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Love Dependency Disease v1c23


In this chapter lie snark puns within
So to allow you to see the joke therein

I deliberately left them as it's in,
And underlined certain portions to be seen.

I commented the context below them too,
to let you understand what the idioms do!

Enjoy! 😆 

(P/N: to fully appreciate the jokes in this chapt, it is recommended tt you read side story 1 beforehand)

Volume 1, Chapter 23: The gathering of the veterans

TL: flarewk

"That was just an accident...."

"Acci ~ dent?"

"That's right, it's just an event hosted by the theme park only...."

"You today went to the theme park with Ma jiejie?"

"Mm.....I promised her before, that I'll accompany her for 1 day....."

"Suuree, is it~ is it~ Jian ge when are you free to accompany me for 1 day too~?"

" week, alright?"

"Tomorrow! Tomorrow is a Sunday, so you won't have anything on, right!"

"But I want to rest at home for a day...."

"You think that's possible~?"

Xiao Ling's taser approached my body closer a little.

"Xiao Ling.....that object is rather dangerous, could you place it slightly further away?"

"Relax~, it won't hurt at all~, it only might affect your brain to make Jian ge become an idiot only~"

Become an idiot..........only?

"Xiao Ling, I didn't do anything to you at all, right....why must you treat me like this....."

"There's no why at all, I just want to treat Jian ge like this, I can't?"

"What have I done in the first place!"

"Jian ge, I said already, only tomorrow! You'll see how it goes by yourself!"

"Xiao Ling, I beg you, next week alright, actually tomorrow I have an extremely important event!"

"Looks like, you seemed to be saying the your not going to compensate me then?"

Xiao Ling stared fixedly into my eyes for a moment, but I indeed have a few matters to settle tomorrow, and that to me, is an extremely important once-in-a-year thing.

"Sure....tomorrow when I return I'll get something delicious for you, or something fun for you to play...."

"I don't want those kinds of compensation!"

She flipped the album, and turned it all the way until the page where it had the photo of Ma Qing Xue kissing my forehead.

"I want this too!"

She pointed to her own forehead, as she used her hands to move her bangs to the side a little.

"It's not such a good idea, right....."

"A little girl like me is not even embarrassed at all, yet a fully grown man like you kept stuttering about it, are you really a man, Jian ge!"

I've been looked down on...

Been looked down on by a loli....

Been looked down on by a loli on issues regarding boy-girl relationships.......

My old veteran's soul seemed to be roaring out in ferocious anger.....

I'm a little angry already!

"Then let me show you my manly spirit then!"

I exerted out my entire's body strength to overcome the numbness onto my body, and thereafter pounced Xiao Ling onto the ground.

"Humph, just kissing the forehead? That's such a bore!"

"If we were to do it, then let's do something more stimulating!"

I inched my hands towards her waist and gently pinched it.

"You, dare?"

For sake of regaining back my pride, I've automatically changed to Human Trash mode, the title of being one of Su Hua's Five Human Trashes is not to be taken lightly!

"Jian ge, what your doing right now is not about showing me your manly spirit already, alright~? Of course, if your that forceful then to be frank I won't dislike it that much either, but do you really dare to continue on like this?"

Answering my following actions, Xiao Ling pulled up her upper shirt a little, and pulled down her shorts a little.

(TL: yeah i think author did a typo, earlier chapt he placed short pants)

Right now, I'm able to see strawberries already....

Why is it still a strawberry? Can't you just change to a different pattern?

And of course, I'm a person with a perverted mind but not the perverted courage.

"Being a knight, I will never ever harm Xiao Ling!"

I picked up the taser which fallen not far from Xiao Ling's side, attempting to taze it onto myself.

"Remember to wake me up early tomorrow morning!"

I slightly adjusted the effectiveness higher than earlier, and the moment the taser made contact with my body, my consciousness immediately faded.

When I woke up the next day. it's already alarmingly noon, and being shone awake by the hot sun I felt my throat being rather thirsty blisteringly.

I'm currently lying onto my house' bed, but Xiao Ling is definitely unable to lift me, so how did I manage to return home.....

In my confusion I recalled that previous scene when Xiao Ling made a phone call that summoned many guys in black suits, so I've became rather enlightened on the subject.

(TL: uhhhh, you didn't for once consider why is your throat being that thirsty? 😏 )

Luckily, I woke up when it's just noon, and since that once-in-a-year event is hosted during afternoon, if I leave now then it should be just perfect.

I changed to a long black jacket that doesn't fit in the hot summer season at all, a cap, and a pair of black sunglasses, before going to my book collection to search for a couple of books to store it into an nontransparent bag and leaving the house thereafter.

Today, is the once-only gathering of the old veterans; a day where everyone gathers together and trades their resources with one another.

(TL: so, in summary he gave up on a date with a loli just to trade XXX with other people. -claps hands slowly-)

Taking the public transport, I eventually reached an extremely far street from the outskirts of my city; there should be a pub near here.

That's the location of the trading area.

"Apologies, visitor, but the pub only opens after 7 PM at night."

A teenage youth blocked me at the door entrance, but this is within my expectations.

"I heard that there's an ongoing exchange here?"

"There's indeed an ongoing exchange."

He stared at me, as his mouth curled up into a smile; looks like it's time to complement our code-words.

"Luó lì qī wǒ lǎo wú?"

(TL: Lolis take advantage of the unretaliating me, and bullies on mer-ciless-ly?)

"Qiáng xíng hé wǒ lái jiāo!"

(TL: So come on then, for-ce-fu-lly, and make an agreement then with me!)

"Tiān hēi lù huá wān dào ?"

(TL: Dark sky, slippery roads and curved paths thee?)
"Bùpà wǒ shì lǎo sī !"
(TL: No fear, for I'm an old veteran, see!)

"Dài biǎo yuè liàng?"

(TL: Represents the moon?)

"Xiāo ! Miè ! !"

(TL: Destroys you!)

(TL: last two code-lines is in snark reference to lyrics of the famous chinese love song 月亮代表我的心 )

"Welcome, comrade, I am the God of Day Races."

"Nice to meet you, I am the Librarian Keeper."

"So you're the Forbidden Books Lord, I've long heard of your respectful name, it's such a coincidence that you're here; Lord of Drifting is also inside too, although there's only 6 people including you from the 12 legendary veterans present today, but since the very first Duo Emperors are already present, it looks like this will be an interesting exchange today."

Outsiders only know me as "The Forbidden Librarian Keeper" or "Holy Light Propagator" or "Wise Sage's Enlightenment", but among the old veterans they loved to call me as "Forbidden books lord", this is really.....

Too shameful already!!!

"Cough, cough, then I'll go in first."

Entering the pub, it's pitch black inside. There's only a few dim white lights being lit on from above.

Randomly selecting a spot to sit down, after waiting for roughly half an hour more the God of Day Races then entered as well, as he casually locked the pub's entrance door.

He gave me an eye expression, indicating me to sit at the most frontal position, and at the most frontal seats there had four other people as well.

(TL: anyone getting that OPM meeting room of the top 10 S ranks vibe?)

In the end, God of Day Racing including that four people and me, we sat all along the same row.

"Welcome fellow comrades, into participating the gathering this time. Firstly, let me do a self introduction, I am the God of Day Racing, to my left here is the Aged Scholar, and besides him is The Nude Demon, and the one at the most right is Lucifer's Commandments."

"As for the two in the most middle here, that's right, they are indeed the very first Duo Emperors, Lord of Drifting and Forbidden Book Lord!"

As I and the other 12 legendary veterans had never met each other before, today would be the very first time we've met then.

"Zhang Jian, helloo~ I'm the Lord of Drifting~"

The Lord of Drifting who was sitting besides me took off the black sunglasses, and it revealed a beautiful oriental facial features.

"Amelia....? You're the Lord of Drifting!!!"

"Thaaat's right~ what's the matter, who says a girl can't be drivers as well?"

"I have nothing to say....."

Among the surrounding veterans, only a small portion became rather surprised; looks like she should be attending such gatherings often, as most of the people recognized her.

Actually this was but my first time attending such gatherings as well, which is one of the reasons why I came to this city in the first place.

"Well then, let's begin the exchange!"

After God of Day Races had spoken, everyone started to be busied already.

"I want dark loli genres type of resources! Anyone have?"

This was my request, don't ask me why I wanted this kind of genres, as right now I have an unfettering resentment towards lolis!"

"Take a look if this book suits your needed requirements?"

"Still passable, but this can't be worth to be traded for even my most lowest-quality of books from my collection, trade-in another extra three books, and I might consider about it."

"Sure, I'll give you 8 books in all, for 2 books of yours, how about it?"


A normal driver quickly completed his one-time exchange with me.

"Forbidden Book Lord, it's just nice that I had a book like that over here, take a look."

God of Day Racing passed a book over to me, and as I flipped through it, as expected of one of the 12 legendary veterans, the quality difference compared from earlier is conceivably not the same.

"Very good, what kind of genres do you like?"

"I want elder sister kinds!"

"I don't have....take this book and find Aged Scholar to trade for what you need, he should be agreeable to it."

Once again I had a satisfying exchange deal with the God of Day Racing.

"Zhang Jian, although I don't know what had stimulated you, but here~, this book's for you, soo thiiiiink about what you're going to give me now~?"

Amelia passed me a book that seemed extremely impressive, and just based on my knowledgeable eye I managed to glean through the whereabouts of this book's origin.

This is a book that's considered rather heavy even in the massive library of dark lolis genres, which suited my current needs.

"Speak your request."

"Do you have any crossdressing genre kinds of books?"

"Oh? Didn't know that you're into this type of things...."

"Hehee.....since crossdressers are very cuute~, and I looove cute things the most already, but since I'll need to marry eventually one day, it's to be expected that crossdressers are to be the one for me!! By the way the Crossdressing King from Experimental High School is really great!"

"Alsooo, alsoooo, I hear that our Su Hua sent out an extremely beautiful crossdresser which led to our victory~"

"Who did you heard it from, you can't believe rumors like these!"

Looks like I'll need to be careful in the future, I can't let the fact that it was me who crossdressed to be found out by Amelia.

"Take these two books and find Lucifer's Commandments, he will trade you what that your looking for."

"Sankyuu~"         (informal)

And such happy moments will always pass by in a blink of an eye, with the one-time exchange gathering ending just like that.

I had traded my entire collection I've brought along today into dark loli genre resources, it's indeed a really rewarding trip.

And when I've returned home, I can depend on my new collection to help ease my resentment I had against a certain loli!

-ch 23 end-

(2677 words to tl)   (But my brain died aft this chapter... so I'll tl just 1 more chapt for today)

Vehicle related-puns = It all refers to the joke about old veterans. See glossary.

Vehicle-naming terminology = see side story 1 for the back story.

-jiejie = an appendix placed behind a name. The word means 'elder sister'

-ge = an cute, short form of an appendix placed behind a name. The word means "elder brother"

loli = a small young girl referred to in a slightly R18 way.

old veteran = this refers to the term car driver. It's a pun, and basically what a car driver does (think uber) is that they ferry passengers around to their destinations, correct? But in this case, they ferry p*rn around to their passengers. Old is used for the more experienced ones who had done it for quite some time already. All forms of vehicle related puns will be related to car drivers in a sense.

human trash = a despicable, dirty scum in this context

Su Hua's Five Human Trashes = 5 titles given to 5 of the worst human trash in the school

resources = a discreet reference to  XXX materials

Crossdressing king = A guy from Experimental High School. He competed against Zj in the sports meet arc.


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