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Update - 1 Jul 2018

Hi all, sorry for the past week's inactivity. 
School just resumed and I was getting used to it.

I'll try to still do translations though, but will probably only mass upload chapters on weekends.

Currently, I'm translating RE:Yandere, but I've received enquiries whether I had dropped jeopardy / synthesis / LDD / CEY.

About synthesis - there's a person who made a request asking if he is able to pick it up, and I obliged, as I'm swamped rn doing REY and juggling with school.

About jeopardy -  ehem. ATM working on REY

About LDD - ehem. ATM working on REY

About CEY - ehem. ATM working on REY

If there's an order of translation, I would go: REY -> ..... Actually, REY itself is 300+ chapters long, and it's still updating! I'm not even sure if I'm able to finish it at all. Hmm.

Hope this cleared up many of your questions!  \(>v<)/


  1. Is good to see you again :D,thank you for the update if is not to much can you tell me who is goin to pick up synthesis? Good luck in the school

  2. Is there potential for CEY translations in the future? I thought you said it was taken off of Syosetu.

    Thanks for the update, looking forward to more REY.

    1. it's taken off sfacg, i do have the raws to continue but for now I'm working on rey

  3. Yeah who picked up synthesis ? Kind of curious

  4. as long as jeopardy can be updated in the future i will be happy.also good luck at school!


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