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RE:Yandere ch5

Chapter 5: The correct way of a love confession

TL: flarewk

Inside of a reasonably priced eatery, Linze was currently having his dinner with Xu Yanyan.

Just as what Linze had anticipated, it seemed that Xu Yanyan had indeed heard from his sister about the location of his high school, and henceforth was able to directly look for the school which Linze was currently at.

Before Linze ended school, Xu Yanyan arrived at the school gates of his high school just in the nick of time.

「What's the matter, is there something on your mind?」

Xu Yanyan asked Linze, who was currently looking at the scenery outside the windows.

「Nah, none at all.」

Linze replied.

Actually, it's primarily due to that jerk Yan Yebo, who again mentioned Upperclasswoman Meiyue right in front of Linze, hence causing himself to start worrying about this single-sided crush of his once more.

Although according to rumors, Upperclasswoman Meiyue currently didn't have any boyfriend, but who can say that one day, there would be just a『yellow haired』male appearing.

Thinking up to this point, Linze once more gave off a slight sigh.

Actually, Linze in the past once had the notion of confessing to Upperclasswoman Meiyue, but in a blink of an eye dismissed that thought back into his mind.

Compared to the pretty and elegant Upperclasswoman Meiyue, he's only a common and extremely normal student, and you can even say that he's normal up to the point where there's not a bit of merit to him.

For that type of him to go and confess, that's just like a joke, for it's one hundred percent assured that he'll be rejected.

Linze felt that with regards to a genuine love confession, it definitely wouldn't be a person lurching forward and pull out a girl that they had never spoken to before, saying『I like you』and thus being able to succeed henceforth.

Those gimmicks in animes or light novels were all lies, for the difference between reality and the imaginary world constructed by anime were too ginormous.

Those extremely awesome gimmicks that numerous light novel male leads would utilize when in the midst of【conquering female leads】, would instead normally be of zero freaking effectiveness when being utilized in reality.

Like the male lead from that 'Learning' light novel, who carried out actions such as employing a banner or using school broadcasts for love confessions and so on.

That definitely would only make both parties of the confession to feel embarrassed, causing that confession, which could originally succeed through normal ways of it occurring, to even result into a failure due to the male lead's extraordinarily ** actions.

Or it could even result in making the confessed female to once more evaluate the male lead's intelligence. And henceforth resulting in the originally good impression she had to turn into a negative one; it wouldn't be impossible for that sort of scenario to occur too.

Contrary to those confessions made in light novels, with regards to those confessions made in real life, if one wished for it to be successful, love confessions normally were those sort of last-hurdle tactics, employed to attain a breakthrough of the relationship between the boy and girl.

Only after when both sides had built adequate levels of feelings from the basic level, would one then be able to utilize a confession to formally ascertain both parties in the future to be mutually loyal in their love relationship.

Hence confessions in real life, definitely were not means employed in order to raise the levels of good impression in a person.

Only those fools would believe in those deceptions from light novels, and mistakenly think that a『love confession』was one of the methods for conquest.

In reality, confessions from strangers would only cause females to feel troubled, which might even cause them not to even receive the 'good person card' at all.

Within Upperclasswoman Meiyue's mind, Linze was extremely certain that there wasn't a place for him.

As he had never said a word to Upperclasswoman Meiyue once, and had only met upon by chance at a distance during in school; himself too only being like a passerby-admirer, merely observing Upperclasswoman Meiyue away from a far off distance.

If that sort of him went on confessing to Upperclasswoman Meiyue, it absolutely would never succeed.

About that part, Linze still rather understood it very well, as he wasn't any such male lead from animes or light novels, being an extremely normal high schooler instead.

Regards to the point of him being extremely normal, Linze is aware about it, way more than anybody.

Once, Linze too tried to retaliate against this sort of normality, with that retaliation even transforming into an extremely severe form, the 8th-grader's syndrome.

But in truth, through receiving various blows from reality, it made Linze gradually and completely understand, along with admitting, that he in actuality was merely just a normal person.

The him in this world, didn't possess any mysterious potential, nor had any sort of special powers.

And wouldn't, because of his best buddy's death, result in enormously strong powers imploding outwards.

Or that in this world, there's a【ZERO】or a【SkyFire】evil organization which he had imagined appearing to eliminate him.

Towards this passage of feelings of his, if it's possible, Linze would only hope that at a certain day before Upperclasswoman Meiyue's graduation, it'll be enough that he was able to say a phrase to her.

Even if it was just a normal『Good morning』.

And just like that, Linze would be extremely satisfied, as he felt that his single-sided crush in high school would be considered as being penned down with a wonderful end.

Actually, the initial reason on why Linze wanted to create mangas was to utilize through the announcement of its creation, on merely letting Upperclasswoman Meiyue the opportunity to pay an extra glance towards him.

Of course, the current Linze didn't not only had that thought, but also wanted to live out his youth freely.

「Linze, is it really that boring to be hanging out with me.」

Seeing Linze not opening his mouth once more, Xu Yanyan thus suddenly uttered.

「How is that possible. Being together with Yanyan makes me very happy.」

Seeing Xu Yanyan asking such a question, Linze knew that if he continued to be unfocused, it's inevitable that he would be too disrespectful towards Xu Yanyan.

His most initial motive was originally to help Xu Yanyan on discharging those loneliness after his younger sister had left, and if it caused Yanyan to feel even more depressed as a result, there would be no point to him specially having a meal together with Xu Yanyan today.

Actually, when Linze carefully gave it a thought, it seemed that other than his sister, the number of times that he had spoken to girls in this year was practically countable with his fingers.

What topic should he start off conversing with, in order to not let Xu Yanyan feel bored. An extremely difficult problem was placed right in front of Linze.

Linze pondered for a moment. Since he's going to converse with a girl, then evidently looking for a mutual hobby which both sides possessed would let the conversation be more natural, and wouldn't seem too forced.

But what made him most interested would still be stuff that's like games and whatnot.

As the other party was a girl, it's evident that it's impossible on having a chat about stuff relating to games.

He can't place that tiny beacon of hope onto those sort of impossible-to-occur events.

But if he was to say up something that's too overly girly, it's inevitable that it would be having an effect on his prestigious image as an senior.

It's rare that Xu Yanyan was different when compared to his sister Linling, who still treated himself as an elderly brother.

Linze felt that it's a must for him to preserve what remained of his seniority's pride.

Seeing himself once again not opening up his mouth for a period of time, Xu Yanyan seemed to really be a little unhappy. Linze felt that the word miserable would perhaps be the most apt to describe that expression instead.

Suddenly, Linze had a flash of idea, abruptly thinking up of what he should be saying at this point of time to Xu Yanyan.

As expected, he should first sweet talk Xu Yanyan.

「Yanyan, normally when Linling is at school, does she have anyone that she likes.」

Linze decided to first use his younger sister as a breakpoint.

「If it's Linling, there isn't a guy that she liked. But I heard that quite a couple of guys secretly liked her, it's just that no one confessed to her.」

Xu Yanyan replied to Linze.

Seriously. Upon hearing that there were people who liked his sister, Linze simply felt pity for those lads.

Those guys definitely only saw the『Exquisite』version that his sister displayed on the exterior, and must not have been aware about the brusque side belonging to her.

But with regards to his sister being popular, Linze in reality was already a little prescient about it.

After all, she's different from himself, for his younger sister looked to be rather pretty, and because of her looks, there would always be some youthful brat who would hold some feelings towards it.

「How about you, Yanyan, is there anyone that you currently like.」

Linze suddenly spun the conversation and said towards Yanyan, he felt that directly having a chat with girls on the topic of love would absolutely not be a bad decision.

About the source of that inspiration, he had derived it from a certain anime; a couple of teenage girls gathering in a room, there's a feeling that most of the time they were having conversations about the topic of love.

Upon hearing that enquiry of Linze's, as well as noticing Linze gazing at herself, Xu Yanyan immediately had her face buried slightly.

Her eyes seemed to be a little drifted.

Seeing that attitude from Xu Yanyan, Linze self thought that he's rather intelligent, for he naturally guessed out the current thoughts within Xu Yanyan's mind.

「Yanyan, currently you do have someone that you liked, right.」

Linze said to Xu Yanyan.

As expected, same as to boys in their youth, girls upon entering this age would more or less have someone they had a slight liking towards.

Like for example the captain of the soccer team, or the ace of the basketball club, or perhaps that guy with the best grades in class and so on.

Linze was still very aware about these, since he's someone who walked that path before, even though what made Linze mournful was that the fortune of being loved by girls had never been up onto him in any case.

But after waiting past the period of youth, if a girl would still be single, Linze felt that the deciding selection for their partner would have some changes towards it. Normally, they would be using a combination of personality, family status and outer looks to judge men.

That's why middle school was in fact the best age to go and get girls, for as long as there's some merits within you, Linze felt that there would normally be girls who will like you.

And of course, those merits must be positive, for if it's something like the past him in which his 8th-graderness level had reached its peak, it would then only cause a detrimental effect instead.

Upon hearing Linze saying that there's a guy which she liked, Yanyan immediately raised her head up slightly, peering at Linze from an angle looking upwards.

「Linze, how did you know that I have someone that I liked.」

「It's because your attitude earlier had already told me about it. Speaking of which, about the guy you liked, what kind of a person is he exactly.」

「 asking me that sort of.......」

「Come on and tell me~, I feel that being able to be liked by such a cute Yanyan, he definitely must be an extremely fortunate guy.」

Hearing Linze saying it as such, Yanyan seemed to be slightly tangled, momentarily.

「Big brother Linze, do you really think of it like that.」

「Yup, a guy that is able to be liked by Yanyan is really too overly fortunate. For example, if I'm to be liked by a girl like Yanyan, I would definitely choose to immediately marry Yanyan back home.」

Linze said out his words of praises he had towards Xu Yanyan.

「Meowuauwuwu......let me calm down for a moment.」

Xu Yanyan suddenly pressed both of her hands onto her cheeks, and had the entirety of her face buried low.

'Yellow haired' male = More commonly known as 'that person who stole your lover behind your back'. A famous stereotype due to those evil ntr bastards in 'animes' always having golden/brownish hair.

'Learning' light novel = I assumed it to be this one, though I can't be 100% sure (I didn't read it)

'Good person' card = famous line thrown out when a girl rejects your love confession. (in ACGN)
"Umm, XXX, you're a good person, but........"


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