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RE:Yandere ch3

Chapter 3: Hoodwinking through a situation

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Though Linze's plan had already started its course, within his heart still laid doubts whether his plan would be able to be successful at all.

Once the plan fails, it'll be an extremely awkward situation afterwards.

Try thinking about it, your left hand contained your sister's classmate's light pink colored panties concealed behind your back.

While your sister's classmate is currently standing right in front of you with a proximity of not even a meter away.

If things were to be exposed, if the other party were to be that cruel to give my sister a call, or perhaps to spread this issue about with the female population nearby.

Then my high school life will have its fate nailed with a【Pervert】tag.

That's impossible for it to happen? You must be looking down too much upon the influential impact of rumors then.

Just like what an ancient proverb said: Good news never spread out of the house, while rumors fly abound a thousand miles.

And those rumors would spread to become even and even more twisted, with its version eventually becoming spread as: A certain second year high schooler, that certain male which is surnamed Lin is a pervert, secretly hiding the panties of his sister's classmate, and was caught in the act of using the panties of his sister's classmate to fap.

Even if the rumors had turned out to end up into that version, Linze wouldn't be surprised at all, for this was how rumors ended up spreading even more rumors.

But of course that was the only worst scenario that Linze could think up of. Though the chances of it occurring was slim, it wasn't a hundred percent assured that it would end up happening too.

I just wish that things wouldn't end up becoming that serious. Even if I'm discovered, as long as I just explain it properly, Yanyan would perhaps listen to it.

No, I can't just place my future betting on a girl's reasoning.

It's precisely because that he had a real sister, which was why Linze understood one principle: that many at times, girls are unreasonable creatures.

At least that was the case for his sister, which was why Linze had suffered an uncountable number of times in the past.

Thinking up till this point, Linze gulped his saliva in afterwards; as expected, right now he could only stick to the original plan and carry on.

「Yanyan, why did you come upstairs.」

Linze forced out a smile as he said to Xu Yanyan.

「It's because I've already searched the entire living room downstairs, so I was thinking if Big brother Linze will be able to lead me to Linling's room to take a look.」

「Sure, no problem.」

Not only was there no problem with it, Linze couldn't bear to immediately lead Xu Yanyan towards his sister's room right now.

Speaking of which, ever since his sister Linling went to middle school, and had started to begrudge on not to have her panties be washed together along with her lingerie, he had not went to his sister's room for a very long time.

Though his own room was his sister's bedroom numero duo, with it having absolutely no sense of reassurance at all, to him, about what the interior of his sister's room looked like currently, Linze had nearly forgotten all about it.

「Let's go.」

Linze smiled as he said it towards Xu Yanyan, but his feet didn't even budge forward at all.

「Big brother Linze, are you feeling all right, why do you look to be so strange.」

Xu Yanyan concernedly asked Linze.

「I'm currently fine, and how did I look to be so strange anyway, don't I look normal right now.」

Right now, the sweat on Linze's face had became even more already.

「Big brother Linze, are you having a fever, why do I see you sweating so heavily.」

「Nono, I'm just wearing a little too much today, that's all.」

Suddenly, a bright idea flashed past Linze.

「Right now, I do seem to be wearing a little too much. I plan to take off all of my clothes, and change into a more light fitting attire, so can I ask you to please wait outside my sister's room just a moment for me.」

「Mmh. Sure, no problem.」

As Xu Yanyan spoke, she turned around and went out of his room, and after walking out of his room she turned right, seemingly immediately heading off towards the entrance of his sister's room.

Seeing things turning out to be that smooth, Linze heaved a sigh of relief, and immediately went forward and used his right hand to quickly close the room door.

Plus, he even wisely locked the room door shut from within too.

Linze now had completely put down his worries, and after heaving a sigh of relief, he sat on his bed.

Right now, his head had quite an amount of sweat on it, hence Linze immediately used the object held within his left hand to wipe his forehead.

Oh right, what was it that I'm holding in my left hand, why does it's touch feel so silky smooth, plus it seemed to be a good absorbent as well.

Linze opened up the object that was in his left hand and glanced at it, it's that pair of panties which belonged to Xu Yanyan.

After giving off a sigh, Linze placed her panties right inside her bag.

It's only a girl's pair of panties. As Linze would often help his sister keep the laundry, he didn't have any other feelings towards it after having plenty of contact with such stuff.

Panties were merely just a type of clothing, hence Linze wouldn't have any sort of other『special』interest towards it.

Even if there was, Linze felt that he wouldn't be having ** thoughts towards such a child as Xu Yanyan.

As Linze didn't want Xu Yanyan to be kept waiting for a long time, hence in order to complete the lie, he instantly changed out a set of clothes, and after covering Xu Yanyan's bag under his blanket, he opened up the door of his room.

At this moment, Xu Yanyan had been waiting quite a while for Linze in front of Linling's door.

「My bad, sorry for the long wait.」

While saying that, Linze had his hands stretched out opening the doors for Xu Yanyan.

And as like what he had expected, the doors of his sister's room had been locked shut.

As for his sister's room being locked shut, Linze wasn't the least bit surprised at all, as ever since his sister had proclaimed to not let her panties be washed together along with her lingerie, he had never went into her room.

Since his sister temporarily wouldn't be at home for half a year, according to his understanding of Linling, she would definitely have the door of her room locked.

About the matter of the key for the room, it seems that other than his sister, it should only be his father, Comrade Lin Baogen having it in possession already, and it's a coincidence that the both of them currently weren't at home.

Even if Linze had the key, he wouldn't assist Xu Yanyan onto opening the door too.

It's due to Xu Yanyan's bag, and he must, through words of persuasion, let her mistakenly believe that it had been placed in his sister's room.

Otherwise, after having the room opened up, if the bag wasn't in it, next up Xu Yanyan would perhaps want to conduct a check in his own room.

And right now, her bag was placed inside his blanket, hence no matter what, he mustn't let that kind of situation happen.

「Looks like it's really unfortunate, it seems that my sister had the rooms locked shut. How about this, I'll go find my dad for the keys in a few days time, afterwards helping you to open up the door in search for the thing that you're looking for; is that alright.」

「Mmh, sure, I'll be troubling Big brother Linze then. Since that's the case, I'll be first taking my leave for today.」

Seeing Xu Yanyan saying as such, Linze completely had his worries placed down.

It was way over Linze's expectations, for he didn't expect Xu Yanyan to be such an angel who understood the mood so well.

Originally, Linze was still a little worried, on what to do should Xu Yanyan request to check his room or his dad's.

But of course, Linze had already prepped said response towards such situations, but if it needed not be said instead, it evidently would be the most ideal situation for him.

Afterwards, Linze and Xu Yanyan went down the stairs together, and came right up to the door by the porch.

「I'll see you in a few days then, Big brother Linze.」

「Let's first not be in such a hurry on seeing each other again, and speaking of which, I seem to not have your number too. How about letting me save it down, if I've obtained the keys from my father, I'll be able to immediately give you a call.」

As Linze said, he used his fingerprint to unlock his smartphone, and unhesitatingly passed his phone over to Xu Yanyan. Indicating her to use his phone to give her number a call.


Xu Yanyan seemed to be a little panicky, and in a slight frantic manner she received Linze's phone.

After hesitating for a few seconds, Xu Yanyan used Linze's smartphone to give her number a call, and afterwards she immediately hung it up, returning the smartphone back to Linze.

After reaching out his left hand to receive back his phone, Linze immediately added that number into his contacts.

Seeing that frantic manner of Xu Yanyan receiving his phone, Linze suddenly had a bold thought, and that was perhaps Xu Yanyan would actually be a girl that wasn't able to make friends very well.

After all, Xu Yanyan had always stuck together with his sister ever since from elementary school, and perhaps other than his sister, she in actuality didn't have any other friends at all.

Of course, his sister might be the same too, for other than Xu Yanyan, Linze had never seen his sister bringing any other friends to his home before.

Suddenly, Linze made a decision.

「Oh right, Yanyan, if you don't mind, just call me Linze.【Big brother Linze】and what not, that seems to be a little too stranger-like already, plus I'm not really very comfortable listening to it.」

「.......To be directly calling out Big brother Linze's name, is it really all right.」

「It's fine, since I addressed you as Yanyan, plus I even want to be friends with Yanyan as well.」

Linze just like that brightly said towards Xu Yanyan.

「Is you only wanted to be just 【friends】huh.」

Xu Yanyan used a soft voice that only she was able to hear, saying.

「If my sister isn't around, whenever Yanyan have any troubles making friends or anything like that, I welcome you to come look for me. If you are to feel lonely, you can also come find me, If there's no one accompanying you to the movies or the theme park, I'll still be welcoming you to look for me.」

「Why, Big brother Linze......」

「Didn't I say already, to call me Linze.」

Linze opened his mouth to interrupt Xu Yanyan's speech.

「Then, why, Linze......」

At this point, Xu Yanyan became entangled for a moment, but eventually didn't choose to add a 'Big brother' honorific right by Linze's name.

「Linze, why did you want to treat me so well, and be so concerned over me.」

Xu Yanyan, with a slight reddish glow on her face, questioned Linze.

「Isn't that obvious enough.」

Linze went a step forward closer towards Xu Yanyan, the current Linze had his face decked full with seriousness.

An extremely pressurizing attitude, which made Xu Yanyan subconsciously retreat back half a step.

「It's because you're my sister's best friend, which is why I want to try to treat you as my half-sister, looking after you. I hope that when Linling returns home after half a year, you'll still be able to be her best friend. Please do continue to play together with my sister in the future.」

「Oh, so that's what you meant......」

Xu Yanyan seemed to be a little depressed.

「Then Linze, I'll be heading home first.」

As she said, Xu Yanyan spun around and left. While looking at the back of her figure, Linze yelled out towards her.

「I really do welcome you over anytime. Speaking of which it'll only be me at home tomorrow, I'll be welcoming you to look for me anytime, okay.」


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