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Love Dependency Disease v1c15

TL: this chapter took me quite a while to explain the various puns and all, but it's so funny that I found it worthwhile in the end. Enjoy!

P/N: I received mails saying that my translation is rather shitty, well, my response is: idgaf, hell, you're reading a free transl by me daily, one chapt like this takes at the very least 3hours, if you're not happy then just go read this series somewhere else, or even use mtl to read it if you want. Don't use the logic of me occupying this series to cockblock other good translators; no one else translated this series in the very first place, and probably would have never touched this at all for eternity, and I've deliberately picked this up from numero uno.

Of course, I admit that there is improvement for my grammar or sentence restructuring, and that will be slowly improved over time as I continue to tl more, but try not to purposely shoot me down as if I had translated this like pure garbage, okay?

-rant over-

Volume 1, Chapter 15: Assault of the Four Dirty Kings

TL: flarewk

The difference between long distance and short distance running is that, for long distance you would require a certain amount of stamina, usually a person would lose the race if he runs too quickly from the start; but the Master of Stalkers and one of the Four Dirty Kings from Experimental High School seemed to have ignored that fact, for the total of a 5000 meters run, they have already completed 1/3 of the laps required, yet their breath remained normal and smooth, while most other students were already panting heavily.

"For the sake of collecting information about girls, Master of Stalkers is able to follow public buses, rental cars, and even light rail trains without losing sight of them; and as for Stamina King, one of the Four Dirty Kings from Experimental High, legend says that when he mast**bates, he is able to do it nonstop for an entire day and night!"

"That powerful? What scary stamina they had!"

Me and Wang Yi continued to observe the situation on the stadium tracks; and as of right now, Master of Stalkers seemed to be leading the race.

But after the second half, during the last 1/3 of the race, Master of Stalkers is overtaken by Stamina King.

As expected of the title of the Stamina King, even his explosive power is so lasting, if this goes on then even Master of Stalkers will lose the race.

Although Master of Stalkers is a little chubby, but his movements are still rather agile, I noticed that he have both of his hands inside his shorts pockets, and kept moving rapidly up and downwards.

"Librarian Keeper, what's Master of Stalkers doing?"

Wang Yi curiously asked me, and after a moment of analysis, I had to be impressed with Master of Stalkers.

He was actually mast**bating while he was running at the stadium tracks!

"Mast**bating.... I've got it! It's adrenaline! When someone mast**bates, the human body will release a huge amount of adrenaline, and the effects of adrenaline include slowing down fatigue and providing boundless amount of physical energy! It's also known as being a form of natural glucose, or even natural stimulants!"

As expected, after mast**bating, Master of Stalkers once again caught up to the pace of Stamina King, but Stamina King actually turned around towards Master of Stalkers and sneered at him, and at this moment, I then clearly saw that Stamina King's right hand had always been in his shorts pockets all along from the start!

What scary prowess! He had been mast**bating all along from the start!

Master of Stalkers then looked at Stamina King with a look of hopelessness, and he turned around to face me with an apologetic smile.

He knew that he had already lost, even if he had obtained second place it's still a loss overall.

"Librarian Keeper..... I....... failed you!"

After the first sports event had ended, Master of Stalkers vexedly sat onto the stadium grounds, paralyzed. Although we didn't had any kind of conversation before, but for my sake he had diligently spent his utmost effort onto this race. This is a man that really deserves my highest respect!

"It's fine, you have already did your best, we'll help you to get our revenge back!"

I held in the rage boiling within me, and swept my gaze over to the Four Dirty Kings. We have already been targeted by them, as no matter what sport events we were participating on, one of the Four Dirty Kings would definitely be in it too.

"The Forbidden Librarian Keeper, did you know? It's a well known fact that there were five people within the Four Dirty Kings!

Stamina King came over to pat my shoulders as he gave an extremely irritable laugh, even up to now, his right hand still haven't left his shorts pockets.

Second sports event, one hundred meters short distance run.

This is the sports event between Wang Yi and one of the Four Dirty Kings, who is named as Three Second King.

(TL: I think i'm too corrupted, the moment i saw 'three second king' i laughed nonstop.....)

"Demon Skirt Flipper, I'd admit that I'm not as good as you, but right now this race it's to our advantage; you're doomed to lose!"

As the referee is about to give the signal to start, Three Second King looked to the participant right besides of Wang Yi and gave him an eye gesture, that was one of Su Hua's students, but they still nodded their heads.... as expected, there's spies within Su Hua!

"Humph, a mere despicable small ploy, how it can ever outwit true abilities? As the wind breezes along flipped skirts, it always accompanies by my side!"

Wang Yi snorted a disdain laugh, and suddenly a strong gust of wild appeared like magic, the strength of it blowing almost made everyone present unable to open their eyes, and at the moment the referee blew the whistle, Wang Yi shot forward instanteously.

His footsteps looked like they were being possessed by ghosts, if there is really a phrase to describe what it exactly is, it would be like those chinese novels' brotherhood stories Qing Gong!

Although everyone else may not notice this, but my experienced old veteran's eye very clearly caught sight of his movements; his legs totally wasn't in contact with the floor at all, he wholly depended on the wind to propel himself forward.

Under the massive shock of the audiences, Wang Yi obtained first place, aiding Su Hua to retrieve back a round.

As the following sport events didn't have neither the Five Human Trashes nor the Four Dirty Kings participating, the situation worked out as what we had predicted it to be, being Experimental High School winning the first few sports events, while the other half is all won by Su Hua's.

Time for high jumps, this is the sports event of Anal Calamity and Bent King.

Just from their titles alone, their interests should be in the same direction.

I didn't particularly like to hang around with these kinds of people......

"Anal Calamity, We have already fought each other before, even before my presence you're just pawn about to be defeated!"

Bent King laughed confidently; and as for Jiang Tian, his physical condition didn't look too good.

"Librarian Keeper.... I'm sorry, please forgive me, after the sports meet you're free to pluck my flower anytime!"

(TL: flower in this context refers "an*l" because it looked like a chrysanthemum flower)
The race haven't even begun, yet he made an apology towards me. I have to say that I have totally zero interest in flowers.

"Jiang Tian, the Librarian Keeper just said that if you won this sports event, then his flower would be yours!"

This bastard Wang Yi, he seized the window opportunity when I wasn't paying attention and yelled out loudly towards Jiang Tian, can't you just behave and go flip up some girls skirts?

"I will do my best!"

Jiang Tian seemed to have recovered a little of his fighting spirit, but looking at the present situation, I didn't really expect too much from the results of this sports event match-up.

And reality is just as what I've expected, Jiang Tian can't compete against Bent King.
The pole's height had already been increased to 1.6 meters, and Bent King had just barely made it in his last attempt among the three given attempts, while Jiang Tian faced the same problem as well: if he fails to vault across, then it's Bent King's victory.

I secretly approached the cushioning area, and slightly revealed my flower towards Jiang Tian, of course, it's covered by my shorts.

After he had looked at my flower, a glint of sparkle appeared in his eyes; the 1.4 meters pole height he had just barely made it earlier, so the 1.6 meters challenge now would undoubtedly be a huge challenge to him now.


He vaulted over, but his waist slightly scratched over the pole, and the pole shook around due to the vibration, and eventually fell off.

As expected, we've lost another round.

It's the end of the all the singles sports event.

Su Hua and Experimental High's score ratio is now 120:180.

We've lost too much on the front three winning places already, and even if we somehow managed to get the remaining fourth to tenth winning places there's still a huge gap between our scores.

What's remaining is the team competition.

Team competitions, the score ratio is much higher than the singles, so whether it'll be our win or loss it all depends onto the team sports event.

As soccer, basketball and badminton sport events are being held at the same time, I couldn't personally watch Master of Stalkers and Wang Yi's performance, so I went up towards the competition grounds, as this is my participating event.

Competing against Aihua Amelia is the opposing's Crossdressing King, in order words, the mysterious fifth Dirty King should be competing against me.

The batminton competition, is set as a doubles battle, both sides can even compete among the school themselves for a ferocious finish-to-the-line finals, but no matter what, for all team competitions, there are only first place, never a second. The Student Council President had already talked with the rest of Su Hua's student participants, if there is an encounter of battle between their schoolmates, the weaker ones must immediately forfeit the match, allowing the more stronger ones to win by default, and as for me, I'm stationed as the first in the ladder to compete.

As long as it's any participants from Su Hua, the moment they seen my competing they would straightaway forfeit the match.

And as for the opposing side, they probably would have been using the same tactic as well.

The countdown to the start of the competition still had 10 more minutes, and within this 10 minutes, according to the rules I must pick another partner for the match, but from what I know, the Prez had already arranged one rather skilled partner for me long ago, so I just rested in this waiting area for the 10 minutes.

The competition had begun, as I changed into the sports attire that the school had prepared beforehand, I walked into the competition grounds.

The opposing team looked to be from Experimental High, looks like for my first match I mustn't slack about already.

"Zhang....Zhang Jian, looks like I'm your partner, let's win this event together!"

And my partner is actually Ma Qing Xue, this is considered way beyond my expectations already.

In my mind, she's a girl who is rather conservative, while the most of the girls in the school had already switched to wearing skirts for the summer season, only she remained wearing long pants. Su Hua's specially designed female sports attire is combination of an extremely short mini pants plus tightly fitting sports tanks; if her hands moved slightly upwards even for just a little, many things that weren't supposed to be seen could be revealed in a glance.

Sports attire clothes designer, you've done a great job, I'll need to give you a like for this!

The first match, my luck is considered to be rather bad, for the opposing team is one of the more elite skillful teams of Experimental High School; I don't believe that this match-up is by random draw chance at all, there must be some sort of dirty agreement in this!

Luckily my technique weren't that bad, plus aided with Ma Qing Xue's who can be said to be as a made-in-heaven perfect assisting partner, we've managed to stably compete in the match. Ma Qing Xue is always able to predict my mistakes made, and it looks like her concentration wasn't even on the opposing team at all, but all onto me instead.

The first match, me and Ma Qing Xue's 10:0 score firmly oppressed over the other team.

The first to get 10 points win the match, this is the rules of batminton.

The next few matches afterwards we successfully rose in our ranks, all the way till our final match.

The Prez brought me the other team's information.

The fifth person from the opposing Four Dirty Kings, will be in the next match-up against me.

He is being known in Experimental High School as the Veteran King; looks like I've finally met my match.

"The badminton finals, begin!"

The referee blew the whistle signalling to serve. This match would be the opposing team who starts the serve, but the Veteran King didn't serve, instead, he walked towards me with a smiling expression that could have annoyed the heck out of anyone who saw it.

"Is your honor [The Forbidden Librarian Keeper]?"

"That's right!"

"I've long heard of your respectful name, and upon seeing you today you're indeed like a dragon among humans, but your honor being a driver as well, why do you come to our Experimental High School to drive?"

"A driver who drives, is there a necessary reason for it?"

"There may be a reason for it, but I being fellow drivers as well, when you drive passengers you must charge them fares, it's a natural law of order! Why do you not charge these fares?"

(TL: he's referring to why he distributed all those p*rn around in his school for free)

"Being a driver, we should provide resources for free without benefits in order to educate masses of people, but you've started charging people instead, what you're doing is nothing more than committing a crime!"

"When you owe a debt, you pay money to clear it up; when you kill someone, you give up your life in exchange, I gave them resources and start collecting some interest in exchange is part of the natural law and order, but you, giving away free resources not only destroys my plan, you've ignored the heavens to establish a new order as well. There's an ancient proverb, those who know the current tides of events and correctly switches as such will always be victors; if you transfer into Experimental High School, I'll share my resources with you. Utilizing my channels, along with your resources, you won't lose out on your legendary school title, resulting in a perfect balance between both sides, is it not a wonderful decision?"

He actually planned to persuade me to betray my side; just as expected of one of Experimental High School's Four Dirty Kings.

But how could I just follow him and just betray everyone just like that?

-ch 15 end-

(3005 words to tl)


Five Human Trashes = titles given to five people in Su Hua, they are known respectively as Master of Stalkers, Anal Calamity, Men Huntress, The Forbidden Librarian Keeper and Demon Skirt Flipper

Four Dirty Kings = titles given to five people in Experimental High. Apparently devious and cunning, they are known respectively as Stamina King, Three Second King, Crossdressing king, Veteran King.

Three Second King = a pun for ''quick shooter''. Him participating in a short distance run race is really a match-up for his abilities.

Qing Gong = well known from chinese novels brotherhood stories or any form of xianxia/ cultivation troupe, this is a must-known skill to master, as it literally translates to "being-light-on-feet" , and it allows apparent flight, quick speed movements, and many other unhuman acts.

Bent King = bent here is a pun on twisted normal love, if it's a normal guy : gay; if it's a normal girl : lesbian. Bent can also mean flexible, which also explains why he is so good at high jumping

Jiang Tian = Also known as Anal Calamity, this guy, as you would have guessed from his title, is a handsome gay male student from Su Hua. His chinese name, Jiang Tian, is 姜天, even the characters looked to be feminish (gay).

Dragon among humans = it's an idiom. Used to describe tt this person is so exceptionally fantastic that among all the humans around him, he's like a godlike powerful dragon.

driver = a person who guides newcomers or people who wasn't as good as him, around the world of porn. All vehicles related jokes will be pointed to this term here.


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