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RE:Yandere ch12

Chapter 12: Dream prophecy and Return by Death

TL: flarewk

After sending off Xu Yanyan, Linze closed the porch doors and returned back to his room.

He stood by his bedside.

What is exactly going on here.

First, Linze decided to tidy up the events that occurred during the timeline.

Starting was that he discovered【Xu Yanyan's bag】, followed by Xu Yanyan coming over to take it, and after that would be【A call from Tangyin】, and lastly was that he sent Xu Yanyan off.

The important items at hand in the timeline, like for example【Xu Yanyan's bag】's appeared position, as well as the time that he received【A call from Tangyin】; they were almost similar as to what it was in his memory.

The most important incident, the arrival of Xu Yanyan, was the exact same as with his memory.

The only difference was that due to himself making a different decision this time, the outcome it resulted was thus different.

What differed compared to himself from his memory, was that the memory's him did not return the bag to Xu Yanyan, instead choosing to hang the bag in the living room after she had left.

While the him this time, successfully returned the bag to Xu Yanyan when she arrived instead.

As for the origin of those memories which he possessed, could it be, that it's the legendary【Prophecy】, which only an【Omniscient】being or a【Predictor】would then be able to see it through their dreams.

That realistic dream scene told him, that he would be killed by Xu Yanyan in the future........

No, that's not right.

Linze somehow felt that there's something not right. His inner conscious told him that everything which happened right in front of him weren't scenes from his dream.

Suddenly, unbeknownst to Linze, he thought of a particular legendary power, and that would be the【Return by Death】ability.

After dying, time would roll back all the way to a certain point.

Linze suddenly felt that it was really foolish of him already, as how would this sort of ability be possessed by him, a normal person.

Linze firstly went on pinching his cheeks; he was then absolutely sure that the current him wasn't in a dream.

Then, under the condition that he wasn't in a dream, if he really wanted to make sure on whether he possessed the ability【Return by Death】, it would be that simple already; or at least that's what Linze thought.

As long as he commits suicide once, if he was still able to return back to the time previously, he's then able to immediately confirm on what he possessed was the ability【Return by Death】, and not a【Dream Prophecy】kind instead.

But to be committing a suicide; that sort of testing method, to Linze, could be said to be an impossible kind of testing method.

What if the ability that he suddenly obtained was a【Dream Prophecy】, then wouldn't he be idiotically and wastefully suiciding.

Plus, according to the 8th grader syndrome period Linze had in the past, he had gathered a collection of books which detailed records of【England】explaining【Black magic】, and as for that level of magic like【Return by Death】.

It's able to let a person's soul temporarily reject the grasp of the death god, along with twisting the cause and effect of time, allowing the soul to bring along its memories back to its previous body.

That level of magic, could be said to be of the same level as the legendary【sealed Forbidden Incantation】, which powers are sufficient enough to【destroy the entire world】.

No, that magic perhaps might be at a level above that as of the【sealed Forbidden Incantation】.

As the【Return by Death】ability completely denied the laws of this world, denied the aspect that created time, denied the foundation of all living creatures in existence at the third dimension.

Hence even if Linze was to be really sure that he had possessed the ability【Return by Death】, he wouldn't be utilizing the ability that easily.

There's nothing in the world that one doesn't need to pay a price, or at least that's what Linze thought.

All creatures in the laws of this world are subject to the state of equilibrium.

When there's a gain, there indefinitely will be a loss.

Hence even after Linze had absolutely ascertained himself to be possessing that ability, at least, before he was clear on its secondary effects and its unknown cost to initiate, Linze wouldn't want to be so casually utilizing that power.

Plus, it might even be possible that the【Return by Death】ability he had was simply just a one-time-use only.

He that was blessed once by the gods, should he attempt to use it once more, it might perhaps even result into him welcoming onto his death for real this time.

But no matter what, be that his memories were obtained from a【Dream Prophecy】, or learned from using【Return by Death】.

There's one point that wouldn't change. And that was, the him later on according to the timeline should be killed off by Xu Yanyan.

Why Xu Yanyan would want to kill him, Linze was extremely puzzled onto that point.

Linze sat on his bed for a very, very long time, yet wasn't able to think up of a reason.

As killing a person wasn't anything that could be joked about.

In order to confirm plus once again establish his dream's authenticity, Linze decided to give Tangyin a call.

In the event that the reason why Tangyin was looking for him, was the same as the scenario that had occurred plenty of times in his memory, Linze would then be willing to believe and admit to the legitimacy of his memory.

Those memories weren't hallucinations or imaginations that Linze had developed out from his insanity.

Even if he had coincidentally made a dream, it couldn't be that it would be that incidental.

As he thought, Linze immediately unlocked his phone, and skillfully pressed a button returning a call to Tangyin.

But the moment that the call went into process, what followed was that Linze discovering his call being instantly rejected by Tangyin.

She was at the very least his childhood friend, hence to those actions of Tangyin, Linze definitely was able to understand why. It seemed that if he wasn't mistaken, Tangyin should be having a temper against him.

After having dialed Tangyin's number once more, Linze's call was being picked up.

「What did you call me for.」

Tangyin's voice emerged from the receiver side of the phone.

In actuality, the current Linze had his mind in an extremely anxious state, hence he didn't have the thoughts to go beat around the bush with Tangyin.

「I'd say Tangyin, did you specially call me to invite me over on watching a movie during this weekend.」

Linze went straight to the point, questioning Tangyin as such.

「C, course' not. I wouldn't want to invite you to go watch a movie.」

「Please. I'm asking you very seriously right now.」

Linze said very solemnly to Tangyin.

After the other side of the phone remained silent for a while, Linze heard Tangyin's reponse.

「Actually, the reason why I called you today, was merely because that I wanted to ask if you have time during the next weekend. My classmate which originally made a promise with me next weekend suddenly had something on, which is why I thus came over to ask whether if you had time or not.......that's why, it's not that I've come to purposely invite you at all, in fact, it doesn't bother me whether you have time or not.......but, if you have time, I wouldn't mind watching a movie together with you.......」

Tangyin's voice became softer and softer as she spoke towards the end.

I see, just as expected.

Linze subconsciously had his eyebrows frowning.

「Speaking of which, how did you guess that I wanted to invite you to go watch the movies next weekend.」

Tangyin suddenly asked Linze.

「Perhaps this would be what they call childhood friends being in sync. Same as to you, I've long wanted to invite you out to watch a movie already.」

Linze casually rubbished out a reason.

「I see~」

Tangyin's voice coming from the other side of the phone sounded to be a little delighted.

Although Linze once was a little worried that Tangyin wouldn't believe his gibberish, it currently seemed like he had managed to bluff his way through the situation.

After continuing to chat a couple of words with Tangyin, Linze found an excuse and hung up the call.

Since every single lead so far have been proving the legitimacy of Linze's memory, Linze felt that what he should be doing next was to properly investigate Xu Yanyan.


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