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RE:Yandere ch4

Chapter 4: Roping in a best buddy

TL: flarewk🍟

After sending off Xu Yanyan, Linze closed the door of his house and returned to his room.

Taking out Xu Yanyan's bag from inside of his blanket, he thereafter turned round and placed it at the living room.

Linze didn't attempt to see what kind of stuff the interior of the bag contained, for he felt that peeking at the contents of a girl's bag was an extremely impolite thing to do.

About that aspect, Linze felt that he's still rather knightly.

After hanging Xu Yanyan's bag on the clothes rack located in the living room, Linze returned to his room once more.

The first thing he did when lying on the bed, was to use his phone to return a call back to Tangyin.

Previously, it was due to Xu Yanyan's panties which caused Linze to not be able to return her call timely, and since he had free time right now, it'll be the moment that he's able to return a call to ask Tangyin on why she had given him a ring at the first place.

No one picked up the phone after ringing for over a minute, hence Linze made another, and this time after just making the call, it was being picked up.

「Is this Linze?」

A lively female's voice emerged from the receiver's side, and just by hearing that voice, Linze knew that it was Tangyin.

「That's right, and speaking of which, we haven't been in contact for over a year. Tangyin, are you still doing good in your recent studies.」

「It's all right I suppose, this time at the province's top high school, my grades rank still maintained within the top five.」

「Woah, still being able to maintain such ranking at that sort of high school which is full of geniuses, you really are as impressive as like in the past, Tangyin.」

「Can I interpret this as, you're purposefully trying to flatter me.」

「Of course not, I sincerely do think of it as such. Furthermore, near the end of my 3rd year at middle school, if it wasn't for your willingness to help me in tutoring, perhaps I might not make it for even a third-grade high school already, hence my impression of your excellence is extremely deep rooted in me. Your tutoring, compared to those top-rated tuition teachers, is even more superior.」

「Compared to those top-rated tuition teachers and whatnot, I'm still way off their league. But, your words sure are sweet.」

The person from the other side of phone seemed to be rather delighted.

「Speaking of which, Tangyin, why did you suddenly want to give me a call today, is there anything that I can do for you.」

「How dare you, can't I contact you when there's nothing at all.」

「Oh no, I daren't show any such audacity right in front of you.」

「Speaking of which, after finished using me, the person who abandoned me is you. It's already a year since we've made contact, can't you take the initiative to give me a call.」

「I'm just worried that it will affect your studies, and furthermore, your mom and dad had told me previously, that it's best to not contact you when you're in high school.」

「These third-rated excuses of yours, it really makes one feel displeased.」

The person from the other end seemed to be angry.

「Are you mad at me?」

Linze asked.


But Linze was able to discern out that Tangyin is, based from her tone. Hence, if men were to easily believe the surface words of women, they would suffer as a result.

「My dear Miss Tangyin, what should I be doing in order to make you happy.」

「It's simple, treat me to a movie during your next weekend. Of course, I'll be treating you in return during dinner that day.」

「Watching a movie during a weekend, am I not hearing things correctly there. Why do you have such spare time during your weekends, it can't be that you didn't need to attend your tuition classes?」

「If it's my tuition, it's fine if I not go there occasionally.」

「Hey, did I just hear our middle school's number one prodigy girl say that she wants to skip classes.」

「Really, I didn't come looking for you to hear you preach. Occasionally, I would want to take a break, and if I didn't take a break, I'll feel that I'll be driven mad by the tuition held throughout the day. To be frank, I've already long known about those stuff taught at tuition, so I don't really know what's the purpose for attending those tuition classes.」

Since Tangyin had spoken up to this extent already, Linze would naturally not be a person who wasn't able to read the mood.

If he continued to advise the other party on attending her tuition classes, it evidently would only result in pissing Tangyin off.

「I got it, let's watch a movie together during the next weekend then. But as for the bill for dinner that day, it's better to let me handle it. Just take it as my compensation for not liaising up with you for a year.」

Upon hearing Linze agreeing to her request, Tangyin's tone through the other side of the phone seemed to be rather delighted.

「Then it's set, and as for what movie we'll be seeing, let's discuss this further on Friday night. Since you've promised me onto this matter, I hope that you won't ever be ditching me on it~」

「Mmm, don't worry, why would I be ditching you.」

After continuing on chatting a few more words with Tangyin, Linze took the initiative to hang up the call.

Speaking of his childhood friend, Tangyin, Linze still do indeed owe her on quite a lot of matters, be it the tutorings she gave him in the past, or on other matters as well.

Hence, after the other party had brought up skipping tuition classes, spending time instead to watch a movie, while Linze had agreed to Tangyin, he was already prepared to be held accountable by Tangyin's parents as well.

But so what, even if it's like that. Helping a good friend on relieving off their stress, Linze felt that it's something that he should be doing.

A day's time very quickly went past, and the next day welcomed in Monday. It wasn't easy that a boring morning's lesson had finally ended. Linze gave off a lazy stretch, while seated in front of him was a slightly plump boy with a buzz cut.

This boy was around the same age as Linze, they were 16, nearing towards the age of 17.

His height was slightly taller compared to Linze, and of course, his weight was heavier than Linze too; he looked to be quite thick in appearance.

This bosom friend would be Linze's bestest buddy『Yan Yebo』, Linze's best mate ever since middle school.

After listening Linze describing out his future dream, Yan Yebo gave a serious look towards Linze.

「Stop looking already, I'm really am not joking. I really do want to make a long-series running manga. There's at least a whole year's time before our 3rd year, so let us go crazy at our final year.」

After hearing such a speech from Linze, Yan Yebo started to erupt into laughter, at such manner that his tears even came out as a result.

「Hey, are the things that I said really that funny.」

「Linze, what if I tell you, that the prettiest girl in our high school, Upperclasswoman Meiyue have confessed to me. What do you think your expression would be.」

「Are you crazy.」

「That's right, and that's the thought that came to my mind after hearing that speech of yours. Making a long-series running manga, just you? Are you looking down on the manga industry.」

Yan Yebo gave off an exasperated rebuttal towards Linze.

「Can't you have some goals, when did I say that I'm looking down on the manga industry already. Furthermore, is the degree of making a manga really that high, aren't I prepped and ready after when I go on to buy a piece of drawing pad.」

「Only other than a drawing pad, as that is the most basic of tools required. How much exactly do you know about the creation of manga.」

「Schoolmate Yebo, you really thought that I've never studied onto anything, before saying that I plan to make a manga, huh. When the time comes, I'll take charge onto writing the script, and as for the storyboarding I'll too learn on how to lay it out. About the drawing aspect which I lacked the most right now, I plan to start learning it from copying drawings.」

「Alright, I'll take it that you have given it a serious thinking. I, as a good buddy of yours will give you one advice then. If you won't listen to it, I'll definitely not join your self-formed manga club.」

「What advice? There's no harm saying it out.」

「For us, we should first start from doing short self-published works, and it would be even better to create『ero mangas』based on fanart. It's best, at the very least, for us to accumulate experience from drawing three fanart mangas, before then considering if we are to go ahead with making a short-running series of manga. You understand why I'm suggesting it as such, right.」

Hearing Yan Yebo saying it as that, Linze knew that Yan Yebo already had the intentions to join him. As expected of his best buddy.

After listening to Yan Yebo's words, Linze considered for a moment before saying.

「I think I understand your meaning. Using fanart manga as a means of practicing, it indeed is an extremely good idea. Wanting to create a long-series running manga from the start, your reminder is quite apt, it's true that I'm biting off more than I can chew. Plus, after when we had waited and created many fanart mangas, perhaps we could use that branding we possess to recruit talents too; that's your intentions, right.」

「Recruiting talents too, mmm, not bad.......」

Actually, Yan Yebo merely wanted to try drawing some ero mangas, he didn't actually went on thinking that much.

Speaking of the basic knowledge of mangas, Yan Yebo felt that no matter what, he would be way off better than Linze, as he at the very least was a professional otaku.

His understanding towards ACG, would definitely be better than that fool Linze, who didn't even went off chasing after those quarterly released animes.

Suddenly, Linze felt his phone which he placed in the pockets of his trousers giving off a vibration, hence he immediately took it out.

It's a short message, the sender was Xu Yanyan.

「Do you have time tonight, Big brother Linze.」

Seeing it as such Linze's face had a slight grin appearing onto it.

「Of course, how about I come over to find you after my school ends.」

Linze gave a reply towards Xu Yanyan.

「Middle school dismissal timings are much earlier, so it's better that I come over to find you instead.」

「All right then, when you've reached the school gates, remember to send me a message reminding me.」

Linze after sending out that message suddenly thought of a problem, and that was whether Xu Yanyan knew which high school he was studying in.

Xu Yanyan is his younger sister's best friend, hence he knew that she would be studying at the middle school affiliated to this province's top high school.

As for the high school that he was studying at, could it be that Xu Yanyan had already known about it from his sister Linling.

Just as Linze was about to send a text over to Xu Yanyan asking her about it.

The phone held in Linze's hands was being plucked away by Yan Yebo.

「To be laughing so perversely, don't tell me that you have gotten yourself a girlfriend.」

「You think too much, she's only a classmate of my sister's. As I'm afraid that she might be lonely after Linling had left, I therefore merely went on to accompany that lady temporarily. And if it's you, you should know about my love, right.」

Linze used that momentum to snatch his phone back from Yan Yebo's hands.

「Your love towards Upperclasswoman Meiyue still haven't changed eh.」

「Be a little more quiet.」

Linze instantly lunged his body forward nervously and clutched onto Yan Yebo's mouth, while at the same time peering around his surroundings, and after ensuring that no other classmates had noticed, Linze gave off a sigh of relief.

ACG = slang for Anime/Comic/Game abbreviation.


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