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Re:Yandere ch2

Chapter 2: Light-pink panties

TL: flarewk 👻

The next morning, Linze who was currently lying on his single bed in his room, knew that from today onwards, he would have nearly half a year's time of living in the house by himself.

As for that transvestite father of his, Comrade【Lin Baogen】, he had already brought his younger sister to the neighboring city early in the morning.

Addressing his father as a transvestite.

That's right, he's not joking.

His father is a true blue transvestite, usually donning a skirt at home daily.

Of course, luckily he's still considered to be one after having make-up on, as he's considered to be like a pretty elder sister when glancing at him from a far or near distance away.

Otherwise, his sister would definitely not head to the neighboring city along with her father.

As for the matter of his father being a transvestite, Linze had been used to it since a long time ago; at a young age, he had seen his father donning female dresses ever since he had matured, up till now.

And of course, Linze doesn't want to impose any sort of opinions and criticism towards his father's life decisions.

Even if it was his father, or anyone else for that matter, it's normal that his father Comrade Lin Baogen has his very own unique【Life decisions】,【Morality】,【Values】etcra etcra.

Everyone can have their own individualistic views, but of course with the condition that it mustn't tread upon the typical interests of others.

Since his father had never forced Linze to accept his life decisions, why would Linze therefore force his father to accept his life decisions then.

Everyone has the right to chase after the ideal lifestyle from within their hearts, and it's not an exception even if it's his father too.

Thinking that he'll be happy when wearing female outfits, that thought itself didn't inherently contain any fault at all.

Even if his father is a homosexual, Linze didn't want to use his status as a son, utilizing his own life decisions, using moral values to kidnap his father forcing him to change.

Linze felt that it was an extremely unjust thing to do.

Since it already wasn't the old society currently, be it wearing female outfits, or being homosexuals, it wasn't anything that couldn't be acceptable too.

As long as one's dreams and interests are aligned, a transvestite master and homosexual could still be normal friends.

And of course, though Linze was able to accept it, it doesn't mean that Linze himself like to put on female attires, nor that he's a homosexual in that matter.

After tossing aside the issue about his father, Linze once again thought about Xu Yanyan.

Speaking of his sister's classmate Xu Yanyan, observing her closely last night, that brat had turned out to be even more and more cuter already.

A black-colored short hair with a tiny plait tied on the left side, she looks to be a little cheeky, as well as a little adorable.

She wasn't very tall either, with her skin being white and smooth, it seemingly having the appearance of easily bursting upon merely blowing onto it.

And most importantly was that Xu Yanyan looked to be extremely docile, looking like as if she's an obedient daughter.

If there's a candidate for an ideal younger sister within Linze's mind, it would expectedly be that type of girl just like Xu Yanyan.

Of course, since Linze was a person who already had a real sister, he knew one thing that's extremely vital, which is that females are creatures that are extremely proficient at masking themselves.

Using his sister Linling as an example, as long as that person steps out of the door, she'll definitely be an【Exquisite】version, even taking a shower beforehand, and be adorned in pretty clothes before going out.

But while staying at home, she would sometimes be even more of a mess than he was. Whenever there's some completed seasons of drama series being discovered, Linling would camp inside of her room feasting upon it, and during that period, other than heading to the loo or having her meals, she wouldn't easily step out of her room.

Linze once saw his sister not having taken a shower for 3 days, along with the achievement of wearing the same pair of panties for four days as well.

Hence, with regards to the two sides of females, Linze still quite had an understanding about it, and thus, who couldn't say for sure that Xu Yanyan would perhaps be presenting her female outdoor's【Exquisite】mode right in front of him.

Thinking up to this point, Linze threw the thoughts of Xu Yanyan within his mind to one side, as since his sister had already left, perhaps before the return of his sister, he wouldn't be seeing that Xu Yanyan for quite a long time.

What he should be thinking right now was, as expected, his 【Future】.

Though currently, no matter which application it was, he didn't know on how to use them, be it SAI, PS or illuststudio etc etc.

Even more so, he didn't know any single aspect of drawing techniques, be it sketching, having illustrations, planning storyboards, colorings etc etc, but in Linze's mind currently, it has already been firmly set.

I've got to rein in my good buddy【Yan Yebo】, uniting together to form a long-series running manga, and hence prove to myself of my existence within the world.

Just by thinking that there would be people queuing up to get himself to sign autographs next time.

Just by thinking that he would be recognized by people on the streets; Hey, isn't this the author, Teacher Linze of【One Pi✘ce】next time.

Just by thinking about these, made Linze's heart a little excited.

No matter what in any case, just as he had thought, it's better to find his good buddy Yan Yebo to work on his crazed idea together.

As for why he would go look for Yan Yebo, wasn't that obvious enough already, it's of course due to Yan Yebo being his best friend.

And for a best friend, crazed ideas are a must to be shared together.

Linze who was currently stealthily sneering to himself, suddenly heard the doorbell of his house's door ring.

Strange, who could it be?

By right it couldn't be his best buddy Yan Yebo, as his best friend is a typical otaku. It has always been him who would actively go to his house to look for his best buddy; he had never seen Yan Yebo coming to his house to find him.

Don't tell me that the sun had risen from the west? Yan Yebo would actually be so proactive to go find him?

Flipping up from the bed, Linze immediately followed down the stairs from his room on the 2nd floor to the porch on the 1st.

After stretching out his hands to open the door, an adorable girl appeared right in front of Linze.

「Good morning, Big brother Linze.」

「Mmh? Isn't this Yanyan. If you're looking for Linling, currently she had already left for the neighboring city with my dad.」

Linze imitated his sister's tone, as he feigned an intimate tone to address Xu Yanyan as Yanyan.

「I......I didn't come to look for Linling, umm......I had a certain thing left behind in your home yesterday, which is why I wanted to come back here to look for it.」

「Is it, so there's something left behind when playing at my house yesterday huh. Quickly come on in then.」

As Linze spoke he shifted his body sideways for Xu Yanyan to enter, inviting her inside of his house.

Towards Xu Yanyan, Linze still trusted her very much, and hence before inquiring what item was being left behind, Linze chose to first invite Xu Yanyan inside of his house.

Xu Yanyan seeing the situation as such seemingly hesitated for a moment, but eventually still complied with Linze's intentions and stepped inside the house.

Linze brought Xu Yanyan to the living room where they had their dinner yesterday, afterwards saying to her.

「Go ahead and look for it. Speaking of which, what stuff did you drop exactly, do you need my help in finding it.」

「 need for it, umm, it's fine that I'll go look for it myself.」

「If it's the both of us finding it, it'll definitely be faster than just one person doing it.」

「It's really fine, I'm able to go look for it just by myself.」

Xu Yanyan said to Linze just like that.

Linze stretched his hands upwards, scratching his cheeks, and was about to continue saying something, when his ears heard onto a soft but familiar melody. It was a song called【WHITE/ALBUM】.

As Linze liked this song very much, this piano cum violin plus guitar symphony hence was being set as his phone's ringtone.

Hearing onto that familiar music, Linze knew that there should be an incoming call to his phone which he had placed inside of his room.

Linze had once imagined using a guitar to skillfully play out this melody, but as expected, due to a multitude of reasons, Linze eventually didn't went on completing his guitar learning, but that was a matter of the past.

Since he knew that there's someone who called him, Linze would then naturally hurry up the stairs.

「Go ahead to look for it first then, Yanyan, I'll firstly go pick a call.」

After having finished saying those words towards Xu Yanyan, Linze ran towards his room on the 2nd floor, stretched out his hands towards the pillow sides and picked up his phone.

Linze had just grabbed his phone when he noticed that the ringtone had stopped. The screen's call history indicated that the person who called was【Tangyin】.

Speaking of that girl, Tangyin, she's actually largely considered to be a half-childhood friend of Linze's, though they were in the same class during elementary and middle school.

But due to Tangyin's grades being extremely good, as the number one gifted girl of the middle school back then, she was hence recommended into the province's top high school.

In order to take care of Tangyin's studying, her house too moved from the living quarters beside his, to the sides of the top high school within the province.

Speaking of Tangyin, Linze had already not been in contact with her for an entire high school semester, hence he had no clue on why she would be giving a call to him today.

But Linze still decided to return Tangyin's call, and just then, Linze's right foot moved slightly, with the sides of his foot touching on a small bag placed by his bed.

As that small bag was being kicked by Linze, it fell down as a result.

「What's this thing.」

Linze was absolutely sure that he wouldn't buy this sort of girlish bag, and so temporarily placed the thought of returning a phone call aside.

Linze then decided to crouch down, and chose to pick up the bag and place it on his bed.

He had a feeling, that perhaps this female-owned bag would be the item that Xu Yanyan was currently looking for.

Just as Linze took the bag and placed it on his bed, without paying careful attention, a certain light pink colored object fell out from the bag and landed on the floor.

Linze carefully observed it, it was a pair of light pink colored teddy panties.

Right now Linze was absolutely certain, that this bag definitely belongs to Xu Yanyan for sure, as his younger sister nor his father both didn't have this pair of panties.

Don't ask why Linze would know about this sort of thing, for at any rate the family's laundry were being hung to dry together, hence he would very naturally notice onto it.

Although Linze was a little confused on why this bag would be in his room, but thinking about it when he was clashing liquor with his dad last night, his sister must have secretly brought Xu Yanyan into his room, and had secretly switched on his PC.

But there's a point that Linze was extremely relieved. Numerous lessons had taught Linze to long learn onto putting【good stuff】into his removable drive.

Making folders hidden from view, or giving documents names such as【Middle School Exam Revision Papers】and so on were all paper tiger strategies, as numerous lessons told Linze that they were all for naught.

Have you freaking seen a 600GB worth of【Middle School Exam Revision Papers】huh.

And so without any other thoughts, Linze immediately skillfully stretched out his hands to pick up the panties, planning on stuffing the pair of panties into the bag, and return it entirely to Xu Yanyan.

But just at this moment, Xu Yanyan pushed open the door that Linze had left ajar.

The heck, when did Xu Yanyan went up to the 2nd floor, how did I not hear the footsteps sounds coming from that ancient staircase.

Linze currently was in an extremely awkward position, for the current Linze was still crouching.

That wasn't the main point, the crux was that in his left hand, it had Xu Yanyan's bear panties still grabbed within.

If it was to be seen by Xu Yanyan, he would definitely turn into a【Pervert】already.

A lifetime's deed of brilliance can't be destroyed by just this act.

Obviously, during this split second, stuffing the panties back into the bag was already too late.

As such huge extents of movements would obviously not be hidden from Xu Yanyan's notice.

Plus, if it was to be discovered by Xu Yanyan that the bag in which she had her panties stored within was on his bed, with his left hand still stretched right inside of it.

Wouldn't that sort of situation be even more obscene then, and it would be even harder for him to explain it out.

During this important crisis, Linze in a blink of an eye thought up of a good idea, and that was to temporarily conceal this matter past her.

Linze then instantly stood upright, using his body to block the space in between the door and the bag, with his left hand that was grabbing the panties concealed right behind his back.

First is to get past this situation, afterwards it'll be to then return this bag in its original untouched state to Xu Yanyan; Linze almost wanted to give out a cheer for the idea that he had concocted.

At that moment, Xu Yanyan pushed open the doors, only seeing the straightly standing Linze right before her eyes.

Currently, the cheeks on Linze's left side had sweat materializing; he only hoped that the goddess of luck would be able to bless him with power.


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