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Projects - active and non-active

Hi all!

This announcement is to quickly let all of you know which projects will be active or not.

Active projects will also be pinned at the side bar, so you will know which project I'm having my hands on concurrently.

Active Projects
(1) This Dangerous Girls Placed Me Into Jeopardy

(2) Synthesis
(3) Starting Life in a Yandere World from Zero

(P/N: received consent from the authors of these↑ novels to translate them)

Dropped Projects
(1) What is a Yandere → (novel removed from sfacg)

(2) Chronicles of Extreme Yandere → (novel removed from sfacg) (or at least the author reuploads to another site)
(3) Why Does Yandere Girls Like to Find Me? → (series in hiatus since 2016 aug)

Postponed Projects
(1) Sword Master Online → (Postponed due to jeopardy and synthesis translating wip. However, will be translating if I ever manage to complete the active projects -roll eyes-)
(2) Love Dependency Disease


  1. thank you for the hardworks, flare-sama

  2. What happened to LDD? And where's the sidebar?

    1. oh, i forgot to include LDD in the postponed projects tab. XD.

  3. it might be shameless of me ask but when's the next chapter of jeopardy coming out

  4. Thanks a lot! By the way, any chance translating this one?

  5. I'm unable to reply to some of the comments here (?.? bug) so I'll address em here.

    For the book "在异世界被女儿攻略的全纪实", I hadn't read it yet, but it seems interesting for me to read it. Not likely to be translating it for now...

    The next chapter of jeopardy is going to be released today~

    Side bar is where you access the experimental night mode (the hamburger option on the right side of screen)

  6. I'm extremely grateful for your TLs man. Good work and take care of yourself.


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