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A must-see guide before reading

Welcome to this novel's must-see guide. 

Firstly, this book's prologue is ex-trem-ely long, p-l-e-a-s-e-r-e-a-d-i-t-o-n-p-a-t-i-e-n-t-l-y. 

Also, this novel's pace is extremely slow, please read it on patiently as well. 

Lastly, this novel contains huge amounts of yandere and reverse-raping, after you've finished reading, if you find the novel fitting to your taste, why not recommend it to people with the same liking for these genres, for that, I'll be extremely thankful.

Laaastly, welcome onto your reading, and thank you for the support.

*your = worded formally here


  1. Judging from this post, you gonna translate a sfacg novel titled "synthesis" i assume?

  2. So when is the prologue being uploaded?

    1. prologue 1/3 is 13.9k words oh mah god....idk when too

    2. and it's spread out, more or less, evenly on the remaining two-third prologues?
      deym, that's harsh

      remember well, flare-sama: no pain, no gai-I meant- no yandere
      we'll be with you through slap & stab

    3. not really, the prologue itself is already in 3 parts (as posted by author)

      part 1 - nearly 14k
      part 2 - nearly 14k
      part 3 - nearly 30k

      total is about 60k roughly?

    4. a whopping 30k on the third part? really wordy

      btw, is this series kinda like "ane naru mono" manga?

    5. I've read the doujin before (but not the manga), and it's something like that I guess.....except a little more psychotic?

    6. shota eh...

      let me give it a try (the art is kinda giving away the resemblance with ane naru mono)

  3. what about LDD and jeopardy, is it dropped?

    1. no, not dropped, lol....actually, i don't even plan to continue translating on at all until it's my school hols, but this book interests me so much that I'm....

  4. Highly interested in this
    Slightly disturbed by the fact that there's drool coming out of my mouth...

    I'll take that as an approval
    Nice ^^

  5. Kinda sad that Jeopardy is being put on hiatus but this new novel sounds super interesting. Can't wait to read it!

  6. when you mean reverse raping is it the actual act done or their actions to the mc


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