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Love Dependency Disease v2c45

Tl edit: I noticed erroneous grammar mistakes in the last sentence, so I made the edit.
I do hope those aggregators update this edited version though, it is embarrassing to have your previous mistakes still blatantly shown online =/

Volume 2, Chapter 45: Even deeper disorder 2

TL: flarewk

"It's still not the last day yet with the outcome no one knowing for sure, so don't get too ahead of yourself!"

"Hoho, the you last time won't be like that at would always agree to whatever request I say, but in such a short month and you've become like this already.....the main culprit must definitely be her!"

"Even if there wasn't her, I had enough of you already! I'll end this talk right here,'s best that we wouldn't see each other again!"

After I hung up the phone I made myself a cup of coffee, and sat on the sofa relieving myself from the lethargicness recently.

My lethargy wasn't originated from my body, but from my mentality, my spirit's lethargy.

"I'm so tired......"

If only Ma Qing Xue would be able to understand me, at the very least I wouldn't need to worry about her.

Overworked by worry, I had unknowingly fallen into a deep slumber.

"See~ look at what happened to her......"

A corpse that still had it's body temperature was being held in my arms, the still-warm blood kept dripping down from the corpse's chest and onto my feet, while the person standing in front of me was my girlfriend, and I was familiar with the identity of that corpse, it's Ma Qing Xue.......


I can't remember clearly what happened at the start, as these memory scenes had just only started from before......

"And them too! None of them can run away......"

My girlfriend's tongue licked the blood which was splattered onto the back of the knife......and the nearby surroundings became clearer a little.

"Xiao Ling........Amelia........Prez........."

Likewise, they also became ice-cold corpses, and in this not very spacious room, blood were splattered everywhere, and the horrifyingly bloody gore scene stimulated my brain wildly.

" one can stop us from being together one......never ever....."

My girlfriend used the knife and stabbed it into my heart........

"We'll be together forever!"

She then reversed her hands and plunged the knife into her heart as well, and at this very point, agonizing sensation of pain started to appear, as my body and spirit felt an increased sensation of pain, the surrounding scenery started to blur out.


The living room had it's deathly silence broken by my cry of horror.


"It's a dream huh......"

I switched on the light, and the sudden bright light made my eyes rather uncomfortable. But the living room that was filled with pitch darkness made it even more unbearable.

Sweat had drenched my entire body, and a pile of sweat stain was clearly visible on the sofa. My throat was blisteringly dry, and after dazedly sitting on the sofa for a few minutes, I who had regained back my senses then drank large mouthful gulps of water before deciding to get a hot shower.


After showering, I felt slightly more relieved, and proceeded to massage my scalp thereafter. I didn't had a nightmare for a very long time already, that horrific scene in my dream made me feel chills from the not-cold-at-all wind breeze in the summer season.

"After tonight....there's 6 more days left......I must hold on..!!"

I tried to cheer myself up, and after a bout of motivating myself, I went back to sleep once more.

The following afternoon of the next day, Ma Qing Xue didn't come to visit me, but Wang Yi and the rest came over instead.

"Just find any place to sit, my house's a little messy, I didn't really tidy it up, just treat this as your home."

"It's fine, we just wanted to see you......"

"Thanks for the concern, want to have something to drink? Oh right....I think there's only beer left......."

I took out a few bottle of beer from the fridge, and after opening the caps and placing them onto the tea table, I casually grabbed a bottle and just started drinking it.

"Zhang recently......"

Amelia looked at the floor of the living room, it was scattered with beer bottles. If I had known that they were coming, I would have tidied this place up in advance.

"It's nothing, I was just sick, a few days of rest would do."

"If you wanted to lie, at least make a draft of it.....where would there be a sick person like you drinking beer......"

"Aren't there one just in front of you guys....."

"Stop drinking already! Stop it, are you trying to act in front of us?"

Amelia's emotions seemed to be a little agitated, but Wang Yi and the rest were more composed in comparison; they took bottles of beer afterwards and drank it as well.

"Librarian Keeper, let's down it!"

"Alright, let's down this!"

Wang Yi unrestrainedly gulped down half of the entire bottle contents in one mouthful.

"If there's anything bothering you, just say it out for everyone to listen, all of us can help you think of an idea for it, you going on like this isn't a solution at all!"

Wang Yi first opened his mouth.

"It's nothing big, it's just some private matters, before next month I'm able to settle it by myself."

"Zhang Jian... you this brat.......are you afraid of troubling us?"

Jiang Tian thumped my back, and he drank few large mouthfuls of beer.

"I won't say about anything else, but if it's something that's within my capabilities, just be frank about it!"

Liu Xiong was the most impressive among them all, he straightaway chugged down an entire bottle.

"It's not like's mainly because there wasn't anything that you guys could help me at all; if there is, do you think that I would be so courteous towards you guys?"

"Is that so? But.....we still can accompany you drinking beer regardless, come, let's continue!"

They didn't say any words, and just accompanied me drinking beer throughout; although the atmosphere was rather sullen, but was way better than me drinking beer just by myself.

"Hey! You guys should really stop........"

Amelia actually wanted to cut in, but was stopped by an eye gesture of Wang Yi's.

"If you managed to think up of something that we all could help out on, just spit it out, as long as it's something that we can do, and not something like asking us to die, we would definitely help you out. At most, after those stuffs were settled just promise us that you'll crossdress once again!"

Crossdressing again.....they really didn't give me face here at all!"

"I'm going to beat you up....hahahaa......"

"Heh heh......."

I suddenly laughed for no reason at all.....and they laughed along with me as well, after the laughing, my feelings became more relaxed a little.

"Thanks then, my dear friends, and don't worry, it's not something big at all!"

"I don't care whether it's big or small, just don't forget about us, and of course, the requirement is crossdressing!"

"Aah, sure! If next time I had some troubles that I would need you guys to help out, I'll crossdress definitely!"

"Cheer up then, we'll head back first, even if you're fine, you can just give us a call for a beer drinking gathering too!"

"Don't think you could drink for free already, next time bring your own beer along!"

"Forbidden Book Lord, same goes for Lord of Drifting as well, you and I being fellow leaders of 12 veterans of legend, I don't need to talk much about our bondship, but if there's anything just give a yell for us!"

"Sure, thanks then, Amelia!"

"Also......would about Ma Qing Xue already.....that day you...."

"Don't ask about this first, when the time is ripe I'll explain everything honestly to you, but right now I don't feel like saying it, please understand that.

"Alright......I knew it, you didn't really change into a human trash, you indeed had something that you couldn't tell us huh......"

"See you guys then, if it's just to accompany me drinking again, I welcome all of you anytime here!"

After they had left, my heart still felt rather touched, as the feeling of having a friend caring when you're in need really wasn't a bad feeling at all, and this at the same time strengthened my resolve not to let them be harmed by my girlfriend.

8 o'clock a night, Ma Qing Xue came.

I was lying on the sofa pretending that I had already slept; this was the only solution that I could think up of right now.

She didn't wake me up, and only quietly swept the living room's floor that I had made rather messily, and after finished cooking dinner she left.

Once Ma Qing Xue had left, I sat at the dining table, the spread of food were all vegetables, and she even specially stewed an old duck for me; she must have seen my complexion not being that well recently before deciding to prepare these..

"Thank you, it's really delicious!"

I really wanted to praise her right in front of her am I going to compensate her to be able to retrieve back this period of harm I did towards her...

Midnight went by, and today is the 25th, there's still five days left.....

Prez and Xiao Ling didn't give me any news at all, and I don't know where's my girlfriend's whereabouts right now.

It's 8 o'clock at night once again, and Ma Qing Xue came as expected.

"What do you want to eat tonight, I'll cook for you."

"Just like yesterday's dishes then, it'll be fine like that........"

Every night, Ma Qing Xue would be coming my side here, I wonder how would her parents think about it.....

"Ma Qing Xue, you usually return home rather late later on, won't your family members be worried about this?"

"They won't, my mom is rather busy with her job, and doesn't return home often, only seeing her a few times every month, and as for my dad........he's overseas."

Maybe she was so used to be living alone already, as when Ma Qing Xue said these out, her tone was so monotonous that it made me rather startled.

"Ma Qing Xue, I have something that I want to tell you......"

"Same here, I also....but let's talk about it tomorrow instead, let's eat first for today......."

Palatable food entered into my stomach, recently I basically had been eating outside or was dependent on instant noodles to spend my days, Xiao Ling wasn't at home these days too, and Ma Qing Xue's dishes are the only food that I was eagerly waiting for.

"On the 1st day of the next month, if......I'm free, let's go out for a date then.....I'll accompany you to do whatever you want! So....before the 1st please don't come again to look for me....."


"I'll tell you the reason later on......"

"No way, unless you tell me right now what you're hiding from me."

"It's for your own good."

"You liar! Don't think I don't know about it, you must have an affair outside, right! And next month you're planning to run away already, right! I knew about this, I saw these already, a few days ago you were even pulling your luggage......."

"It's not like that at all, I really have some hard to explain difficulties......and I can tell you right now, the person whom I liked is you, so......please, give me a little time....."


"I didn't lie to you, the 1st! Next month 1st, just five days time, why wouldn't you just be willing to believe me?"

"Because recently no matter what you say, you've always been lying to me, isn't it!"

"I didn't want to either, but......I don't have a choice...."

Both me and her remained silent.......and after a few minutes later, Ma Qing Xue broke the stalemate.

"Tomorrow, you will come to school, right......."


"Then I'll head back first then........"

Within Ma Qing Xue's eyes, it had a eerie silence within them so reminiscent of dead water, which really made me uncomfortable from the bottom of my heart.

And from that evening onwards, her changes had become too drastic already......

Perhaps, during that day I should have an even better idea....but I who was being controlled by the terror of my girlfriend's, had already used the most dumbest plan in my panic; but from a long-term view point, this plan of mine didn't seem that foolish in retrospect.

Even if I was to be found by my girlfriend, I can also say that it was Ma Qing Xue who pestered onto me........that way, there's a slight possibility that she wouldn't go pick on Ma Qing Xue, and of course, there's also the chance that she would do it regardless.

And so, the best way was to still make Ma Qing Xue distancing herself away from me.

Tomorrow, if I remember my birthday, right....

Ma Qing Xue probably wants to celebrate my birthday for how she knew about my birthday, it probably was information leaked by Prez, as only the Prez had that authority to check students personal information.

This would be a rather tragic birthday.....although compared to previous birthdays, my birthday this year would be considered great already; as at least my girlfriend wasn't around to disturb me.

No.....I need to correct that, it should be at least my girlfriend wasn't around yet to disturb me..

-ch 45 end-

(3058 words to tl)

Librarian Keeper / Forbidden Book Lord = title of Zj's , he had this title because he had a lot of XXX till it was like a library.

Lord of Drifting = title of Amelia's , she had this title apparently cos she helped in the wide distribution of XXX. It's a pun on veterans. (drivers)

12 veterans of legend = see side story 1 for more back-story

human trash = exactly what it meant, despicable person


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  2. So far the drama isn't that bad, I kinda expected worse

  3. as long as it's something that we can do, and not something like asking us to die
    The moment he let you enter his home, your death became a possibility. So he is actually in a way asking you to die.
    That is also why he doesn't want Qing xue to come to his home.

    Be determined about something ffs if you want to be secluded then stay secluded from everyone

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