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Step-by-step walkthrough guide on how to buy (and get freeee!) VIP credit for SFACG (with pictures!)

Table of Contents
(1) What is SFACG?
(2) The Purchasing Model
(3) Buying a chapter
(4) Disclaimer
(5) Daily sign-ins (to read VIP chapts for FREEEEEEEE YAY)

(1) What's SFACG?

It's one of the biggest ACG sites pertaining onto otaku (jpish) webnovels in CN, with events being hosted in CN yearly I recall.
(thanks to bloodya for both images)

Now, there may be some great novels on SFACG, but sometimes the chapters are locked behind a VIP list which you need to purchase chapters to buy. It's model work slightly differently from what you'd might think, and this way also applies to other sites as well, like hbooker / iqing. (:3

(2) The Purchasing Model

(1) You purchase,  for example, 10000 SF credits for USD$20.

(2) You click on a VIP chapter. The rate of SFACG now is 5 credit per every 1000 words, so if that current chapter (rounded down) is a 3k chapter, it will cost 15 credits.

(3) Which means that your 10000 SF credits will last you for a very, very long time indeed, as you're able to buy 666 chapters with it. (and all purchases of that chapter remain permanent with that account used)

As you can see, this chapter is 2033 characters lengthwise long, hence it will cost 5 x 2 = 10 SF credits (火卷).

About what 代卷 (temporary SF credits) is, lemme explain that all the way below later-on~

Now, how do you buy a chapter?

(3) Buying a chapter

(1) You need to have an account created in SFACG.

(2) Simply go to your passport account page, or just simply go to
(this appears)

(3) Now, you'd want to click on 海外充值 on the left hand side of the menu. (It translates to: Overseas topping up).

There are other means like using QQ messenger / Alipay purchasing, but these process of doing those are tedious, hence I'm just addressing the easiest: Paypal.
(4) Now, the exchange rate is: 1 US dollar = 500 SF credits (火卷). And like what I've mentioned before, for every 1000 words, they charge 5 SF credits.

What you're able to purchase is either in $10 or $20 USD amounts, and to respectively get 5000 / 10000 SF credits accordingly.

So, once you clicked on 下一步, (which means "next"), you'll have a new tab opening up, a paypal payment page.
Simply complete the payment, then go back to previous tab earlier. This will be displayed.
What the black dialog box is asking whether is your transaction is completed or not, so just click on 已经完成 (TL: already done) if it's successful. If there's a problem with payment, the other option, 遇到问题 is for yer! (TL: Met onto a problem)

(5) With your newly assigned SF credits, enjoy yer VIP novels! 

Disclaimer: I ain't paid by SFACG to do this! (but I could be...wink wink to sfacg, now pay me!!!)

I was asked in discord on how to do this (for mtl reasons), but then I thought on, what if others would want to do this as well? And I'm pretty good at writing guides too, I think.....

So now y'all can buy vip chapts around sfacg for all the good novels around, and mtl them >:3 to read -evil dance-

(5) Daily sign-ins

What are daily sign-ins?

Free access to VIP chapters, that's what!

Now, I know that some people can't afford to buy chapters. Which is why there's such thing as a "free" way to read VIP chapts on SFACG! (I'm not too sure on other sites like hbooker/ iqing though)

Basically, what you need to do is to.........

(1) Have an account registered with SFACG.

(2) Go to your own account page and click on the 签到 (Sign-in) options, or just simply go to

(3) Just click on "签到领取代券", which is at the top left upper corner of the page. (TL: Sign-in to obtain temp SF credits)

(4) Notice the calendar style of page. This means that every day, you can do a 'sign-in' once, and this resets daily on china timezone 12AM. (GMT+8 12AM works as well, it resets everyday in that timing)

(5) What do you get for every day of a 'sign-in'? 5 temporary SF credits! (5 代券) These are called temporary, as they expire 1 week after the time of you attaining them, so it's best to spend all your credits on the 6th day of signing in!

(6) Lemme do the math for yer: Assuming you sign for 6 days: you get a total of 30 credits! Which means for every 6 days, you can buy (for example) 2 chapters of "These Dangerous Girls Placed Me Into Jeopardy"! (they are about 3k words and more in recent chapters)

(7) It's a free way to read chapters, yeah. But it's a slow way to be able to catch up to the latest chapters with the author though......And did I mention that there is a loophole: You're able to use multiple accounts to do sign-ins to get many temp SF credits? *hint hint*

(8) Last thing I want to mention is that, if you do a constant signing in for 15days, you get extra 10 temp SF credits. And, if for that month you successfully signed in for all of the days, you get an extra 30 temp SF credits too!

P/N: The old method of signing in is way better, but oh well....


  1. To have an account on SFACG, just simply register on their website, like how yer sign up for google or yahoo emails o-o

  2. *cheers*
    thank you for sharing

    though I'm not too fond of using mtl

    *translate dance*

  3. This info brings a single tear to my eyes. I will be sure to do this later.

  4. I might try this but I'm bad at daily sign ins..😂😂

    1. And 20$ is a weeks worth of my allowance.

      It's pretty worth it though as it would last you a longtime.

    2. lol :3 just do free daily sign ins :3

  5. Are the chapters free after purchase using the temp credit last forever?

    Sorry for my english

    1. yep it's permanently affixed to your account to be available to for reading

  6. hmm, is it just me that VIP chapter can't be tl'ed with mtl like google translate ?

    i try using the chrome's build in google tl add on (on the right side of address bar) the option and the chapters title is properly translated, but the novel content isn't translated ...

    or should i use other program or something ?

    1. you're using it in web-view, correct?

      SFACG have a unique system in which the novel text is expressed out into image form, which makes it impossible to translate.

      To solve this, use the mobile version!

  7. How do you exactly use the Temporary SF credits to unlock VIP chapters?

    1. Um, just press on the 'buy chapter' option in that vip chapter that you want o-o

  8. Thank you for sharing such great information.
    It is informative, can you help me in finding out more detail on
    steps to buying a house.

  9. Can anyone help me figure out how to mtl chapters from VIP section?
    Using google translate on chrome did not work and the mobile app is in chinese and so cant navigate around it.

  10. Thanks for the info. but It seems that some people and me is confused how to mtl in the vip section can you give some step by step like this how to do it?

  11. ok guys i do the translation using mtl the hardway, here how i solve the problem

    download the mobile APP for the android
    download google translator app for android (this is compulsory to translate image)
    open the novel in mobile app
    screenshot and translate it using googletranslator app manually

    why you need to open at mobile app instead of website?? because the image quality from the app is better(at least there is no water mark and google translator app will easily scan the picture)

    well i hope someone has better solution, or maybe flare WK can tell us specifically how to google translate from mobile browser


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