earlier, is that for an old veteran, normally he would be the one in charge since an old veteran is supposed to be more experienced than the other, and he's supposed to do all the leading be it in trading or discovering feti*hes; but if there is an exploit (an*l) for the old veteran, the purpose of the term 'old veteran' would be lost. Btw, it's just a joke by Zj, of course he have an an*l. Don't think too deeply, it's just a comedy novel)

After taking away a packet of food from a food store outside, I happily walked towards home, and as the lift reached the floor level of my house, I noticed that Xiao Ling is standing right in front of my door entrance, and was knocking onto my door.

"Xiao Ling, what's going on~?"

Glancing at me. she suddenly took out a sharp knife from her waist and made a mad dash towards me.

I haven't understood what was going on exactly till the packet of food that I was holding onto my hands had been viciously stabbed numerous times by Xiao Ling using that sharp knife, before finally regaining back to my senses.

"Jian ge~ you've returned home, Ai~ yah~ I just saw some bugs crawling about inside your packet of food, so I've graciously helped you to settle that issue, oh, also my knife is coated in a poisonous layer of venom, I'm afraid this packet of rice can't be eaten already....."

She spat out her tongue cutely, and fictitiously made an apologetic expression.

"It's.....nothing.....I'll go downstairs again and buy another packet will do..."

I was about to take the lift downstairs when Xiao Ling blocked my path.

I thought she made a phone call behind my back just earlier, what was she exactly saying just now?

"Jian ge~ I think that it's best not to go out right now, because the law and order outside isn't that really safe nowadays, I'm scared that Jian ge may encounter onto something bad outside."

After she had finished saying that, she pointed towards the entrance of the small district, and our position now on top of one of the building's levels is able to see the big door at the small district.

At the entrance, suddenly parked numerous black limousines, and alighting from all these limousines were ferocious looking muscular men donning black suits.

"I said it correctly, right Jian ge~?"

This is definitely you calling them over, right!!

", right now society is really rather dangerous, ah ha ha ha ha ha..........."

My face expression curled into a smile as I laughed on the outside, with my inner self getting gloomier by the second; am I destined to give up my pride of being a human tonight for dinner?

"Hehe, I tonight accidentally made too much food as well, Jian ge you can come over and have a meal at my house~"

How could you have accidentally overcooked too much food every single day!


In any case I'll need to first agree to it, if after a while her requests becomes too harsh, then even if I was to starve I must not succumb to her plot!

"Then let's go eat dinner then~ it feels good to have someone accompany me eating dinner~"

So this is Xiao Ling's true motives? Because she's too lonely to eat dinner alone, that's why she wants to treat me like this?

"Xiao Ling, here, this is your daily fees, next time I'll just eat at your house, since the cooking outside can't be compared to your's."

I kneeled down and stroked her head gently. Actually this child's motives are rather simple from the start, why didn't I notice it from the very beginning...

"All right! Next time all of Jian ge's dinners are to be taken care by me then!"

She took the money I held on my hands, and just threw it into her bag without even counting it; I knew that she wasn't lacking in money, she accepted it just for the sake of not making me look too bad only.

Right now should I use the term 'angelic' or 'demonic' to describe her, I'm rather confused.....

Different from the other two days, I finally peacefully ate my dinner that night, while nothing that shouldn't occur not occurring at all in the middle, and after washing the dishes and coaxing Xiao Ling to sleep, I then returned to my home to get a good night's rest.

Countdown till the opening of the sports meet, three days left.

Coming to school early in the morning, especially walking from the back entrance of the small district via the long, distant route I didn't encounter Ma Qing Xue today. She's probably still unaware that I'm hiding from her.....

"Librarian Keeper, today at lunchtime, there's a meeting at the Student Council room."

Wang Yi ran over to greet me, and it looks like the plan is about to begin.

Lesson is almost about to begin, until the bell was about to nearly ring Ma Qing Xue then suddenly ran into the classroom, with beads of sweat dripping from her face, looks like she definitely were running all the way to school.

I suddenly felt a little heartbroken from watching this.....

Due to the zipper not being fully closed from her vertically held handbag, I saw a piece of cake inside it.

It's just being baked this morning only, isn't it.......

"Oh, right. Ma Qing Xue...... do you still have the cake from yesterday? I still am feeling hungry from this morning......"

Unable to control the guilt in my heart towards her, at least let me finish up that cake..

"Mm! Yes! Then is it fine if I eat a little portion of it too?"

"It's alright, as long as I'm able to have my stomach slightly fuller then it's fine by me."

She passed over the cake to me, and the blissful smiling expression on her face making my heart ache even more.

"Tch, freeloader!"

The girl who seemingly had feelings more than above normal-friends-level towards Ma Qing Xue then looked to very angry as she gave me an upturned eye.

"Tongxues, time for class!"

"Teacher, I have something to do so I'll leave class for awhile!"

At this moment, the teacher walked in, and I held the cake that Ma Qing Xue gave me and walked out of the classroom; and the teacher actually didn't even question me for a reason.... is this one of an advantage of being a representative?

After finishing eating my cake while standing in the corridor, I've went back to the classroom once more, and pretended to sleep an entire morning and finally lasted till lunchtime.

Just like that, I returned to this Student Council room that had nearly made me lost my purity.

Knocking on the door, under the gesture of the Student Council President, I entered into the Student Council room.

Inside the room was a lot of people already, including me all Five Human Trashes were currently present, and other than the President and Vice President that I've seen yesterday, the other Student Council members include the secretary, the miscellaneous task manager, and the accountant, who all quietly stood in a corner.

The secretary looked to a very normal, average male student, while the miscellaneous task manager is an extremely muscular male who is probably taller than 1.8 meters, and as for the accountant...... it's actually Ma Qing Xue, I have no idea that she's part of the Student Council team at all.

"Zhang Jian tongxue, firstly I would like to extend my heartfelt apologies to what happened to you yesterday, and I believed that you understood the finer details of why it happened from the Vice President, so I hoped you wouldn't mind too much onto it."

The President had both of her hands onto her thighs and deeply bowed to me, this manner of apologizing is really international standard!

"No, it's nothing, actually this can't be blamed onto the President as well, I actually don't hold any grudge towards it at all!"

I'm saying the truth, no matter how many times it happens I'll be clapping my hands in welcome for it!

"Thank you, Zhang Jian tongxue is a really nice person."

She gave off a gentle smile that's so resemblant of the feeling of a cozy spring breeze.

Although the usual Student Council President looked to be rather dignified and courteous, I still remembered vividly that when she was in a state of relapse, the word 'agonizing' wasn't enough to describe her then.

"Well, since everyone had arrived, then the meeting to destroy Experimental High School now begins!"

What kind of naming taste is this? You guys can't be wanting to cause an explosion within the other school, right?!

"Firstly, Liu Xiong tongxue, please tell us on what intel you've gathered to everyone.

Liu Xiong, aka Master of Stalkers, he took out a notebook PC and used a projector application to display the computer screen onto the wall, and all the information shown were the athletically strong people from the other school.

The Prez cleared her throat, and started to explain the situation to us.

"Right now, we only know one thing, and that there will be a total of 12 area of fields in the sports meet. Our school's elite area of expertise against the other school's elite area of expertise is roughly half each of the total combined 12, which means we will be the same as Experimental High School, having the same chances to win equally."

"But, the other school's Four Dirty Kings according to my sources have already begun their plan of action, what they're doing is a plot of execution, which is to make our school's athletic elites lose all of their fighting spirits, or for them to execute poorly during the sports meet."

"And our destroying plan is to let most of their students be unable to perform well during this period, allowing us to ignore the top three highest ranking individuals in this sports meet, and to depend on the total accumulated score to win!"

As expected of the Prez, only she could have thought up of such a devious plan.

"This plan is based on "The Forbidden Librarian Keeper" foundation."

"So, everyone must do their best to support Zhang Jian tongxue, including all of us from the Student Council!"

"Assign everyone's roles then, Leader!"

All of them then looked towards me, this kind of leadership over a group of people, to be honest is quite a pleasant feeling.

"Anal Calamity and Men Huntress are to protect our school's students not to let them be endangered, while Demon Skirt Flipper and Master of Stalkers shall continue to gather intel on the Four Dirty Kings, as the Student Council will continue to be on guard within the school for any possible spies during this period!"

"As for me..... I'll sneak into Experimental High School by myself!"

Instantly, they all looked at me with worried glances, but for me, this is akin to suspecting my prowess.

"The plan to destroy Experimental High School doesn't require all Five Human Trash to take action, just me is enough for the task!"

I clutched my forehead with a single hand as I made a rather chuunbiyou and extremely cool-looking posture.

-ch 12 end-

(2903 words to tl)

TL thoughts:  So begins the school sports meet arc. Now you may be wondering, wtf is this, is it really a yandere novel? Chill mate. The yandere here progresses gradually, it won't instantly super saiyan 2 mode like most other yandere novels

TL footnotes: 

Three Great Beauties = title given to only three of the most beautiful girls in the school

Librarian Keeper / The Forbidden Librarian Keeper = title for one of the school's Five Human Trashes
Anal Calamity = title for one of the school's Five Human Trashes
Master of stalkers = title for one of the school's Five Human Trashes
Demon Skirt Flipper = title for one of the school's Five Human Trashes
Men Huntress = title for one of the school's Five Human Trashes

tongxues = students

fighting spirit = in this context it refers to their energetic-ness and vigor into participating in the sports meet

Four Dirty Kings = four people with these titles from Experimental High School, they are supposedly 'dirty'

chuunbiyou = commonly known as eight-grade syndrome. I'll leave the finer details up to you using google search!


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