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RE:Yandere ch23

Chapter 23: Delicious dishes

TL: flarewk

Linze currently was sitting on his bed, and had the doors of his room tightly closed.

Cleaning up his room and whatnot, in reality it was merely just Linze's excuse.

An excuse used to conceal his weakness.

Linze used his hands to press onto the kneecaps of his legs, but he had no idea why his legs after calming down would still actually be slightly trembling.

These slight tremblings were shakings that Linze wasn't able to wield control of, especially when after seeing Xu Yanyan in the kitchen asking him where he had placed the kitchen utensils.

That sort of fear reached its peak even more then.

Having an icy cold object piercing through his abdomen, his both hands filled full with a warm sensation. Currently, these appeared in Linze's imagination once again.

Even though Linze told himself not to be afraid, his subconscious still wield dominance over his body.

「It's too embarrassing already.」

Linze currently was trying his best as he used his hands to slap his face, for he knew that he must calm down right now.

Be it a prophecy, or return by death, there's a point which Linze was extremely sure.

That was perhaps he who was blessed with this ability, would have a certain calling to it.

Perhaps his current stage of calling, was to go save Xu Yanyan, allowing her future to turn back from the path of no return.

Even though his entire body was shaking, Linze's mind currently had a tiny little delight to it.

That he actually really had a mysterious potential.

That point gave Linze a slightly late glee.

If it's during his 8th grader syndrome period, to discover that he possessed this sort of ability, Linze felt that the him at that time would probably be ecstatic to the point of insanity.

Though he had no idea about the words said by god who came from an unknown location when summoning him, Linze felt that he shouldn't have any reason to not properly respond to this sort of expectation.

(TL: reference to lnovels w/ alternate worlds reincarnation)

Rescuing the future of girls huh, wasn't that the kind of stuff a【Hero of Justice】would be doing.

Linze suddenly felt that his self-image suddenly had became rather noble. Even though both of his legs were still a little quivering at any rate.

Since due to that realistic death experience, there's no reason after when humans had went through it, that they would be so easily forgetting about it.

Linze had his body laid down on the bedding, allowing his entire body muscles loosen up through comfortably stretching out his hands.

He didn't want to maintain that special nervousness, even though Xu Yanyan was still inside his house regardless.

After a period of time, Xu Yanyan had already finished making dinner.

While Linze too had finished sorting his emotions, and went out from his room entering the living room.

On the table surface of the dining table in the living room, had quite a variety of dishes laid out by Xu Yanyan.

Just like a guest who was invited to a home, Linze casually grabbed a seat and sat down.

While Xu Yanyan instead acted like the capacity of an owner, placing a bowl and a pair of chopsticks lying in front of Linze.

The dishes that Xu Yanyan made, the scent was even better than what Linze had imagined.

Plus, be it the veggies or the meats, their size portions were sliced into extremely fitting portions.

After Linze finished eating a bowl, he hadn't expected that he would be having another refill of rice.

After finishing dinner, seeing Xu Yanyan intending to initiatively clear up the dishes, Linze naturally stopped her.

「It's alright, I'll be clearing up the dishes. I've already made you spend so much effort on making dinner, if I still don't do the dishes, it's simply too much as an owner already.」

As Linze spoke, he hastily stretched out his left hand, planning to snatch the task before Xu Yanyan had acted, onto stacking up the plates on the table.

Perhaps it was due to Linze stretching his hands out too rapidly, for his left hand touched Xu Yanyan's right hand.

Xu Yanyan's skin was even more soft and delicate than what Linze had imagined, he was also even able to feel her body temperature as well.

Similarly, Xu Yanyan too felt Linze's body temperature and the feeling of his skin, followed by her instantly retracting her right hand.

「S, since Big brother Linze wants to clear the dishes, I won't be fighting over it.」


Linze unconsciously had his gaze turned to another direction.

Through the skin's touch, it was the first time Linze suddenly had Xu Yanyan treated as a girl.

Perhaps saying it as such would be a sort of impoliteness to Xu Yanyan, but actually, he had always seen her as like a child in the past.

Seemingly feeling the atmosphere to be a little awkward, Linze hastily carried up the stacked plates on the table and went into the kitchen.

After he had finished washing the dishes, in a blink of an eye the time was already almost 9 pm.

Xu Yanyan seemed to also feel that the time was a little late, as after she had given her mother a call, she bade a farewell towards Linze.

As a boy, Linze instantly decided to send Xu Yanyan off to the nearest bus stop.

The both of them walked on the small path by the roadside. Due to the roads around the vicinity of Linze's house not being part of the main road, there weren't much passerbys along the way.

「Big brother Linze, can I still come over tomorrow to make dinner for you.」

Xu Yanyan made a question to Linze, saying.


Linze declined without even thinking about it.

The reason was extremely simple, tomorrow's the day of the happening of the incident.

In order to prevent his death, the best solution was evidently to avoid himself having contact with Xu Yanyan.


Perhaps it was due to worrying that Xu Yanyan would be unhappy, for Linze continued on speaking.

「At least not for this week, if I have free time during the next, then we'll meet up again. Of course, if you have anything that's troubling you, or if there's any kind of interpersonal relationship issues, or perhaps if you have encountered any type of special situations, I welcome you to call me anytime.」

Linze's tone was extremely serious.

「Even though you don't know anything at all......」

Xu Yanyan used a voice that she seemingly only was able to hear saying out that sentence, and due to it being extremely muffled, Linze wasn't able to hear it clearly at all.

「Yanyan, what did you say earlier..」

Linze asked.

「Nothing......oh right, Big brother Linze. The reason why you can't see me tomorrow, or even during this week, does it have anything to do with that person whom we met at the supermarket today, that woman called Hanying.」

「Of course not.」

Linze immediately denied it resolutely, his tone being extremely firm.

Him and Hanying, along with him and Xu Yanyan; in actuality, there's absolutely no link at all between both parties, and about that point Linze was extremely certain.

「Can I believe you? If you're to lie to me, there will be punishment waiting for you.」

Xu Yanyan had her head slightly lowered, while using a tone as if it's an extremely minor matter to say out those words.

「Of course you can believe me, I won't lie to you. Plus, the dishes that Yanyan made are so delicious, I definitely would want to taste it again. But as expected, academic studies are also very important. At any rate, I don't want to disturb your learning too much.」

Linze suddenly discovered that he actually had a certain amount of talent in bullshitting.

「So it's like that, huh. Then, I'll confirm it once again, you not being able to see me tomorrow, it really has nothing to do with that woman called Hanying, right.」

「Of course there's nothing to do with it.」

「Mm, I believe you, Big brother Linze.」

Xu Yanyan was currently using a delighted voice saying towards Linze.

The bus stop actually wasn't considered to be that far from Linze's house, and after sending Xu Yanyan off on the bus, unknownst why to Linze, he suddenly had a sensation of giving off a sigh of relief.

Linze gazed at the gradually distancing bus.

What's next was to receive the preparations for tomorrow. He must absolutely be careful plus be even more careful for tomorrow.


  1. is this MC stupid

    In order to prevent his death, the best solution was evidently to avoid himself having contact with Xu Yanyan.

    that is how he died

    1. I believe that if he starts ignoring him her she will kill him regardless of what happens

  2. Talent for bullshitting lmao

  3. Damn I was hoping for Xu Yanyan to drug him

  4. I will take the same action as him as its pretty logical to distance yourself 'a little bit' from A PERSON THAT ACTUALLY DID KILLED YOU BEFORE. I mean like, even its a novel, reality should have to be prioritize as an important part in a story if you want a good novel unless it have a fantasy genre.


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