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Character Introduction

The male protagonist of the series, who had extreme 8th-grader syndrome when young. He possesses the astounding yet unreliable ability [Return by Death].

Yan Yebo
Linze's best buddy in class. A slightly chubby boy with heavy otaku interests, he eventually joined the Manga Club formed by Linze.

Linze's younger sister, who went to study at the neighboring city for half a year. She's Xu Yanyan's best friend. Previous school was Dulwich Germany International School.

Xu Yanyan
Best friend of Linling in class at Dulwich, she eventually became Linze's girlfriend after a miserable confession by Linze. Extremely proficient in handling knives.

Childhood friend of Linze, who lived beside him in the past but had now moved out. Extremely intelligent, she's one of the top scorers in Linze's middle school and is currently excelling at another province's top school. Self proclaimed girlfriend of Linze after a certain incident. Extremely knowledgeable in the usage of dangerous chemicals.

Upperclasswoman Meiyue
The prettiest girl in Linze's school, he also has a secret crush on her. Currently studying in her 3rd year. There's more than it meets the eye about her...

A girl from the same class as Linze, she's an excellent painter who eventually joined the Manga club formed by him. A despondent Linze accepted her love confession made to him after a certain incident. Dangerously unpredictable when agitated.

Su Yumo
Rebellious girl in the same school as Linze, she often skipped classes to focus on her hobby and secret job - a manga artist! Became Linze's girlfriend after a certain incident, which compelled Linze to accept without a choice left. Performs dangerous self-inflicting harm when agitated.

An extremely renowned popular idol in the country. Eventually became Linze's girlfriend after professing her love to him, which he gloomily accepted. Devious in using mass media in turning the situation to her favor when agitated.

An active jogger, she often uses the term 'it must be fate!' when encountering Linze, who on the contrary is deeply suspicious and fearful of her warming up to him. ???

Pang Siruo
Linze's cousin, they were good friends when young. Linze had mistakenly believed that he's a boy due to 'his' short hair and attire during their time spent playing together. Eventually, a wretched Linze agreed to be engaged to her.  Extremely ruthless and shows extreme intelligence in plot execution when agitated.

Her name, just like her active demeanor, means tangerines. Best friend (and seemingly more) of Hanying in class. Dislikes Linze, and often goes to huge extents to uncover dirt on him. ???

Linze inwardly thinks that she's like a slutty bitch. He finds himself unaccepting and fearful of her actions warming up to him. ???


  1. That's a lot of yanderes...
    rip Linze

  2. Linze looks actually decent and doesn't have the typical anime protag hair. a Good well done on the Illustrator👏🏻

  3. MC is as good as forever dead. His ability 「Return by Death」is as good as a torture

  4. The hell!!
    a Yandere Paradise? and sh*t he engaged and become bf of mutiple yanderes!?

  5. With this line up, only a yandere goddesses can save him.


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