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RE:Yandere ch7

Chapter 7: A new helper

TL: flarewk 

Upon seeing Yanyan giving him a call, Linze immediately chose to pick it up.

After placing the phone by his ears.

At the moment, there weren't any teeny bit of noise coming out from the receiver, it's extremely quiet.

But Linze knew that Xu Yanyan should be there.

「Is this Yanyan.」


The receiver still was extremely quiet, seemingly not having a bit of sound at all.

Hence Linze continued saying.

「Sorry sorry, my good friend gave me a call earlier, hence my line was busy.」


Just when Linze was about to say something else, Xu Yanyan's voice resounded from the receiver.

「So it's like that. I was just thinking that it couldn't be Linze purposely not picking up my call.」

「Indeed. I can purposely not pick up anyone's call. But only for Yanyan's, I would never purposely not pick it up.」


As Yanyan's voice sounded to be seemingly rather delighted, Linze hence immediately continued saying.

「Of course it's true, that goes without saying.」

「.......Then Linze.......can you place your hand on your heart and swear it to me?」

Xu Yanyan asked Linze a little timidly.

「Of course. Right now, I have my hand already on my heart.」

Though Linze currently was saying it as such, in reality he wasn't having his hand placed on his heart at all.

「I swear on my heart, that I can purposely not pick up anyone's call. But only for Yanyan's call, I will never be purposely not picking it up.」

「Really, for Linze to be willing to say that, I'm really very happy.」

Hearing Xu Yanyan being that delighted, Linze felt that he seemed to have a talent on sweet talking girls.

But it's only limited to those tiny brats such as Xu Yanyan or his younger sisters, and as for girls who were of the same age as him, Linze felt that he would be rather powerless already.

「Then let's make this promise, I hope that Linze will never ever break that promise next time. If not.......」

Xu Yanyan's voice suddenly became extremely faint. Due to her voice being too soft at the ending portion, Linze just wasn't able to hear it clearly at all.

「My bad, Yanyan, what did you say at the end, I just can't hear it clearly. Can I trouble you to say it a little louder.」

「Oh right, Linze, I've already reached home.」

「Is it. Was it someone from your family who came to pick you up.」

「Mmh, it's my mummy who came to the bus stop to pick me up. My mummy seems to think that the air in a bus is too unhygienic, she wants me to go call for a taxi when returning home next time.」

「I see, your mother really do care for you. But Yanyan, putting the mothery aspect aside, do you think that the air in a bus is unhygienic.」

「I don't think it's unhygienic at all, but if there's a sick person who's near me, it would be up for a different discussion already. Since there will be viruses around.」

「I deeply agree onto that point, I remember that when I was young, every time I see that there's a person who coughed extremely badly on the bus, I'd rather alight from the bus a couple of stops earlier and walk home instead.」

Considering that the time was currently already quite late, with him tomorrow still needing to wake up for school early in the morning, Linze hence said to Xu Yanyan.

「Since I know that you've reached home, I'm feeling relieved already. It'll be like this for today then. If there's nothing else, I'll be hanging up.」


「To.......tomorrow, can we still continue to have dinner together.」

「Sure of course. Let's meet each other again by the gates of my school tomorrow.」


「Goodnight then, Yanyan.」

「Mmh, goodnight, Linze.」

Linze hence hung up the call.

The next day, which was the afternoon of Tuesday, Linze found out an extremely vital piece of information from his best buddy Yan Yebo.

That his class actually had the existence of a painting expert within. The girl in his class, named Hanying, seemed to be a painting expert, and was said to have taken the whatnot painting trophy before.

Seemed to be quite impressive.

According to Yan Yebo, if he was able to pull Hanying over to his side, it would simply be like adding wings onto a tiger, or like encountering rain after a drought.

About that girl named Hanying, you could say that Linze might have some impression of her, or maybe not having any such impression at all.

She attended the same middle school as him in the past, just that she only wasn't in the same class as him.

The impression Hanying gave to Linze, was that she's roughly a girl who had an extreme air of arts and literacy around her.

Her face was that of an extremely pretty kind, her height wasn't that tall, and as her personality wasn't that bad, her popularity within the class was extremely good.

The point which made Linze notice most was that extremely short fringe of hers, it made her appear to be extremely cute.

Perhaps it was due to them all living around the nearby vicinity,

For sometimes when Linze occasionally goes to the nearby supermarket, he would encounter Hanying quite a couple of times.

As they currently are classmates, Linze would thus be actively greeting Hanying in any case, with her too responding back towards him.

Upon thinking that there would be a painting expert leading him to victory, Linze felt himself being a little excited.

Hence Linze immediately chose, during lunch break, to call Hanying over to the quiet area behind the school building.

After hearing Linze's warm words of invitation, Hanying appeared to be extremely troubled.

「Let me ask this again, you really do want to draw a manga, right.」


Linze instantly admitted.

「Then I'm afraid I won't be able to help you.」

「But why, it can't be that I've got it wrong, that you aren't actually good at drawing?」

「I'm indeed proficient in drawing, though I have no idea on how you've found out about that. But the drawings that I'm good at, are oil paintings, and not mangas at all.」

「It's fine, I feel that paintings and mangas are roughly about the same.」

「The difference is huge, okay!」

「No, you misunderstand my meaning, Hanying. I of course know that the difference between manga and oil painting are huge. My meaning is that since you have the foundation of oil painting, when learning up the ropes of drawing manga, you should be very easily be good at it.」

「It won't be that easy as to what you've said. But, it can't be helped. Give me a bit of time to think about it. I'll give you a response on Friday or Saturday.」

「Please seriously consider it.」

After hearing Linze's words, Hanying gave off a sigh before returning back to class.

Adding wings onto a tiger = A metaphor used to describe something that's GG to be even more GG-er.


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