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Ch 6(new) - What is a Yandere?

Chapter 6(new)

TL: flarewk

The next morning.

Waking up from my dream, I barely managed to force my eyes open as I rummaged around my pocket for my phone to glance at the time.

"This sleep was really fantastic, I didn't know that drinking milk would be so helpful towards sleeping, but isn't it 7 o' clock right now?"

Stretching my arms lazily while getting off bed, I walked to the doorside when I noticed that my room's doorknob was actually broken, and I saw that the metal lock were scattered in pieces on the floor.

(Was it done by Asaka nee-chan?)

I shouted to outside of the door: "Asaka nee-chan, was it you who broke my room's doorknob?"

"Asaka nee-chan? Asaka nee-chan?"

The only reply I received was the silence remanating within the house.

"Was it something to do with the Student Council again? This time she didn't even leave a note behind........"

Seeing the table that was void of any note from Asaka nee-chan coupled along with the silence in the air, I suddenly felt rather empty, and thus uselessly sat onto the chair and mumbled: "Tou and kaa san usually weren't at home, and nee-chan is so talented, although she really treated me well,  but still have to often run around doing Student Council matters; only I remained at home doing nothing, and even at school there's only Yamazaki who can only be counted as my friend...weekends also only looking at loli resources throughout fufufu....a living otaku shell, Hiroto, your life is really such a failure.."

I laid onto the table, closing my eyes as I pondered for a while, after which I slapped my face to motivate myself up.

"Hiroto, be strong, wasn't there still loli around? In this world there's still such wonderful things around, you mustn't lose confidence towards living at all."

Because Asaka nee-chan wasn't at home, so the bread I ate still wasn't heated up by the microwave, and after just taking a few bites I just straightaway went off to school. Because it had a fierce downpour yesterday, so the weather today was a little sullen, but it perfectly described my current mood now.

Standing at the traffic lights waiting for the lolis that would pass by here everyday, I wasn't sure if it's because of my despondent mood or being plain unlucky today, for I waited half an hour and still yet not seen any single loli at all, and when I glanced at my phone and noticing it's already 7.30 AM, which it almost being late for class, I then slowly paced towards the school direction.

Time pushed back to around 1 and a half hours ago.

Asaka's phone suddenly rang a notification sound of receiving a message.

Lying on the bed with her hair strewn about, Asaka picked up her phone as she smiled sweetly: "It must be Hiroto who sent it, waking up early in the morning and wanting a nee-chan hug but too embarrassed to say it, that's why he sent that message."

When Asaka held up her phone and saw the notification, she noticed that the sender was from an number she didn't recognize at all.

(Asaka, I'm Suzuki, is it convenient to come out in the morning and have a meal with me?)

(I'm sorry, in a short moment I still have to help Hiroto prepare..........)

Asaka's fingers suddenly stopped typing on the phone, and after looking at the phone screen silently for a moment, she abruptly laughed.

She cleared entirely of what she was typing earlier and replied Suzuki (Sure, where do we meet?)

(Asaka, you've finally agreed to have a meal with me together, let's just eat at Earl's Restaurant, it'll be my treat.)


Asaka nee-chan placed down her phone, and carefully groomed herself, she put on some rather energetic and vitality-looking clothes on, after which she went towards my room and kissed onto my forehead, saying softly: "Hiroto, I'll go out first then, we'll be able to see each other soon."

Asaka nee-chan upon leaving the house stretched out her hands to flag a cab over.

"Earl's Restaurant."

While sitting in the cab she could subconsciously feel that the driver kept looking at her body from the rear-view mirror repeatedly; resulting in Asaka lowering her head.

(It's really disgusting to have this kind of glances, I really want to kill him... as expected, all men other than Hiroto are gross perverts..)

Reaching Earl's Restaurant, Asaka noticed that Suzuki was standing at the entrance gazing at the surrounding cars on the streets, and as he saw Asaka sitting in this cab as it flagged to the side, he rummaged in his pocket for a huge note and passing it to the driver: "Keep the change."

Afterwhich he chivalrously went to the passenger seats of the cab and helped Asaka to open the cab door, and as Asaka stepped out of the cab, Suzuki who saw Asaka's attire immediately had his eyes lit up: "Asaka, you're so beautiful."

Asaka monotonelessly replied: "Thanks."

Suzuki didn't take Asaka's attitude to heart, but became even more endearing: "Let me help you to open the entrance door."

Both people walked into Earl's Restaurant, and chose a seat near the windows. A waiter walked over as Suzuki told him: "Two set of medium well steaks. and a bottle of porter wine as well."

"Right away, sir."

Asaka placed her arms around her chest as she said to Suzuki: "Eating steak in the morning isn't good for the stomach, what's more is that we're only high school students, consuming liquor isn't a good idea too."

Suzuki unveiled an embarrassed smile: "We're youths after it should be fine for this kind of minor stuffs, if you become drunk though, I can help you apply for leave from my grandpa."

When the steak was served, Suzuki introduced the steak to Asaka: "The steak at Earl's Restaurant is extremely delicious, if you feel like eating here again anytime, just message me anytime, I'll always be ready to treat again."

After he had finished saying, he picked up the knife and started to cut the steak strenuously.

"Suzuki, I think you're holding the knife the wrong way, shouldn't it be the left hand holding a fork while the right holding onto the knife?"

Suzuki upon hearing this trembled his hands, and the fork fell onto the table. His face had already become clearly reddish embarrassed as he gritted his teeth and said: "I'm just a......left handed person, let's just drink some wine."

Asaka shook her head: "I can't, I'll be easily drunk even after drinking just a little."

Suzuki's eyes lit up brightly instantly: "It's alright, Asaka, just a small cup, so you won't get drunk easily, and in the small chance that you do get drunk, I'll help to apply leave for you."

"All right then, just a cup."

Asaka took a cup of wine and was hesitant for a moment, before downing up in one gulp, and Suzuki upon seeing that hastily poured another for her: "Asaka, you're so impressive, come have another one."

(Humph, men are so full of pretense, Hiroto is the best after all, if it's not for the sake of testing my importance to Hiroto, why would I have a meal with this person? If only Hiroto would be that dedicated to me, sigh..)

Asaka's face had started to become reddish already, and her hand slightly shook as she once more drank another refill of the cup that Suzuki had poured.

After a while, Suzuki looked at the drunk Asaka who was already lying on the table, and clicked his hands to alert the waiter that had served them just earlier.

"Sir, is there a problem?"

Suzuki took out some change from his pocket and told the waiter: "Help me carry this lady inside Earl's Hotel, here's some money for your troubles."

"Understood, sir."

Suzuki suddenly fiercely barked at the waiter: "I'm only allowing you to support this lady's arms, if I saw that you're trying to take advantage of her, I'll get my men to pummel off your worthless shit face."

Thereafter Suzuki and that waiter arm-supported Asaka all the way inside Earl's Restaurant, and after booking room 302, he grabbed the keys and walked into the room with the waiter.

Suzuki looked at the extremely tired waiter who was sweating profusely and threw a huge wad of notes onto the floor: "Place that lady onto the bed, and take this money and scram."

"Thank you sir, thank you sir."

Even when he was fatigued until he was sweating like a pig, that waiter lowered his head graciously and picked up the money on the floor, shrewdly opened the room door and leaving thereafter.

After Suzuki had closed and locked the room door, he ferociously said to the drunk Asaka lying on the bed: "So you dared to say that I held my knifes in the wrong hands? In a while I'll use my left hand instead to play with you ruthlessly, and if it's not to make you let your guard down, do you really think that I would throw down so much money to treat you at all? After I've properly showered, you'll get to understand my prowess once and for all."

Suzuki then walked into the bathroom, took off his clothes and quickly showered, with the 'hua la la' sounds emanating from the bathroom, Asaka still laid drunk onto the bed, with only her eyebrows fluttering about gently at times.

-ch 6(new) end-

(2148 words to tl)

TL: Oh noes! Poor Asaka about to get you-know-whated from Suzuki!

tou / kaa san = 'dad' and 'mom' respectively; along with a suffix '-san' for politeness

loli resources = it's worded quite nice but we all knew what it really meant. >.>


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