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RE:Yandere ch19

Chapter 19: Pervert master

TL: flarewk

Just at this moment, another student from Dulwich Middle School appeared behind Linze's back.

He, along with that other boy from earlier, had Linze surrounded, with a person in front and the other at the back.

As a high-schooler, it wouldn't be anything honorable to be surrounded by two middle-schoolers, hence Linze's mood definitely wouldn't be good at all.

Plus, those two middle-schoolers weren't that sort of short-sized kinds of middle-schoolers. The two boys had grown to be rather huge, with their heights almost being as tall as Linze already.

Other than their faces slightly appearing to be a little childish, their size alone hadn't lost one bit to Linze's.

Especially that handsome middle-schooler who had kicked the soccer ball towards Linze, he even appeared to be rather athletic as well.

Linze pondered for a moment, then spoke towards that middle-schooler who kicked the soccer ball.

「I was thinking, that could there be any misunderstanding between us.」

「Misunderstanding? Impossible. Pervert master, you have been stalking Xu Yanyan yesterday, right.」

Linze eyebrows gave a twitch upon hearing that. He knew that his current expression must never unveil any sign of panic, if not it really would become unexplainable.

Plus, facing against those two righteously deemed middle-schoolers, Linze didn't want to overly kick up a fuss with them too.

For Linze saw a trace of his shadow back then on them.

Though they were inconveniencing him, Linze couldn't deny that the both of them at least for the very moment looked like lads who weren't bad at all, as their original intentions contained kind motives therein.

At least they were way better than those uncaring and stuck-up bystanders in this situations.

Without any hesitation whatsoever, Linze smiled and said towards that youngster who kicked the soccer ball.

「About stalking Xu Yanyan, how did you know about it.」

「There's a female student who saw your suspicious actions yesterday, but I originally thought that it's just a misunderstanding. Since you still dared to appear today, looks like it definitely isn't a misunderstanding.」

「No, it really is a misunderstanding.......」

Linze hastily explained.

「Enough talking, I don't want to hear you speak, it feels like it'll be sullying my ears. I don't mind telling you this, I already have photographic evidence of your suspicious actions hiding behind the electrical pole taken by my phone, plus I also have that female student as a witness. Since both testimonial and data evidence are at hand, I'll give you three choices right now.」

After a moment's pause, that middle-schooler continued saying.

「The first choice, I'll immediately call the police, letting them handle you, as well as notifying your school, ruining your reputation.」

「The second choice, should you resist, me and my good friend will first give you a beating, afterwards calling down the police to handle this matter, as well as notifying your school about it.」

「As for the third, you'll be letting my phone take down a video of guarantee, promising that next time, you will never harass Xu Yanyan anymore. I'll be specially letting you off the hook just this once, and of course, if you're being discovered by me next time on harassing Xu Yanyan, I really won't be that courteous towards you then.」

After Linze had finished listening to the words made by that middle-schooler, why does it sounds like he is trying to tempt him into selecting the third choice.

So it's just as expected of a student from Dulwich, looking at this middle-schooler's ride yesterday, he knew that his family circumstances wouldn't be that simple.

A child coming from family circumstances that weren't simple, as expected, their way of speaking would have their own intents within.

Tempting him to record down a video of guarantee huh, it indeed is an excellent method.

「Wait, the biggest problem with you guys now, is to assume that I'm a pervert master.」

Linze defended himself, saying.

「Don't tell me that you aren't a pervert master already? Also, your appearance is so obscene-looking as well, it's very fitting of the image of a pervert master in my mind.」

That middle-schooler questioned Linze.

「Then, for me to appear to be that obscene-looking in your eyes, I'm really very sorry about that. 」

Linze couldn't resist giving out a rebuttal, afterwards calmed himself for a moment before saying.

「Just listen to me explaining about this, and you'll know whether or not I'm a pervert master.」

「Sorry, I don't want to listen to explanations coming from a pervert master, I just only want to listen to your choice made.」

「One sentence, just one sentence will do. Don't tell me that I'm not even allowed to say a sentence of explanation, if that's the case then aren't you guys too overbearing already.」

「Fine, since it's just one sentence. I'll reluctantly listen to what you want to say then.」

「Since you guys know Xu Yanyan, then Linling shouldn't be any stranger to all of you too, right.」

Hearing Linze saying as such, the two middle-schooler immediately unveiled out an expression of illumination.

「We of course know about Linling. I think I understand already, I understand why you claim to not be a pervert master that's stalking Xu Yanyan.」

Linze upon hearing the other party saying as such, immediately had his worries put down.

Seeing the middle-schooler right in front of him having a look of being extremely intelligent, it seems that the other party have definitely guessed that he's Linling elder brother. It'll be easy to explain everything afterwards.

Suddenly, that middle-schooler used his left finger to point towards Linze's nose.

「So you're not a pervert master that stalks Xu Yanyan, but a pervert master that stalks Linling!」

「Of course not!!」

Linze felt that even he had already become a little speechless.

「It's precisely due to Linling temporarily not being at school, hence you stretched your evil claws towards another prettiest girl in Dulwich, Xu Yanyan. You really are despicable, unscrupulous and shameless to the max.」

「Wait, why are you just going round in circles, that I in your words is definitely a pervert master. Don't tell me that I appear to be really that obscene-looking, can't you consider about me more positively.」

「Sorry, you really didn't provide me with any sensation of being upright. And where's your stubbornness as a pervert master at, shouldn't a pervert master be dedicated from the start till the end. It's not long since Linling is gone, yet you've shifted your affection towards Xu Yanyan already. A pervert master that has no modesty at all, is the worst.」


Due to the other party's wild imagination, Linze for a moment actually became speechless.

「Firstly I want to correct a point, I definitely wouldn't hold any feelings towards that lass Linling. As for the reason why, it's because I'm her brother.」

As Linze spoke he unhesitatingly took out his smartphone and used his fingerprint to unlock it.

Afterwards, he opened the social app that he often used.

「Take a look, there's Linling right inside my good friends list.」

Linze felt that with regards to this person in front of him, he probably wouldn't listen to himself explaining properly using words.

Since that's the case he wouldn't be wasting his saliva, for it's evidently the best choice to use evidence on convincing the other side.

「This profile picture is Linling? What evidence do you have to prove that this user is Linling.」

Hearing the other party saying as such, Linze immediately became stupefied for a moment.

「Don't tell me that you guys have never added Linling on any social platform before, like【Wechat】,【QQ】and so on.」

Linze only saw the male middle-schooler right in front of him shaking his head, afterwards Linze shifted his gaze to behind his back, with the boy behind Linze too immediately shaking his head.

「How about Xu Yanyan's number, you guys should at least have it, right.」

Linze questioned the both of them, saying.

「 should be said that with regards to ways of liaising with Xu Yanyan, how is it possible that we would have them. She only tells those ways of liaison towards a few good friends of hers, and it's always been her forbidding them to let others know about it.」

The middle-schooler in front of Linze griped.

Pervert 'Master' = The 'master' word is commonly used in CN to describe someone as very skilled or being an expert in something. E.g. you can be a master in dota or pubg


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