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An apology somewhat

A misleading title? πŸ˜†

First and foremost, I'm sorry for not living up to my promises of being able to out consistent chapters daily for this blog.

It's mainly attributed to me being busy from school life, a 9am-6pm timing (not including 1hr transport to and back -3-), daily tkd training, school piled up assignments, homeworks, assessments, group projects and so on, necessitating me to study daily just to catch up on its load.

Some other reasons as for why I'm unable to out Jeopardy as fast as LDD, was because of chapter length, quality, free time span, to list a few.

Free time span - I'm able to out consistent LDD chapters in the past due to my hols, and I was then able to push out chapters as soon as I finished translating, without even checking it. (aka no proofreading, editing)

Quality - You may have noticed that in Jeopardy, I'm able to get out more higher qualitied tl works compared to the rest of my translations, as after translating them, I went through it once again, aka proofreading and editing, to try and sieve out grammars, english grammatically incorrect soundings, rephrasing thus, improving the quality overall. I feel that this should be what a translator should at least provide, as they understood the chapter meanings in the first place, unless they have a tlc or a bilingual proofreader/editor. Sometimes, I may miss out a few catches too, which is why I rely on you readers to help me correct, or query me onto my translation if there's any doubts :P

Chapter length - For Jeopardy, the chapter length really is varied. It can go from 2k ~ 5k, and in more recent chapters (Vol 2), it jumped to (in average) 3.5 ~ 4k length, (unlike LDD which it's a consistent 3k). My speed is roughly being able to output 4k words in roughly 5- 5.5 hours, with the proofreading/editing being 45- 1 hr thereafter.

Nonono, this is entirely not a rant at all. It's just somewhat reasons that I'm providing to appease yer readers, that I'm not being able to out that much chapters as before.

You may have noticed it, but this blog is entirely FOC. No ads, no patreonizing (geddit?), no chapt sponsoring, why? I entirely did it out because I feel like it. Passion-driven? Maybe? Pumping in all my spare time to tl without any expectation onto remuneration, this really must be done with a I could continue my tkd training even more, indulge in more cn novel reading, study-cram more, work p/t outside too, but nah.....

However, in weekends, if I didn't out 2 chapters, you're entitled to pester me. Hey, who says translators don't need motivation too? I do, and those pushing by you readers is what that spurs me on to go on and on.

But hey, it doesn't mean that weekdays I'm not so "free" too. Wed/Fri are my least crowded days, and it's very, very, very, very plausible that I'm able to out 1 chapt on that day itself.

And so this goes on, for posterity, forever pinned, to any readers who would wonder why I didn't out that much chapters weekdays and so on. Please spare me!


  1. It's ok, we respect ur rl.

    Have you considered getting an editor?
    I'm sure some people here wouldn't mind...

  2. I really like your tls, and I'm sure we all appreciate it! ;) Though I am a bit sad that the chapter releases will be slower, I hope that you'll at least keep translating.. thanks!

  3. We spare you our friend. We spare you......... well at least I do. This girl I know looks like she just found an excuse to kidnap you.

  4. thank you for all the hard works thus far, Flare!

    we all support you wholeheartedly

  5. take your time dude, btw, do you still have the old pic of the elf mom from mom-con from your old translation where she have heart-eyes ? someone commented in obsidian site asking if anyone still have the old pic and i wonder if you still have it
    also, is it just me or lordobsidian website is down ?

    1. I'm not sure if this is what you're referring to, but I do have an image. It's in:

    2. yep that's the one, thx bro !
      btw does anyone also cant access lordobsidian website ? it keep telling me it down

    3. likewise for me (I think the traffic is crashing the site, just like Jizun-ssi said on his blog)

  6. Don't usually comment, but just wanted to say I appreciate your efforts. Honestly, thanks for translating a genre that a lot of translators never seem interested in, and don't worry about being rushed we'll appreciate your releases whenever.

  7. hwy man dont fret! u are already a badass translator as it is! take your time and tl only after taking care of your rl

  8. Take your time man, as long as you keep translating. I really like Jeopardy novel and appreciate whatever you've done. I looked at Jeopardy raw, looks like vol 2 got so many words to tl, even more than vol 1. So brace yourself and good luck!

  9. Don't worry TL-san we totally understand. School is some tough shit. So don't worry besides you've done so much alone so far, how can we complain?Translating and proofreading ain't child's play.

    Thanks for all your hardwork and sacrifice so far. Good luck with school :3

  10. it's fine, i'm sure most of us(ur readers) appreciate just the fact that you are taking time out of your life to bring these tls to us. thanks for your effort and your work up to now. take your time if you need to. We will all be waiting as long as you are still translating. if you don't abandon us we will still be here clinging onto ur leg for tls.

  11. This is saddening but best of luck to you

    tnx for the TL

  12. GL IRL
    Thx for your hardwork and your time.

  13. Take your time it's not like you always stop at a cliffhanger right.(ΰ²  ͟Κ–ΰ² )

  14. Replies
    1. Its me😐😐😐😐😐😐😐

  15. Umm it's already been a week with no updates


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