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RE:Yandere ch24

Chapter 24: The second death experience

TL: flarewk

Very quickly, it was already the following day's lunchtime, as Yan Yebo a little unbelievably looked at Linze.

Because Linze today actually hadn't slept in class at all, and it seemed that the teachers were all a little surprised.

「You brat, finally you're willing to bring the task of sleeping back home huh.」

Turning his chair around, Yan Yebo who was seated right in front of Linze said towards him.

As such Linze could only smile bitterly. To be frank, it's not that he didn't want to sleep today, but it's really because that he's unable to sleep.

Since unbeknownst to him why, he still felt a little terrified within his mind today.

Rationally, his relationship with Xu Yanyan should already be extremely harmonized, plus according to Linze's call confirmation yesterday, Xu Yanyan too safely took a cab back home.

Everything of everything were proceeding very smoothly, hence Linze felt that today should definitively be a peaceful day.

But this unease within his mind, where exactly did it come from.

「Alright, alright, let's go have our lunch together.」

As Yan Yebo said he stretched his hands out to Linze, seemingly intending to pull Linze up and head to the canteen together for lunch.

「Sorry, can you still continue to help me get my lunch today.」

「Can is can, but what exactly happened to you already. I'm not sure why, but I have the feeling that you're acting strange these few days. Don't tell me that the 8th grader syndrome you've cured is acting up again?」

As Yan Yebo spoke, he used his left hand to rap on Linze's shoulders.

「If it's really just my 8th grader syndrome relapsing again, that sort of situation is what I actually hoped to be happening instead. I really wish that the memories I had previously are only just my imagination.」

Linze's tone was extremely helpless.

「You brat, looks like it's really a relapse of 8th grader's syndrome.」

As Yan Yebo spoke, he stood up from his seat.

「What do you want to eat, I'll help to bring it back.」

「Anything will do.」

「Got it.」

As he said, Yan Yebo left the class.

Currently during lunchtime, a huge majority of the students in class had went off to have their lunch, and there weren't much sort of abnormality like Linze around.

To tell the truth, Linze was very envious of those carefree-go-lucky students, as he previously was one of them, yet he didn't knew how to treasure that set of extremely precious carefreeness.

Just when Linze was looking at the sky outside the windows dazing around, Hanying currently approached Linze.

「Is the sky today beautiful?」

Due to Hanying's words, Linze immediately noticed that Hanying was already by his desk since unbeknownst when.

「Yeah, I'm not sure why but looking at the sky will always be able to make my mood be a little calmed down.」

Linze replied Hanying as such.

「About your invitation, I've completely considered about it yesterday at night. I've decided to join the Manga club that you formed, but I have my conditions.」

Hearing Hanying accepting his invitation, it could be said to be the best news that Linze heard during these couple of days.

「As the current leader of the Manga club, I welcome you aboard. Though the Manga club presently still isn't that accomplished, it definitely will be outstanding in the future.」

「Don't be that happy yet, there are conditions for me to join.」

「What conditions, just tell me about it.」

「Since you wanted to properly carry out a Manga club, then it's vital to have a fixed venue for its activities. I heard from Yan Yebo, that due to your family circumstances, right now you seem to be in a status of living by yourself.」

As she spoke, Hanying's gaze seemed to be a little drifted.

「Since that's the case, can you have your home be contributed out as a venue for club activities. Since we're drawing manga, we can't be doing the drawing at school or in a cafe right.」

「About that, I absolutely have no problem. Actually, even if my family members are at home, my initial plan was to have my room be contributed out as a venue for『club activities』.」

「'll be set then.」

「But of course. Since I as the person who created this club, with regards to our club's venue of activities, there's no reason that it wouldn't be assured.」

After lunch had ended, in a blink of an eye it's very quickly once again after-school timing, and to be frank Linze was a little nervous.

Because it'll soon be the moment of life decisions. Originally Linze was planning to jump the skipping rope, skipping off Yan Yebo and not go to his house today, but he didn't expect that he was skipped prior by Yan Yebo, as he said that something had cropped up at home, with today's gathering being cancelled, and thereafter had hastily proceeded home after school ended.

To be frank, towards the matter of Yan Yebo skipping him off, Linze was still rather conscious about it, as since according to his memory, Yan Yebo shouldn't have anything at home today by right.

But those weren't important, and immediately, Linze threw all of these to the back of his head.

RIght now, what he needed to do was extremely simple, and that was to immediately return home after leaving school, afterwards locking himself up at home, and with regards to anything else, Linze didn't want to think about it already.

Just when Linze was walking out of the school building, Hanying chased behind him from his back instead, and walked right by Linze's left side.

「If it's possible, are you able to bring me to your house today to take a look, I want to know what the venue for our future club activities will look like. Don't worry, I'll be returning home after just a look.」

Hearing Hanying's words, Linze didn't instantly respond.

But it can be seen that Linze was pondering about it, as the both of them continued on walking, and had arrived by the school gates.

By the gates of the school, Linze stopped his footsteps.

He looked towards Hanying, the both of them looking at each other face-to-face.

「Sorry, as expected I can't for today.」

「No, the one who needs to apologize should be me. Just as I thought, my request is a little too overboard.」

「Of course not, Hanying. I feel that your request is extremely reasonable, but you see, as expected due to some reasons today I'm not able to bring you back to my house. Can it be tomorrow.」

「Sure it can.」

Hanying immediately nodded her head to Linze.

Next up Linze and Hanying walked the same path together, and the both of them casually chatted a couple of prospects towards the future of the Manga club.

After parting with Hanying, Linze hastily made his way back home.

Plus Linze even specially steered away from that street in his memory where he was being stabbed to death by Xu Yanyan.

When he had safely reached his house door entrance, Linze finally gave off a sigh of relief.

Looks like he had already changed his fate.

As expected, if he wanted to go do something, there's no reason why it shouldn't succeed.

But there's a point in which Linze's mind was still actually very confused, and it was that in his memory, why would Xu Yanyan at that time want to stab him to death.

Linze completely hadn't a clue about it on it's cause, plus he's not able to find a single result at all about it during the investigation later on.

But since fate had already been changed, Linze felt that he would still need to spend time days later to find out about that cause.

Or perhaps it's fine to not go investigate it.

Just when Linze was thinking as such and had taken his keys out from his pockets, intending to open the house doors.

An agonizing pain suddenly came over from Linze's back waist, with fresh redness instantly dying the back waist area of Linze's school uniform red.

After an icy cold yet sharp object went in a downwards slicing motion, it was immediately being pulled out.

The abrupt accident and pain made Linze instantly befuddled.

「Even though I've already given Big brother Linze a chance already, why ! ! ! ! !」

Xu Yanyan's insane screams came from behind Linze, Linze was extremely certain that it was Xu Yanyan's voice.

Even though that voice sounded extremely hysterical.

The fear which was originally constrained by Linze, currently utterly exploded out from Linze's body.

Quaking of his entire body, along with unbearable pain of his back waist.

This level of pain even made Linze dare not turn his head around, for Linze knew that the him right now definitely wouldn't want to go confirm onto the injury at his back waist, as he's able to feel that there's seemingly something leaking out from the back of his waist already.

The current Linze had his brain already stopped functioning, with only one thought remaining, and that was to『hurry up and escape back to your house, hurry up and get away from Xu Yanyan』.

Linze hastily stuffed his key completely in the keyhole, seemingly intending to quickly open up the door, but what followed was an excruciating pain coming from five of Linze's right hand fingers.

To be precisely put, the pain came from the spliced off portion of his five fingers.

Linze's five fingers had been cleanly chopped off, he agonizingly gave off a loud scream, while at the same time tears along with blood gushed out together.

「Why won't you turn around and look at me, do you really hate me that much......」

Xu Yanyan made a question towards Linze, asking, as she currently had her bouts of hysteria vanished.

But how would Linze at that moment be in the mood to listen to what Xu Yanyan have to say, as the pain already made him lose his mind's functioning.

Linze felt that his whole body had instantly became powerless, and had knelt onto the ground facing the house door, along with fixatedly staring at his five fingers that were sliced off.

「Answer me!!!」

Xu Yanyan once again became crazed, as she screamed loudly at Linze.

But naturally, she didn't immediately receive upon any sort of response.

「I understand, so Big brother Linze hates me huh.」

Xu Yanyan current state once again quietened down, with her tone becoming extremely hurtful as she said.

Of course, the current Linze also didn't listen clearly to whatever Xu Yanyan was saying, and was only aware that she seemed to be saying a certain something.

After the conclusion of those words......

Linze felt that there's an icy cold object repeatedly entering in and out of the sides of his body, with his consciousness afterwards fading away.


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