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RE:Yandere ch8

Chapter 8: Liar

TL: flarewk

Evidently, Hanying was willing to consider about it; it's an extremely good occurrence.

Linze instantly told this matter to his good buddy Yan Yebo. After listening to Linze's words, he simply wasn't able to believe his ears.

Yan Yebo originally wanted to invite Linze to his house that night to discuss it in detail, but hadn't expected Linze, due to him already having an invitation with Xu Yanyan, to be rejecting him.

Since that's the case, Yan Yebo had no choice but to set the in-depth discussion to tomorrow, which was a Wednesday.

With regards to an invitation from Linze's good friend, he of course wouldn't be rejecting it.

In any case, the person who made that kind of manga drawing request as well as having dragged a good buddy into it was also originally he himself, and it wouldn't be fitting if he was to decline the strategical invitation that Yan Yebo had extended to him.

After school, a good-spirited Linze nearly forgot that there's still the existence of Xu Yanyan that day.

Luckily, as Xu Yanyan was waiting by the school gates for him, he didn't forget about the matter where he's supposed to have dinner together with her.

The destination still being that eatery as yesterday, Linze and Xu Yanyan chose a window seating same as before.

「What's the matter Linze, why do you look to be in such a good mood.」

Xu Yanyan looked at Linze who was currently seated right in front of her and asked.


「Of course.」

「Maybe it's due to a good thing happening today.」

「A good thing?」

Xu Yanyan asked Linze in return with that sort of inquiring tone in it.

As the matter of the『Manga club』was actually still under preparations, even if they had managed to get Hanying to step in, whether if it'll be a success was still an uncertainty within Linze's mind.

Hence, Linze didn't want to tell Xu Yanyan about that matter right now.

Thus preventing the scenario where he had boasted about the situation, with him probably attracting Xu Yanyan's worshipping gaze as well.

With the result that the『Manga club』was dead before it had even existed, that would then be an extremely embarrassing incident.

Hence before the revelation of its outcome, Linze did not plan to mention about this matter to Xu Yanyan.

Linze immediately wanted to steer the conversation away.

「Oh right. Yanyan, are you still eating by yourself during lunch at school today? Did you make any new friends.」

Linze asked.

「If it's new friends, I actually haven't made any yet. But it wasn't me having my lunch alone today, there's a couple of girls who invited me to have lunch together with them.」

Xu Yanyan replied.

「Is it, so did you have a delightful meal with them.」

「To be honest I do feel a little strange. As expected I'm more used to be having lunch together with Linling in school.」

Hearing Xu Yanyan saying it as that, Linze gave off a laugh.

「It's normal to feel strange since you didn't know them that well yet. However, since they had taken the initiative to invite you, it means that they do want to get along with you. Try on accepting their invitations more often, perhaps you people might be able to be good friends.」

What followed afterwards during dinner, was Linze sharing those dullish friend-making experiences he had.

As long as he thought that it was useful, no matter whether Xu Yanyan understood it or not, Linze just unselfishly passed those knowledge over to her.

As Xu Yanyan seemed to be rather delightful when she listened to Linze sharing his wisdom.

Linze unconsciously had his chatterbox mode on, and said many many discourse towards Xu Yanyan.

Originally, he was worried that to those sort of youthful girl as like Xu Yanyan, if those lecturing sort of dialogue would feel to be too overly boring, and hence would be a little rejectful onto it.

But it seemed like Linze had overthought the situation. In his eyes, it seemed that for those speeches he said, Xu Yanyan was extremely willing to listen onto them.

It was easy for him to discern it out, due to the fact that the other side was always looking to be rather delighted.

After having their dinner, Linze had spoken till his mouth was dry of moisture.

Up to the point where he had even drank a couple of glasses from the self-help beverage area, but since Xu Yanyan was happy listening to those speeches, Linze felt that his effort spent onto it wasn't that wasteful already.

Thereafter, Linze brought Xu Yanyan from the eatery towards the bus stop.

Although Xu Yanyan's mother asked her to take a cab home, she still seemed to decide on taking a bus.

「I'm very happy today.」

The walking Xu Yanyan said towards Linze.

「Is it.」

Linze replied.

Very quickly, Linze and Xu Yanyan reached the bus stop, but with a difference to yesterday's, as the bus today didn't arrive immediately.

Hence, Linze stood together with Xu Yanyan by the bus stop waiting for its arrival, for his thoughts were to leave right after sending Xu Yanyan off in the bus.

「U.......Umm, can we still go out to have dinner together tomorrow. If it's tomorrow, I plan to make a couple of dishes to let you have a taste.」

Seemingly having her courage puffed up, Xu Yanyan said towards Linze.

「Thanks alot, but it's better for us to not see each other tomorrow.」

Linze suddenly remembered that he has an appointment with Yan Yebo in his home the next day, hence immediately rejected Xu Yanyan.

Hearing Linze's words of rejection, Xu Yanyan seemingly had a sort of blanked out expression.

「Umm, how about making a couple of delicious eats, and letting those girls who had invited you over for lunch have a taste?」

Linze thought of a good idea, and suggested it towards Xu Yanyan.


Xu Yanyan first remained silent for a moment, but then immediately thought about something, with her mood once again turning good.

「Then can we have our dinner together on the day after tomorrow?」

Xu Yanyan asked.

「The day after tomorrow huh.......sorry, I still can't. It's better that you get along more with your new friends.」

Linze remembered that Tangyin would be looking for him on Thursday, hence rejected Xu Yanyan again.

「Is it because I've made some new friends, which made you unhappy already? If you aren't happy about it, then I'll.......」

Xu Yanyan suddenly said to Linze.

「How can it be. It's just that I have some personal matters to carry out tomorrow as well as the day after tomorrow, which is why I didn't have time.」

Linze didn't know why Xu Yanyan had that sort of thinking, and immediately opened up his mouth to interrupt the sentence that Xu Yanyan wanted to tell him thereafter.

「If that's really the case, how about Friday or Saturday.......those two days.」

「Sorry, I'm not free at all for the remaining days in this week, including Sunday as well. I don't have time to be able to have dinner together with you.」

Linze would have to wait for Hanying's response during Friday and Saturday, according to his intentions.

If Hanying agrees, then in order to indicate their welcome towards Hanying, Linze would be organizing a mini party that day, celebrating the【Manga club】's three vital leaders on the success of their very first『oath』.

As for Sunday, according to the promise made between him and Tangyin, the two of them are to watch movies and have dinner together, hence it's even more of a lack of time already.

The bus which Xu Yanyan would be boarding currently had just coincidentally arrived at the bus stop.


Xu Yanyan had turned and already boarded the bus while she was saying that.


Linze didn't understand why Xu Yanyan would be saying such a word, it can't be that the liar she mentioned was him?

「Remember to give me a call when you reached home, alright.......」

Seeing Xu Yanyan boarding the bus, Linze hastily said towards her.

But she didn't reply Linze, instead walking straightly towards the deepest area within the bus.


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