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RE:Yandere ch15

Chapter 15: Security

TL: flarewk

One of the two security guards standing behind Linze was about 30 years old, while the other was around 40 plus.

The security guard that was about 30 years old donned the exact same uniform as that security guard standing behind the metal doors; evidently, that security guard was one of the security from this set of estates.

As for the other 40 plus security guard, his uniform was almost the same as that of the roughly 30 years old security, but the id tag pinned on the left handed side of his chest indicated his status.

【Security Manager】

It seemed that this elderly security guard was the security manager of this place, and the person who had his hands stretched out earlier placing on Linze's shoulders was him as well.

Seeing that his hold was being dodged by Linze, that security manager didn't carry on enacting any further movements.

「Young school lad, what's your name, which school did you come from.」

The security manager opened up his mouth, saying towards Linze.

Seeing the situation as such, Linze frowned his eyebrows.

「About that, there's no need to be telling you.」

As Linze spoke, he appeared on planning to leave, but that younger security guard beat Linze to the punch, instantly standing right in front of Linze, blocking the pathway to his exit.

「It's fine if you don't want to tell me, but can you explain why you stalked a resident from our district. As long as you are able to give me a satisfactory explanation, it's not that I wouldn't be letting you go.」

The security manager looked at Linze as he continued speaking.

「What gives you the right saying that I was stalking one of your residents here. Could it be that it's not allowed for me to come over here to take a look.」

Linze didn't place too much of his thoughts onto it, nonchalantly throwing out an excuse that's rather specious.

「Of course, passerbys are able to come up to take a look as how they liked. But you clearly aren't a passerby.......」

That security manager said as such, with a rather deeply implied meaning laid therein, pausing for a moment before continuing to speak afterwards.

 「It's a lawful society right now, and everything must have evidences to back it up. Without any evidence, I wouldn't be so casually having people arrested. If you wish to look at the evidence, follow me to my duty room, the surveillance cameras have already entirely recorded down your girl stalking offences. Furthermore, would a normal person be hiding behind a trashcan for five minutes. Currently, the recordings according to my orders have already been transferred right into my computer. And, I still have the gardener's testimonial here.」

Linze at that moment felt he had left such a large oversight, as even a ordinary living community would currently be fully littered with surveillance cameras, what's more with this kind of luxury private set of estates already.

It definitely must have been a 24 hours, omnidirectional surveillance.

Perhaps the other party wouldn't be lying to him, as they definitely would have a part of the footage about him secretly stalking Xu Yanyan.

Just that he wasn't sure exactly on how long this footage was that the other party possessed.

Currently, Linze mind went about spinning in rapid motion, painstakingly thinking on what sort of excuse he should be finding to escape from the upcoming predicament.

But he hadn't yet thought up of any when he heard the security manager continue on saying.

 「Alright alright, let's not foolishly stand around here. Since you didn't want to explain it here, let's go to my office to talk about it then. Rest assured, as long as your personality isn't that bad, along with properly cooperating with my duties. I'll take it as since you're under 18 years old, I won't be notifying your school and the police. But if you want to leave, I'll still need to notify your family members to pick you up, as well as have them writing their signatures down too.」

Forget about Linze currently being in a state of living alone, even if there was a family member of his at home, Linze wouldn't want them to come pick him up at this sort of place.

The security manager appeared to be very experienced, and was seemingly not a person who could be easily decieved.

Right now, even if he went on continuing to bull out a couple of lies, Linze seemed to feel that he wouldn't be able to dupe the other party.

「That girl's name is Xu Yanyan, and I'm the brother of her classmate. As my sister is her good friend, along with that right now she had temporarily left the city due to a certain reason, I, out of concern and with the aim of protecting her only wanted to take a look at Xu Yanyan's living circumstances.」

The current situation seemed to only allow Linze on properly explaining towards the security manager already.

Linze felt that with regards to lies, those which contained half truths were the easiest on letting people believe them.

Though Linze was currently being troubled by the security manager, he wasn't holding any grudges against the other party.

As he was merely dedicated to his job, having his duties properly carried out.

With a girl like Xu Yanyan who didn't display much sense of cautiousness, it indeed would require such an adult to protect her.

「Why do I feel that you're trying to deceive me.」

After the security manager heard Linze's words, he appeared to be not even a wee bit willing to believe onto it.

Just when Linze was thinking on how to take out some sort of evidence to prove that his words were true.

「He's indeed a brother of my classmate.」

Suddenly a voice appeared from Linze's back, and if Linze hadn't remembered it wrongly, the owner of that voice should be the person that he was currently stalking.

Linze turned around to have a look, it was indeed Xu Yanyan.

With his left hand slumped on his cheeks, Linze currently felt rather awkward.

「This young lad, he's really not a perverted stalker?」

The security manager asked Xu Yanyan.

「No, he really is a brother of my good friend.」

Xu Yanyan aided Linze in providing out an explanation.


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