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Ch 8(new) - What is a Yandere?

Chapter 8(new)

TL: flarewk

Asaka nee-chan sat on the floor of the door entrance, her head lowered as she pretended to count her fingers: "That kind oji-san said that I'm your girlfriend...but if you say that we're siblings, he would feel awkward, and when he feel awkward he'll go home and tell his wife about this, and when his wife knows about this she'll say that he's dumb, and after saying that he's dumb they'll argue with each other, and after arguing with each other.........."

I hastily stopped Asaka nee-chan: "Stop-stop-stop I got it, enough with that Asaka nee-chan..........."

(Although I'm really perplexed on Asaka nee-chan not going to school but hanging out with Suzuki instead, I dared not ask her, as if I was to ask it right now, Asaka nee-chan would probably fall into depression from what happened.)

Asaka nee-chan used her fingers and pointed towards her shoes: "Hiroto, help me take off my shoes."

"All right, wuuaaa.......why did you kiss my forehead, I'm also not a kid anymore........."

Seizing the moment that I was taking off her shoes, Asaka nee-chan actually quickly planted a kiss on my forehead when I wasn't paying enough attention.

"Hiroto, hurry up and carry me to the living room~!"

I wiped my forehead and speechlessly looked at Asaka nee-chan who was laughing foolishly, and after taking out my shoes as well, I carefully placed Asaka nee-chan onto the sofa of the living room. Seeing her drawing in deep painful breaths made my heart ache a little.

I looked at Asaka nee-chan and gingerly probed her: "Why not..........I'll help Asaka nee-chan to massage your ankle?"

Asaka nee-chan who was sitting on the sofa suddenly became extremely excited: "Suresuresure, but wouldn't it trouble Hiroto?"

"Why would it trouble me? Usually tou and kaa san were busy working outside, and it's always been Asaka nee-chan who took care of me, and right now since Asaka nee-chan is injured, it's time for me to take care of Asaka nee-chan....was it your left foot or your right foot that got injured?"

"It's the left foot~ Hiroto's so good to me."

I sat cross-legged on the floor, and stretched my hands out to hold Asaka nee-chan's left leg; my hand had just only touched Asaka nee-chan's ankle when she suddenly "Ahh~" cried out a sound.

"Sorry, sorry, Asaka nee-chan was it that me that made you feel pain?"

I lifted up my head to look at Asaka nee-chan who was biting her lips ferociously as if she was trying to heavily endure the pain. I felt rather guilty: "Asaka nee-chan, just hold on a little while longer, I'll massage you right away."

My left hand held onto Asaka nee-chan's ankle, and my right hand squeezed her toe tip and slowly rotated; feeling Asaka nee-chan's body trembling nonstop throughout, I gradually lowered my strength to make the process even more gentle.

Feeling the warmth in my hands, the comfortable sensation of rubbing across Asaka nee-chan's socks made me a little dazed, and my vision followed up her ankle gradually onwards, her smooth bare calf, purish-white thigh, and blueish white panties........

(Wait wait wait wait.........Asaka nee-chan was wearing a skirt? Then I was princess-carrying her earlier? Wasn't she exposed throughout earlier then? But it should be fine I think, since there wasn't any guys on the street earlier, with all being obaa-sans, and this skirt looks to be quite long too..........)

The next instance I realized that I was zoned out looking at Asaka nee-chan's panties, and I blushed as my face quickly lowered downwards.

(Maybe Asaka nee-chan didn't notice that..)

I dared not lift my head up already, and just focused on massaging Asaka nee-chan's ankle, and after ten plus minutes my hands already started to tremble around with numbness. When I stopped my hand movements, Asaka nee-chan who was sitting onto the sofa suddenly came down and hugged me, with her head placed onto my shoulders and her body trembling non-stop.

"Asaka nee-chan, is your leg feeling any better now."

"It's much better already.............thanks Hiroto."

I felt that my shoulders were already soaked wet by water, and I chuckled as I patted her back and gently said: "Alright, don't cry any more, I'll help to pour some water for you to drink."

Asaka nee-chan hugged me tightly instead: "Hiroto...........I don't want to drink."

"It's alright, I'll come back quickly."

I struggled out from Asaka nee-chan's hug, and she immediately turned around with her back facing me.

(Was it because she was afraid that she might lose her nee-chan's pride when I saw her crying face? Really, ahahahaa.)

After which I went into the kitchen, and casually dabbed onto the wet area on my shoulders, and used my thumb and fingers to feel it.

(This doesn't seemed like it was tears, but could it be just my imagination?)

I opened the fridge and looked on the rack for any sort of drinks, and after shaking the empty bottle of fruit juice I murmured to myself: "So the fruit juice had finished already, I guess I'll have to go with drinking milk then."

I took out milk from the fridge and poured two cups of it, and feeling a little thirsty at the moment, I drank a mouthful of milk first, before serving two cups of milk into the living room.

I saw Asaka nee-chan who was kneeling onto the floor and shouted at her: "Asaka nee-chan, come have some milk."

The moment Asaka nee-chan saw the milk that I was carrying in my hands, her pupils slightly contracted as she said while smiling a little hesitatingly: "Hiroto, the milk in the fridge had gone bad already, it's better that we don't drink it."

"Nah it hadn't gone bad yet, I've just drank a mouthful earlier, and there wasn't any..........................."

I was saying halfway, when I felt a little giddy, and my vision blacked out as I fell heavily onto the floor.

When I woke up once again, I noticed that I was lying on my bed, and the scenery outside the windows had already gone dark. Asaka nee-chan wasn't beside me, and I rubbed my still aching head, wanting to sit in front of the computer desk to rest for a moment....but when I walked, it ended up being a little unbalanced. I finally managed to reach the computer desk in the end, except that my arms clumsily swept the penguin toy plushie onto the floor, and from beneath the toy plushie fell out an extremely strange object that was flickering red-colored lights nonstop, which made me very curious.

Closing my eyes and resting on the chair for awhile, when I felt much better I bent down to pick up the penguin toy plushie and that rather strange-looking object.

Holding onto the penguin toy plushie, I realized that after that rather strange-looking object had fell out, the exterior of the penguin toy plushie was only just a layer of skin. That rather strange-looking object kept flickering red-colored lights, and it had something that looked like a surveillance camera on top of it, but underneath it was a small screen notification, and it displayed:

[Please connect with the phone's application........]

(What does it mean?)

After I placed the penguin toy plushie and the rather strange-looking object back together, it returned back to that penguin toy plushie from before, and just by squeezing it and from the exterior appearance alone, it's practically impossible to tell that there's such a strange object inside the penguin toy plushie at all.

I then casually placed the penguin toy plushie onto the table, planning to bring it to school tomorrow, a Friday, to Yamazaki and let him see what's this exactly.

I walked out of my room and entered the living room, to notice that Asaka nee-chan was fully concentrated on looking at her phone, to the extent that she didn't even realize that I had walked out of my room.

"Asaka nee-chan, what are you doing?"

Upon seeing that it's me, Asaka nee-chan a little panickedly hid her phone behind her back.

Within my mind, a sentence I saw earlier suddenly appeared: [Please connect with the phone's application..........].

"Hiroto, I was checking on the web on why Hiroto would faint earlier only~!"

I asked with a perplexed expression: "Any results?"

Asaka nee-chan rubbed her nose as she said: "It's because Hiroto was too tired, carrying me and massaging my ankle, that's the cause of the fainting, so it'll be fine if Hiroto pay more attention to his resting."

I clutched my stomach as I told Asaka nee-chan: "Ohhhh, Asaka nee-chan, I'm a little hungry already......."

"Then I'll go make some of Hiroto's most favorite foods."

She seemed to be a little delighted as she dashed towards the kitchen.

Looking at Asaka nee-chan's figure, I asked: "Asaka nee-chan, your ankle's fine already?"

Asaka nee-chan's body convulsed, after which she turned around and spoke to me: "It's fine already~ it's all thanks to Hiroto's loving and tender treatment~~..........I'll go ahead and make some food then!"

"Asaka nee-chan seemed a little suspicious, aren't those kinds of explanations for the massaging of her ankles plus my fainting used to deceive little children?"

I sat on the sofa and glanced towards the kitchen, and noticing that nothing seemed amiss from there, I quickly flipped open Asaka nee-chan's phone.

The phone's lock screen was the photograph that me and Asaka nee-chan had taken before at the park; the me in the photograph looked to be gloomy-faced, while Asaka nee-chan held onto a bottle of mineral water and did a victory pose.

(That time it was her who snatched away my water while I was drinking and took this photograph, even saying that she wanted to commemorate this moment of victory too.)

There wasn't any password on Asaka nee-chan's phone, and my fingers just slid across the touchscreen and entered the homepage. On the homepage was a few rather normal-looking chat applications, but my eyes suddenly got attracted by an application that had no name onto it.

When I tapped and entered into the application, I realized that it displayed various spots of my home, the shower, my room and the living room.

(This is a surveillance application? How come there were surveillance devices around the house.)

Looking at the angle of the living room from the surveillance app, I slowly approached a penguin toy plushie from above the television; and as I repeatedly shook about the penguin toy plushie, the screen angle of the surveillance app also shook about as well.

(Don't tell me that this penguin toy plushie was actually a surveillance device? But then, while I was bathing wasn't it room still had 7 or 8 more of these too...........what was Asaka nee-chan planning to do in the first place!)

Seeing a recording indicated on the top right hand corner of the app, I tapped onto it, and began watching the clip starting with the first recording.

In this recording, I had just walked a few steps into the room when I immediately collapsed onto the bed, was this recording from the penguin toy plushie in front of my computer desk?

I fast-forwarded the recording, and as the time zoomed across minute by minute, roughly an hour later, a "kua dang" sound appeared from the recording, the doorknob on my room door was being violently forced open, and Asaka nee-chan's figure suddenly appeared inside the recording. She ignored the doorknob that was lying onto the floor, but walked up to in front of my bed and sat down, stroking my face gently, afterwhich she turned my head to face towards her direction. She stood up next and placed her hands on the hems of her skirt and lifted it up; from this angle of the surveillance device it's clear that the Asaka nee-chan in the recording wasn't even wearing any panties at all!


Unable to see her expression, Asaka nee-chan then kept on standing in front of my room windows, and as I watched the time went on hours by hours, all the way until the horizon outside started to reveal a little of white brightness, she then placed down her skirt, afterwhich she gazed towards the direction of the penguin toy plushie and did a mysterious smile.

I was frightened stiff by this smile; with the brightness outside of the window and the dark gloomy room contrasting against each other, along with the smile of Asaka nee-chan, I who was sitting on the sofa felt my entire body starting to become feeble, and just when I was about to exit out of the application, Asaka nee-chan's voice appeared from in front of me: "Hiroto, what are you doing~?"

A smiling Asaka who was holding onto a kitchen knife was standing right in front of me.

-ch 8(new) end-

(2815 words to tl 😟, darn it)

TL: The author wrote a little messily in this chapter, but I tried my best to clean up the chapter without messing about with the author's context.

I know at times that there were repeated words that he used often, but I can't help it......

What I do is to translate and do a bit of correction when necessary, but not edit out the entire story till it lost it's originality...

Nah = informal way of saying no, it should be obvious to readers now that when I put such casual words, it's to properly describe the feeling of what Hiroto says to Asaka....

Within my mind, the sentence I saw earlier suddenly appeared = This is a major typo by the author, he put it as a "sound" heard from earlier, when it was actually displayed instead. I corrected this part :P

oji-san = 'uncle' in japanese

tou and kaa san = 'dad' and 'mom' in japanese, along with a suffix '-san' placed behind them for polite addressing

obaa-sans = 'aunties' in japanese, can be used to describe middle-aged lady or a house-wife if your feeling evil


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