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Love Dependency Disease v2c37

The start of the volume that is full of drama

You guys may or may not find the MC likable in this vol, but please bear this in mind..... 

Zhang Jian had a trauma, of girls. 

Please try to understand that and think within his shoes. 
Vol 2 will be critical to explain Vol 3.....

Volume 2, Chapter 37: The midterm exams approaches

TL: flarewk

While going down the hill, I noticed many wild flowers in the grass patch along the pathway, so I casually plucked a few bunch of flowers and searched out a vase within the mansion, and placed the flowers within the vase, standing it in front of Yè Zǐ's grave.

"Next time, I will come back and visit you again."

After this, I changed back to my original clothes, carried along with me the set of Han clothing that Yè Zǐ gave me, and walked out of the forestry small path.

The ends of the small path was the airport, and I who had just walked out of the small path noticed Prez and the rest were just about to enter.

It's the GPS that revealed my location, huh........

"Zhang Jian, where have you been! Didn't I tell you that the previous' native regional area is dangerous, so why did you go there! Answer me honestly!"

"I didn't do anything at all, I only went to take a stroll to relax myself."

"You could have gone to the beach, or anywhere else, but you've intentionally ran all the way here, so you must be hiding something from all of us!"

The Prez sharply noticed the unnaturalness in my face expression.

"Actually, me and Amelia went inside here before, and I quite liked the scenery at there too; since I'm bored in the morning, so I only curiously went inside for some exploration.."

"Exploration.....aren't you scared of Ye Zi, according to the legends Ye Zi is right within the previous' native regional area!"

Yè Zǐ, huh? She wasn't the least bit scary at all, but instead is a rather cute spirit.

"All right, all right, aren't I fine as of now? Let's head home."

I attempted to casually dismiss Prez, but Prez wasn't a person that could easily give up on something, so annoying......

"I believe Zhang Jian!"

"Ma Qing Xue, I also believe him too, but he....."

"He must have his reasons on entering the previous' native regional area! Plus Zhang Jian had also already explained the reason, wasn't that enough already?"

Ma Qing Xue tried to defend me from this, she's the same as usual, always looking out for me.

"Thanks, Ma Qing Xue."

I gave her a smile; that was my first time ever that I gave Ma Qing Xue a really sincere smile from the bottom of my heart.

"Prez, don't think about it too much already, I was just curious only, curious!"

"What's that inside the bag in your hands, open it up and let us see."

Inside the bag, contained the Han clothing that Yè Zǐ had given me....although I had no qualms on it being seen, but I'm lazy to explain about it....

"It's only a set of traditional clothes only, I had a little understanding on ancient relics, so I was thinking of bring it home for my collection....."

I opened up the bag, and revealed a corner of the Han clothing for them to see. Those who had no understanding about Han clothing would probably think of this as a more prettier set of Han clothing only.

"All right, we're about to head on back already, Zhang Jian, do you still have anything in the villa that you haven't brought along?"

Looks like the Prez can't find any more excuse to continue pestering me already.

"Nope, we can head back already."

"Then, everyone get onboard."

While the plane was in the process of taking off, I sat by the windowside, looking at the island's scenery; there's still a little lingering affection in my heart.

"Librarian Keeper, what are you looking at exactly."

"Nothing, I was just normally looking at the scenery, oh right, Wang Yi, I'm a little tired, remember to wake me up when we arrive."

Since I didn't sleep at all last night anyway.

"Too much of mast**bation could harm your health you know......"

As the plane distanced itself further and further away from the island, just before I shut my eyes I gave one last glance towards that cliff; and suddenly I noticed that on the cliff, there seemed to be a purplish thing standing at there, but due to the distance being too far, I didn't quite see it clearly, and when I wanted to reconfirm what I saw, it had already disappeared.

Maybe it's because I'm too tired already, even an illusion appeared in front of me......

I'll sleep for a while first......

"Librarian Keeper, wake up, we had already reached."

"Wang Yi...............what are you doing, you b*stard?"

"Since I can't call you to wake up, I'll need to use some actions to wake you up instead..."

"Heh heh, is that so? I'm going to beat you to death!"

That b*stard Wang Yi was using his finger to poke a certain sensitive spot on my right chest, he's incurable already, this sort of people, only can be beaten!

"Eat this Arm-Hugging Girls-Getting Kill !"

This was a technique that I've learnt from Amelia, and it guarantees that Wang Yi's joint would be be drowned out in delight.

"Ai~yoh........owuch owuch owuch.......Zhang ge I'm sorry already......"

"Don't think that it would be that simple that I'll forgive you!"

"Jiang Tian, come here, let Wang Yi experience the sensation of happiness."

"Zhang Jian, you ruthless b*stard!"
"Shut up!"

I offhandedly grabbed a piece of newspaper and stuffed it into his mouth, as Jiang Tian ran over in wildly excited spirits to accompany me teasing Wang Yi.

"Good........very good............please continue"

The Vice Prez was enthusiastic as well, the scene of Wang Yi being toyed by me and Jiang Tian were perfectly recorded down already, next time there would be something to threaten him with.

As for the Wang Yi that had been toyed by us, from his eyes afterwards he looked to be broken already.

Pitiful, but he doesn't deserve any sympathy....who asked him to seek death in the first place.

"All right, after I send everyone home remember to come back to school tomorrow~ by the way......mid term exams are about to begin soon, so everyone please take it easy."

"Mid term........exams?"

Within my heart, there are three things that terrify me the most.

Mid term exams are terrifying level, final exams are extremely terrifying level, my girlfriend is the most terrifying level.

"Prez, you'll save me, right, you said that you'll take care of my exams......"

"That's right, I'll take care of one module, as for the rest.....heh heh heh"

Only one module!! I've once again fallen right into the Prez's trap!

But right now it's better for me to carefully think about what subject should I give this chance to.

Mathematics? English language? Historical geography? Thinking carefully it seemed that I don't know any of them at all.....what was I exactly doing everyday!

I'm such a useless piece of trash...thinking carefully again I estimate that other than about the human anatomy in biology with me being able to answer all questions on it correctly, the rest would had me dying a horrible death onto them.

"Wang Yi, how's your results....."

"Almost the same as you...."

"Jiang Tian.....?"

"I'm only slightly good at Physics...."

"Liu Xiong, you...?"


All of these subjects were too off track already, aren't there anyone else who could save me?

"Zhang Jian, I'm alright with my mathematics."

Ma Qing Xue's maths is said to be the number 1 in the entire school cohort, looks like I'm saved!

"Jian chemistry wouldn't be as bad as you middle schoolers, since..........., you understand, right?"

Since you needed to know about chemistry preparation to eliminate all the evidence, right........

"Zhang Jian, can you remember where I am from?"

That's right......Amelia once lived overseas, plus she's a mixed blood too, her english must definitely be very good.

"Thanks everyone......."

"But, how do we contact each other after entering the exam halls......"

"Entering the exam halls? You wanted to cheat?"

They looked at me at simultaneous unison; wasn't that the case.......

"You guys said that you wanted to help me already, is there something wrong with it?"

"Their meaning is that they wanted to coach you, not help you cheat, and since that's the case, well then before the mid term exams everyone please come over to my house to study together then."

Prez explained the truth of the whole situation.

"What happens if we fail......."

"Take away all of your free time after-lessons for extra revision classes~ effectively till the end of the semester."

"Waaaahh......Prez you wanted to take away my life, don't you!"

"Being a student and not studying at all, what good are you then!"

That was a sentence that my mom used to tell me every day, and reality is that cruel as well.

"I can't already, I'm really worn out right now, I need to go back and rest awhile....oh right, when's the mid term exams."

"Next friday, you have eight days left."

"Phew, luckily....."

Returning back to home together with Xiao Ling, I did a calculation on the time that I've arrived in this city; it's nearly been half a month, so a week right after the mid terms, I'll be able to finally rid off the nightmare that's my girlfriend.

After resting an entire day at home, the next day I entered into a rarely-seen study mode, and after school I followed according to what we've discussed with Prez; finished up with the daily tasks of the Student Council before going with everyone to Prez's house.

Prez's house gave me the same impression of what Prez had always been giving me all along, it's expectedly a mansion.......can't you surprise me for once at all?

"Please come in, everyone, and switch your shoes as well."

(TL: The Prez meant that she wanted everyone to take off their shoes and grab house-slippers probably in a cupboard or cabinet near them (she's rich, remember) and wear it while inside the house)

I felt rather bored whenever I thought about studying, long as I can just make my results to be at just the passing mark then it'll do.

The Prez arranged a rather spaciously large table for us to use, and I just randomly picked a spot from it and sat down.

"Zhang Jian, I'll sit beside you then, so that I can coach you easier."

Ma Qing Xue immediately occupied my right side.

"Indeed, sitting right beside you would be way more convenient."

My left-handed side was occupied by Amelia.

"I choose to sit in the middle, since I'm small anyway."

Xiao Ling sat onto my thighs.

"I don't want to sit together with the men......"

Vice Prez chose to sit beside Ma Qing Xue.

"The men on that side are too much already, I'll sit here then."

The Prez sat right beside Amelia.

Opposite the other side of the table are all males, and this side of mine, there's only 1 male  me.

I'm being surrounded....

"Well then let's begin the happy studying time then....."

How could me right now in this situation could be happily studying at all....especially with Xiao Ling, she seemed like she could not sit still, and kept moving about while sitting on my thighs.

"Xiao Ling.....can you sit a little outside a bit.....don't sit too inwards near to me......"

She had already sat within my arms already......

"Why so? Sitting on this position right now your legs would be more comfortable, and I'll be more comfortable a little too, so why not~"

Although it seemed to be that way, but to me, this sitting position is rather disastrous in all sorts of ways.

Having no choice I could only repeatedly play clips of muscular men wrestling within my mind, to prevent a certain part of my body from having a reaction.

"This problem can be solved by this way, firstly........"

Ma Qing Xue should have been using a rather simple way to explain it; I looked at the rest who had a look of nodding expressions on their head, but I still don't get it at all.

"This english sentence is in the past tense, so it's suitable to use at......."

Amelia pi li pa la spouted a huge load of words, but to me it's like listening to the scriptures..

(TL: pi li pa la = sound effects)

As the conversation proceeded on and on, I can only add in a few words this and there entirely throughout, I'm definitely hopeless by this point, I felt that I'm entirely useless already......

"It's time for Biology already, I remember that during the mini test last time Zhang Jian you scored the highest, right, so it's your turn to teach us this time."

Biology.....this particular subject is my bread and butter.

"Cells are made out of nucleus, cell wall....."

"DNA's scientific name is desoxyribonucleic acid."

"Animals are classfied as land-type, water-type......"

As I finished yet another chapter, I flipped to the next page of the biology book, and after I finished the next page's contents, the chapters after that wouldn't be tested in this mid term exams already.

But, the question is that it's precisely this chapter's about the characteristics of male and am I going to start.......

"Zhang Jian, go on, why have you stopped? Was it because you also don't know about it too?"

How can it be.....I'm most knowledgeable about this chapter the most!

"'s better if you guys look at it yourselves, it's not really convenient for me....."

I pushed open the biology book, and after they saw the contents of this chapter they too became a little stilted.

"What's the big deal about this, isn't just the XXX parts of male and females, what's there not to be said about it, you guys are sure strange."

Amelia loudly read it out, and I can only express this in return......the difference of concepts between countries is really a vexation.

"Since Zhang Jian won't say it, then I'll say it then."

"Male's XXX after experiencing XX will X out XX, and after entering the female's XX will fuse with the XX together to form XXX."

"This will be the very first state of a little baby.........huh? Why all of you had your head lowered and not talking at all?"

-ch 37 done-

(3165 words to be tl)

TL: lol. what ZJ says is kinda true though; being from a rather conservative country I don't think my friends would do that either (but im a badass so i'll just say it monotonelessly)

Arm-Hugging Girls-Getting Kill = a technique of Zhang Jian's that he learnt from Amelia hugging him often, please tell me that you know that it's a just a pun....

seek death = a common term from the famous phrase "no zuo no die" , which meant "if you don't do stupid things, the stupid things won't come back to bite you"

chemistry preparation = I'm not really educated on this subject so I don't know for sure if this term is correct, but just look at the context above to see if it makes sense or not...

Librarian Keeper = Zj's title. Given as he had a huge collection of p*rn.

-ge = an short cute form of an appendix placed behind a name, it meant "elder brother", when Wang Yi referred to it he meant it respectfully like a brother who took care of you


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