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Love Dependency Disease v4c69

Volume 4, Chapter 69: How to love studying

TL: flarewk

How do I quickly enter a state of studious mindset, I sat onto the chair and pondered.

Even if I was to check for answers online, the answers are all information there were nice-sounding, but in reality won't provide any usefulness to me at all.

Studious mindset......even if it's just wanting to study it'll be that difficult huh....

Textbooks were comparable to scriptures, and the teacher was like a wickedly evil witch who chanted astonishingly onerous spells, which made me either suffering from severe head giddiness or tidings of grim sleepiness.

This was my daily happenings of attending classes, but if you really wanted me to understand what they were saying, it's not difficult too, just that it required the teacher to be like Ma Qing Xue and the rest, using that method to stimulate my brain, but.......

Other than the homeroom teacher who's rather young-looking, I have wholly no other interest in the rest of the subject-teaching uncles or aunties.

I'm already a useless trash by do I even start to love studying.....

"Zhang childe, are you contemplating about the issue on how to obtain knowledge?"

As my body became lighter, I knew at once that Yè Zǐ must have came out from my body. Because the Han clothing weren't hung dry yet after washing it, hence before that, Yè Zǐ was being attached to my body.

"Yeah....I'm rather stupid, and if I can't pass the exams then I'm finished!"

"Exams? Are you referring to the Imperial Examinations*?"

"Something like that."

"Then you can relax and leave it to me, when I was still living, regarding about my field of knowledge...don't even talk about the top scholar, the Crown Prince wasn't even my match, but a pity during that time females aren't allowed to participate in the Imperial Examinations......"

"It's no use....your knowledge and my knowledge have a difference of about 500 years......"

"I can always learn it; like the Four Books and Five Classics*, I spent not even a month to memorize all of it."

Four Books and Five god, so Yè Zǐ was actually a prodigy, an extremely talented lady from the ancient times!

"Please save me, Yè talented lady!!"

(TL: he attached a honorific suffix "-talented lady" behind Yè Zǐ's name as a proof of acknowledgement on her genius)

Whatever Yè Zǐ knows, can be said that I'll be knowing as well, because I can speak to her within my mind, while others not only can't see it, they also can't hear it as well, it being the ultimate cheat weapon.

"Sure, but during the day, I can only sleep when I'm being attached to your body, unless you hand over your control of your body to me, then I won't be afraid of the sun already."

"What will happen to me then?"

"You only can't control your movements only, otherwise, everything would be as normal!"

"Alright, as long as I can pass the finals, so my body is yours right now!"

"Zhang, Zhang childe! What are you saying e-exactly!"

Yè Zǐ's voice suddenly became a little embarrassed, don't tell me that I've said something that shouldn't be said?

"Cough, cough, well then it'll be like that first, I'll need to rest already, in case I don't have enough energy....."

Ever since being possessed by Yè Zǐ, I'll always find myself being easily tired compared to usual, but being tired a little right now won't be anything, what's important was that my holidays won't be needing to be tired already, ten times the assignments would be really tiring to death.

The next day, after waking up from bed, under the guidance from Yè Zǐ I relaxed my body, and I lost the control of my body under a rather strangey sort of sensation.

" this is a male's body huh......"

Both of my hands started to touch around my own's body wildly, and according to Yè Zǐ's explanation, the feelings I'm having right now were being shared with by her, which also meant, whatever feelings I have, she would also feel it too.

"What's with this place.....when I touched feels rather strange....a little comfortable too...."

"Stop that right now!!"

Early in the morning, I've started to uncontrollably nearly mast**bated....maybe passing my body to Yè Zǐ was a little too dangerous already......

"Yè Zǐ, listen carefully, when we reached school later, if there's anyone who greeted me, asked me stuffs, don't anyhow respond, or it's fine if you don't respond, and if you really need to reply just ask me first!"

"Alright, Zhang childe."

Just like that, I plainly stepped out of my house, and my face had a grin on it, while using curious glances to appraise at the surrounding world, of course, it wasn't me, it's Yè Zǐ.

"It's been too long that I've being shone on by the sun....this warm cozy feeling is really nice....I don't feel like returning this body to Zhang childe any more."

"Don't not return me, my body's really quite a piece of trash, not only it's easy to be sick, but it's especially fragile as well, do you know about Wang Yi? His body is extremely good, and if you need, I'll help to think of a way to get it for you!"

I unhesitatingly sold out Wang Yi, because to me, that's his only worth in this world at all.

"Rest assured, I'm just kidding, Zhang childe you're this body's owner, as long as you feel like it, I'll be kicked out of this body anytime."

"Mm....then I'm assured now."

Reaching the school, I don't know why, but I had the distinct feeling that the surrounding male students kept looking at me subconsciously, was there anything strange on my face at all?

"Zhang Jian, good morning......."

Ma Qing Xue stood at the school entrance, she should be purposely waiting for me, as once she saw me she immediately dashed over to greet me.

"Mm, good morning."

After Yè Zǐ replied her, she used my body to do a hand-grasping gesture towards Ma Qing Xue......

But it's modern times now, doing hand-grasping gesture and's really a rather cringey feeling...

"Zhang Jian, today you..........are a little strange."

Ma Qing Xue carefully appraised me from top to bottom, with the suspicion within her eyes extremely heavy.

I got it, she knew about me very well.....if this goes on I'll be exposed!

"Yè Zǐ, be mindful of me and her relationship, you don't need to bow! Also, you don't need to bow to any other people as well, just use a 'good morning' will do!"

"Alright, I got it!"

She used a perfunctory tone to reply to me casually, and looked towards Ma Qing Xue once more.

"Wifey, how am I strange already? I'm completely normal." god.....wifey? My inner heart was presently crumbling.......

" called me what just now?"

"Wifey, right? Or should I say Niáng zǐ.....or darling?"

(TL: Niáng zǐ = polite form of addressing one's wife)

Endure the shame.....endure the shame.....exams are important....exams are important!

"Early in the morning, don't call me like that in front of so many people okayy~ although it's the truth already, but just call me that in private will do, you're so naughty, my dear!"

Ma Qing Xue, you actually still coordinate around with her onto that!!

"Zhang childe, for the rules right now is it only that you're allowed to say it at night?"

"My dearest Yè Zǐ, can I request you to be a mute for the rest of the day alright....."

If this ruckus name-calling goes on, my daily life would definitely be in a huge mess, and also.....right now from a certain corner there's a distinct stimulating smell of gas-oil, it's probably being prepared for me, so I'm about to be burnt to death today huh........

"Let's go, classes are almost starting already~"

Ma Qing Xue didn't mind my exceptionally strange behavior today, or was it, she's actually delighted onto my behavior today......looks like I'll have to spend some money to book an appointment for diagnosing the mentally-ill, so that I'll be able to explain this situation next time.

"Ma Qing Xue, good day to you, we're Zhang Jian's good friends, and we have something to tell him....."

A group of boys approached me sinisterly.......I dare to bet that, these are the group of people that wanted to burn me alive!

"Mm, remember not to be late from the talking then, oh right, what's that smell on all of's quite unpleasant."

"It's nothing, it's just some gas-oil smell, my family does a car reparation business, and I've accidentally stuck a little onto myself when I left my house this morning."

In the end, I've watched myself being dragged away, all the way till reaching a corner, while Yè Zǐ still curiously looked at them, as if she really thought that these people were like my good friends.

"Good morning, so you're looking for me about?"

"What do you think?"

"I'm not really clear onto that, didn't you people say that you're looking for me?"

"Acting dumb now huh? But, since this kind of heresy individual like you are about to be purged, it doesn't matter at all."

"Why am I a heresy.... and why do you people want to purge me, I doing something wrong again?"

Yè Zǐ looked at them with teary eyes, with a voice containing traces of pitifully wrongness in it making anyone who heard it feel rather heartached, but........

That's my body oi, I being a pure hundred percent male man to be teary and whatnot, plus saying these kinds of words with a wronged expression, it's really extremely disgusting!

"Because you flaunted right in front of us, not caring about our feelings, and so, sorry about this......"

I noticed that from within their eyes there's actually traces of lingering affection oozing out........I'm finished, I'm finished, this world have completely gone nutty.

"Is it only because of that, you people are actually good-hearted, but had both eyes blinded temporarily by a moment of outrage, I can understand that, and if this could ease the agony from all of you, you can do anything to me......"

My looks originally looked a little female-ish.......and after crying like that.......I already had no face to continue on living in this world any more.

Just forget it and burn me already! Rather than I continuing to lose face.........

From the start, Yè Zǐ already wasn't listening to me, and although I can do what she said and kick her out of my body, but right now it's daytime, and if I did that......

Argh, it's really a difficult choice to decide.

"Forget it! It's our fault, you aren't in the wrong.....just go.....I wish you two happiness, and if there's a day, that you've been dumped, we will go comfort you......"

What? They actually weren't burning me any more........they deeply took in a deep breath, and tightly grasped onto my hands, with their faces still a little reddish.

They won't burn me already, I'm really happy onto that, but I wasn't in the wrong at the first place, so why did you guys still had that tone of wanting to spare me, and also lastly.......what's the meaning of that sentence?

"Yè Zǐ, can you return my body to me right now......."

"It's only possible at night......"

"You should've say it earlier......"

It's only morning right now, the beginning of a day, my torment is still rather long..

Slowly walking up the stairs leading to the classroom, under the reflected glare from the windows, I realized that on my body there's actually a rather special atmosphere seemingly around me; it's a form of extremely ladylike, wealthy and famous origination atmosphere......

I've finally came to understand, why the male students would especially notice me a couple more times, so it's all due to this atmosphere that caused it.

The first class, maths, Yè Zǐ was paying very attentively, and even though she hadn't any previous knowledge foundation of it at all, she just flipped through the textbook, and would be able to answer many questions about it correctly already. With this kind of talent, my finals would definitely be a social relationships would completely collapse instead.

Second class, language, Yè Zǐ didn't even look at it at all, but continued to analyze mathematics, and when the teacher noticed that I've had my head always lowered, not looking at her at all, she became quite angry as she called up my name, wanting me to stand up to answer a question.

"Zhang Jian, the 45th page of the book, read that language paragraph."


Language book, I've also glanced through it a few times before, the 45th page seemed contain a rather ancient language paragraph, and basically I completely don't understand any words onto it at all, it's an inextricably difficult piece of text, but Yè Zǐ merely glanced at it before saying it out by heart, that's right, she said it out by heart, not reading it, she merely flipped to the 45th page to look at the title.....

"'s, very good, sit down......"

The teacher wiped the sweat off from her forehead, and looked at me disbelievingly, was it really that difficult?

Other classes were something like that as well, Yè Zǐ learnt really very quickly, and a thing worth mentioning was, she actually had a clash with the history teacher, and still debated with the teacher until the teacher was speechless; I remember that our Su Hua's history teacher was at the very least a university's history module professor-level standard, and whether if it's really it or not, the difference weren't that big either.

"If you're that impressive, then why did you come here to study!"

The history teacher threw down those words, and left in a huff......

-ch 69 end-

(3090 words to tl)

Imperial Examinations = In ancient China, the emperor would set a series of difficult exams testing many broad subjects, whoever scored the best (top scholar) would be given an official rank to rule over certain towns.

Four Books and Five Classics = authoritative books of Confucianism in China written before 300 BC. To find out more, click on the link ^ above. They are F**KING difficult, trust me.

Hand-grasping gesture = Like those you would see on chinese TV drama shows, like this:

wifey = traditional way of calling your wife. In chinese it's called 夫人(fu ren)

gas-oil burning = reference to FFF Inqusition burning of riajuus.

-childe = suffix, it meant 'young master' spoken in a traditional way


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