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These Dangerous Girls Placed Me Into Jeopardy v2c46

Volume 2, Chapter 46: Left hugging, Right embracing

TL: flarewk

By the time I returned home, it's already 7 o'clock.

Inserting the key into our house door's keyhole, I hadn't turned the doorknob when the door was being opened.


Confusedly raising my head to look, what I saw was a completely delighted Ke Ling as she pounced over.

"It's really gege~"

The action of receiving Ke Ling who had pounced over had almost became a body reaction already, as I instinctively hugged onto Ke Ling, using my cheeks to rub against her hair, afterwards caressing her head once more and unveiled out a smile, asking.

"Ke Ling, how did you know that it's me who came back?"

"Because Xue Li said that it's almost time for you to return already, so I kept waiting at the door entrance for you~"

"Xue Li-xiaojie, huh............"


After placing Ke Ling down, I took off my shoes and walked into the living room. Xin Ran was currently reading a magazine, while Xue Li-xiaojie was serving a reheated meal onto the dining table, and just perfectly arranged chopsticks and spoon when I entered into the living room, the timing interval was almost zero.

If it wasn't that she had predicted onto the timing that I'll be reaching home long ago, it's terribly likely that she wouldn't be able to be so coincidentally finish reheating my dinner already, right. But then again, how does she know about how long I would take to converse with Li Li? Every time, by this kind of minuscule detail aspects, it would be able to see out Xue Li-xiaojie's respectfully intimidating observational skills, information gathering, and proactiveness.

How was it exactly done to this sort of level? If this sort of information possessive ability were to be used onto stuff like commercial or political aspects............

Indeed, like what Lian Bing had said, as long as Xue Li-xiaojie feel like it, it's probable that she would easily attain onto achievements that others would spend a few decades or a few generations to be accomplishing.

I suddenly was a little curious on why Xue Li-xiaojie would want to be a maid already. Don't tell me it's like Maria (the maid from Hay*** No Gotoku) who had an interest onto taking care of others? Or was it because for the sake of taking care of Lian Bing who had lost her mother?

Also, her age looked to be not much bigger than me, yet she already had a maxed-out gauge of prowess, being completely perfect without a fault in all sort of areas. This alone wasn't only impressive, it's basically like using a modified machinery already.

(TL: neta all those modified girls from anime to be perfect? kancol for example? o_o?)

I'm even and even more interested in Xue Li-xiaojie already, plus she's even the maid that I'm most interested in...........cough cough...........why did I suddenly develop a sensation of guilt...........I just had the distinct feeling that it'll be a little let down towards Lian Bing like that?

Nonono, this doesn't count at all! If this was to be even counted as a affair of the mind, then in this world there's basically no dedicated men already!

But I didn't expect that Xue Li-xiaojie would be still at home, I really thought that she had already returned home long ago.

"Jun Cheng-shàoye, welcome back, dinner is already been reheated for you."

"Ah, thanks. Sorry for the trouble, letting you wait for me for such a long time."

"This is my duty."

Xue Li-xiaojie didn't stay around for too long, as after she finished reheating my dinner, she left after giving me a greeting, saying that she's going to go back to prepare Lian Bing's evening tea.

Running both sides like that taking care of duo parties have been really troubling for her already............I'll wait till the day after tomorrow when I go to the hospital to remove the stitches afterwards to tell Xue Li that there's no need to be taking such care of me then.

Actually, my wound had already almost fully healed, when I brushed my teeth this morning I felt my abdomen to be not that pain anymore. As long as I'm not intentionally using force at my abdominal region, there wouldn't be any sort of problem.

Even if I'm to do housework or to make dinner right now, there wouldn't be too much of a issue already.

After having my dinner, I didn't immediately return back to my room, but sat on the sofa while drinking the green tea that Xue Li boiled for me beforehand while relaxedly watching television dramas. expected, home was the most tranquil place already............

Last week, because of the issue about Xin Ran, I would always be fearful whenever I returned home, but after resolving the matter about Xin Ran, home once again turned back to my sanctuary.

I drank another sip of tea once more, and saw Xin Ran still looking at magazines, thus a little curiously asked.

"Xin Ran, what are you reading?"

"Magazine, about introducing the thoughts of men............gege, did you guys really thought of it that way?"

"Mn? What, what?"

I sat by Xin Ran's side, and crept closer to take a look at that magazine's page contents.

What was being written on it is............

★ 300 lonely loser males' comments on the most heartwarming 5 things

① With a cute girl, going on a date.

② With a cute girl, spending birthday together.

③ With a cute girl, spending Christmas together.

④ No matter if it's a boy or girl, it doesn't matter anymore, as long as it's cute it'll do!

⑤ Whether if it's 2D, or if it's 3D, I hope that there will be someone who will be mindful of me, caring onto me, comforting my lonely soul............PS: Other than Laomā, hopefully I'll be able to talk with another opposite gender other than my mother.

"What the's basically just gripes that's full of resentments."

It just only lacked a straightforwardly written 'I want a girlfrieeeeeeenddd!! Please, anyone will do, can you please be my girlfriend!! Even if it's a crossdresser!!' those kind of words that were being said out while shedding tears of blood.

"But, being able to spend a birthday with a cute girl, huh............"

Lian Bing's birthday present, I should be preparing it already.

"What's the matter? Gege?"

"It's nothing, only just suddenly remembering a certain thing...........ah, right, Ke Ling. Tomorrow's an off day, if there's nothing up, want to go shopping with me together? I'm going to buy a present for a friend, and was thinking of asking you for advice."

"Mm? Gege, which person you're going to give a present? A boy, or...........girl?"

A subtle pausing, and I just had the distinct feeling for during that moment, Ke Ling emanated out a rather dangerous scent.

I composedly took off my spectacles, and said towards her.

"It's my girlfriend~."

"Giirllfrieend...........Ohh~ So gege had gotten a giirllfrieeend already~"

.............It wasn't a misconception, as sure enough, during that instance of pausing, the status's color had changed into an inky black color.

"No problem~ Just leave it to Ke Ling!"

"Ahhh, then I'll be counting on you."

Speaking of which, when Xue Li-xiaojie just arrived, the atmosphere she had between Ke Ling was a little disastrous...........right now, it looks like to be not so stiff anymore already, something must have happened between the both of them then.

Was it sure enough because Xue Li-xiaojie was Lian Bing's maid, and Lian Bing's also my girlfriend as well, causing Ke Ling and Xue Li-xiaojie to have some kind of inside conflict?

Thinking up to this point, I unresistingly looked towards Ke Ling.

She was currently eating an ice popsicle, her swaying upper half resulting her ponytail to be shaking about as well. Because the air-con's temperature setting was a little high, it made the popsicle melt off rather quickly, as it trickled down Ke Ling's fingers and dripped onto her elbows. Noticing it, Ke Ling hastily stretched out her vibrant little tongue to lick off the sugary water, and while licking onto it she had her mouth swallowing the ice popsicle within, but because of her mouth being too small, she's being unable to swallow it entirely, hence once again spat it out...........however, even if it's like that, because of her eating too much ice in a single mouthful, it still caused her to attain a headache and moaning out in pain.


It's that innocuous and lively Ke Ling that I'm familiar with.

But in front of Xue Li-xiaojie that morning, Ke Ling had indeed unveiled out a bout of negatively dark sentiments, as well as just earlier. Although it's just only an instantaneous matter, but her status turning blackened was an indubitably unquestionable fact...........that's a negatively dark side that Ke Ling had never ever displayed in front of me before. It's her 'haraguro' original personality, huh?

Even though I, being a gege had never understood about my meimeis' hearts even after a long time, regardless if its the already fully confessed Xin Ran, or if it's Ke Ling who was still concealing her true self, I had never once truly walked into their world..........I've really been a rather disqualified gege already...........

At this moment, Ke Ling also noticed that I was looking at her, as she gave me a sweet smile and directly crawled over and sat within my embrace.

"Gege~ want some ice pop?"

"No need, I'm drinking tea."

"Coome oon, I'll feed you, here, ahh~"


After being requested by Lian Bing last time, I was comparably more familiarized with this action already, and habitually stretched my head forward and opened my mouth.

Ke Ling suddenly bit off the ice popsicle that were being held in her hands, and afterwards just like that kissed onto my lips!


I just only thought of wanting to twist away my head, but she pushed the ice pop that was in her mouth over to inside mine. In order to not let the ice fall out, I could only open my mouth to receive it.

But I didn't expect that lass Ke Ling to actually stretch her tongue inside!

Luckily, it only went around inside in a circle before's not good at all! Even if I'm your gege, you also can't just anyhow kiss me!

"Hehee, is it delicious?"

"It's not! Ke Ling, how could you............"

I hadn't the chance to lecture her, when I heard a sentence resounding from the left side.

"Me too."

Afterwards, my face was forcibly turned over.

Once again a kiss that came from my meimei.

But Xin Ran was way more stimulative than Ke Ling already, as her tongue directly barged into my mouth, and just like a voraciously sweeping army, it went about everywhere, snatching the ice and saliva within my mouth!

The tongue that encompassed around mine curled around 2 to 3 times, and when I was starting to feel breathless, Xin Ran then let go of my head.

"Sii...........Huu! It's not, why did you also............"

"It's not the flavor that I liked."

Feeling like as if she wanted me not to be able to lecture out at all, Xin Ran who had just only split apart from my lips for a moment once again kissed onto it, but this time she didn't use her tongue to play wrestling, only passing back icy water again into my mouth, it completely melted due to being passed back and forth within mouths several times.

"A pity, it'll be great if only it's grape-flavored."

Was it about that question!

"Having the taste of gege is just enough already~"


Ke Ling who had finished eating ice popsicle then let loose her body, and buried it completely within my embrace. Her small little butt was propped under my crotch, as she utmostly displayed out a look of dispirited exhaustion. And, she was wearing a rounded collar loose small cute little camisole, with a strap from one side already sliding to the sides of her shoulders, I just need to lower my head to be able to have a completely clear view onto that almost matured body, an utterly unrestrained chest plus two dots of bright redness.

Xin Ran was even more ridiculous already, as she placed my hand to the front of her body, with herself pillowing onto my shoulders.

My arm was completely buried within her already fully grown breasts' cleavage, with my elbow was just so coincidentally supporting under her chest. The front part of my arm was plastered onto her abdomen, and my palm was just so perfectly being pressed on...........there............

I awkwardly wanted to snap back my palm, but Xin Ran instead ruthlessly used her palm to paste onto the back of my hand to do a ten finger clutching, forcibly sticking my hand within her hotpants, even spreading open her both legs in a M shape fashion to allow herself to be more convenient to get high.

Where did you place my hand at already!!

Ke Ling was still over here!!

Because of the warm breath that she spat out, my shoulders had became scorching hot. Perhaps it's because for the sake of not making out a sound, as she bit onto my shoulders, with saliva drenching the shoulder area of my upper shirt.

My fingers and palm once again covered onto that patch of region, but this time it didn't have any toilet paper gaps between it. I completely am able to feel onto that place's shape of hers, and could even touch onto sparse hairs as well...........that place had long already become incomparably soaked.

At the start it was just rubbing, but afterwards Xin Ran seemingly wasn't content with it already, as she started to press onto the tips of my fingers to dig towards an even more deeper region...........

I almost wanted to faint into unconsciousness already!


Face flushed with redness, I squeezed out her name word by word.

She suddenly forcefully bit onto my shoulders, afterwards her body having a series of twinging, with her breasts then shaking about like water balloons. My hands were like a small raft that was drifting within a storm as it experienced a series of rainy tempest, or you could say that it's more appropriate to describe it being a flood instead?

In any case, my palm felt a bout of warm flush, and tilting a glance sideways, I'm able to see that on Xin Ran's pink colored hotpants, it was like as if she had peed her pants, as the wet stain gradually broadened out, which was as big as the size of an egg.

If it wasn't for my palm which helped to shield a huge portion of it, perhaps her pants were already completely drenched from the inside to the outside then.

But it's of no use even if I was to help block it, as those liquid would trickle upon her crotch onto her butt anyway, dousing the back of the pants, I guess...........

No, what the hell am I analyzing it for!!

I who had just reacted to it became so anxious until I had no idea on what to say already, and at this moment, Xin Ran instead first approached closely to the sides of my ears, and used a voice that I could only hear and mumbled.

"............Haa............Mm............this is all gege's fault............"

I had a face of didn't-do-anything-yet-still-being-blamed, an astounded expression.

Why did it become my fault already?!

You using my hands to self-masturbate was also considered to be my fault!?

"It's all because of gege not letting me hug...........not letting me kiss either...........I have nowhere to vent...........Mm............"


I actually became speechless...........

"After gege helped me out in the morning...........I'm unable to forget that feeling already...........haa...........ahh............"

Just as expected, it was because of that matter in the morning, made Xin Ran awaken some sort of strange fetish, it's all my fault!!

If only my attitude at that time was a little more dominant............damn it!!

"This doesn't count that I did something to gege already, right?"


I'm unable to retort back, as she indeed didn't do anything towards me at all, but it's considered that I did something very bad towards her instead............

"Next time you must also help mee.............gege............"

"No way! Never again next time!"

"3 times a day will do."

"No way!"

"Then 2 times a day."

"No way!"

".............My most lowest baseline, 1 time a day."

"I said already, no way!"

"Humph...........gege, this is you forcing me. Ke Ling, just now gege did something very, very comfortable towards mee~, do you want to try it as well?"

"What? Gege, you're doing something very comfortable with Xin Ran-jie? Ke Ling also want~"

Xin Ran you braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!!

Even if Xin Ran tried her utmost to endure moaning out, her body still was twinging nonstop. Ke Ling was also leaning onto me, hence of course was able to feel that bout of shaking already.

However, to be actually dragging Ke Ling into it as well, what are you trying to doooooooooo!!

"No way! Absolutely no way!"

"Umu...........gege, don't like Ke Ling already, huh............"

Ke Ling instantaneously became teary eyed, as she looked at me with a wronged expression while saying, and I became
incoherent immediately.

"No, not that,'s, err............"

"Sob sob...........I get it, gege is afraid about that area of Ke Ling being unclean, right............sob sob sob............Ke Ling's a filthy child...........gege despises Ke Ling already............"

"Okayokayokay, don't cry, I get it, I'll help you do it............after you finished your menstrual cycle I'll help you............urgk!"

I've just only said it out and had regretted it already, hastily using my teeth to ruthlessly bite onto my tongue, but those words that I said out, those water that already been spilled out had already been impossible to be gathered up already.

A teary Ke Ling instantly broke into a smile, as she happily clapped her hands and cried out.

"Really! It's a promise then~! After Ke Ling finished her menstrual cycle, gege must help Ke Ling to be very comfortablee~ everyday, everyday making me very comfortablee~ and Xin Ran-jie as well, the three of us becoming comfortable together~"

That sentence looked to be rather naive, but in reality, those words which contained hidden meanings within them had directly shattered the defense lines of my heart, causing me to be utterly worn out.


"Heh heh heh~"

Xin Ran gently laughed by my left side, while Ke Ling turned around and sat by my right side, hugged onto my right arm and naively chuckled.

Within those bouts of smiling expressions contained a trace of hard to detect, plan-succeeded deceitfulness.

I gave off a massive tremble of surprise, and immediately understood about it already.


So it's like that............

I had fallen into a trap already!

My meimeis worked in unison to dig up a pitfall trap, and waited for me to jump inside it by myself!!

They weren't like that last time!

From when did it start exactly, suddenly grasping ahold of the gap between unfriendly sibling relations?

(TL: siblings term here and below refers to him and meimeis)

Being rather disagreeing about kissing between siblings.

Being unbothered about having skin contact.

Borderline becoming even and even more blurred.

Even using me as a tool for self-masturbation.

Was it that they had thought of me as a gege, which was why they did such acts that were even more intimate compared to a lover?

Any sort of love relationship in the end would turn into familial affection, and us from the start who already possessed familial affections, very easily leaped over that boundary, turning into something that was even more potent than love, a forbidden love that had familial affections mixed within!


It's all the bro-con's fault!!

My meimeis suddenly becoming overly intimate with me already, what should I do?

Please, anyone, come and save me............

If this goes on, one day I would definitely step within that hell that's beyond redemption.............

-ch 46 end-

(4430 words to tl)

TL: There's a picture drawn by BabyDalyn that perfectly exemplified this chapter.

So far I still owed a chapter (since I promised 2 during weekends -3-), I'll put one up during the weekdays then.

Left hugging, right embracing (from title) = It's a chinese idiom, 左拥右抱, which is always referred to a man going for many girls at once. Just by seeing this term alone, you would know that you're in for a shuraba/ or harem scenario.

Body reaction = the chinese word in particular was 肌体记忆, which meant "limb memory", but it didn't really make sense when converted to EN, so I chose the more commonly known 'body reaction' instead, which sounds way more easier understood. A heads up only~

Hay*** No Gotoku = reference to the jp anime/manga series, hayate no gotoku

Loser males (屌丝) = It isn't an insult, but the word "loser" is the most appropriate here, I guess. In fact, the meaning refers to those neet guys who were unable to accomplish anything in life yet, and always lose out on anything, never have done something positive, and people find them disgusting. Wait. isn't that what a loser describes? Maybe I am a 屌丝 too..........

Top 5 heartwarming comments by 300 loser males = As you can see, they are actually worded like that in CN. I purposefully didn't rearrange them in EN in order to preserve the pattern here. Here's the original text for reference:




Haraguro (腹黑) = Some may know it as black bellied (direct CN translation), but I prefer to contextually call it by the origin of this term, through the jp form, haraguro. It means a person who's seemingly angelic, but in fact, within the inside it's practically a evil person.

Sii............Huu = sfx sound, first one is sniffling sound (from nose, breathing), next is panting sound (from mouth, panting)

Didn't-do-anything-yet-still-being-blamed = contextual meaning of the CN idiom, 躺着也中枪.

gege = elder brother

-xiaojie = a suffix, that's used as a polite way to address a lady. Think of it as , Missus~ (ok, miss)

-shàoye = a suffix, it means 'young master'

Laomā = an informal way to address 'mother'

-jie = a shortcut form of 'elder sister' suffix, it's being shortcut to show closeness to said target.


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