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RE:Yandere ch6

Chapter 6: Thursday's cooking

TL: flarewk

Their dinner originally wouldn't be occupying that much of a time. Although Linze in the end wasn't able to enquire whoever the guy was that Xu Yanyan liked, he didn't mind it the least bit.

As the aim of him giving Xu Yanyan that sort of question was in order to have the conversation be carried on cheerfully.

Linze didn't really want to find out which guy it was that Xu Yanyan liked, as he wouldn't be that much of a busybody.

Anyway, even if Xu Yanyan was to tell Linze about a bizarre middle-school boy's name, he himself would definitely more or less not recognize that person.

After concluding the dinner with Xu Yanyan, Linze and Xu Yanyan walked out of the eatery.

Linze could see that Xu Yanyan's current mood seemed to be rather good, hence, he was able to feel relieved.

Initially, when they had just met earlier today, he could discern out that she was a little nervous.

But right now, it looked like today's actions were extremely successful, as the relationship between him and Xu Yanyan have harmonized quite a bit.

Hopefully his efforts today, would be able to aid Xu Yanyan in relieving some portion of her loneliness.

As he would still need to continue going to school as per normal tomorrow, added with the burden of homework to do, hence after finishing their dinner, Linze didn't arrange for any other activities.

And in order to show that he's a very knightly person, as well as to indicate that he's a qualified senior.

「Do you need me to send you home. Now the sky's been so dark, if it's a girl walking home by herself at night, it still isn't safe at all.」

Hence after walking out of the eatery, Linze suggested towards Xu Yanyan.

「It's fine, Linze.」

Xu Yanyan had seemingly rejected Linze's suggestion immediately without even thinking about it.

「Is it really not necessary for me to send you off, will it really be alright that you return home just by yourself?」

「Because someone from my family will come to the bus stop to pick me up, so.......」

Xu Yanyan didn't continue saying, but Linze had already understood her meaning.

Since there's someone from her family coming over to the bus stop to pick her up, there's indeed not a need for him to send her back.

Plus, with regards onto several aspects of its significance, it may not be a good thing for him and Xu Yanyan to be seen together by her family.

Furthermore, he had once heard his sister mentioning, its rumored that Xu Yanyan's dad was an extremely obstinate person.

If it's misunderstood that Linze and his daughter were to have an early relationship, it's evident that the both of them wouldn't be spared from receiving a scolding.

Perhaps it was due to luck being in his favor, for when Xu Yanyan had just brought Linze to the bus stop, a bus that Xu Yanyan would be taking had arrived.

「Well then, Big brother Linze, I'll be boarding the bus.」

Xu Yanyan said to Linze.

「Don't address me as Big brother Linze, just call me Linze. And remember to give me a call when you're at home, if not, I'll be worried about you.」

「Got it, Linze.」

Xu Yanyan smiled as she said towards Linze, and after she had finished speaking, she boarded the bus.

Looking at the gradually embarking bus, Linze gave off a lazy stretch.

To a person like Linze who very seldom had conversations with the opposite gender, it was an extremely tiring task having maintained such a long period of time cheerily chatting with a girl.

After returning home through foot, Linze first chose to take a shower.

After washing away his fatigue, he returned to his room and took out a couple of books from his bag, laying them out on his desk, and switched on the lamp located by the side.

As he knew that he would be having dinner together with Xu Yanyan tonight, he thus seized upon the moments during lessons, and had completed quite a number of his homework, hence the current remaining homework wasn't quite as much.

Just when Linze was about to start doing his homework, he felt that he heard that familiar ringtone of his phone.

It seemed that someone had given him a call.

Don't tell me that Yanyan had already reached home?

Linze hence immediately laid on his bed and picked up his phone from the pillow sides.

Looking at the person who made the incoming call, it wasn't Xu Yanyan, but Tangyin instead.

After picking up the call, that extremely energetic voice of Tangyin resounded over from the smartphone.

「What are you doing, why did you take so long to pick up my call.」

「I feel that I have answered the call rather quickly already, my dearest Miss Tangyin.」

「All right, let's not discuss about that issue anymore. I heard from my classmate today that on the day after tomorrow, there seemed to be a decent movie about to appear on screens, and it seemed to be an action film created on a huge budget. Are you interested.」

「Of course. Since you feel that it's not that bad, let's go watch that movie then.」

Linze replied.

Seemingly noticing that Linze's response seemed to be a little half-hearted, Tangyin hence said.

「What's the matter, why do I feel that you're extremely tired.」

「Am I?」

「You are, it's only when after being tutored by me till late night when you spoke with this sort of tone last time. What did you exactly do earlier, you seemed to be rather tired.」

「It's actually nothing much at all, so don't talk about it already. Let's just discuss about the movie that we'll be seeing during the weekends.」

「No, I want to be clear about it. It can't be that you had went on a date with a girl tonight, which is why you're that fatigued.」

Linze had his head tilting towards an angle upon hearing Tangyin saying it as such, what was this person thinking already.

「It's only having a dinner together with a classmate of my sister's. Speaking of which, I've forgotten to tell you about it. Linling and my dad, due to the issue of Linling's school advancement in the future, had temporarily went to the neighboring city to study at a progression class for half a year. That's why, during this period of half a year, I will only be living here. As I'm afraid that Linling's good friend would be lonely, I temporarily went to accompany her today.......」

「Eh!! Did you say that you will only be living by yourself for half a year.」

Tangyin's voice suddenly turned rather deafening. Linze only felt his eardrums not being able to take it anymore, and immediately wrenched the phone away from his ears.

「I've decided.」

After Tangyin's voice once again regained it's normal self, that sort of words resounded from over the phone.

「I'd say, can't you not be that startled.」

Linze grimaced towards Tangyin.

「Today is Monday, I'll come looking for you on Thursday.」


Linze hadn't understood clearly on what was happening, for the jump in Tangyin's thinking were too enormous.

「Right now, my cooking had improved way, way alot, so just wait for Thursday night to have a taste of my skills.」

「I admit that if it's just one person having his dinner, it would be a little lonely. But you don't need to go all the way till like this just for my sake, and furthermore, we still are going to the movies this weekend too. Is it really fine for you to skip two days of tuition classes.」

「You dummy, I......I......I'm not skipping tuition just to go to your house and make a meal for you. I just feel that making a meal is an extremely happy thing to do, and it's only incidental that I'm making it for you to taste. You must remember that it's only incidental, incidental! It's......n......not made especially just for you.」

「I'm happy that there's someone making dinner for me, but how about your tuition.」

「Really, just accept the kind intentions of others already. Big dummy Linze.......big dummy.......」

Tangyin from the other side of the call seemed to be in quite an agitated mood; Linze was able to visualize that just from hearing her voice.

Hence he slightly gave off a sigh.

「Then I'll be troubling you this Thursday. As for the ingredients, will it be you bringing it over, or do I have to get it after school.」

「About that, I'll get the ingredients beforehand, so just remember to have your stomach emptied on Thursday and wait for me~」

And thus, after continuing to chat with Tangyin for a while, due to worrying that the studying time for Tangyin's side being insufficient, Linze hence chose to initiate finding an excuse to hang up the call.

Linze glanced at the call duration, it lasted 20+ minutes.

Just as Linze was looking at the call duration, a message leapt up onto the middle of the smartphone screen.

Sender: 【Xu Yanyan】

Contents: 【Your number, why is it busy for such a long period of time?】

While seeing that message, Linze knew that Xu Yanyan should have already reached home, and had attempted to give himself a call.

A smiling Linze tapped on the textbox column of the reply area, intending to send Xu Yanyan a message in response.

But Linze hadn't even typed out a single word when a piece of message jumped out, interrupting his typing.

Sender: 【Xu Yanyan】

Contents: 【Your number, why is it busy for such a long period of time?】

Linze glanced at the phone's screen. He was extremely certain that this and the previous message had the same exact contents.

The duration between the sending of the two messages were only a minute long; Linze felt that it probably would be Xu Yanyan's accidental mistapping and having it being sent again.

Just when Linze was about to once again key in some words, this time, it was three simultaneous messages being sent over.

The sender of all these three messages were still from【Xu Yanyan】.

All of its contents were still the same: 【Your number, why is it busy for such a long period of time?】

These 5 messages were neatly arranged on Linze's phone screen.

Linze roughly scanned the sent timings for those messages, and had by chance discovered that the sent timings for all of those messages had a gap duration of 1 minute.

Just so perfect that it's a minute, which would be a gap duration of 60 seconds.

Not a second more, or neither a second less. An extremely precise, 60 seconds.

Realizing onto this point Linze was even more certain about the thoughts within his mind; as expected, she should have accidentally mistapped, or perhaps there's some sort of problem with Xu Yanyan's phone.

Just when Linze was planning to send a response, his typing was once again being interrupted.

But this time, what interrupted Linze's typing wasn't a【text message】, but an【incoming call】instead.

And the caller was【Xu Yanyan】.


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