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RE:Yandere ch18

Chapter 18: The second tailing

TL: flarewk

As he had gone to Xu Yanyan's home yesterday, having fun and laughter chatting with Xu Yanyan and her mother during dinner.

Linze had thus originally thought that he was finally able to be a little more relieved upon returning back home, and would have his worries put down to obtain a peaceful night sleep.

But in reality, he wasn't able to sleep again last night.

Just as expected, the shadows of him being murdered was like a parasite that had burrowed deep within his bones, not easily being forgotten.

That realistic feeling of an icy cold object piercing through one's stomach, how could that be easily forgotten.

Up till the point where as long as Linze had his eyes closed within the darkness, he would be able to feel that Xu Yanyan had delved out from the dark to his bedsides, her hands wielding a sharp dagger.

Linze who was left with no choice had switched on all of the lights in his home for the entire night, with it then resulting in his emotions finally calming down a little.

And because as such, Linze had went sleepless again last night, which caused him to once again choose to lazily sleep during classes.

According to the occasional peeking Linze made during classes, it seemed that the lessons which the teacher was teaching was exactly the same to that of his memory.

That made Linze even more certain about the experience of him being stabbed to death, as that definitely mustn't be something that he had imagined.

If that had been a scenario which he had conceived, it would be impossible that his brain was able to imagine out knowledge that he wasn't even aware of at all, for he wasn't that intelligent up till the point where he was able to theorize something out from nothing.

「What's the matter, why are you sickly-looking again today, it can't be that you're really sick. Need help asking leave from teach to go to the hospital.」

During lunchbreak, Yan Yebo came to Linze's sides, concernedly asking Linze.

「Don't worry, I'm not sick. It's just that I'm not able to have a good sleep again last night. Perhaps its that I have slept too much during classes yesterday.」

Linze replied as such to Yan Yebo.

「You rascal, you really don't give a crap about the teachers. Hurry up and adjust your internal clock, if not, you'll be suffering in agony during the next placement tests.」

「Rest assured, don't look at me being in a state of half sleep, for in fact I too was properly listening during lessons.」

「Right now there's a phrase that I want to present to you.」

「What phrase?」

「Why dost thy majesty not seize thee winds, to cyclone the skies up trillion miles high.」

As Yan Yebo spoke he made a held fist salute towards Linze, seemingly like as if he's those martial arts masters from televisions and movie shows. 

Linze gave off a helpless smile.

「Thanks for the trouble, my good buddy. I'll be counting on you to help me get my lunch today as well.」

While Linze spoke, he once more placed his head comfortably on the desk.

「Sure I can help you get your lunch, but right now I have another question that I want to ask you seriously. You really do want to form a manga club, right.」

Yan Yebo questioned Linze.

「But of course, my good buddy.」

Linze replied impetuously.

「Alright then, since that's the case, you must demonstrate out a good example for me.」

「What sort of good example do you want me to demonstrate.」

「Go poach Hanying over into this, if there's such a drawing expert like Hanying around, I feel that the creation of the manga club will go even more smoothly.」

「But isn't painting what Hanying has primarily learnt.」

Linze suddenly said.

Hearing Linze saying what Hanying had primarily learnt was painting, Yan Yebo evidently became a little shocked.

「How did you know about that.」

Yan Yebo questioned Linze.

「Why do you care whether I know about it, and speaking of which, why do I feel that you seem to be especially resolute towards Hanying.」

Linze currently was still crouched on his desk with his eyes shut, as he nonchalantly spoke.

「I don't, I'm just only doing it for the future development of the manga club! I'm off to buy you lunch.」

Hearing Yan Yebo saying such words, Linze slowly opened up his eyes.

And looked towards the back of the distancing Yan Yebo.

「Why is this rascal so frantic.」

Finished speaking, without further much thought Linze once more went lying down on his desk and fell deep into slumber.

But the truth was Linze had actually wanted to go do what Yan Yebo had suggested, and after he had finished eating the lunch which Yan Yebo had provided, Linze went forth to go extend an invitation towards Hanying.

Acting according to his memory to call Hanying out behind the school buildings afterwards, the progress of everything was seemingly smooth as per the exact same with his memories. Hanying made Linze give her a few days of consideration, before providing a reply on Friday or Saturday.

Afterwards, Linze told this piece of news to his good buddy Yan Yebo, with him appearing very agitated, inviting Linze on the spot to his home that day to discuss it in detail.

But Linze still planned on continuing to skip classes in the afternoon, hence immediately rejected Yan Yebo.

The reason as to why he decided to skip classes, was of course to carry on monitoring Xu Yanyan.

Since according to his memory, he would be stabbed to death by Xu Yanyan on Wednesday.

Although there weren't anything special happening during Monday yesterday, no one can guarantee that there wouldn't be anything abnormal occurring on Tuesday.

And hence Linze once more ditched the final lesson held in the afternoon, and arrived at the entrance of【Dulwich】school again, hiding behind the same old electrical pole as yesterday.

According to Linze's plan today, he intended to continue tailing Xu Yanyan.

Of course, this time Linze wasn't intending to tail Xu Yanyan all the way to the estate region where she lived, as Linze had already experienced the prowess of the security at that estate region, and didn't want to incur onto them once more.

Hence Linze would want to act according to the situation today, ceasing the stalking outside of the estate region.

As the traffic leading towards Dulwich wasn't jammed, Linze reached【Dulwich】30 minutes before it ended.

Linze who felt that the time was still early, currently had his phone opened up from behind the electrical pole and flipped out a photo of Xu Yanyan from inside an album.

He found that photo yesterday from the albums of his sister's online social network.

Looking at that photo, Linze gave off a sigh.

「Pervert master, you still dared to appear today.」

Suddenly a loud roar came behind from Linze's back, followed with a soccer ball being heavily kicked towards his head.

Linze who reacted towards it knowing that he clearly wouldn't make it if he was to dodge, hence immediately used his left hand to guard his face.

The soccer ball was like a small cannonball as it heavily slammed onto Linze's left forearm, bouncing off afterwards.

Linze felt that his left forearm had felt onto an immense pain, as if it was being heavily whacked by a person using an wooden baton.

If that hit was to land on his face, Linze felt that his nose would probably be broken.

「Now you know my power, pervert master.」

Linze trailed looking at the voice and the direction which the soccer ball came flying, and saw a male middle-schooler standing there; the school uniform which he donned should be from【Dulwich】.

That male middle-schooler appeared to be rather handsome and energetic looking.

Plus it seemed that his head was rather high up; Linze felt that the height of this male middle-schooler seemed to be almost as tall as him.

He somehow felt that he had seen this boy somewhere before.

In an instant, Linze remembered. The time was yesterday, and the place was by【Dulwich】school gates.

This male middle-schooler right in front of him had invited Xu Yanyan to take a ride on his sedan.

Why dost thy majesty not seize thee winds, to cyclone the skies up trillion miles high = in modern speak; if you're so darn good why aren't you a god already


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  3. Fuck I actually went to Dulwich Beijing for a time and this sounds really familiar to the Beijing campus. The author must have been/is a student or works there

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