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Novel Warning & Disclaimer of Liability

Re:Yandere Novel Warning & Disclaimer of Liability

1) The readers of this novel may have a possibility of developing [Paranoia Personality Disorder] and so on of various psychological traumas. These sort of traumas will only become more and more severe along with the progress of time spent on reading this novel. Please be wary.

2) After reading this novel, if the reader develops the following but not limited to form of psychological traumas: [Paranoia Personality Disorder], [Claustrophobia], [Stockholm syndrome] etc, it has nothing to do with the author or translator. Notwithstanding, the author and translator will not bear any such responsibility of medical fees incurred thereof.

3) Underage readers are advised to read this novel under the supervision of their parents or guardian.

4) Please do not imitate the methods of killing in this novel. Otherwise, you will have to bear your own responsibility on it. Please be a lawful-abiding citizen.

5) Readers of this novel will be taken to fact that they have accepted all of the above terms and conditions.


  1. Welp.. I'm glad you're back
    Hope your studies are doing well

  2. You are alive? What about your other novels?

    1. oh, i actually didn't plan to return, but I wanted to first try an official translation style before retreating

    2. You better not flare... You DON'T want to know what awaits you if dare to leave...

      Nah, happy that you returned and hope that you continue translating Jeopardy...

      Thought you were dead or something, if the stress generated from the pressure of realeasing constant chapters made you take the 6 months pause, you can relax yourself a little bit more but please don't leave...

  3. I'm so happy your back :) hope you can keep translating our precious yandere novels


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