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Love Dependency Disease v3c62

Volume 3, Chapter 62: Understood certain stuffs

TL: flarewk

The short message was as followed:

Gege, sorry, looks like I've thought some of things to be too simple already......I'll sincerely apologize in front of gege next time, so, please allow me to disappear for a period of time, don't come and look for me, as for regards to daddy, please gege, help me mask this incident over his side, thanks a lot, gege.

Xiao Yu that forever always loves gege 

"This isn't right, my meimei can never be that well behaved!"

After reading finish the contents of the message, I exclaimed in shock, as this was a complete U-turn from her attitude since these two recent years, it's like she had returned back to that Xiao Yu from young.

What was she exactly planning.....can it be.....wanting to lower my guard, before imprisoning me once again?

As expected of my meimei, what deep motives she had! This then fitted the impression of her within my mind, and of course, it's also plausible that I've misunderstood about her, but that possibility was too small, extremely small to the extent that my brain automatically filtered it off.

Stubbornness, obsession, pridefulness, boastful, bold; these words were fitting of what I had of Xiao Yu in my impression, and as for being gentle.....she had never been before, and I've never felt it too, even when we were young, she also spoiled herself cutely towards me one-sidedly as well.

"Zhang Jian, what's the matter, why are you looking at your phone in a trance?"

The Prez's sound woke me from my dazed thoughts.

"It's nothing, I've only suddenly realized that this stabbing may not be in vain after all, if Xiao Yu was to really learn from this and be mature, I won't have any grudges even if I was to be stabbed a few more times."

"I really didn't see it in you, that you're a good brother that looks out for his sister's well being."

"What happened to Xiao Yu today, had also my faults into it from the very beginning....last time I dared not rebel against her, or even run away from her, as I wanted to atone my sins towards her."

"Oh? What did you do last time? You can't have done that towards your own sister, could you? Did you take the necessary safety precautions, and if you did then it's alright! If you didn't, then which hospital did your sister went to, and how did the surgery went on afterwards, was there any after-effects?"


The series of questions by Prez made me completely speechless, do I really looked to be that sort of person!

"Don't even think about it, you in all of our hearts looked to be that kind of person!"

"Prez......was there anything written on my face at all, or you knew how to read minds?"

What I'm thinking in my head was actually being correctly said out by Prez, her interpretation skills is really impressive.

"So the events this time is considered to have a happy end, and how are you going to thank us for that, Zhang Jian?"

"Prez, you can request anything from me just once, as long as it's something that I can do!"

Her help towards me was extremely tremendous, and it's plausible to say that without Prez's help at all, right now I would still be digging the basement wall still, and it's possible that Xiao Yu would have discovered my escape and imprisoning me to somewhere else too.

"Ya~ho, Zhang Jian you've awakened, comecomecome, it's a perfect opportunity to have a taste of my Tenth-Perfection Remedy Soup!"

The doors of the hospital room was being kicked open by Amelia, and her hands carried a double-layered lunchbox as she walked in; right behind her, Wang Yi and the rest were present as well.

"Librarian Keeper, why had you awakened already! Me and Jiang Tian were originally planning to help you wash your body once again too."

"Get lost!"

Luckily I've awakened already, and my flower had already firmly resoluted on never to be given away forever, so no one shall ever had that mindset of taking it!

"Don't say it like that alright~ we at least came together to save you too......."

"Wang Yi, when I'm fully recovered you'll wait and see that I won't beat you up to death, I'll even call in my meimei along to beat you up together, both siblings beating you up at once, I'll see by then whether you'll be terrified or not!"

Seemingly recalling the horrifying terror of Xiao Yu, Wang Yi's face immediately turned rather ugly.

"H, Hero sir, please spare me, the small scrawny me deserved to die....please sir, you're kind and magnanimous, so please spare this scrawny being's tiny pitiful life......."

Seeing that how Wang Yi repeatedly remonstrating himself in fright, I've decided to forgive him this once.....although to be honest, I really wanted to beat up him to a pulp, just for him having the idea of me crossdressing and about my flower......

"Jian ge, wasn't your sister a little too terrifying already, I really suspect whether she had any common sense in her at all."

"About this...common sense she indeed have, but she only never used it......"

I had no idea on what happened to Xiao Ling, looks like Xiao Ling had a deep grudge against her as well.

"Zhang Jian, when do we go back, let me remind you, Su Hua's midterm exams and final exams were just only a month's gap away from each other~"

"Why didn't you say that earlier!"

The it already time for that? Carefully thinking about it, it's roughly should be like that as well, since this month had already nearly gone past halfway, and after the finals, it's the summer holidays.

"Oh right, Prez, during the summer holidays how about we go to Li Hua Island once again for a vacation?"

"Hun hun hun~ I have an even better place for a vacation, let's go overseas!"

Overseas huh.....just thinking about it made me excited, I've always wanted to go overseas just once for a vacation trip.

"To which country?"



This destination nearly made me puke out a mouthful of blood, we're living so nicely right now so why go there out of a sudden......

"Can you tell me why we're going there?"

"To fight in a war of course! Summer means that we should spend our time bathed in blood and boiling about in the depths of fiery pits, isn't it?"

"Enjoy your time there, guys.......I'll just stay within the country and rest......."

"Hahaha, I'm just kidding, what's fun with just playing around, we must go and look for some even more exciting things to do; we could go to Egypt and traverse past the sandy desert, embark into unexplored pyramids, and also go to the Bermuda Triangle as well, or maybe to the wild savanna plains of Africa to enjoy the wildlife, or perhaps the original rainforests of the Amazon, if not then we'll go climb Mount Everest, and the North & South poles are within my considerations as well."

As for all of the amazingly wide trip-plans by Prez, all of them were places that people could easily lose their lives off, I dared not go these.......

"If you had the ability then lets just have a vacation at the earth's core!"

I replied to her in a forsaken manner, as I planned to continue sleeping for a little while more, right now my condition still wasn't that good yet.

"Sigh......since Zhang Jian had said it up to this already, then I'll immediately ask my men to gather up the entire's company's resources, to utilize chromium to make a drill-head!"

"Don't-don't-don't! I'm just joking with it.....if you really wanted to go then go by yourself, don't drag us along with it!"

Sometimes Prez could be really crazy in certain areas as well.......

"Hahaha, so now are you excited for the summer holidays yet? If you're excited then hurry up and get well asap!"


My injury wasn't to be that severe too, this was all due to my usual habit, I love to carry around some collections along with me in my clothes, and luckily at that time there's a rather thick collection book being placed at my waist, if not my kidney would most definitely be doomed already.

"About your wound, the doctor had said already, there wasn't any major problems at all, and what's left is to slowly recuperate, you'll be able to be discharged tomorrow.

"Is you've reminded me, I'm starting to feel a little hungry already, Amelia, bring over that what remedy something soup for me to drink....."

"Here, drink slowly, it's all remedic herbal medicine!" 

I opened the golden lunchbox casing, and a strong stench of........strange smell wafted out from the lunchbox.

I carefully observed the inner contents, those ingredients that I recognize include Lingzhi mushroom, ginseng, cordyceps, abalone, shark fin, bird's nest, and even deer antlers whatnot.......there's even more stuffs around that I don't recognize, and there's even some pills floating atop of the soup, it's probably some vitamins or calcium related stuffs; drinking this soup like this.......won't kill me afterwards right?

"A, Amelia.....this soup...I...I don't feel like drinking it right now....."

The soup's color is murkish black, it's definitely poisonous!

"I've re-heated up this soup about four times already, the previous times you didn't wake up as well, so taste it right now!"

"Umm....I don't have any appetite currently, I'll drink it at night...."

"What do you mean by drinking it at night, so you're looking down onto the Tenth-Perfection Remedy Soup that I've so painstakingly made for you huh......I'm really heartbroken, Zhang Jian!"

" meaning is, I'm not hungry right now, so just place the soup here, I'll drink it by myself when I'm hungry later......"

I'll find a time later to pour it off, although it's quite wasteful, but it's better than losing away my life.

"Zhang Jian....don't worry....where do you think we are right now? The hospital! If there's something wrong then we can immediately save you, and the surgery room's still empty too....."

"Don't....I still want to live for a few more years....mmmh.....guu luu...uuuu.....noo....."

Amelia wrenched open my mouth, and directly poured the soup right into my throat; same goes for the last time I was hospitalized, the boiling hot porridge was being force-fed by Amelia too...I've decided next time even if it's to kill me never to let Amelia once again to feed me.........

(TL: TsunAmederelia~)

This soup's tasted like it had came from the pits of hell, fishy-taste, bitter, don't even mention about sour yet, it's also extremely spicy! All sorts of puckery-sort of flavors and raunchy stenches were jumbled up within, and my life probably had come to an end by now.

"Mm......what's the matter......I haven't died yet......."

After lying on the bed for half an hour plus after drinking the soup, I waited for death's arrival, but not a bit least of discomfort had came upon me, and I felt that my body had somehow unlimitless energy bounding inside me, and I really felt like wanting to explode it all out.

"It's a miracle!"

With a somersault I flipped out of bed; the soup that Amelia nonsensically made actually had such kind of effects, I'll need to learn how to brew this from her, although it's indeed extremely disgusting, but this kind of effects is exactly like a miraculous healing potion.

"Amelia, what's inside the ingredients inside this soup! Tell me!"

"This was made by me and Xiao Ling, I can tell you the ingredients within, but as for the pharmaceutical chemicals added in behind you'll have to ask Xiao Ling herself."

Pharmaceutical........chemicals? What kind of horrifying stuff that I've just exactly drank!

"Is, is that so....then let's just leave it like that."

I won't die just from drinking it once only, right.........but, I think I'll still need to arrange a couple of time for a full body checkup.

"Mm.....Zhang Jian, you've awakened, it's great seeing you being so energetic....."

The somersaulting action I did woke up M Qing Xue, after she awakened she gave off a bristling yawn, and rubbed her still sleepy-looking eyes, which made me feel rather heartwrenched to look at, she must've not been sleeping well since.

"Just sleep for a little while more, I suddenly remembered that I had to go settle a bit of something."

"What things?"

"It's of course to punish my naughty meimei, that brat, after stabbing me once how could I just let her off that easily, I won't let it go unless she properly apologizes to me!"

The me last time would had wanted to distance away from Xiao Yu as far as possible, hence I've never ever observed about her feelings before, being imprisoned by her...and being saved by Ma Qing Xue and the rest thereafter, in the abandoned factory her changing into that state yet I still didn't realize about it, until.......I've been stabbed by her.

In her eyes, although it was hollowed, dispirited, and looked to be unfeeling at all, but in reality she's trying her utmost to hide a certain something, to hide a side of her that she's most unwilling to reveal to me.

She's afraid.....ever since after she had turned into that state from two years ago, she had always been afraid, and I'm not sure what's she exactly afraid about, but her at that moment....only had me to depend on, and my lao bà was busy with his work, often not being able to be at home as well, and my lao mà also went away often for work too, with the result of the family just seeing each other a couple of times in a month.

However, the me that time expressed out a strange sort of aloof and cold's a coincidence when you speak about it, at that time it's just nice that I've discovered that about my relationship being too close with meimei, and I was thinking in my heart not to allow it to deepen any further, and I must be harsher a little, and so I disallowed Xiao Yu from spoiling cutely to me, disallowing her to slack off, and even........disallowing her to ask me for help.

It's possible that I've rooted a strict brotherly impression into my meimei's heart, but it had also caused my meimei to be like this in her current state.

That words of hers, if I think about it carefully......I suddenly laughed towards myself mockingly.

"Hurry up and turn back into that gege from before......."

She wasn't referring to the period of me obeying her every whim, but was about the time when I was younger, and had always cared about her endearingly.

Why did I just realize it about right now!

Xiao Yu, she's just a person who wanted to have someone care about her only....and her who didn't receive any such affection by anyone at all....chose such a path ultimately.

"Well then, was I the one who's in the wrong.......or was it her?"

-ch 62 end-

(3211 words to tl)

Tenth-Perfection Remedy Soup = I've decided to name it as such because it hints of the ten top-quality ingredients used in broiling this soup to make it "perfect".......

gege = "elder brother"

meimei = "younger sister"

Librarian Keeper = Zhang Jian's nickname because he had a library of.......certain collection

flower = snark reference to an*l, because a chrysanthemum flower looked like the an*l~!

Li Hua Island = Sun Li Hua's (Prez) private island, see vol 1 Ye Zi arc for more backstory.

lao bà/ mà = informal way of saying 'father/ mother'. translates to 'old man(dad)' or 'old woman(mom)'


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    1. Love Dependency. She's obviously Dependent on him for his love toward her so it's still LDD.
      Though, LDD is more like just a made up word for Yandere so As Long As any girl in this novel has Yandere disease then you can think of them as LDD.

    2. You're right, thanks for clarifying.

      Even though, I'm still not convinced that Zhang Yu is affected by her brother's weird condition which made her go boom and instead from a different source or event.

  2. Looks like it is shaping up to yet another bro-con who isn't actually in love, just afraid of someone taking her brother away. I'd rather not have the sister character at all than that kind of cheap write off.

    Regardless, thanks for the chapter.


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