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RE:Yandere ch11

Chapter 11: Bag

TL: flarewk

Xu Yanyan's painful moans made Linze's head to suddenly be not agitated anymore.

It made Linze slightly calm down too.

Linze looked at Xu Yanyan, who was clutching her tummy due to his shove.

What had he done?

With that thought appearing within Linze's mind, he immediately stood up from the floor, and came right up to Xu Yanyan.

Due to the approaching Linze, Xu Yanyan had seemingly wanted to retreat backwards.

「S, sorry.」

Linze immediately apologized to Xu Yanyan.

Hearing Linze's apology, Xu Yanyan stopped retreating backwards.

She lifted up her head to look at Linze.

To be frank, Linze's earlier hysteria had really nearly frightened her.

Xu Yanyan had never seen Linze in that manner before, as he was always appearing in a gentle elder brothery state before her.

Moments later she opened her mouth, saying.

「Big brother Linze, what exactly happened to you.」

「No, nothing's wrong.」

Linze discovered that he currently wasn't able to look straight into Xu Yanyan's eyes. He wasn't sure if it's because of fear or other feelings messing him up, but in any case, Linze shifted his gaze aside.

「Big brother Linze, can you squat down?」

Xu Yanyan said towards Linze.

「Of, of course.......」

Even though Linze didn't know why Xu Yanyan would say that to him, he still chose to squat down at the first instance of time.

The height of Linze after squatting downwards was slightly shorter than the standing Xu Yanyan.

Xu Yanyan suddenly walked forward, stretching out her hands to suddenly hug the sides of Linze's face into her embrace.

To be honest, the current Linze was a little bewildered, and although he wanted to stretch his hands out to push Xu Yanyan away, he hesitated for a moment, not taking any action instead.

「Big brother Linze, it's really very easy to see through your lies.」

After Xu Yanyan had finished saying that sentence, she paused momentarily before continuing.

「I don't know what kind of troubling stuff happened to Big brother Linze already, but please don't plan to bear it just by yourself. If it's possible, whenever Big brother Linze is willing to share it with me, I'm willing to listen to Big brother Linze.」

Linze had earlier treated Xu Yanyan in such a manner, yet she very quickly was in such concern over himself.

That sort of situation made Linze's heart develop a very complicated emotion.

Linze opened up his mouth, seemingly wanting to say a certain thing, but not a word was being said out at all.

Currently, Linze's head was resting upon Xu Yanyan's breasts.

It seemed that Xu Yanyan suddenly felt that her actions were a little too unchaste, hence she immediately loosened her embrace, and retreated a small step.

After Xu Yanyan had let go of his head, Linze felt that his head had seemingly cooled down plenty in a flash.


Linze thanked Xu Yanyan.

「Actually, I haven't done anything at all, so there's no need to thank me, Big brother Linze.」

Xu Yanyan appeared to be a little shy; it seemed that it was due to her brazen actions done earlier. In fact, even Xu Yanyan herself hadn't expected that she would be that bold.

After a moment's hesitation, in order to prove the suspicion he had within his mind, Linze cautiously opened up his mouth to question Xu Yanyan.

「Yanyan, why did you come over to my house today. If you're looking for Linling, right now she and my father had already left my house to the neighboring city.」

「Umm, I.......I didn't come to look for Linling. Umm, I left a certain thing behind at your house yesterday, so I wanted to come back to look for it.」

Hearing Xu Yanyan saying it as such, Linze's pupils slightly contracted.

Hesitating for a slight moment, Linze said towards Xu Yanyan.

「Give me a moment, I think I know where the stuff you're looking for is at.」


Hearing Linze saying as such, Xu Yanyan seemed to be a little confused.

Ignoring Xu Yanyan who was standing at the porch downstairs, Linze returned back to his room at the 2nd floor.

He came to his bedside and looked at the small bag that was by his bed. Linze currently opened up this small bag.

The first thing that came to his sight inside of the bag was a piece of light, pink-colored teddy bear panties, along with a girl's lingerie.

The panties and lingerie were neatly packed together.

The rest were all a couple of girl's accessories, like for example wet napkins, sanitary pads and so on. Linze used his eyes to carefully confirm the objects inside.

「D, don't look!!!」

Unbeknownst to him, Xu Yanyan had currently appeared right behind Linze's back, and had her entire face reddened as she said to Linze.

Linze had his eyebrows frowning. It seemed to be the same as his memory previously, he actually wasn't able to hear the footsteps of Xu Yanyan going up the stairs.

But Linze very quickly unfurled his eyebrows.

「I'm just only checking if this bag is yours, and right now I've confirmed it, that this should be yours.」

As he spoke, Linze closed up the bag and handed it back over to Xu Yanyan.

After Xu Yanyan had received her bag, her face had turned bright red, with her head facing downwards as well.

「Big brother Linze, really.......」

She made a grimace over to Linze's actions conducted earlier.

「Since you've found the item, I'll be sending you off then.」

Linze seemed to not have the intentions on wanting to explain about his actions, instead saying as such towards Xu Yanyan.

Xu Yanyan too nodded her head.

Standing by the porch sending Xu Yanyan off from his house, while Linze's brain was thinking about some unknown matter, he suddenly noticed that Xu Yanyan had turned around.

「Just as I've thought, I still am a little worried about Big brother Linze. Big brother Linze, let's trade numbers. If you're too lonely after Linling had gone away, you can look for me anytime.」

Xu Yanyan said.

Hearing Xu Yanyan expressing as such, after a moment of hesitation, Linze eventually decided to exchange numbers with her.

When he was about to take out his phone from his pockets, his phone's ringtone sounded.

Linze looked at his phone. The screen was just like as if he had prophesied it; it was Tangyin who was calling him.

But the current Linze didn't have the mood to pick up her call, and after forcibly ending her call.

He used his fingerprint to unlock his phone and unhesitatingly handed his smartphone over to Xu Yanyan. Indicating Xu Yanyan to use his phone to call her number.

Xu Yanyan evidently was a little frantic, she in a slight panic received over Linze's phone.

「Who was it that just called, is it really fine to be hanging up that call.」

She said to Linze.

「It's fine, its just a normal friend, I'll give her a call later.」

Linze replied.

Hearing Linze saying it as such, Xu Yanyan then used Linze's smartphone to dial her number, with her afterwards immediately ending the call, and returning the smartphone back to Linze.

After Linze stretched out his left hand to receive the phone back, he immediately added this slightly familiar number into his list of contacts.

「Big brother Linze, remember to give me a call later.」

Xu Yanyan said to Linze.


  1. So now you know why her bag was 'left behind'!

    1. I don’t get it. Can you please explain?

    2. I think it was an excuse to return to the house and establish contact with Linze.

    3. Anonymous guy you seem to be fresh paint there, first time reading a yandere novel?

    4. Nah. Just thought there might be a bigger reason it might have been there.

  2. Was expecting him to die immediately after his first death then get bagged into pieces after shoving her lmao
    Thanks for the chap.

    1. No no, she can't be seen solely as crazy and dangerous, he has to develop tender feelings for her while he's still doubting himself to achieve the right blend of affection and fear.

  3. Hmm... You know what, he can do snu snu rape stuff to any woman he likes and later died and repeat. Unlimited rape works.

    Oh my silly dark self.

    1. unless if there is a certain requirements to revive. like getting killed by yandere or killed by the one who loved you. and i don't think getting killed over and over again just to have sex is worth it.

    2. I'd agree with 123456789, the process of dying over and over again is a hurdle that nearly no one can get through with. It is painful to see Linze die out every time in this novel.

    3. But Kurumi died again and again for years :(

      That's why I love her. She kept challenging her limits till she's broken.


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