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Synthesis Prologue 2

Prologue 2 (out of 3)

TL: flarewk
2nd revision: flarewk

"His body received very severe damage due to excessive drugs and r*pe, notwithstanding the fact that he's still too young already, henceforth, this sort of damage will be permanent on him, and will have a huge effect towards his growth.........."

A doctor stood by the sickbed while shaking his head towards Uesugi Hiroyuki. Uesugi Hiroyuki, who was looking at Hong Shuang Yu lying on the bed, gave off a sigh.

"Sigh, such a bother..........."

At this moment, there's a slight ruckus coming from the door entrance, it seemed to be a girl who was arguing onto something.

"Let me in! Why can't I go in! I'm his jiejie! Hurry up and move!"

"Little girl...the patient needs to rest right still can't go in to visit him....." The nurse standing by the doors repeatedly used a reluctant tone to speak with the girl.

"How could I be disturbing onto my didi! I just only wanted to look at him! Hurry up and move!"

The nurse who was standing by the door entrance helplessly looked towards the doctor and Uesugi Hiroyuki while continually preventing the girl's barging. Uesugi Hiroyuki once again sighed.

"Let her in."

After hearing that, the nurse quickly stopped the little troublemaker in front of her and hastily left the room. The girl ran into the room, and upon seeing Hong Shuang Yu lying on the bed, tears started to well about in her eyes, as she dashed over planning onto hugging Hong Shuang Yu who was lying on the bed.

A pair of thick rugged hands stopped her, as Uesugi Hiroyuki grabbed onto Hong Xue's collars, lifting her up as a result.

"Let go of me! What are you doing! Perverted lolicon uncle!" Hong Xue struggled repeatedly in midair.

When did I turn into a perverted lolicon, Uesugi Hiroyuki thought exasperatedly.

"His body is very weak right now, yet you still wanted to go hug him. Being his elder sister, you should properly consider your actions for his sake" Uesugi Hiroyuki whose face was littered with helplessness glanced at Hong Xue.

Upon hearing Uesugi Hiroyuki's words, Hong Xue didn't struggle anymore, merely looking at Hong Shuang Yu who was lying on the bed while giving off a soft cry incessantly. Uesugi Hiroyuki once again sighed, placing Hong Xue back onto the ground, and Hong Xue who was standing by the bedside too silently looked at Hong Shuang Yu while crying with her shoulders continually trembling, and after crying for a while, she turned towards Uesugi Hiroyuki.

"My didi....he's....fine....right" Hong Xue who cried till she was in a inextricable state looked towards Uesugi Hiroyuki.

"As you can see, currently there's no jeopardy to your didi's life. His body is very weak however, so being his jiejie, you should know that you must properly take care of him, right."

"You don't need to tell me...I know..." Hong Xue who ferociously glared at Uesugi Hiroyuki thereafter silently gazed upon the bed-lying Hong Shuang Yu.

"What the patient needs right now is an absolutely quiet environment to rest, so everyone, please leave the room now" The doctor standing at a side said towards Uesugi Hiroyuki while at the same time implying towards Hong Xue as well.

"Let's go." Uesugi Hiroyuki nudged Hong Xue, but she still turned around to fiercely give him a glare, wiping the tears clean from her face and giving the bed-lying Hong Shuang Yu an extensive look before leaving by herself.

Oioi, I'm the one who saved your didi after all, the uncle whose face was littered with helplessness thought as he looked at the petite figure that was leaving.


After a week, Hong Shuang Yu still hadn't woke up, and according to the doctors, it should be fully adequate for him to recover and return back into consciousness already, but with him still being in a current state of comatose, the doctor could only deduce that it's due to his body being too overly damaged, or perhaps it being due to the depths of the patient's consciousness onto not wanting to come out. Uesugi Hiroyuki, looking at Hong Shuang Yu who was lying on the bed, gave off a sigh just as usual. He had worked continually for 2 months already due to this matter. What's troublesome wasn't to locate a person; the things that were to settled afterwards upon finding the person was truly even more troublesome, and due to the issue of Kali's background, things had turned out to become even more cumbersome.

Uesugi Hiroyuki groped around his pockets, taking out a pack of cigarettes and was planning to calm himself down, when a passing nurse upon noticing his actions immediately went to stop him.

"Sir, I'm sorry, this place forbids smoking, please proceed to the smoking area to smoke."

Uesugi Hiroyuki who was just thinking onto lighting up the cigarette became stunned for a moment, and once again heavily sighed.


Finished saying that, he hung the cigarette stick on his mouth and left. While walking within the hospital which was completely white throughout, Uesugi kept brooding about the matter regarding Hong Shuang Yu. The issue could already be constituted as a crime, but due to Kali's background, things were difficult to even have any progress at all. And as for the police side, the higher ups seemingly didn't want to miss out onto this opportunity, repeatedly slamming charges upon Kali instead, but it's a pity that Kali's background wasn't that of a beta at all. Hence, with the current state of standstill, it really made Uesugi very helpless, as until after this matter had finished, he must always be watching over Hong Shuang Yu.

He arrived at the garden area located at the central position of the hospital, where this place is the smoking area of the hospital, and seemingly hasty onto making himself calm down properly, Uesugi lit up the cigeratte hanging by his mouth, heavily gasping in a mouthful and ferociously panting out afterwards.

"'s really so freaking troublesome...." Uesugi who was leaning by the sides of the artificial pond pressed onto his temple while repeatedly massaging it.

That brat still hadn't woke up yet, huh. Why did he still not yet wake up, he's the most vital human evidence, and without him around, things were really troublesome to the max.

Uesugi who was continually massaging his head only felt that his head seemed to have become more agonized already, as he once again lifted the cigarette on his hands, planning to calm himself down once again.

At this moment, there's a man who donned a tuxedo at the second floor seemingly having a conversation with another person, and after a mere few seconds of conversation, the both of them then left. Looking at the slightly familiar suited man, Uesugi pondered.

That's Kali's lawyer.

Why would he be here, but then the next person should be Kali-dàxiaojie, right?

Uesugi knew then it's not the time for resting at the moment. Glancing at the cigarette held within his hands, Uesugi fiercely breathed in a mouthful, throwing it into the ashtray after that, and hastily dashed over to Hong Shuang Yu's room thereafter. According to Uesugi's thinking, he had no idea on their purpose onto coming by, but he definitely would know about it when he proceeds to Hong Shuang Yu's room, as that dàxiaojie would definitely go on to see him.

Same as like previously, Kali was still wearing a blouse. It seemed that this girl's figure naturally existed for the sole purpose of putting on blouses, and Kali wore a pure white blouse with ribbons on it. The lawyer who was following behind Kali-dàxiaojie had an appearance of donning a golden-threaded spectacles frame with his hair being combed impeccably. Just one look would give out the impression that he's a successful person in life.

Seemingly also noticing onto Uesugi's presence, the lawyer respectfully nodded his head, as he was aware about the renowned name of Officer Uesugi. But Kali didn't care about Uesugi; simply proceeding past him to enter the room instead.

Kali's face was currently expressionless, merely having an extremely cold look as usual, with the color of her face too very pale-white.

"Is there anything for Kali-dàxiaojie to be here?" Uesugi spun around his body, impeding Kali's steps.

Being blocked by Uesugi, Kali's face had rage straightforwardly appearing.

"Move." Kali coldly said.

"No can do, Kali-dàxiaojie, do you know of your current status right now? You have no right and reason to go in to look at him." Uesugi gave off an unconcerned expression while looking at Kali.

"I'll say it once again, move." Kali was already gritting her teeth as she said out this sentence while similarly coldly looking at Uesugi.

"I can't, Kali-dàxiaojie, what if you did something once again, how am I going to be responsible for it? You must know that right now, you're a criminal suspect, yet you still wanted to go see the victim, how will that be possible?" Uesugi suddenly turned into an appearance of deserving to be beaten up as he spoke doggedly; he wanted to see Kali's reaction.

Kali was unable to refute his words, she gritted her teeth while ferociously glaring at Uesugi, and he similarly too glared back at Kali unconservingly as well. With the both of them glaring at each other for a few seconds, the lawyer who felt that things were about to turn slightly nasty wanted to step forward to speak.

"Officer Uesugi........." The lawyer who hadn't finished speaking was being stopped by Kali.

At this moment, Kali's face was lowered as she softly trembled.

"Let me see him....." Head lowered, Kali spoke out that sentence.

"No wa-......."

"I'm begging you!" Uesugi who was planning onto continuing rejecting Kali was shocked by Kali's sudden speech, and looking at the current Kali, the feelings of wanting revenge within his mind had already dissipated. Uesugi originally planned onto slightly troubling Kali so as to wreck vengeance onto those troublesome stuff that she had continually caused him for these few days.

Looking at the appearance of the head lowering Kali, Uesugi rubbed his head and gave off a sigh.

"But you must be handcuffed; about this matter, you have no right to refuse it." he said.

Upon hearing this, the lawyer behind Kali once more planned to say a certain something but was prevented by Kali again.

"Okay." Kali stretched out her hands after she had finished saying that.

Taking out his cuffs and handcuffing her afterwards, he opened the door, allowing Kali to enter.

Kali who opened the door once again had distinct transformations in her expression.

Excitement, eagerness, fanaticism, guilt. Multitudes and multitudes of feelings were all being displayed on Kali's face.

Although it's said that she couldn't go near Hong Shuang Yu, Kali's body had already subconsciously gradually approached him who was lying on the bed, as her hands that were being cuffed slowly raised up, wanting to stretch out towards him.

An arm appeared right before her eyes.

It's Uesugi's hand.

Seeing that she's being impeded by the arm in front of her, Kali blankly gave Uesugi a glance, and looked at Hong Shuang Yu who was lying on the bed once more. Her exquisite face was already fully littered with tears.

Clenching both fists, teeth tightly gritting, Kali's entirety softly trembled. Breathing in deeply afterwards, she spun around and walked out of the room.

The lawyer too followed suit seeing it as such.


Uesugi called out the lawyer, and threw the key from within his hands towards him.

"Return it to me later"

Looking at the keys in his hands, the lawyer left as well, and when he left, he didn't forget to politely return a greeting.

"Thanks for the trouble."

Looking at both subjects who were leaving, Uesugi scratched his hair, deeply sighing while shaking his head.


Three days later, Hong Shuang Yu finally woke up, and Hong Xue who was lying by the bedside sleeping woke up too from the surrounding movements, and upon seeing Hong Shuang Yu who's right in front of her finally awakened, she couldn't resist crying while hugging onto him.

"Xiao Xiao've finally awakened...." While crying incoherently, Hong Xue tightly hugged onto her younger brother, and at that moment, she was even thinking of never letting go of her hands already.

The doctor and nurses who then knew about the condition along with Uesugi all rushed over, and upon entering the room, they saw a little girl tightly hugging onto her younger brother.

Seeing upon an awakened Hong Shuang Yu, Uesugi couldn't wait to immediately have a talk with him. Since he's the victim for this incident, Kali's outcome will be wholly dependent onto Hong Shuang Yu's statement.

After the doctor and nurses pulled away Hong Xue, they conducted an inspection on Hong Shuang Yu, and the outcome they obtained was that he still needed a large amount of rest, since there wasn't any surface injuries on his body, and a fragile body henceforth needs to have a long period of rest.

But during the process of inspection, Hong Shuang Yu completely did not respond to the doctor and nurses inquiries at all, and was like a rag doll as he freely allowed the doctor to check on him. Towards as such, the doc could only conclude that it's due to psychological trauma. After all, he's still too young to have this sort of incident happening to him.

Looking at the blank-eyed Hong Shuang Yu in front of him, Uesugi felt upon a sensation of premonition. Bridling upon such feelings, Uesugi attempted to start conversing with Hong Shuang Yu.

"Hong....little are you feeling right now......."

I must be showing an atmosphere that of an adult's, Uesugi displayed out a smiling face a little stiffedly.


Hong Shuang Yu who was lying on the bed didn't budge, making absolutely zero movements at all.

"Little you still remember about the things that happened?"

Hong Shuang Yu still didn't budge, him having an appearance of seemingly not hearing onto Uesugi's question.

Oioi, don't scare me, if it's like that it'll be difficult to handle this case already. Forget it, I'll just throw out the ball and see that if there are any actions.

"Little you still remember the name Kali · Alice?"

Just as per Uesugi's expectations, upon hearing Kali's name, the bed-sitting Hong Shuang Yu had his entire body trembling, as he lifted up his head.

A pair of completely terrified, repeatedly shaking eyes looking back at Uesugi, and afterwards instantly being blank-eyed, as Hong Shuang Yu stopped trembling.....and fainted.

Seeing upon this scenario....the entirety of Uesugi had became dumbfounded....afterwhich he scratched his head once more and gave off a heavy sigh.

The heck should I do with this.......


Hong Shuang Yu who woke up once again was in a much better state than previously when he awakened for the first time, he already had reactions towards the doctor's queries along with Hong Xue's as well, but it were all merely the level of nodding or shaking his head. Towards the name Kali however, he still had a very agitated reaction. A more lighter reaction of it would be just trembling non-stop, but the more serious one would have him fainting.

As such, the doctor strongly requested onto disallowing to mention the patient's psychological traumas, and suggested onto psychological treatment as well. This so-called psychological treatment was to carry out professional hypnosis to let the affected patient forget about his psychological traumas in order to heal up his wounds, and more importantly, restore back his mental processes.

But to Uesugi Hiroyuki, this matter would completely be akin to wanting up his life already, as the crux of the incident was just onto the victim Hong Shuang Yu, and being unable to obtain any such information regarding towards the suspect, the incident could never be obtaining onto a settlement that way.

To what state would this matter be dragged until? At the very least to wait till when upon mentioning Kali's name, Hong Shuang Yu is able to have the strength to provide a response? Are you kidding me?

Uesugi Hiroyuki a little blankly lit up a stick of cigarette.

Spare me from this, I just want to go home and sleep...

"Ahh! Aahh! Aaahh! Damn it! What kind of shitty case is this!"

Uesugi Hiroyuki became a little hysterical while alone at the smoking area.

"Sir, please maintain silence within the hospital premises" A nurse passing by upon seeing Uesugi Hiroyuki becoming insane reprimanded him a little disdainfully.


I've actually been despised upon...


After nearly three months of treatment, Hong Shuang Yu finally had basic recovery for his movements. But towards matters regarding Kali, he was still in complete trepidation, and as such, Uesugi became psychotic up to the point where he felt like whipping out his gun to threaten Hong Shuang Yu already.

Just hurry up and say it! Just hurry up and say it! Are you going to f**king say it! You believe that I'm going to f**king shoot you with a gun if you don't say it!

[TL: the "I" used here, and subsequently are all the very impolite form of it (老子) "your father"; it shows his desperation already after working OT for ?? amount of months]

Uesugi currently had a dumbfounded expression as he watched Hong Shuang Yu undergo therapy sessions while imagining if he should really do such acts.

Heh heh, if I'm to really do such acts, I wouldn't need to continue with this line of work anymore, damn it! I really want to have a holiday, how many months was this already! Plus, I still often need to settle those cumbersome matters as well, aaaaaaahhhh!

Having a dumbfounded expression on the exterior but being continually hysterical at the inside, Uesugi could only silently watch Hong Shuang Yu.

Due to the overly amounts of r*pings, Hong Shuang Yu's body condition had turned from being normal to becoming irregular, with his strength becoming very feeble, needing to rest after walking for just a while, not to even mention about running already. It had a very severe consequence onto his body's growth.

Hong Shuang Yu at the moment was depending upon the nurse assistance onto practicing walking slowly, while Hong Xue was at a side anxiously looking at him, continually encouraging him.

Looking at them, Uesugi went into thoughts for a very long time. He took out a cigarette stick before realizing that this place forbids smoking. Ferociously sticking the cigarette back into his pockets, he stood up, incensedly glaring at Hong Shuang Yu before walking away.

Things should have an outcome already...


After nearly more than a year of treatments along with therapies, Hong Shuang Yu has finally been discharged, and towards the outcome of the matter, Kali was eventually pronounced not guilty, as prior to the psychological treatment, Hong Shuang Yu's statement had been obtained, plus he didn't want to pursue the matter further. That coupled along with Kali's background, being pronounced as not-guilty would be definite.

(TL: lol, more than a year of OT for the detective, XD)

"Are you sure that Kali · Alice did not carry out any form of r*pe or any sort of actions that have harmed onto your life?" Uesugi questioned the knee-hugging Hong Shuang Yu right in front of him. Because it's a procedural matter, the questions that he asked were all professional statements.

Hong Shuang Yu dazedly looked at Uesugi, seemingly not comprehending onto what he was saying.

"That means, Kali never did anything to you that made you hate her" Uesugi helplessly scratched his head.

Upon hearing Uesugi's question, Hong Shuang Yu became dazed for a moment before shaking his head.

"Are you sure? Your answer will affect onto Kali's outcome, are you really..."

He hadn't finished speaking when Hong Shuang Yu repeatedly nodded his head plus shook his head.

What is the meaning of this? Uesugi helplessly stared at Hong Shuang Yu.

"Please give out a verbal response, which means speaking, and also, what you must be saying is whether you will be pursuing about the matters regarding Kali · Alice. If you are pursuing, then please say that you are, if you are not, then say that you are not; if you are pursuing, Kali · Alice will be given imprisonment, which means going to jail, and if you are not pursing Kali · Alice, nothing will happen to her, and the both of you will never meet once again, understand?" Seemingly afraid that Hong Shuang Yu didn't comprehend about the matter, Uesugi slowly explained it to him.

After five minutes of silence, Uesugi's head almost felt like exploding from over-agitation already.

"I'd say, you brat..."

"Not pursuing..."

Uesugi who was just wanting to turn hysterical finally heard Hong Shuang Yu's feeble response.

"Are you sure?"

Towards this reply, Uesugi found it rather surprising, but at the same time not so as well. Why is that so, he wonders.

"Sure..." Hong Shuang Yu once again gave a drained response.

Upon obtaining a clear statement, Uesugi didn't want to remain in the hospital for a single moment any longer, as this matter could be said to have truly ended already. Uesugi immediately left Hong Shuang Yu's room.

This was the situation back then.

At the end of the incident, Hong Shuang Yu received more than a year's worth of treatment and therapies, and after being discharged, Hong Xue obtained the so-called "treatment remuneration plus compensation fees", which were of course given in private, and holding onto this rather ginormous amount of wealth, Hong Xue, bringing along Hong Xue Yu, left this place.

This place, was perhaps the place that Hong Shuang Yu would never come back ever again for the rest of his life.




With an orangey sensation stimulating his eyes, he slowly opened them up, as golden yellow rays of the sun shone down onto his face from the windowsills. Hong Shuang Yu gradually propped up his body.

Pulling open the curtains with sunlight instantly flooding the room, his body felt lethargic as usual, along with his strength being feeble as normal too.

Today's a good weather, huh.

He put on his spectacles and glanced at the alarm clock.

7 : 01

It's actually a rare occurrence of waking up early. Picking up the huge loose school uniform hanging on wall, he put it on at his own leisurely pace, walking out of the room thereafter to enter Xue-jie's room.

There's no one in the room already, and the breakfast was already prepared on the dining table, along with a piece of note being placed at the table.

Please finish up breakfast~! Along with a very large heart shape right beside it.

Why would there be a heart shape....forget's been hard on Xue-jie as well.

Arriving before the mirror, what's being reflected was a pale-white sickly face and a height which was in the bottom rankings of the class, not even being comparable to the girls. Undoubtedly, the tag "shota" was permanently affixed on Hong Shuang Yu, and with his docile small frame, even the most smallest school uniform upon him putting it on would become loose and baggy. But the school stated that it was the most smallest size for male uniforms already, and if there's a need for an even smaller version there would only be the option to go order a customized one. In order not to trouble Xue-jie, he didn't raise up any such requests at all.'ll do as long as I'm able to wear it.

After washing up, Hong Shuang Yu leisurely resolved the breakfast that his jiejie made for him. Although the portions were the usual amounts that was being made, but towards that extremely small appetite of his, it could be said to be a little overdone already.

He finally finished consuming the breakfast after a period of hard work, and he picked up the bento that Xue-jie already prepared for him, preparing to set off to school thereafter.

Due to the issue of his fragility, Xue-jie had to rent this sort of exorbitant condominium that was the nearest to the school, and when he attempted to go enquiring on why she would have such high capabilities onto defraying it, Xue-jie merely kept saying that it's due to the 'compensation fee' reason.

Living at this block of condo, walking to school was just a mere 10 plus minutes of time away. To Hong Shuang Yu, it's way plenty enough for him to be slowly walking towards school.

The morning's sun rays was extraordinarily dazzling, and currently, it's the season of spring entering summer. The neat systematically planted trees by the roadside had grown a slight birch of emerald greenish on it, with the rarely seen sunny day actually having a slight breeze accompanying it.

The wind which was gently blowing onto Hong Shuang Yu's face greatly induced out his fatigue, with his originally powerlessly tired body instantaneously wanting to just lie down onto the ground to return back to his nap.

En route, there were students who similarly proceeded along to school as well, but there's only a substantial amount of them.

There's probably still a period of time before the appearance of students running to school.

Arriving at the entrance of the school gate, a school's disciplinary committee member was already by the gates conducting the morning inspection.

They really won't give slack for even a day's been hard on them too..........

Hong Shuang Yu momentarily gave silent thanks to the disciplinary committee member within his mind as he walked into the school gate.

"Tongxue, please hold on for a moment."

(TL: tongxue (同学) refers to 'student'. It's addressing their 'status', hence intentionally calling them out as such.)

A sudden cry made Hong Shuang Yu look towards the disciplinary committee member standing by the gate entrance.

An orange-colored shoulder-length short hair, along with a sort of sternish feeling being affixed onto the face. The girl pushed up her black-framed spectacles which was just the same as Hong Shuang Yu's as she walked over.

Eehh..........was she calling me..........

Hong Shuang Yu glanced around his surroundings, and noticed that there was actually just only him around.

"Tongxue, why are your clothes being so loose and scruffy, it doesn't fit the school's appearance requirements that way" The girl had both arms hugging each other as she sternly looked at Hong Shuang Yu.

Looking at that large 'Disciplinary Committee member' writing on the girl's arm along with a slight breeze which blew a fragrant smelling scent from the girl over to him, Hong Shuang Yu started to become nervous.

"Eehh....eehh....but....but this is the smallest uniform size can onl-...can only...put on this"

The nervous sensation instantly transformed the words he was speaking into stammering instead.

Looking at the boy right ahead who was even shorter than her, Chifuyu Yuno became a little dumbfounded.

Why did he seem to be extremely frightened of me?

"Since it's like that, at least tidy up your attire a little. You're a middle schooler already, yet you still don't even know about this sort of things?"

Being mysteriously feared plus disliking onto this kind of feeble boy who couldn't even manage his own stuff properly, Chifuyu Yuno started to lecture him.


Upon hearing Chifuyu Yuno's lecture, Hong Shuang Yu started to tidy up his attire panickedly, but wanting to adjust his spaciously baggy uniform mixed along with his short stature wasn't that of an easy task at all.

The frantically hectic Hong Shuang Yu right in front of her gradually made Chifuyu Yuno once again pissed off.

"Let me help you." At this moment, she said as such.

Being part of a disciplinary committee member, she must still set an example as an elder sister onto helping her juniors.

Hong Shuang Yu who hadn't reacted to it was shocked by the suddenly approaching Chifuyu Yuno. A faint trace of shampoo fragrance emanated out from her along with her exquisite tiny face closening up; upon closer inspection, one would notice that she's indeed such a natural beauty.

But to Hong Shuang Yu, this wasn't any such pleasurable sensation already, with his entirety starting to stiffen up, along with his heartbeat having an increase in its pumping. His pale white face started to drip out sweat, and an indescribable feeling of terror started to race around his entire body, with his body too starting to slowly tremble.

Chifuyu Yuno who was half squatting and seriously helping Hong Shuang Yu tidy up his shirt didn't notice those symptoms, and after tidying for a while, she noticed that it's indeed rather difficult to neaten it up. Afterwards, she started to notice that the body in front of her was lightly shivering instead, and noticing upon that bizarre event, she lifted up her head.

A pale white but delicately pretty face being covered in sweat, and the corner of his trembling eyes had tears floating around.

"Why are you...."


Unable to endure the stimulation in front of him, Hong Shuang Yu gave off a loud cry as he spun around and dashed towards the interior of the school.

Chifuyu Yuno who hadn't regained back to her senses had a face of puzzlement as she gazed at him who was running far away.

Am I really that scary....but that face just earlier....he's just so cute....wait....what am I thinking! I that scary...

Chifuyu who regained back to her senses hugged her both arms while pondering, yet not realizing that on her stern exquisite face, there's a slight red blush being fixated upon as well.


The trembling on his body still presently there, Hong Shuang Yu currently had already ran into the school's lecture building, as he stopped his footsteps panting huge mouthfuls of breaths.

About the speed just earlier, it was his very limit already, though it wasn't comparable to a girl's speed at all, and the extremely poor constitution of his body made Hong Shuang Yu being able to gasp out half a day's worth of breaths, with tears still retaining by his eyes.

It's so embarrassing....but it's so terrifying as well....girls!

Wiping the tears by the corner of his eyes away and calming his breath down, he patted his face onto letting his brain which lacked air onto slightly being awakened, as he finished swapping into his interior shoes.

Ever since after that incident, his gynophobia had started to naturally exist already, though it wasn't as serious as from the start after accepting treatment; as to the Hong Shuang Yu that time, don't even mention about girls already, he would even be frightened of any living animal that's of the female variety. Same goes for the nurses as well, and it's been after a very long time before he became accustomed to a rather mature-like nurse.

He walked towards his classroom with trepidation within his heart.

Kamiya Middle School.

In this middle school which had quite the fame in this region, it possessed perfect layout of facilities, along with all sort of elite teachers which made this school turn into a school for the wealthy as true to its name. Hence, wanting to enter this school wasn't that of an easy task at all.

Hong Shuang Yu was also very confused as well on how he managed to be accepted by this school, as even if there was an exorbitantly high "compensation fee", it also wouldn't be that simple onto allowing him to be admitted there, plus Xue-jie too was rather vague, dodging over that aspect as well.

The primary aim within the school for the gynophobia afflicted Hong Shuang Yu was, within his very greatest of his capabilities, to squeeze out all sorts of solutions onto maintaining a low profile on not to go around causing trouble, not even mentioning about having contact with the females already. However, such a distinctive tiny figure only made Hong Shuang Yu in many occasions unable to maintain out a low profile.

At certain times he would usually attract some sort of what girls would describe being as an "elder sister" protecting her "younger brother" sensation, and as such, Hong Shuang Yu could only always flee in defeat, as troubles would be aplenty once he'd accidentally fainted again.

Walking towards the classroom slowly, Hong Shuang Yu was being extremely careful just as usual, never once attracting upon the attention of others. Furthermore, when others had greeted him, he must act with a low profile-seeking manner onto replying them as well. Hong Shuang Yu who had always been like that since elementary school could only use a 'just get used to it' mentality onto comforting himself.

It's been quite hard on myself as well...

Hong Shuang Yu lamented, as he's in the very clear towards his own constitution. With just a single mistake, something irrecoverable would be happening once again.


The morning classes made Hong Shuang Yu drowsily sleepy. Since he didn't have the so-called "main character seating" sort of favorable luck, him who was being seated at the most frontal row could only force himself not to fall asleep under the watchful eye of the teacher. Initially, when the homeroom lecturer made the seating arrangements, an irrefutable forceful tone was used to make Hong Shuang Yu the first one to be seated at the front, and the reason was:

He was the shortest person in the entire class, even when compared with the most petite female student in class, Hong Shuang Yu was still slightly shorter a little.

A completely embarrassed Hong Shuang Yu, in order to avoid trouble could only quietly follow suit.

"Yu-kun was sleeping once again during lessons, you didn't sleep well last night huh"

The female classmate, who was seated by the right side of Hong Shuang Yu was the shortest amongst the entire class, yet still being marginally taller than Hong Shuang Yu was Suzuki Hanako.

" the nap wasn't that bad at all..."

"Eyy? Then it must be due to your body reasons, take care of your body alright~"

Suzuki gently said, with her cute mushroom head bubbling about as she spoke. The petite cute Suzuki was being treated as a mascot-like existence within the class.

"Mm...thank you........."

"I'm about to go eat lunch already, is Yu-kun coming along?"

"Eyy? ...Uuu....sorry....I've brought my time then"

Hong Shuang Yu who had taken out his bento said a little awkwardly.

"I see...a pity, well next time then, byebye~" Finished saying, Suzuki and the other girls left the classroom together.

Phew, luckily....having lunch with so many girls together would be too catastrophic already.... (hehe)

Due to being accustomed as well as having shared the same desk for 3 years, Hong Shuang Yu was still considered to be able to converse properly with Suzuki, with the condition that both parties are at their own respective seats. Every seat in the classroom had their left and right gaps being distanced out by nearly a meter, and the normal conversational distance Hong Shuang Yu had with girls is 1 meters long. If they were to approach him, his body would mysteriously start to turn panicky, and unhealthy reactions would start to slowly develop as well.

"Thank you for the meal....."

After finishing Xue-jie's exquisitely made bento, a sloth-like sensation started to enwrap his entire body, with his eyes unknowingly closing up, and after giving off a yawn, he finally lay defeated against his fatigue, as he slightly adjusted his posture, planning onto properly having a nice afternoon's nap.

"This is a school-wide message being broadcast right now. For the afternoon's class, may all of the students please gather at the hall" A dazed Hong Shuang Yu who had started to fall asleep vaguely heard some sort of sudden broadcasting before drowsing off.


"In order to welcome upon the upcoming school festival, right now it's been decided that all extra-curricular activities after school are to be halted, and every club needs to put in all their efforts onto preparing for the school festival, with each single unit producing upon their respective duties."

Bearing an irrefutable level of strictness, the student council president stood by the speaker's podium as the already decided events were being announced out.

Instantly, a large crowd of students exploded in a ruckus.

"How can it be like that? There are just two weeks to the school festival, wasn't it always a week prior to the school festival before needing to prepare for it in the past?"

"Yeah yeah, there are still many things needing to be done for my club too!"

"I still wanted to continue practicing, aaa, looks like for these two weeks, I'll need to be a 'go home club' already!"

"The student council will always make some very bizarre decisions, can't you have some considerations for us..."

"Heh heh, student council, LOL"

(TL: the "LOL" here is referring to them as a joke, a common phrase saying in JP - "waru" used to refer to something as comedic)

Seeing the ruckus displayed right ahead, the student council president's expression didn't unveil out any changes at all.

"The school festival this time is extremely important for the school, and so, everything will be given up as a priority to the school! That's all!"

Finished saying that, the student council president left a dissatisfied crowd of students behind as she exited the hall.

Shichijyou Syuka

Student Council President. She had already assumed its position from the very first year of middle school. The role-like ideal student for a school, possessing an exquisite doll-like perfect appearance, no matter if it's her studies or sports, it's all impeccable levels of perfectness, plus her ginormous background made people only feel that she's rather imaginary.

But onto handling matters, she had a obstinacy leaning towards being perfect instead, hence onto many areas of incidents involving the school, her handling of it made the students very displeased, and for the school festival this time, it increased the level of dissatisfaction the students had towards the student council president once again.

Her perfect figure however still made the student council president maintain huge enormous levels of fame, with most of them being males, and of course there would be the many existences of students confessing towards the student council president, but one would have already guessed onto the resulting outcome.

Hong Shuang Yu was the quietest amongst all of the students, as the current him was enduring the terror of being surrounded by girls. And with the seats being arranged accordingly to one's height, Hong Shuang Yu was seated at the most frontal spot in the class, while his sides were all respectively short students from other classes; female students.

With not a single word being taken in at all, Hong Shuang Yu repeatedly silently prayed that the assembly would quickly end, and due to excess nervousness, his numbed legs currently felt slightly terrible, as he prayed once more that the girls by his side would quickly go away.

Finally waiting until all the girls by his side had entirely disappeared, he then started to have his feelings soothed as he stood up.

There's no one in the hall already.

Looks like that he's the final person.

Leaving the hall and proceeding towards the classroom, Hong Shuang Yu too hurried up his pace which wasn't even considered to be fast at all in the first place, as the after-school bell had long already rung, and because of Xue-jie's forceful request, he must return back home not more than half an hour after school had ended, hence he had always been part of the 'go home club', since it'll be disastrous when Xue-jie gets mad.

Just when Hong Shuang Yu was about to return to the classroom, the homeroom lecturer carried a pile of documents and walked over.

"Oh, perfect timing. Hong Shuang Yu, you have nothing up now, right, if there's nothing then please help me to deliver these documents to the Student council president."


"Don't worry, there's not much at all. I still have some things to carry out, and won't be passing by the President's office, so I'll be counting on you, alright?" Finished speaking, she pulled out a small stack of documents right out from those pile that she was carrying.

Luckily there weren't much at all, and since I'm not in a hurry as well...

"Mm, it's to be given to the President, right?"

"That's right, I'm counting on you."

"Leave it to me"

The President's office...the President's office... it is.

Just when his hands were about to knock on the doors...

"President, the arrangements this time aren't very appropriate. In the past, it has always been a week prior to the school's festival before the preparations get under way, but to be suddenly saying right now that it will require a 2 weeks duration instead, the students became very displeased about it"

"That's right, President, the students all have their respective arrangements too, plus those third year seniors still need to conduct their revisions, and can't squander up too much of their time for the sake of the school festival"

"President, please reconsider it once again"



It all quietened down.

"I have already decided, and won't be changing the plan. Everything will be given up as a priority to the school, that's all. Dismissed!"


Moments later, a few students all walked out from the President's office; they were all girls.

There seemingly was no one who noticed Hong Shuang Yu's existence as those few girls upon stepping out all carried similar expressions on their faces.

Displeasure, as well as mockery.

"Aahh, I really had it with her, who does she think she is, that act of being high and mighty"

"She's really like an dàxiaojie, it's must be so good to be having someone backing you up, I guess it's our fate for not having such a powerful family..."

"What I'm most pissed off is about those boys, each of them vying for her which led her to be admitted to the student council, it's such a good thing to be having a pretty-looking face"


Looks like there really were many students who were displeased with the President...ahh...I'd better hurry up and go in to hand over the documents.

He gently knocked onto the door.

"Please come in." A high, cold voice resounded out from within.

He pushed open the door.

A standard looking office interior, but its style gave off a medieval european kind of sensation instead. It should be the effect of the interior decor of the room, since the school had many buildings which was designed with a medieval european concept, and it's probably all of them just sharing a unified style.

"Is there anything?"

A doll-like exquisite appearance, with silky soft golden straight hair pouring downwards, along with a tiny ponytail tied behind the back of her head.

Shichijyou Syuka was currently staring at Hong Shuang Yu.

Hong Shuang Yu who was suddenly being stared at started to have his entirety feeling discomforted.

"Umm...umm...I'm here to deliver some documents...." He slightly shifted his face towards the right.

Uwa....I don't dare to look at her directly...I have the feeling that she's staring at me.

"It's been hard on you, put it down over at, bring it over."


After placing those documents onto the President's desk, Hong Shuang Yu lightly gave the President a glance.

Their eyes made contact.

He immediately shifted his gaze away.

...It really gave me a scare.

"Umm...I'll be taking my leave then"

Carefully finishing saying that, Hong Shuang Yu then planned to leave the President's office.

"Please hold on for a moment"


(TL: it's an sfx, a sound made when one is being jump-scared)

"Wh-...what's the matter?"

He spun his head around akin to like a robot but at the same time dared not look towards the President.

"You are very afraid of me, tongxue?"

" must I be frightened of the President..."

"Your hands are shaking, tongxue."

Eh! ?

Hong Shuang Yu looked at his hands, and as expected, they were lightly trembling.

"This's because the documents are a little hands are slightly tired...ahaha"

Hong Shuang Yu slightly embarrassedly said.

"There are only 20 pieces of paper there, that even a kindergartner would be able to carry it."

"Eeh...eeh...sorry...I'm a little nervous..."

He could only slate out the reason shamelessly.

"You heard our conversation just now, right."

"...Um...I heard it...but please don't worry! ...I won't say it out..."

"I don't mean it like will also be the same whether it's being said out or not, not affecting much at all."


At this moment, Shichijyou Syuka closed up her eyes and leaned back onto the chair.

"It's just that...I wanted to ask you a little...your opinions about this matter...or perhaps your opinions about me...what are they."

Seemingly exerting out her entire strength, Shichijyou Syuka slowly said out that sentence which contained words that were extremely significant to her.

........Wh-...what's the matter!? ...Why would she ask me about this sort of question...I'm only here to deliver some's so troublesome...I'll just tell her the truth then

"Umm...I-...I think that the President...isn't wrong this time...but the methods are a little...impulsive?"

"Don't just say those flattering words, just say out what you really think..."

"Umm...what I'm saying is the truth..."

Hong Shuang Yu simply cut off the words that Shichijyou Syuka was planning to say.

"Because...because the school festival this time is the 50th anniversary since the school had been there will be many other schools, even international ones will be coming to our school to attend the festival..."

"......." Shichijyou Syuka who had been maintaining her eyes being closed suddenly unfurled it open to gaze upon Hong Shuang Yu.

Exquisite eyes which were comparable to being crystal-like were currently once again staring at him.

"Why do you know about that...I intentionally didn't say that out during the assembly..."

Being stared at by Shichijyou Syuka made Hong Shuang Yu's entirety feel discomforted.

"'s because I've merely seen onto the historical records of the school's establishment plus remembered about it while at the school library...."

"But amongst all of the students, only you remembered about that"

" can't be only me...there definitely would have other students who knew about it too...I think?"

"Not even a single student from the student council knew about this you think that there would be any more people who knew about this...?"


Hong Shuang Yu's eyes were floating about in other directions, completely not daring to look at the President at all, with his body too nervously stiffening up.

The President who had been staring repeatedly at him suddenly stood up.


"If you have the solution onto resolving this matter, you must tell me about it, and as such, I'll give you a corresponding reward in return. Please, help me!"

Shichijyou Syuka crossed her both hands, as she conducted an epitome 90 degrees bow towards Hong Shuang Yu.

"Ehh! Ehh! Ehh! Ehh! President!!! Please lift your head up!!"

Being given a huge shock by her sudden actions, Hong Shuang Yu hastily cried out.

"Please, help me!" The President still maintained a posture of bowing.

"I will the President...although it's just only suggestions...anyway...lift your head up first...alright...?"

Shichijyou Syuka lifted up her head, as she used a sort of pleading gaze unlike the usual stern frosty appearance to look at Hong Shuang Yu.

Once again, Hong Shuang Yu was being entirely discomforted from being stared at by the President.

"'s better to just tell everyone about the matter that the school festival this time is also the 50th school anniversary....everyone who would have an aim would then be accepting about it..."

"Indeed...but this won't completely resolve the matter at all...the proactiveness of everyone would not also rise up by that much as well."

"Mn....................................then just use...rewarads? An rewarding form of solution?"

"Rewards?" The President puzzledly thought about it for a moment.

" for example the club or class which became first place during the school festival would be able to obtain onto some sort of an reward? ...Club fees...or perhaps some other kind of special incentives?"


The president which had fallen into deep thinking suddenly unveiled out an expression of comprehension.

"Indeed....this is a good solution....not only it can raise the proactiveness of the student body, but it's able to allow the school festival onto being conducted better. Plus, the students' dissatisfaction would also be greatly lessened."

"And also...for the third year students, their time arrangements would need to be rearranged, perhaps adopting a voluntarily system would be much better...although there will be some students who won't participate, most of them will be embarrassed not to join on in the school's festival preparations instead, due to it being the 50th school anniversary...."

Shichijyou thought for a moment.

"I'll think about it later on...but it's also a good solution..."

Looking at the President who was repeatedly engrossed in thinking up of solutions, Hong Shuang Yu's brains only though of wanting to quickly leave this room which contained a male and a female alone together within.

Shichijyou who had been thinking about matters suddenly noticed that Hong Shuang Yu had been standing over there, and she a little embarrassingly lowered her head.

"I'm very sorry that I've taken so much of your time, but for today's matter, I'm extremely thankful for your assistance, and as for your corresponding reward, I'll..."

" need, no's merely just a few suggestions....I didn't help the President onto don't be too mindful about it..."

Hong Shuang Yu hastily shook his hands.

"No, you can't put it that way...your help this time greatly affected the school festival...please let me deliver upon the corresponding gratitude...."

"Aaaahh!!! There's not much time already! President...I'll need to leave any case, I've just merely given out a small suggestion of mine...please don't be too mindful about it"

Hong Shuang Yu could only use out his final killer move....directly cutting off the conversation.

Finished saying, he swiftly made a bow, before walking towards the door entrance.

"Please wait, tongxue"

The President who hadn't reacted over to it hastily planned to chase after him.

"Oh, right..."

Hong Shuang Yu who had already opened the door suddenly turned around.

"For me...towards the President...I'm rather supportive..."


"Because the President has always been working hard for the sake of the school, right...regardless if it's the school festival or if its other kinds of activities...sports festival, the school's disciplinary, plus needy students assistance....and also even the assembly every single time, you will be very serious onto preparing for it, right....oh right...the matter about the clubs financial issues was also resolved by the President, any's been hard on the President already...please don't be too mindful about the words of other students...there will be a day where they too will understand the for me...I'll always be supportive of the please keep it up...then...goodbye, President"

Hastily saying out a passageful of words, Hong Shuang Yu didn't even bother about the President's reaction, simply just leaving her office instead.



.....................'ve always been watched, huh.....always....having someone supporting me, huh...........



Having someone looking at me......

I forgot...I forgot to ask for his name already...

I'll be remembering you

On her silky smooth face...that expression which maintained a stern look for a long period of time....currently...carried a shaking, hopeful, relieved, along with shyness that a girl would only have, as well as two lines of tears gently sliding downwards.

Walking en-route home, Hong Shuang Yu finally heaved a sigh of relief.

It's been hard on her every single day...really....but just now, I seemed to have said something that I shouldn't have been saying...forget it...I'd better hurry up on home, if not Xue-jie would once again "interrogate" me....

With the result that Xue-jie still carried out an entire night's "interrogation" upon him.

The next day, the President once again conducted a school assembly.

"For the school festival this time, there will be a rankings event being carried out, for the club that eventually obtains first place, as well as for the frontal three places, they will receive rewards provided by the student council"

"....The rewards are..."

"Regardless of who it is, being able to go on a 7 days Maldives trip with someone you like or someone whom you are secretly in love with, along with an entire year's worth of allowances for their clubs!"

After saying out the changes to the school festival this time with a majestically impressive tone, what she received in return was a blank field of silence from the entire hall.

What followed closely next was the entire school's students massively exploding out on-scene, with oceans of students shrieking.

The issue about the school festival had fully succeeded under the supervision of the student council president, with the current Hong Shuang Yu still unaware about what his very actions had brought upon, going through his difficult school life just as per usual.

Finally, I've lasted till the end of school. My body's weak constitution is also a problem for my learning effectiveness as well.

Hong Shuang Yu sighed as he tidied his books while giving off a lazy stretch.

To home then.

"This is a notification being broadcast right now, Year 3 Class B's Hong Shuang Yu-tongxue, please proceed to the student council room, I repeat..."


"What happened to Yu-kun, why must you go to the student council, have you done something wrong already?"

Suzuki who was sitting right beside enquired.

"Uuu...I don't know...I'll first go take a look then"

What's exactly happening...

Bearing a perplexed expression, he proceeded to the student council's room.

Knocking on the door,

"Please come in."

Upon entering, he noticed that within the enormous student council room, there's only one person sitting at the most central spot by the table.

It's the student council president Shichijyou Syuka.

" there anything for me..." Looking around the surroundings, Hong Shuang Yu upon seeing that there's only the student council president in this room started to uncontrollably become nervous.

"Hong Shuang should be Hong Shuang Yu-senpai, right?"

"Wh-...what's the matter already"

"Nothing...isn't it that a junior must be addressing their upperclassmates as their senior...though no matter how much I looked, you don't look like a senpai at all..."

Shichijyou gently chuckled.

Being mysteriously mocked at made Hong Shuang Yu instantly felt uncomfortable.

"If there's nothing...I'll be taking my leave first then" Hong Shuang Yu gave a slight bow.

Upon seeing him softly raised his eyebrows being in an unhappy state, Shichijyou immediately became frantic as she stood up.

"Ahh! Please hold on! I'm really sorry! I don't have the intentions onto making fun of you at all! I'm really very sorry!"

Right now, Shichijyou hadn't realized that she's currently in a state of foolishness that had never ever once occurred to her before.

Being given a huge shock by President Shichijyou's actions, Hong Shuang Yu frantically waved his hands.

"'s alright...I'm used to it...anyway, please lift your head up...President"

"I'm really very sorry!"

"Umm...please lift your head up...and there anything for me?"

"Conducting such inappropriate behavior before even displaying out my gratitude; please allow me onto delivering out compensation as my apology!"

"...Um...please don't be overly mindful about it already....anyway, is there anything to be looking for me?"

Under Hong Shuang Yu's persuasion, President Shichijyou finally lifted up her head.

"Actually...senpai, do you still remember about the matter last time..."

"The matter last time? And just address me as feels strange somewhat..."

"How can I do that! Senpai must still be addressed as senpai, and have you forgotten about that matter of the school festival?"

Well...I'll just leave it as senpai sounds so awkward...

"It's roughly about...?"

"Forgotten about it, huh...."

Shichijyou a little disappointedly slightly lowered her head.

"During the school festival period, wasn't the students being displeased with my arrangements; it's all due to senpai's suggestion that the school festival became completely successful"

Speaking of which, I somehow remembered about it...

"I remembered about it...but I just merely gave a suggestion..."

"No, please don't say it as such. Without senpai's suggestion, the students wouldn't be in such a state of proactiveness, and the festival wouldn't be that successful as well. Hence, the aim today is to invite senpai onto providing a corresponding reward for senpai."

"Nonono...I merely provided just a suggestion, so there's no need to be holding such ceremonies over it...."

"Please, accept my reward. This gesture is a must, along with the compensation that I'm displaying an inappropriate behavior towards senpai earlier."

"Nonono...there's really no need for it..."

"Please accept it!"

Shichijyou used an irrefutable gaze onto staring at Hong Shuang Yu.

"Umm...what are the reward and compensation...then"

Uwa...I don't dare to look at her's so frightening

As he had finished speaking, Shichijyou suddenly made a bow once more.

"I'm really very sorry...I really can't think up of any good recompense at you can specially make a request to me, or it's fine if senpai just simply request out any sort of compensation too"

"Uuu...then, is it alright if I first have it being owed...together with the compensation too...because right now I can't really think up of anything..."

Well...after some time later she'll forget about it...I think

"I'm really very sorry...well then, please remember to request it after thinking up of one, senpai."

"'ll be like that then...if there's nothing else then I'll take my leave..."

"Please hold on...actually, there's still another matter."

Shichijyou halted Hong Shuang Yu who had wanted to leave.

"Is there anything else?"

"Yes...what I wanted to ask is...can senpai please join the student council?"


The school library was located at the central position of the school, and was constructed with a western gothic aspect, possessing slender tall pillars, long windows encompassed with colored glass panels, one hundred percent wooden shelves, an original woody scent coupled along with book scents made the entire library emanate out a sort of unique atmosphere, and many students loved going to the library during their spare time.

Hong Shuang Yu's leisure activities at school was limited to two places only.

The classroom, and the library.

It's not that he couldn't go to other places, but it was that he's lazy instead, as he didn't have a choice at all with his feeble constitution onto navigating such a spacious school. Henceforth, the place that Hong Shuang Yu usually liked to go would have been the library already.

It wielding a vast thick storage capacity of knowledge, surrounded in a quiet comfy environment, along with it being just a short distance away; Hong Shuang Yu's lecture building was also the block that's the closest to the library, as he merely needed to just go down to the first level, thereafter walking slowly for five minutes before being able to arrive onto his destination.

The library today didn't have much people today, huh.

Arriving at the library, Hong Shuang Yu casually found a location with less people and sat down, picking up the book that he hadn't finished reading last time and started becoming engrossed into reading it.

But after reading for a few minutes later, he started to feel his body tiring out, hence he stretched out a lazy arm.

He would always be bafflingly sleepy while at the library every time. Perhaps it was due to the overly silent ambiance along with the comfort, notwithstanding his body's original feebleness which would always cause him to carry out his afternoon nap plus his usual lazying within the library.

Should I sleep for a while...I don't really feel that tired...I'd better continue reading...there's still a lot of time...

The afternoon break period that the school arranged was rather long, as in this sort of school, the students' studies were largely self-reliant, hence there wasn't much of the school's lessons at all.

The book on his hands were being flipped to the very last page.

Mm...I've finished reading it...time to change to another book

Hong Shuang Yu went to right in front of the bookshelf, and using his quickest eye-power, he scanned through the entire bookshelf. seems that there aren't any book that I want to read...I'll proceed deeper into the library to take a look.

The library was very huge, but a huge portion of the students were seated by the entrance after entering the library, though there were quite a couple of seats after going through to the deeper portions of the library as well. Because of the different categories of books, a huge portion of the book collection in the library weren't suitable for the majority of the students to read or even comprehend at all.

Arriving at the inner portion of the library, the books categories were distinctively different as well, with many books that even its naming was difficult to comprehend to begin with. However, Hong Shuang Yu wasn't bothered about this, as to him, he's able to read seemingly anything.

Surveying around the corners, it seemed to be books that no one even bothered to read at all. Hong Shuang Yu lifted his head up to take a look.

《Small Logics》

The field of logics, seemed to be a little'll be this book then

At this moment...

Hong Shuang Yu discovered upon a very terrifying matter...

He's not tall enough!

Being the shortest student in the entire class, when faced against a two metered tall bookshelf, he wasn't able to grab onto even those books from the second highest level of the bookshelf.

Damn it.

Not believing onto the sorcery of this matter, Hong Shuang Yu went on tiptoeing as he exerted out his entire strength onto attempting to stretch his hands out to grab the book, but this sort of self-bullying method still didn't change onto the agonizing fact about his height.


Seeing the book that he can't even reach with his outstretched hands, Hong Shuang Yu attempted onto meaningless struggling while ignoring the facts concerning his height.

At this moment, a hand which was as cleanly white as white jade stretched over to extract the book out.

A faint soft sound accompanied with a slight fragrance appeared from right behind him.

"Is this the book that you want?"

Upon hearing that voice, Hong Shuang Yu's body seemingly acted out an even faster response than that of his brain.

He subconsciously stiffened, as this was the voice of a girl's.

Nervously turning around, a girl with long hair plus it being pitch-black as darkness itself stood with just a mere fist's distance away from him.

After turning around, Hong Shuang Yu had his face instantly blasted with the fragrance being carried on from the girl's body.

Being at such a close proximity made his brain unable to think, and for a period of time he could only dumbly stare at the girl right in front of him.

Her white complexioned face, along with pitch-black hair formed into a kind of exquisite beauty, but the girl's expressionless face was like an icy mountain as it seemed to forever be unmeltable.

"Is this the book that you want?"

The girl asked once again.

The current Hong Shuang Yu finally regained back to his senses, but due to his nervous constitution, it made his response become overly frantic.



The girl handed the book on her hands over to him.

"Th-...thank you"

Hong Shuang Yu could only rely on his instincts onto speaking already.

"Are you able to understand, this sort of book."

Being asked by the girl, Hong Shuang Yu for a moment couldn't react over to it.

"Sh-...should be...un-...understandable..."

The girl noticed that the boy right in front of her, upon seeing her had started to mysteriously become nervous.

"Are you afraid of me?"

The girl once again made out a rather strange enquiry.

"Eh..! would I be"

"Do you know who I am?"

"Eeh...I'm are...?"

Seeing the nervous boy in front of her, the girl rather bizarrely felt it to be interesting.

He actually doesn't even remember his fellow classmates

"I'm in the same class as you, Kawana Shino" The girl softly said.

Hong Shuang Yu became dumbstruck instantly.

Seeing upon his interesting expressions, Shino unusually felt upon a sensation of wanting to "tease" him.

"Re-...really...very memory's not that good...I'm really sorry"

"It's too much...already...not even remembering even your fellow classmate"

"Eh! ...Sorry...I'm really very sorry"

Unbeknownst to her why, Shino suddenly felt like chatting with the boy right in front of her. This was something that would practically be impossible to happen, speaking from the perspective of her usual self.

"Since it's that way...make an apology then...follow me."

Hong Shuang Yu who hadn't reacted onto anything happening at all could only follow behind the girl's back.

"Um...I'm really very sorry...please don't be angry, alright..."

Hong Shuang Yu feebly asked.

"Do I look angry?"

Indeed, that inconspicuous voice of the girl would only make one feel upon a sensation of their entirety melting apart, and not hearing out onto any sort of irate tone.

"There's not much people in class whom you also remembered, right"

...Why would she know about that...


"Just a guess"


I feel like I've been tricked already...

Walking to the ends of the library, there's a room under a very large piece of colorful long glass windowed panel, with the sides of the door being surrounded by bookshelves.

Kawana Shino opened up the door.

"Come in."

Due to excessive nervousness along with embarrassing thoughts, at that very moment, Hong Shuang Yu forgot about some very important words from Xue-jie.

To never anyhow enter the same room together with a girl.

It looked to be seemingly reasonable, but towards Hong Shuang Yu, it's purpose was different instead.

The room similarly was in a gothic fashion same as with the library itself, with a colored glass panel within the room as well, accompanied by sunlight entering the glass panels forming colorful rays of light making the entire room bearing a sensation of being unique.

However, the room looked to be even more of like an office.

A red-colored hundred percent wooden desk along with a computer, and in the very center of the room, a table and desk being similar to the library's was being displayed, but merely having a seating for four, and under the glass panels, there's a long cabinet, and on it displayed documents along with a coffee machine.

"This place is..."

"Library management office...I'm the librarian...this place is under my purview."

Shino walked into the room, tidying a few documents and books in the process.'s not a bad at all...being at this sort of place. But why would the posting of a librarian be taken up by a student?

"You're able to apply the posting through the school itself...there are students who also did this in the past."

Why would she know onto what I was thinking...

"I see...then...bringing me here is to make me carry out...what sort of compensation..."

Finally realizing upon the grave importance of him being alone with a girl in a room, Hong Shuang Yu started to truly panic.

"Read your books in here...the environment here is better than outside."

"Eeh...didn't you want...compensation...Kawana-tongxue..."

"Do you still remember that moment during the school's opening.........."

Shino who was tidying books softly spoke out such a sentence.

"That moment during the school's opening?"

Hong Shuang Yu perplexedly enquired.

He doesn't remember it already huh...forget it.

"It's compensation, you'll be reading your books here next time...since the room's quite large, and there's no one around here too...I'm also often not here as, often at times you aren't able to locate seats right, when the library is crowded"

"Eeh...why...but I haven't made any recompense yet..."

"Don't be too bothered about any case, you also can't remember much people in the class too"

But I still remember about Suzuki-tongxue...

"But...I'm really very sorry..."

" a real form of me as Shino next time..."

"Eh! ...Is that...really okay"

"Unwilling to compensate?"

At this moment, Shino used an expressionless face to stare at Hong Shuang Yu.

Having another bout of nervousness arising from being stared at, Hong Shuang Yu could only


On her indefinitely expressionless face, there's a slight smile that even she herself wasn't aware of currently being unveiled.

Hong Shuang Yu didn't even notice onto the smile which lasted not for even a second, as Shina lifted up the coffee beans holding in her hands.

"Mm...want some coffee?"

The evening's after-school bell had finally rung, but the daily chores arrangement seemed to not care upon how feeble Hong Shuang Yu's body was, hence he could only bear upon the responsibility of throwing away the trash, and after discarding away two bags of rubbish, Hong Shuang Yu arrived at the stadium. At this timing, a majority of the students had already been dismissed from school, with nobody too at the stadium, and because the path led past the stadium, its a must for Hong Shuang Yu to go through it.

A sky that's mixed with a blend of cantaloupey-red along with blue, plus an orange-colored sun that was already gradually descending.

In addition to that, there's a person at the stadium tracks.

It's a girl.

And she's jogging.

-prologue 2 end-

(14433 words to tl)

Shota (正太) = used to describe a young boy, or a male who looked like a young boy.

Chifuyu Yuno (千冬由乃) = seemed to have been coined from Orimura Chifuyu (fierce stern teacher from IS) and Gasai Yuno (original yandere, mirai nikki)

Kamiya Middle School (神谷中学) = Surprisingly, there's a JP school irl which had the exact same naming as well. I'm pretty sure 'kami' means 'god' in Japanese, so being true to its name would mean the prestigious and the wealthy would be attending this school, I guess?

Shichijyou Syuka [七条珠华] (Student council Prez) = In here, I'll be thanking the author once again onto helping me out onto translating this name!  ^-^7

jiejie (姐姐) = 'elder sister'. This word will be used very often throughout the series, so it's good to remember it!

didi (弟弟) = 'younger brother'. 

dàxiaojie (大小姐) = young daughter of a very influential/rich family. When this is being addressed, you know that the target person is likely to be the "oldest" / "single-child" of the family.

Xiao (小) = a honorific to address someone endearingly, or it can be used as a double-meaning to refer to the subject as being 'small'

-jie (姐) = honorific for 'elder sister'

jiejie (姐姐) = elder sister


-kun (君) = This is basically used to just address a male rather closely compared to using the 'student' honorific. which means that the target was being treated rather endearingly.

President (会长) = I retained this instead of using 'kaichou' (i think that's the jp version instead?), plsdon'thitme

-senpai (前辈) = honorific for 'senior'. I'm quite positive this one is JP, as within my wide vocab of otakuish chinese language, there isn't a 'chinese' version of this term.


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