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Love Dependency Disease v3c57

Volume 3, Chapter 57: Dilapidated Plant 2

TL: flarewk

Zhang Yu gave a chuckle towards Ma Qing Xue, and waved towards her at the door entrance.

"Bai bai~"

On her right hand, held some unknown object, it had a button on it, and it was already pressed; the plant's shutter doors slowly descended upon the pressing of the button.

The shutter doors weren't that tall either, it's about 3 meters in height.

"Look at you, scared stiff and all.....gege said before, not to harm you, so.....I'll definitely won't harm you, and my meaning is another form of good bye, me and my gege will go to a place where all of you will never find us."

As Zhang Yu spoke, a slight reddish blush appeared on her face, her eyes slightly drifted away; she had always been waiting for that day.

"What do you mean......."

Ma Qing Xue currently was extremely calm to the point of being frightening, both of her eyes stared fixedly onto Zhang Yu, looking for a chance to find a break-point; the shutter door's descending speed wasn't that fast, but it wasn't slow either.

"It's very simple, I feel that if you people carry on like this you might find my gege, so I've decided to carry my plans forward and go overseas, even though I wanted to make gege initiate on going together with me.....that way it'll save me a lot of troubles."

"Relax, I've placed enough food and water inside to last you people a week, and when me and my gege are about to leave, I'll call for the police to let all of you out."

"You win......"

Ma Qing Xue made an expression of already given up, but she knew in her heart, that in a moment Prez's men would come and save them, so she was extremely well assured.

"Ohh? You've really given up? Let me tell you a piece of good news, Sun family's da-xiaojie's men won't be able to come, since..... the tracking position's address wasn't here completely at all~~....... Don't you think that it would be such a coincidence that those two taxi drivers would arrive at such timing?"

"Damn it......."

"Also, there's signal disruption devices here as well~~ So how do you find my set meal that I've especially prepared for you guys?"

Zhang Yu stood at the door entrance and mockingly laughed at the crowd, and at this moment the shutter doors had already descended to a point where a person would need to lower his head to go through.

"We have numbers on our side, so we'll just force our way through, it'll be alright as long as some of us are outside!"

Ma Qing Xue growled deeply, and was the first to dash forward, but Zhang Yu's sharp knife's tip suddenly flashed out, which made Ma Qing Xue retreat slightly without a choice.

"If it's possible, I don't want to hurt you people, I want to listen to gege's words.....but.....this doesn't mean that I won't do it!"

The plant's huge entrance is rather wide, and it's enough for ten people to pass through side-by-side, but if it's really done that way, Zhang Yu definitely would injure a few of them that way.

"One two three four five six, when you people came it's a total of six, but why does it all adds up to six now with Sun family's da-xiaojie mm............?"

Zhang Yu looked at the crowd with a face that looked like a smile yet doesn't at the same time, and at this moment Ma Qing Xue was extremely anxious, she hoped that Xia Ling would had been able to run away, but.....given her personality, after waiting for a long time she'll definitely come look for them.....

"Ma Qing Xue......why not let's give it a go, wasn't it just injuries only, if this goes on you'll never get the chance to see Zhang Jian again."

Amelia then bravely dashed forward, wanting to break this current situation's standstill.

"Hey, you thought that I was just kidding around with all of you?"
Amelia hadn't even reached the entrance when she was forced back by Zhang Yu's sharp knife, and the clothes on her stomach had a hole being torn out, but fortunately Amelia herself wasn't injured at all.

"Here, this is the last one, after I've just knocked her out I just threw her somewhere casually, so I'll gift her to you all."

Zhang Yu laughed, as she pulled Xia Ling out from a cement basin outside, and threw her into the plant from outside within. Originally, it was a good break-point opportunity when Zhang Yu went to get ahold of Xia Ling, but Zhang Yu didn't even bat an eye to them at all during that moment; which clearly showed that she still had some form of plan in reserve, hence they all dared not act rashly.

"You guys are sure well-behaved, there's actually no one who tried to run out just now, even though it was such a good chance......."

"Is it?"

Ma Qing Xue laughed coldly, and she stamped her feet forcefully; she wouldn't believe that it would be that simple earlier to be able to escape.

"Maybe.....maybe not.......anyway if you people behave and stay inside here, it would absolutely be safe for all of you."

If just now they had really tried attempting breaking through, something even more terrible would have happened to them possibly. This sudden thought occurred to them.

"Good bye then, everyone."

The shutter doors descended even lower and lower, right now there's still space for a person to crawl though; but Zhang Yu who was standing outside along with the small knife she was holding in her hands, with the sunlight reflecting a sharp glare onto it made them rather helpless currently.


The dilapidated shutter doors suddenly made a cranking sound, it probably was the device that controlled the shutter wheels malfunctioning somewhat, which resulted in the shutter's descending speed suddenly slower a little, however, it still was descending.......

"Looks like I'll need to wait a while longer before I can go, but.....anyway since my time is quite ample, let's talk for a while then."

She squatted down at her position, evidently showing that she clearly wanted to wait for the shutters to fully close before leaving.

"You're Zhang Jian's guys are family, and are blood-related to each other.....also, Zhang Jian himself was firmly against this, so why can't you think about other people feelings about this?"

Ma Qing Xue attempted to persuade Zhang Yu, even when she knew that this wouldn't have any effect at all, but at this moment, any sort of struggle would be a worthwhile effort.

"You don't understand, I love gege, that's enough for me."

"You're just plain selfish....."

"Whatever you all think, since in just a moment later, you guys will never ever disturb me and gege already......"


Ma Qing Xue suddenly stopped for a moment, seemingly unable to contradict her words, but in reality she saw Xia Ling, who was lying nearest to the door sides and was being knocked unconscious by Zhang Yu earlier, stealthily opening up her eyes, and battered her eyes twice towards her, and at the same time, Xia Ling's vision shot towards her clothes' pocket, which revealed a glimpse of the "weights".

This scene, not only Ma Qing Xue had discovered it, but everyone else present also saw it too, with the exception of Zhang Yu, because Xia Ling had her back facing towards her.

"No wonder Zhang Jian was hiding from you, it's possible that within his heart, he hated you terribly!"

"Mm, so what? I said before, it's fine as long as I love my gege, whatever you guys think, whatever gege think.... I don't care at all."

"You're really hopelessly incurable!"

The shutter doors once again made a crackling sound, and the descending speed regained it's fast speed once more.

At this moment, Xia Ling suddenly raised her hand, and due to everyone's subconscious reaction, their eyes was focused onto Xia Ling's hand, including Zhang Yu. However, other than Zhang Yu herself, the moment everyone else saw Xia Ling raising her hand, they quickly shut their eyes tightly.

"Eat my weights!!!"

A sudden burst of bright illumination flashed out from Xia Ling's hands, even Ma Qing Xue and the rest who had their eyes tightly closed felt extremely uncomfortable, what's more for Zhang Yu who currently had her eyes open during that moment?


Xia Ling loudly roared, and she quickly jumped up from the ground first and rolled outside, while the others followed Xia Ling and escaped from the plant one-by-one; while Zhang Yu who was outside of the doors earlier straightaway left after realizing the situation had become awry, but what amazed them was that she was being temporarily blinded by the flash grenade, so how did she manage to escape in that situation.......

"Phew.......although Zhang Jian's sister looked to be well-behaved and cute, but it's completely not to my taste at all....."

Wang Yi panted with huge breaths, as he started to fear Zhang Yu a little within his heart.

"What should we do right now, she said that she would take Zhang Jian and leave, as of now she probably would want to do it even faster, and it's possible that she had already left to retrieve Zhang Jian already."

Ma Qing Xue said worriedly.

"Let's first leave this place before saying, we'll go back to the hotel to reinvigorate ourselves, I've already guessed where's Zhang Jian approximate location."

Sun Li Hua comforted Ma Qing Xue, as she had indeed already guessed where Zhang Jian was right now, but she still needed to go confirm that fact.


"It's an abandoned factory like this as well, she was too overconfident already, and I had spun out a bit of information from her words, although I only knew about this, but I believe that surrounding the whole city including the countryside areas, these kinds of abandoned factories won't be too many!"

"Then what are we waiting for, let's hurry!"

Exiting the cement plant, their phones regained back their signal, and after Sun Li Hua used her phone to notify people to come pick her up she also asked her men to investigate about City C's abandoned factories. Once they've reached the hotel, they did a quick shower and changed to a cleaner set of clothes, they haven't even readied to eat and was already prepared to move out anytime, as the investigation results came out.

"In City C, other than that cement plant there are three more abandoned factories, I've already asked my men to check them, so let's hurry up and pack up our stuffs, and bring along weapons as well, I feel that this time she probably wouldn't have any mercy onto us; Xia Ling, I permit you to bring along items that were slightly less harmful!"

"I suddenly love the illuminating weights already!"

After sitting in the hotel for half an hour, the crowd remained silent not saying a word, when a call being made to Sun Li Hua's phone suddenly broke the silence.

"Sun xiaojie, Factory A's men were out of contact.....same goes with their GPS....position tracking information were also lost at the same time."

"Alright, I got it."

(TL: -prays in silence for the side characters who were sacrificed-)

After the simple conversation, Sun Li Hua switched on her computer, and on it displayed City C's e-map, and amongst it two separate places had been littered about with tiny red dots.

"Prez, what's the situation now?"

"Factory A's men had encountered onto a problem, .........even their GPS signal also disappeared somewhat."

"Then that means......the signal had been disrupted?"

"It's probably like that, Factory A should be a deceiving cover-up for her, as expected of a cunning rabbit that had three holes*, well then.....which abandoned factory is the real one that's imprisoning Zhang Jian........"

Sun Li Hua stared at the monitor screen in deep thought, while the others kept quiet, while focusing their attention onto the monitor as well, although they didn't understand it at all.......

example of an ECDIS(not related), would you understand it too?

A few dozen minutes later......

"Factory B's men also were out of contact, but their GPS remained......"

"Well then she's at Factory B then?"

"Patience! We'll go only when I say so."

Another half an hour had gone past........

"We've lost contact with Factory C's men, but their GPS remained......"

"So which was it, Factory C or B........"

Another short period of time went by.

"Zhang Jian is imprisoned at Factory B! Factory B's GPS signal had disappeared once again, which meant that she merely knocked the men at Factory B unconscious earlier, but she didn't use the signal disrupter, and now used it at Factory B!"

Ma Qing Xue analyzed, but Sun Li Hua merely gave a mild smile.

"Let's go, to Factory C and save Zhang Jian!"

"Factory C? Why Factory C!"

"Because the GPS signal that I gave Factory A was the most lousiest, even if it was lightly hit, or to be thrown into the water, it would be broken instantly, so we don't even need to discuss about any signal disruption device; afterwards it's Factory B, their GPS that I've provided is a notch better, even if it's being disrupted thereafter, there would be a short time interval of flickering being displayed onto the map, but since there's no flicker at all, it would mean that Factory B's GPS was being destroyed. Lastly would be Factory C, their GPS is the top-of-the-line, a mere signal disruption wouldn't be able to cut it off, that's some of the best military-grade stuff that they were using."

"I....don't understand, Prez, could you explain it clearer?"

Wang Yi embarrassingly scratched his head as he asked.

"Firstly she went to Factory A and disrupted the signal, afterwhich she went to Factory B to knock my men unconscious, then proceeded to Factory C to disrupt the signal, and returned to Factory B to destroy the GPS, making it seem as if that she was at Factory B.....she wanted to mess with our heads, a pity, that her expectations would be ruined, as Factory A's distance to Factory B is too close, if we went to Factory B, once we found out that something wasn't right then we'll immediately rush to Factory A; but Factory C's and Factory B and Factory A's distance are extremely far, up she should be heading towards Factory A to do more acts to confuse us, but that's not important anymore, so let's just head to Factory C and look for Zhang Jian, and let's see how she gets tormented by this."

(TL: Fuck me, the author 100% purposely worded it like that to confuse us. Anyone understood?)

-ch 57 end-

(3261 words to tl)

Bai bai = it's purposely said like that cutely.

cunning rabbit that had three holes = an idiom, this literally implies what it meant, a shrewd person would have several back-up plans; think batman here.

gege = 'elder brother' 

da-xiaojie = an extremely honorific calling of 'young lady', I had to leave this in that sentence above because it shows Zhang Yu mocking Sun Li Hua herself.

-xiaojie = 'young lady' suffix


  1. Dont't worry if you don't get it, what the author meant is that she (Zhang Jian's sister, who is called Zhang Yu) Went to factory A first, then Factory B, but not finishing up before she proceeded to Factory C thereafter, afterwhich she decided to head to Factory B and messed around to make it seemed that she was actually having her headquarters at Factory B which is quite annoying I think because you see Factory B and Factory A are quite near to each other, and due to that fact it's probable and highly conclusive that the Prez plus the rest of the gang would then proceed to the factory nearest (beside since it was near) to check when they found out something was amiss, thus giving Zhang Jian's sister (Zhang Yu) ample time to actually take away her brother (Zhang Jian, aka Zhang Yu's brother), and she was actually planning to continue messing around with Factory A in order to delude everyone, but unbeknownst to her, the rather intelligent Sun Li Hua also known as Prez of Su Hua Private Secondary School's Student Council had saw through her plan and had decided to head to Factory C instead, surprising Zhang Yu (also known as Zhang Jian's sister) and I swear, I'm not trying to confuse all of you but oh well hey how much can I exactly comment on here without a word limit?

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    4. To put it simply (I think) A and B are rather close to each other, while C is far off. Sis went to A first and dealt with it fully, then B to half deal with it, then C and fully dealt with it, then back to B to finish.

      She can't be at A because if they jumped it they would be right on her, can't be B because if they were patient then that's where they would go, also A-B are close, so less harm checking one to the other. Therefore she is at C because that pattern buys her the most time to get away.

      The increasing power GPS just makes it so she has to intentionally turn off C's first, as while A-B could be taken out by a jammer C's had to manually be turned off, meaning she did that pattern on purpose.

      Now if she is master level keikaku she is actually at A.

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