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Ch 5(new) - What is a Yandere?

Chapter 5(new)

TL: flarewk

I swallowed a bit of saliva as I mumbled: "Aah? Licking Asaka nee-chan's breasts and whatnot, it's a little too.........."

Asaka nee-chan acted to be a little angry as she pounded onto my chest briefly: "Hiroto what are you thinking of? So perverted~ I was talking about eating dinner, don't tell me you've always been looking at your nee-chan breasts?"

My face immediately flushed a bright red: "I..........didn't really, you must have heard wrongly earlier, what I meant was to say that it's time for dinner, eating dinner cooked by Asaka nee-chan is such a blissful thing."

"Tch~ Hiroto don't think that praising me like that would make me happy~"

I chose to ignore Asaka nee-chan who seemingly had her attention diverted as she became excited to the point of almost wanting to dance in joy.

I exerted my utmost effort to glance away my vision from Asaka nee-chan's breasts and said: "Asaka nee-chan, go and have a bath first, if not you'll catch a cold."

"Hiroto, it's been a long time after we've grown up that we didn't bathe about we do it today?"

I shook my head, and rejected her righteously: "Asaka nee-chan, right now we're already grown ups, it's a better idea not to bathe together, so just go ahead first."

Asaka nee-chan pulled onto my sleeve as she spoiled cutely towards me: "Hiroto, it's alright, no one else will know too, so come help nee-chan to wash her back, it's only some back washing~"

I pulled my sleeve out from Asaka nee-chan's hands and said firmly: "No way, noo waay, Asaka nee-chan you'd better go ahead and bathe first, I'll bathe right after you, so if you wish to let me catch a cold, then just carry dragging on like this."

Once Asaka nee-chan heard this words, she immediately panicked: "No, Hiroto shall not catch a cold, so I'll go bathe first, Hiroto as promised after I'm done you must go take a bath then~"


As I watched Asaka nee-chan entering the bathroom, I returned back to my room and took off my entirely-soaked clothes, after-which I wore slippers and walked to the living room and watched some television.

Roughly ten plus minutes later.

Asaka nee-chan had only 1 towel wrapped around her as she walked out and said to me: "Hiroto, I've finished bathing, hurry up and go take a bath!"

"Asaka nee-chan sure bathe rather quickly, all right I got it."

I who was sitting on the sofa had planned to stand up and proceed to the bathroom when suddenly Asaka nee-chan, who was walking normally suddenly slipped and fell into my direction.

I instinctively used my hands to grab the nearly fallen Asaka nee-chan, which resulted in that I actually became a cushion for her as Asaka nee-chan heavily squished on me onto the sofa.

"Hiroto, what are you...........doing............"

I didn't expect that Asaka nee-chan's towel had unknowingly fell off, and her exquisite figure was prominently displayed in front of my eyes, with both of my hands just nicely groping onto Asaka nee-chan's two voluptuous breast lumps.

"Uuuaaaahh, sorry-sorry, Asaka nee-chan.........I didn't mean to, I really didn't mean to do that."

I hastily removed my hands away from Asaka nee-chan's breasts, and apologized rapidly.

Asaka nee-chan's face was blushing as she told me: "If it's Hiroto, it's fine even if he wants to touch my's alright no matter how long he wants to do that."

These words made my body subconsciously had a reaction, and I felt rather guilty: "Asaka nee-chan, sorry, sorry, I'll.......go take a bath first."

Because Asaka nee-chan's words were a little embarrassing, I chose to use my bathing as an excuse to run away.

Asaka nee-chan stood in front of me without covering her nude body and said simply: "Hiroto, go ahead then."

I turned my head around and rapidly fled towards the bathroom, and after filling the bath tub up with hot water, I threw my worn clothes into the laundry basket, and laid inside the bathtub with a satisfied expression.

"Why did Asaka nee-chan suddenly fall down earlier, it caused me to be like this.............little hiroto you're sure a disappointment earlier."

Looking at the little hiroto which was towering massively from the water, I angrily rubbed it out a few times, and the feeling of being spied upon that night once again appeared in the bathroom.

(Why is it like this, this kind of feeling is really uncomfortable..)

I surveyed around the surroundings of the bathroom, and didn't see anything suspicious at all, which I then laid down flatly into the bathtub water. My head was lying on the sides of the bathtub, and when I opened up my eyes later a sudden fright overcame me.

On the bathtub shower there actually had a pinkish penguin, and the dark black pupils of the pinkish toy penguin plushie kept staring at me, which was a little frightening.

I stretched my hands above and grabbed the penguin plushie down, and shouted to outsides of the bathroom: "Asaka nee-chan.......Asaka nee-chan.........."

After shouting for a while and there still wasn't any commotion outside the bathroom, I stood up naked from the bathtub and walked towards the door entrance still shouting for Asaka nee-chan.

But when I've just reached the door, Asaka nee-chan responded: "Hiroto, just now you've called for me?"

"How come there's a penguin toy plushie on top of the shower?"

Through the door of the bathroom Asaka nee-chan said: "Don't worry about it much~ It's because I find it rather cute, so I placed it on top, so Hiroto don't touch it anyhow, hurry up and put it back.....also just now I smelt a very strong stench on Hiroto's body, so Hiroto can you please bathe yourself properly? When it's time for dinner I'll let you know."

"All right, then Asaka nee-chan hurry up and prepare dinner."

Afterwhich I then walked back, placed the penguin toy plushie back to atop on the shower head, and laid in the bath tub washing myself thoroughly.

That sensation of being spied on still persisted onto me, and it was really rather terrifying.

Just like that, under this sort of condition, I bathed for roughly an hour plus.

Asaka nee-chan's voice emanated from outside of the bathroom: "Hiroto, you can come out for dinner already."

"Mm, give me a minute, I'll be right there."

I stepped out of the bath tub, and used a towel to wipe my body dry of water, and after that I put on my clothes and walked outside, noticing that Asaka nee-chan had laid two sets of dishes on the table.

"Asaka nee-chan's cooking smells really nice."

Asaka nee-chan gave me a smile and said: "That's because all of these contain my entire love for Hiroto~"

After I had wolfed down the dishes, I burped as I told Asaka nee-chan who was sitting on the sofa: "I'll first go back to my room and study."

"Mm, go ahead, Hiroto remember to work hard ♡"

Returning back to my own room, I opened my bag and browsed through the subjects there I was unfamiliar with and started reading them; with the feeling of being spied on still persisting throughout.

Later when I glanced up to take a look at the clock hanging at the wall, I exclaimed in surprise: "It's 10 PM already? Time sure passes by so quickly."

I relaxedly walked out of my room, and noticed that Asaka nee-chan was snuggled on the sofa and looking at the screen of her phone, the moment she saw that I came she quickly hid the phone behind her back.

I told the feeling of me being somehow spied on to Asaka nee-chan.

Asaka nee-chan then laughed: "Baka Hiroto, that's only just a false feeling, it must be because you're always staying up late recently, which made you always tired or something like that~ here, I'll help to pour a cup of milk for you, milk have properties of inducing sleep easier, so after drinking it you'll be able to have a good rest already."

After Asaka nee-chan had finished saying that, she stood up to pour a cup of milk for me, and after quite some time later she carried over a tray of milk to me: "Hiroto here, hurry up and drink it."


While drinking my milk, I noticed that Asaka nee-chan actually had the thing called 'excitement' flickering about in her eyes as she looked at me drinking my cup of milk.

I felt it to be rather strange, and when I drank the milk finish entirely I said to her: "Asaka nee-chan, I'm going back to sleep first then, don't stay up too late to play with your phone, good night."

"Hiroto good night ♡"

Returning back to my room, I had just casually locked the room door and had my eyes just upon my bed when I actually started to feel rather sleepy, and I haven't even had the chance to pull up the blankets on me hastily when the feeling of sleepiness overcame me.

-ch 5(new) done-

(2070 words to tl)

TL: I saw that the author did some typos within the chapter, so I corrected these. XD

Tmr I'll update c6,7,8 and probably 9 will be released by tonight so I'll do 9 as well...

Baka = stupid said cutely in japanese


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